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About the Chad Valley Pop Up and Surprise Jungle Animals

Kids will adore exploring this adorable Chad Valley Pop Up and Surprise Jungle Animals set. Perfect for developing hand-eye co-ordination, fine motor skills and imagination through play, this set has four (4) different animals that pop up when children perform different actions. Little one's can press, flip and twist to discover each animal - their beaming face will be a picture to behold! For ages 18 months and over. Size H16.5cm.

Brand: Chad Valley
SKU: 9164507
EAN/SKU: 9164507
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Chad Valley Pop Up and Surprise Jungle Animals Reviews

5/5   'So glad I bought this for my 1 year old, well made and the design is great. He loves pushing the animals down and you don't need to worry about his fingers getting caught either.'

5/5  Briony 'Really good toy keeps my child entertained for a while :)'

3/5  Anna 'Bought as I liked the variety of buttons (twists, switch, press), animals and colours, which could be very educational. However, it it very light and my 8 month old can easy turn the whole thing on its back and all the animals pop up without using buttons. So he doesn't really associate pressing the buttons with the pop up animals which is disappointing.'

5/5  Rachel89 'This was brought for my 1yr old and it keeps her older brother and sister happy playing with her too.'

4/5  Aimee 'Great learning toy for children'

5/5  Court 'My little boys loves this toy.'

4/5  Taehyung 'Bought for my niece and she always plays with it'

5/5  Kazizon 'My two year old grandson loves this. Popping up the different animals. Teaching him twisting and turning knobs. Colour learning. Well worth the money'

5/5  Mel 'My 16 month old loves this toy. At first he found the button on the left a bit tricky to press hard enough to get the elephant to pop up but he seems to have got the hang of it now. The tiger needs you to twist the button not push and he hasn’t figured this out yet so there’s enough variety to hopefully keep him playing with this for a while longer!'

4/5  Tazaroons79 'Lots of fun and giggling was had by all x'

5/5  Amber 'My one year old is obsessed'

4/5  Bonnie 'Great entertaining toy. Basic but little one loves it'

5/5  Chrissy37 'Great fun educational toy for any little one to learn colours etc and bright colours too'

4/5  Anonymous 'Does what it should do.'

5/5  Katie 'Bought as a first b day present perfect'

5/5  Tc 'Great value and my son loves playing it'

5/5  Earthworm56 'Just cool little one love it'

5/5  Katie1233 'Perfect for a Christmas present for babies'

5/5  DW 'Makes our little ones really excited when the animals pop up. Nice quality and bright colours.'

5/5  Suey 'Great toy for toddlers'

5/5  Froggy1 'Perfect for entertaining little ones! Bought as a gift'

5/5  Lucy 'Really sweet toy that I’m sure my niece will love.'

4/5  Kerrie 'The price was fair, I'm also sure it was on offer when I bought it. It was in stock and delivered the next day. Highly recommended delivery service too.'

5/5  Boo 'Lovely bright coloured pop up toy for babys, does exactly what i thought it would, is perfect for little hands nice and chunky and great for learning different movements while having fun!'

5/5  Dents 'My little girl loves is fascinated with this toy really worth the buy'

5/5  Amy 'My son loves playing with this toy and watching the animals pop up.'

5/5  Stay 'Great little toy for the kids. Both my kids love pressing the buttons to see the different animals pop up. Highly recommended'

5/5  Moomins 'Our daughter spotter one of these at a toddler group so we bought it for her, she hasn’t stopped playing with it. We had to show her a few times how to make the animals pop up but she soon got the hang of it. It’s bright and keeps her entertained for ages.'

5/5  Gem 'Brilliant for 12 month baby & fantastic offer of 2 for 15'

5/5  Charlene2903 'Great little toy bright and plenty of fun would definitely recommend'

5/5  Lynn 'Got this to make my granddaughter laugh at Christmas when she see's it. its colourful'

5/5  Mushy 'My grandson will love this toy'

5/5  Colly64 'A lovely colourful pop up animals for boys and girls great fun for the little ones. A great stocking filler.'

5/5  Kelso 'Kids will love this great fun item, and at a brilliant price'

5/5  Emma 'Price was good and the toy is lots of fun good as a birthday present'

2/5  Jo 'Not a great buy buttons are stiff which makes it hard for little one to use'

5/5  Samiie 'My 4 month old son loves it. Such fun!'

5/5  Triniman 'My 15 month old daughter loved this toy straight out of the box! Perfect introduction to learning animals, numbers and shapes.'

