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Chad Valley PlaySmart Wooden Shape Sorter

About the Chad Valley PlaySmart Wooden Shape Sorter

The Chad Valley PlaySmart Wooden Shape sorter is an ageless toy that youngsters get hours and hours of enjoyable play out of. The splendidly hued shapes will captivate kiddies as they work out which shape fits through the gaps. This is an extraordinary toy for discovering new skills or enhancing aptitudes, especially improving deftness and learning about hues and special awareness.

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3/5   'Looks rather flimsy thin wood'

5/5   'Very sturdy and plenty of shapes! I was amazed how many you get. Very good value for money'

5/5   'Amazing to help little ones experience shapes and sizes and to teach them colours'

5/5   'Classic wooden toy with lots of shapes to sort. Good value.'

5/5   'On the small side but is sturdy for little ones'

4/5   'A little on the small size but value for money. Nicely made.'

5/5   'Kids loved this. it was good to keep them quiet too'

4/5   'I love how many different shapes theyre are with this sorter compared to many others. My 1yr old is slowly mastering the shapes and like the different colours too. My only downside is the paint has started to come off a bit as he does like to smash them into the holes and weve only had it a few weeks!'

3/5   'It is smaller than I thought it would be and the lid doesnt stay on properly! Apart from that it is good and helps to teach child shapes'

5/5   '14 month old loves this, great little toy.'

5/5   'Love the different shapes and colours and that its wooden. And theres enough shapes for my little one to stack up and knock down as well. Good quality toy and very interactive!'

5/5   'My grandson absolutely loves this! Plays with it a lot. Its very sturdy and the perfect size for little fingers. Glad I bought it.'

5/5   'Good quality for a toy and my daughter loves all the shapes and take them of the box. Really good to play and learn at the same time.'

5/5   'I can nearly do all the shapes and can say the colours too.'

5/5   'My godchild loved it her dad not so much'

4/5   'Good range of colours. Quite difficult, so should keep interest'

5/5   'Perfect gift. Brought this for a eco conscious mum. Wooden toys are much better than plastic toys. Good quality.'

4/5   'Fab little brain teaser for your inquisative toddler. A little smaller than expected but bright ..colourfull..and plenty of shapes to work with.'

2/5   'The lid does not say closed. So while turning the box all other pieces fall out. Its cheep but not worth it.. nice bright colours though and i love that its wooden'

5/5   'My 12 month old and 5 year old loves playing with this fabulous toy. Only issue is it is a lot smaller then expected but other then that its lovely.'

5/5   'My 1 year loves it. Teaches them to learn about shapes and colour'

5/5   'Really good gift for a child. Good gift to help learning about shapes.'

3/5   'Product is very nice, colours are very inviting for little ones development. However it is a lot smaller than I expected.'

4/5   'The shape sorter is smaller than I had envisaged, it's also quite light. My little one tries to pull themselves up on it which causes it to tip over. Nice for older children that are not so active and will sit and explore with support.'

4/5   'Great little purchase for a small child. Shapes fit well into the relevant spaces and a good learning tool for small people. The only improvement is if the "lid" was hinged rather than loose as when you turn the box to get to other shapes, the lid falls off. Would buy again given its price.'

3/5   'The lid keeps coming off as there's nothing to attach it to. It's quite challenging too for a small human I think.'

5/5   'Ive actually bought this for my little girl for xmas I think shell love it as Ive seen her playing with them in nursery'

2/5   'Some of the pices are a bit difficult. My son hasn't got the hang of it yet and must be careful of some of the shapes because they can fit in there mouths. So I would say it's not good for toddlers that like to put things in there mouths.'

5/5   'Not to big of a toy but brilliant for learning your children'

5/5   'I bought these for my little boy and he loves it. Good quality, would definitely recommend'

5/5   'Purchased as a gift for my 1 year old cousin'

5/5   'Bought this for my neice, she loves it. Well made.'

5/5   'Bought this 5yrs ago,so pleased we bought one for friends todler.'

5/5   'Durable easy and fun. Makes a perfect gift too.'

5/5   'I bought this for a 1yo who might be a bit young for it but still enjoys playing with it. Surprisingly it's the 5yo who has taken interest on the toy as well. I love that it's made of wood rather than plastic and that it has loads of shapes.'

4/5   'Brought this for my 5 year old and he absolutely loves it so does his older brothers and sister'

5/5   'Really good quality. My child loves playing with this. She loves the different colours and is contains different shapes to the norm.'

5/5   'Although its smaller than it looks its a perfect little shape sorter for beginners.lots of colourful shapes to sort.'

5/5   'My daughter loves this toy & it keeps her engaged.'

5/5   'Simple design and fun for my boy, even if it is just throwing the blocks around'

5/5   'Nice product for kids. :-)'

5/5   'Good value for money. Lots of brightly coloured shapes, and love that it's all made of wood rather than plastic.'

5/5   'I love this cube!! It's small enough for my son to take everywhere! The shapes fit into their slots perfectly and it is a great educational toy.'

5/5   'Bought for a first birthday. Obviously Im not expecting the shapes to be correctly slotted, but the chunky bright blocks are excellent to chew apparently, and are a definite hit. A toy that she can enjoy now & grow into!'

4/5   'Great value for money so many different things that you can do with this example learn to count, learn colours as well as learning shapes'

5/5   'This is exactly what I wanted for my son, it looks exactly like the picture and it is a great size. It is also made very well and sturdy.'

5/5   'Very good educational toys to enjoy learning'

5/5   'I bought this when my daughter was 15 months and she loved it from the beginning. She can play at it for 15 min straight and multiple times throughout the day. I had to add some velcro strips to the side of the cube that is loose as otherwise you have to hold it shut when turning the cube to find the right place to put a shape which isnt practical for a 15 months old. Overall very happy with the purchase'

5/5   'So far a good toy to develop the mind. Good quality item.'

