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chad valley playsmart wooden clock

About the Chad Valley PlaySmart Wooden Clock

The Chad Valley PlaySmart Wooden Clock is a has been especially designed to assist your little ones as they get to grips with the time. This great Chad Valley learning aid has the capability to segment into numerical and word references to suit different ages and ability level, from the just starting out to the more advanced. Each five (5) minute section is clearly labelled with minutes past and minutes to the hour and all the number pieces can be freed when tipped to be placed back in their correct place with a learn through play experience.

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Chad Valley PlaySmart Wooden Clock Reviews

4/5   'This was good fun for my son. We are trying to each him the times though he is still young so not expecting him to grasp them quickly. Only improvement is if they had colour coordinated the numbers and the correct hole it goes in. Though as used under supervision it's easy and fun to do. Great learning tool'

4/5  ChumpyChops 'Purchased this when it was on offer, great price. Solid little toy & interactive. Hopefully my 3yr old will appreciate it . Put away as an xmas present so can't comment on it's durability etc.'

5/5  Dee 'My son loves this makes it easier to teach him also very fun in the process.'

4/5  Ann 'I got this for my 2yrs old boy. The numbers are small so when he's older he will love to play with it. As it's instructed from 3+. So I ahead to wait.'

5/5  Netticakes 'Fantastic product and a great price. Good quality and nicely packaged My girl is obsessed with clocks and I'm so excited to give her this come her birthday'

5/5  Jenkinsgall 'Bought to introduce time telling to my little girl and she loves it (3 years old) will last for my son to play with too.'

5/5  Glos 'Well made , excellent price'

5/5  Mhn 'Brilliant price for a wooden educational toy...'

5/5  Lilly 'The toy was very good value for money and my son loves it. Will help him learn for years to come.'

5/5  Jacksnanny1 'Lovely and bright and a brilliant addition to teaching the time.'

5/5  Loops 'Well made. Nice colours . Perfect for helping educate the children'

5/5  Kirsyu 'Nice little toy to help the little ones learn the time. Colourful to the eye and easy to use'

5/5  Jo 'The clock was a fun way to help my son learn the time'

5/5  Bmxmum 'Brought this for our 2yr old little girl she loved it as not only is she learn where the numbers went she started repeating the numbers 1 2 3 Tec as we put them in place hopefully as she gets older she will learn to tell the time easier'

5/5  Becki 'Really good product encourages children to learn the time'

5/5  Emma21 'Excellent learning aid. Child loves it!'

1/5  Seyi 'Not what I was expecting.The numbers do not stick.They fall of easily.'

5/5  Tb 'I love it, it looks really good and I'm sure my nieces will love it'

5/5  Cherie 'Bought for 7yr old to help learn time - so far its been of great help x'

4/5  M 'Nice wooden clock, my son keeps asking what the time is, so this was ideal to help him his numbers and its good as it has past and too on it. Would recomend this clock.'

5/5  Bagpuss 'Happy with this, especially the price (bought on offer). Will help my younger children learn to tell the time and develop their fine motorskills at the same time.'

5/5  Traz 'This puzzle is great fun and brilliant for teaching little ones how to tell the time. We've had great fun with it.'

5/5  Snap 'Good value and easy for a young child to understand and learn'

5/5  SarahC 'A brilliant way to brush up on the children's knowledge of time. Would recommend. Bright colours. Can be used to teach numbers also. Used for my 3 year old with the numbers and my 6 and 7 year old for time telling.'

3/5  Me 'Smaller than expected'

5/5  Creatzza22 'Bought it as a present for 2,5 year old and she seems to enjoy it.'

4/5  Suzq 'My 3 year old is learning to tell the time, this product makes it fun and easier with the bright colours'

5/5  FirstTimeForEverything 'Must have educational toy to teach pre school children how to tell the time... very easy to read vibrant colours and no small pieces... my 3 yr old loves to learn with this clock'

5/5  AM 'Bought for my grandson, although not quite old enough, will like this when he is slightly older. It is well constructed and will be easy for small hands to use. A good toy that a child can grow into starting off perhaps as small hand eye co-ordination, leading on to understand the clock itself.'

4/5  Sham 'Hi this is the good one for the leaner my son is 4 he is a autistic he found this one easy to learn the time.'

5/5  Sloeberrygirl 'Shows hours, minutes, quarter to, quarter past etc. It really assisted my daughter in learning to trll the time'

5/5  SK 'Like the chunky numbers and hands of the clock. Was good fun paying and teaching to our son.'

5/5  MJ 'Colorful, well made, interesting, encourages conversation and inter active learning.'

5/5  Gg 'I bought this Chad Valley clock for my 5 years old twin. It was an instant winner. They now set the time when leaving and upon coming back from school. The clock being so colorful and detailed makes it very easy for them to practice on their own. I highly recommend this.'