5/5  Titch 'Great value for the price someone is going to be a happy boy on xmas day'

5/5  Lizzie 'My baby loves it he sits for ages playing with it so i can say its ticked all his boxes'

5/5  Natmaw 'Great first toy for my 6 month old son. Colourful, fun and easy to use well worth every penny.'

5/5  Misty 'Fantastic toy great value'

5/5  Georgie 'Lovely little toy, my son loves it.'

5/5  Em81 'Highly recommend for a 14 month old, my daughter loves pushing the animals back down to find again.'

4/5  Bek91 'Great for my baby who is starting to use his hands'

5/5  Stella 'Brought for my grandson for Christmas'

5/5  Jellybean 'Love this product. It is well made and will give hours of enjoyment'

5/5  Jessica 'My little boy find this hilarious when he presses the button the animal pops him he’s 10 months old and learning things he thinks it’s amazing'

5/5  Kayt1 'Brought for my nephew in the sale great for his Christmas present. Really good price'

5/5  Choochoo 'I got this toy on offer as a present and it was such a good price and got the chad valley 25% of as well. It toy is great for little ones.'

4/5  Em 'Nice colourful and interactive toy , safe choice , I remember my younger brother having one some twenty years ago and still a good choice. Slightly smaller than I expected , however on reflection I like this as it does the same job and takes up less space.'

4/5  Mum5 'A christmas gift for my grand daughter. It looks exactly as it should. Hopefully she likes it.'

5/5  MANDIE 'Always loved these for babies. My sons favourite at the minute.'

5/5  Reid 'Great my great grandaughter will love it.'

5/5  Traceyb 'Bought this for my granddaughter it was great'

5/5  Carly275 'Perfect for Coordination Sensory'

5/5  Annie 'Great toy, my granddaughter is having so much fun with it & is excellent value for money'

5/5  MisterB 'Purchased for use by toddlers and they love this toy. Its bright, makes them giggle when they press the button and the figures pop up. A child of approx. 12 months and older is able to press the buttons unaided with enough pressure to make it work. Although it was purchased for toddlers, the 4-5 year olds keep playing with this toy!'

5/5  Ts 'Baby loves it would recommend'

5/5  Jordan 'Little one absolutely loves this toy!'

5/5  Joanne 'Very good toy . Good for children at a young age they may need some help just to pres them as they are a bit hard at first because there new but they get the hang of it after a couple of times'

5/5  Jayney 'My 1 year old nephew loves this toy. It has kept him occupied trying to work out how each lever works ! Well made, colourful and lightweight. A retro toy, still a favourite today!'

4/5  TC 'Lovely little toy - my 11 month old granddaughter is intruiged with it... She can't do all of them yet but that's kind of nice that there s still learning to come. Would recommend.'

5/5  Bruno 'The toy was very good value'

5/5  Emma 'My 4 year old and 1 year old absolutely love this, keeps them occupied for hours!'

4/5  Hannahmary 'It is what it is, it does what it should do :) just a little stiff to start with'

5/5  Chris761989 'Great item! Baby (10 months) is really enjoying playing with this and has started working out what the buttons and switches do. Great stimulation and very colourful!'

4/5  Keewee 'My son loves the colours and laughs when the pop up and he makes the animal noise when he see the animal pop up on'

5/5  MNeill 'My little girl loves it, it is great fun figuring out how to get them to pop up and then pushing them back down, the bright colours and the different animals make it a fun learning toy as well.'

5/5  Titch87 'My daughter bought it for her brother for his first birthday. He loved it and found it funny. Good product. Would reccomend'

5/5  MrT 'My 7 month old loves playing with this. Bright colours and the mechanisms are easy enough for the wee fella to activate! Nice to hear the wee giggles as the animals pop up!'

4/5  Ukgrumpy 'Good price and interest'

2/5  Ray 'It's rather boring, it's does make sounds or anything, plus, it has a design fail, they have a tiger and a lion, which is a waste as they could have put in something else so that you can make different jungle animal noises. My 1 year old is only amused for about 1 min. Not a great toy.'

4/5  Elaine123 'Pop up jungle animals nice little you for your young children.Argos fast and helpful'

5/5  Ann 'Such a lovely toy for babies learning to use their fingers and hands to open things.'

5/5  Hayley 'For my little ones birthday he turned one he can use it well made easy to use'

5/5  Aly 'Little bit of joy & can be passed to another kid for more fun the fingers getting pinched isn't great!'

5/5  Bill 'My son had one of these 25 years ago and loved it now so does my 1 year old Granddaughter.'

4/5  Becky 'This was a gift for a one year old and he loves it. Great toy and good value. Very happy.'

5/5  Terry 'My little boy loves this toy has so much fun with it'

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