5/5   'My God daughter loved this for her birthday. The perfect size for her wee hands'

4/5   'I thought my baby is too young for it but she really likes it.'

4/5   'Really lovely set. Adorable. Good quality. However, its hard for me to work out what shape goes where, let alone my 16-month-old. Instead she loves to take the lid off, remove the wooden blocks, and put the lid back on. Now repeat in reverse. Genuinely lovely set, one star removed for how difficult the intended purpose is.'

5/5   'I like wooden toys so this is a very good and quality sorter. Would recommend'

5/5   'Great little shape sorter. Smaller than expected but good quality and quite challenging. My 19 month old had mastered her simpler shape sorted so needed a challenge... this keeps her occupied for ages. She also likes building a tower out of the shapes!'

5/5   'Love this shape sorter! It's so much more challenging than other shape sorters I've seen. It's sturdy and looks good. My daughter enjoys playing with it. Worth the money paid.'

5/5   'Nice, sturdy wooden toy. Comes with lots of shapes so good for both a baby and toddler to play with.'

4/5   'Could have been better finished off, a little rough on the edges'

5/5   'Bought for a friend's little girl, she loves it'

5/5   'Great toy for little ones great fun for adults too'

5/5   'Bought for my daughters 1st birthday as i was clueless on what to get her and such a great product my daughter loves it Keep away from dogs though.... won't win against them -.-'

5/5   'My child loves this toy only problem is the lid could be stronger'

3/5   'Not what I was expecting a little on the small side'

5/5   'Lovely item , smaller than expected but is a nice little item.'

5/5   'Bought for niece bday She has to use her brain for this toy and spent hours using it the first time. She now has got better. This is a good buy not rubbish and good value for money hours of fun in one toy'

3/5   'Much harder than it looks for a preschooler as a lot of shapes and hard to match. I coloured the edges of the shape board to make it easier to match the shapes'

5/5   'My kid loves this, it is excellent quality. Comes with a lot more shapes you'd expect, all lovely colours. Most other shape sorters are pretty boring with only having limited shapes, the opposite is true in this case, much recommended.'

5/5   'Looks good, perfect for infants'

5/5   'Bought for grandson,he loves it .plenty of shapes to put into block.'

4/5   'Great size for my 14 mth grandson Plenty of bricks to keep him occupied Lovely bright coloured shapes - Wooden not plastic'

5/5   'The shape box is fantastic value for money its also a good education for children'

5/5   'Nephew loves playing with it'

5/5   'We play with this every day! Great at developing grabbing and basic sorting skills for my 1 year old and my 2.5 year old loves it because it is much more varied than other shape sorting activities that only have 5 or 6 shape holes. Highly recommend.'

4/5   'Good quality toy. My little boy enjoys it and its really improving his dexterity.'

5/5   'Fab toy, lots of blocks inside which was great'

5/5   'Perfect to keep your little one busy. Quality of the wood is excellent and safe.'

5/5   'A really well made product, plenty of different shapes for your child to work out what one goes were, my Grandson is 2.5 years old and he loves it i would recommend this educational toy..'

5/5   'My grandson really enjoys it. Keeps him and us(lol) occupied for longer. Looks like its the favourite toy at the moment .'

4/5   'Very well made looks like it will last only one thing lid falls off too easily'

5/5   'My nearly 2 year old son loves these.'

2/5   'Good quality wooden shapes bright and colourful. Its ashame about the box there in. The lid dosent actually seal closed so you can turn it around and put the shapes in all the holes. The lid literally falls off so you cannot turn the cube anywhere'

5/5   'Brought this as a birthday present for my cousins little boy and he seems to enjoy it so I would recommend this as it helps cognitive development as well as hand/eye coordination.'

5/5   'Brilliant quality wooden toy would recommend to anyone with small developing children.'

5/5   'Great toy to keep little ones busy. Niece loved it.'

5/5   'Brought as a present child is very happy'

1/5   'Brought this for my 18 month old child it looked a really good product and had loads more pieces than the usual 4 or 5 that other shape sorting toys have. The lid does not secure to the product and so when ever you move the cube to add different pieces they all fall out. I did complain to Argos who were not very helpful and dismissed my concerns . I wouldn't purchase this or recommend it to a friend as it states fifteen minutes of fun more like fifteen minutes of frustration and upset.'

5/5   'Great value for money, extensive range of shapes and colours and encourages fine motor skills. Will be used for several years.'

5/5   'Good quality good price'

4/5   'The shape sorter is a good quality, one comment I have is that there are thee star shapes with 4, 5 and six points the five and six pointed stars seem too similar and a tad too difficult for toddlers to me.'

5/5   'Bought for a present for 1 year old and she loves it'

5/5   'Lovely and very good quality item'

5/5   'Perfect gift for my friends little boy.'

5/5   'Originally bought for my cousin but my nephew loves it also. Very fun'

5/5   'A very good box with lovely bright colours and different shapes. Easy use for kids and they will enjoy dropping them in the box. The wooden material is safe even if they bite it. Bought it for a frds daughter and she loved it.'

5/5   'This is a great si. Simple toy that stimulates a young child's mind.'

5/5   'A lovely wooden shape sorted. Much nicer than plastic ones.'

5/5   'Nice gift for Christmas. I bought for my daughter and niece and they are so happy and have a fun'

5/5   'Brilliant item.got for our 18 months old boy for a Xmas .he loves it'

5/5   'Nice chunky colourful wooden shapes and nice size'

5/5   'Brilliant toy for my 11 month old Smaller than i expected'

5/5   'Lovely quality. Good variety of shapes and colours.'

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