5/5  JAN 'Really good clock for teaching time'

5/5  LA 'Great for teaching young ones to tell the time. A fun way to learn.'

5/5  Sue 'I got this for my 2 year old and she loves it so do her older sisters'

5/5  Caribbean Gyal 'This item is cute and an easy way of teaching how to tell the time. I love the way its not just numbers that are on the labels. The blocks come out so the kids can figure out for themselves where the correct place for them are. The clock hands move as well so you can ask them to show you a particular time and if they get stuck they can look at the 'quarter past' or 'quarter too' signs for guidence. This clock is the best clock ive seen for kids. Its just so smartly designed.'

5/5  Kaz 'Bought for my nephew, great buy for such a reasonable price :)'

5/5  Fairycake 'Lovely bright colours fun learning.'

5/5  Janleva 'Its a very good design and good size pieces equally useful for my five and two year old. big numbers and all the information makes it easier to explain. worth every penny and this item is a keepsake'

4/5  CharA 'I bought this wooden clock for my nearly two year old. It is great for motor skills, bright and colourful and great value for money.'

5/5  Katie 'Really pleased with purchase bought as a gift and was excellent value for money thanks :)'

5/5  Donna 'Nice little clock very colourful makes learning a little more fun'

5/5  Fran 'I bought this for my 3 1/2 year old granddaughter. She enjoyed playing with it and is learning to tell the time. She was able to put the loose numbers into the correct holes. However the numbers do fall out easily if you prop the clock up on the little stand so it is better placed flat on a table.'

5/5  Ellie241728 'Very helpful in telling the time with my little ones'

5/5  Scowie 'Bright easy to use.'

5/5  Bd 'Great item'

5/5  Mel G 'Fantastic learning toy'

5/5  B 'Super clock for teaching the complex issue of time. My daughter loves it'

5/5  Xxjadexx 'Excellent item. Good quality and a very happy child who loves learning to tell the time.'

5/5  Dippyd 'Great for teaching 4 year old the time'

5/5  Nana 'The product was collected from store & my Grandson loves sorting the different size numbers. Excellent value for money'

5/5  Mandy 'My 4 year old has been getting her letters and numbers mixed up alot. We have tried many ways to help but this has helped in many ways. Love this product and would highly recoommend it to anyone .x'

4/5  Zandra 'Bought for 5 year old grandson. Nice and neat little puzzle clock, basic wood but good enough. Comes with little pegs so it can stand and clear lettering so they can learn the time.'

5/5  Clarkey 'Bought for my grandaughter who is 5..learning to tell the time coming on very well.'

5/5  Holouuja 'I love that fact this toy is made of wood. We use it as ornament in the living room at the moment because its beautiful and my son is a bit young to understand its purpose.'

4/5  Mum33 'This clock is really helping my child to tell the time with the different colours showing past the hour and to the hour. Having the child physically put the numbers in the right place too made it more of a game for her than just learning.'

4/5  Norstadamus 'It is again a good quality toy with a reasonable price. I bough it for my 1 year old son but my 5 year old son seems to love it more. He is now good at reading time. There is some area on the base that you can write the time in hours / minutes. Good for teaching :)'

3/5  JEP 'Good way to learn numbers as well as time'

5/5  Happy Tel. 'Granddaughter loves this clock. good stuff.'

5/5  Emz 'Fab clock to learn to tell the time, both me and my daughter are happy with it'

5/5  Soni 'Very good quality educational toy and i gave it as a gift'

3/5  Jillybobs 'I personally wouldn't pay full price for this item. It is what it is, does what it's meant to do but it's a bit cheap to look at. Something you would expect to buy for a fiver for from a discount shop.'

5/5  NickyR 'This toy is robust enough to cope with a huge amount of play! My son loves it as it is like similar items at his day nursery. The wooden pieces are great for fine motor skills as you piece it back together and there is the added bonus that this 'play' enables basic awareness of telling the time. Really fab :)'

5/5  Sally 'Fantastic for learning to tell the time! Great price'

5/5  Yve 'Lot of fun with the kids playing and learning at the same time. Its colourful and very useful a great way to learn how to tell the time.'

5/5  Nayy1991 'Very well made. Brought it for my son to help him learn how to tell the time and he loves it.'

5/5  Naas 'This wooden clock helps my 4year old to say the time.'

5/5  Lynda68 'Easy to use colourful so interesting for children'

5/5  Jennarator 'Found this product great. Simple and easy to use. Does exactly what you need it for. Bargain.'

5/5  Fin1 'Very pleased with clock. My 3 year old grandson enjoys using it. Very educational.'

5/5  Ashy4 'Bought as a present for my 4 year old niece! Her parents loved it more than she did as they knew the purpose of it! Still she loved the shapes & colors!'

5/5  Mom 'Bright, lovely clock, great for teaching the time to kids. Numbers are very clear and the hands are easy to move.'

5/5  Stevie C 'Ideal for teaching grand daughter to tell the time.'

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