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Chad Valley PlaySmart Write and Draw Learning BoardChad Valley PlaySmart Write and Draw Learning Board

About the Chad Valley PlaySmart Write and Draw Learning Board

The Chad Valley PlaySmart Write and Draw Learning Board has an easy to view LCD screen displaying playful animations coupled with a fun sing-along alphabet song. This board - ten (10) number buttons convert to a 10 (ten) note keyboard - and magnetic writing pad is a great way to boost the development of kids as they stimulate their creativity and expand number, letter and word skills.

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Chad Valley PlaySmart Write and Draw Learning Board Reviews

4/5   'Got for a 3rd birthday she loves it, still plays with it can't do all the activities just yet but has a few and she enjoys playing the one's she can expecially drawing the pictures. I will say the pictures to flash fast on and off the screen would have been nicer if the stages was slowed down. Also the pen is not attached so allows better handling without a string in the way or restricting the movement.'

5/5  Ambreen 'There are so many different educational activities to keep your child occupied. A brilliant product.'

5/5  Dammy 'My little one loves it'

4/5  Runise 'It looks good and very helpful for a baby to learn number and characters.'

5/5  DBaz 'My grandson, who is two and half years old, ever since he got it has never left it alone'

5/5  Toddlermum 'Bought for my daughter and then again for her friend’s birthday. So many functions great for learning with fun along the way'

5/5  Kate 'Got in the sale and brilliant value for money'

4/5  Kane 'Excellent item which is very practical and user friendly for my 2 year old lightweight excellent educational facility'

5/5  Blackdiamonds 'Got this for my 3 year old and he loves playing with it and I love the fact it's helping him to learn as he plays'

5/5  Diana 'Verry good quality, entertains kids for hours'

5/5  Pav 'I bought it for grandson for Eid present, He loves playing with it, learning new words. Hours of fun'

5/5  LD 'I found the site easy to use and the delivery was on time. I cannot fault the service.'

4/5  Dee 'The writing board looks bigger online and I was disappointed with the size of it'

4/5  Toy 'I expected more but it’s ok'

4/5  CoffeeBeans 'Good quality and good size. My nephew loved it.'

5/5  TedGlen 'A great product that is both educational and fun to use. The Grandkids love it!!!'

4/5  Gazza 'Great learning toy for my granddaughter'

4/5  JemJem 'A great product for our weekend away in a caravan. Lots of fun activities with an educational theme. Shame it only says letter names and not phonic sounds which would aid reading. We liked the fact the words for each letter weren’t always the obvious ones. Oscar particularly liked U for uncle!!! Well priced for what you got.'

4/5  Mummy 'I love the multiple activities it comes with. The size is great and weight too. I wish the audio letters was phonics sounds and not alphabet. Great price for the activities it includes.'

5/5  Dante 'All good No do’s and don’ts'

5/5  Ch 'Good quality product'

5/5  NannaL 'Bought this for my 3 year old granddaughter. Great learning device. Has everything she needs to help her draw pictures, objects and also help her with letters and numbers. Has a handle on the top so she can carry it around with her. Very pleased with this toy.'

4/5  Tanya 'This was a very well received gift. It allows for individual and shared play. Play can be turned into a learning opportunity with the support of an adult. Learn to spell simple words and draw. Great fun with the potential for hours of entertainment.'

4/5  Clump 'I was well pleased with this toy , our 2 year old niece has hardly put it down since we bought it for her ,in my view good value for money.'

5/5  Zoe 'Great both my daughters loved it'

5/5  Mandy 'I bought this for my granddaughter who is 2 years old and also for my God son who is 4. They both love trying to copy the letters onto the screen. I would definitely recommend it'

5/5  Sid 'Ideal present for a 2 year old. Electronic options means it will support their development for quite some time.'

5/5  Charles 'This learning board is similar to the one my boy use in the nursery. He can now continue his learning at home. It worth more than the price.'

5/5  Imade 'This kettle are great for kids.. my 3 years old love it'

5/5  Shaz 'Durable Fun learning'

5/5  Kez 'Good for any young children to help be creative and keep amused'

5/5  BusyMumOf3 'I bought this for my son for a long road trip and my son absolutely loves it!!! Only down side i find is that the pen could have been attached to a thick thread or rope, as the pen is tiny and my son tends to leave it lying around and it has been lost (for three days by my nephew)!!! Managed to find it!!! But when I get home from my road trip I will have to definitely put a thick thread to it before we lose it again'

5/5  Hylander84 'My 2 year old son loves this, keeps him entertained for quite a few minutes, which is a long time for a toddler!'

5/5  Sammy 'Great item for the price, my only comment would be is that the drawings on the little computer aren’t the easiest for toddlers just learning to draw to follow'

5/5  Jas 'It is a perfect for my daughter and my son .They really enjoy. there is only one negative for this toy .it is pen .losing the pen because it is not tight with anywhere :('

5/5  Paul 'So much more to it than the old type offering potential to copy numbers,letters and pictures. Maybe the noise/ music will annoy parents but seems an ideal present from grandparents as far as I'm concerned'

4/5  Emma81 'Bought this for my little boys 2nd Birthday. He likes drawing so thought this would be good. The sound quality is good. Looking forward to him learning new things.'

5/5  Carol 'I bought this as a present for one of my friend’s 2 year old daughter. And she absolutely loved it!!! She wouldn’t let it go for twenty mins until she got another present hahah. But still kept going back to play with it!!!'

4/5  Nickstar 'Fun and creative for 4 year old'

5/5  Cyn 'There are no dos nd donts with this toy'

5/5  Soco79 'I got this for my 4 year olds birthday who has trouble holding a pen and writhing letters. She finds this fun to use and is concentrating more when trying to write.'

5/5  Ashley 'This is amazing value for money she is just starting to take interest in writing and reading etc which this teaches you to do so she is over the moon with it the learning to draw simple pictures is a nice touch .. makes learning fun and would really recommend this to any one'

5/5  Gilgamis 'My son he can draw and write on this toy Instead of wall ;) he happy.'

4/5  Bea 'Drawing pad for 2 years old he loves it'

4/5  MrsH 'Easy to use, loads of functions. Hours of fun provided.'

5/5  Nicky 'Great price my son loves it. Worth the money. Thankyou'

5/5  Chandra 'My 4 years old son liked very much, using it to write letters by referring the digital display every day.'

4/5  Alex 'Bought for my niece and she loved it. The LCD screen and speakers/music kept her entertained whilst she was learning to follow the on screen instructions. One negative is the fact that the 'pen' is not attached to the board and is therefore easy to lose. I got some fishing line and managed to attach it, but it is something the manufacturer should consider remedying.'

4/5  Shak 'Good interactive product for babies, value for money, baby likes playing and drawing on it'

5/5  Sonia 'Great quality and very interactive. I bought one for my son initially but then my niece really enjoyed using it so I bought one for her as well.'

5/5  Brook 'Chad Valley PlaySmart Write and Draw Learning Board the price affordable helping kids to improved their knowledge and hand writing my allways choose is Argos.'

5/5  Totty 'My 2 yr old grandaughter plays for ages with it plenty to do keep her occupied well worth money'

5/5  Mummy33 'Great Toy. Grandkids loved it . Perfect to practice drawing'

5/5  Doreen 'Gave this to my 2 year old Grandson for Christmas and he loves it, he is just learning to draw so with the educational activities and wipe clean surface it is ideal.'

5/5  Gran 'A well loved present. Hours of fun. Great value for money.'

5/5  Urpolly 'Bought for my grandsons 2nd birthday. He loves to draw and he can learn as he goes along. Would recomend it'

5/5  XIrishX 'The sound is fabulous and easy to get going just pop in a few batteries.'

5/5  Ron5 'L was only after a etch a sketch but this one does so much more, brought it for my 2 year old granddaughter and she loves pressing the buttons and doing the various activities.'

4/5  Keenymoo 'My little one loves this. Had to return the first one as the pen nip went into the pen. Doesn’t come with batteries so need to provide own. Shows little ones how to draw the letters and numbers. 6 different Activities to use only used one so far. But he loves it.'

5/5  Stewie 'Bought for a preschool child very easy to use she loved it'

5/5  Unknown 'Bought for my daughter (2) and she loves it as well as my son (4). Ended up getting another for a gift for my friends girl. Very educational as well as being fun at the same time. Well worth the money'

4/5  Sunlight 'My grandchildren love these magnetic writing/drawing boards and for the price this one is exceptional. Lots of interaction with the toy, lots of sound, fun and play. The only slight negative is that the quality of the magnetic 'clearing' is not as good as some previous ones we have had - it leaves the screen a little fuzzy but still useable.'

5/5  Rosey 'Bought for a little relative, she loves it.'

3/5  Kal 'Not opened yet but hoping it will encourage my 3 year old with his writing'

5/5  Alan 'Our Grandson has just started writing his name and numbers and he loved this to replace an old one which didn't have the letters, numbers and music. Seems sturdy and good value'

5/5  Malik 'Works really good value for money'

5/5  Jade 'Perfect gift for a 2 year old boy...he absolutely loved it! Quick and Easy shopping at Argos and great customer service in-store!'

5/5  Jojo 'I think this is going to be helpful for my granddaughters'

5/5  RaRog 'Great educational toy! Really happy little boy.'

5/5  Jankam 'I bought this for my 3 year old grandson. It's wonderful to see him smile as he learns to count ,write and make up his own tunes. I would recommend to all my family and friends.'

4/5  Nessava 'My daughter likes to draw and when i gave her this learning bord she was really happy. Now she draws all the time, listen to the music....'

5/5  Brooks 'My little girl loved this and love the carry handle'

5/5  Buff 'We bought this for a two year old, she absolutely loved it . Easy for little hands to use the pen for scribbling, she was delighted to work out how to magically clear the screen and start again .Lots of other features that she will be able to access later - forming letters & numbers , spelling words etc. In the meantime, she loves pressing buttons to hear the voice say letter names & number names. This was a great purchase at a great price , far better than expected ,would highly recommend it.'

5/5  Blondie 'Fun and educationalatenskap, good value for money.'

5/5  Fodz 'Just love it how it has options to write alphabets, spelling, little quiz and more. This was an amazing gift for a 2 year old.'

5/5  Shirley 'Brilliant toy, wish this was around when my children were 2 years old. Very educational, we all play with it.'

5/5  Dennis 'I purchased this for my 2 year old hoping she would pick letters and numbers up in time.. She thoroughly loves it and uses it daily for sketching as well as the alphabets and numbers. I'

5/5  Andi 'Great . only problem is because the pen isn't attached it keeps getting lost'

5/5  Barry1fan 'Bought this for my granddaughter who is near 4 and she loves it. There are so many activities for her to do as well as just drawing. She tries to follow the examples of how to write the numbers and letters correctly. It kept her quiet and entertained for ages. Will be great to take on holiday with us when we are on the plane.'

4/5  Flakky 'I bought it for my 4yrs old son and he really loves it. He's always holding onto it everytime. I will recommend it fro friends and family'

5/5  Emmy 'My Kids loved it although the pen has been easily misplaced in the house but a fantastic concepts for kids'

5/5  Disco 'This was bought for our grandson on his birthday. He absolutely loved drawing on it. It's quite sturdy so should last a good few years. The addition of the learning section at the top is a bonus especially when some others haven't got this feature and are more expensive. A great buy all round. The only negative point would be that the pen has no string to join to the board so may get lost.'

5/5  Love 'This product is very good eductional for my 2 year old grandson who is learning hes literary and numeracy and when he makes mistake can swipe out and repeat all over again.I can draw funny faces too with him.100/percent reccommended.'

5/5  WoodysMum 'My 34 month old loves to copy the shapes of the letters and to copy the words - he is learning how the letters look and sound and having fun at the same time. At the price I think it’s worth getting a spare one in case he loses the pen too!'

5/5  Zoej 'Great educational drawing board for little ones to learn how to write letters and be creative'

4/5  Nourin 'Best buy ever. I have bought 2 for my sons. They are loving it.'

5/5  Nik 'My little girl likes this board too much worth it Buy'

5/5  Sheils 'My granddaughter is just learning number so this is ideal for her and she took to,it straight away.'

5/5  Sola 'My grand son love it very much'

4/5  Lloyd 'Great educational toy.Grandaughter has just nursery, and uses it alot'

5/5  Julie 'Upgrade on basic toy, lots of different functions for a child to interact with. Grand daughter is 3, so adult help is needed with letters and navigation of toy. Will last her fir some years and grow with her. Handy for car, although noise can be annoying if adults cannot switch it off! Very well received.'

5/5  Honey 'Gift for 2 years old, he really loves it and parents are happy that he will learn something as well.'

4/5  Maan 'I bought this as a gift for my neice who has just started school. She loved it. It keeps her engaged and helps to learn in a fun way.'

5/5  Tracy 'My granddaughter loves it'

5/5  Happy1 'This is very educational and good fun teaching the alphabet, numbers, writing and drawing skills. My grand daughter loves it and I am sure as she gets a little older it will get plenty of use. Just under 2 at the moment.'

5/5  Babs 'I love this, because my LO just loves playing with it. She's just 2 now so, she's more interested in drawing on it and the music option, but I know it will help her out when she grows up a bit and starts learning how to write. A really good toy for little toddlers and big kids. :)'

2/5  Babski 'Broke after 5 weeks of purchase. Trying to understand voice in some symbols was awful. It’s supposed to be a learning tool but I found it difficult to understand what it was saying so how can a child?. Very flimsy too. Waste of money in my opinion.'

5/5  KayyManz 'This is a very good toy for your child if you want them to have fun as well as making it educational by teaching them letters, numbers and how to draw. Very fun and keeps the child busy for a while!!'

5/5  Worty 'This toy was perfect for my 2yr old granddaughter, and the collection was perfect too !'

4/5  Indi 'It’s great. My kids are very happy'

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