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Chad Valley PlaySmart Magnetic World MapChad Valley PlaySmart Magnetic World Map

About the Chad Valley PlaySmart Magnetic World Map

The marvellously illustrated and vibrantly coloured Chad Valley PlaySmart Magnetic World Map - with thirty-two (32) magnetic pieces and a paper sticker included - is a brilliant way to educate kids about the countries of the world, aiding with the development of problem solving and confidence building skills. A nice bonus feature is that the map can be hung on the wall if that's the preference of your little one!

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Chad Valley PlaySmart Magnetic World Map Reviews

5/5   'Very good map /value for money. Well made, good size board. Magnets are holding well and stickers with animals to add to the map are good idea and fun way for kids to learn about different animals in different continents/countries. Gives good basic knowledge for children, my 5 year old is very happy.'

5/5  Nadia 'Very hard to find toy that include landmarks. My 3 year old love landmarks. The jigsaws is brilliant! Very well made. The pictures and sticker are very cute'

4/5  Dick 'Educationally useful for learning about the continents of the world but the piece relating to Uk is small and Wales (which I wanted ) is non existent.'

5/5  Ma 'Pleased with magnetic map although feel I should point out there is water between Italy and Greece! Great for a knowledge thirsty 6 year old. Thank you'

5/5  Shiv 'Great learning activity'

5/5  Marius7 'Very good product. It worth every penny'

5/5  Shak 'Good quality product overall'

5/5  Hippychic 'My granddaughter loved this, she’s doing geography at the moment so it will help her with her school work. It’s so bright & colourful she loves playing with it.'

5/5  DK 'Bought as a gift for a 6 year old. Lovely and bright and colourful. Fun way to learn about the world and keeping little minds active.'

5/5  Ahkey 'This map is very tactile and suitable for children of most ages. The magnets are strong enough to hold the pieces in place when placed vertically and offer just the right amount of resistance when taking them off. The included animal stickers are a nice bonus, although adding them is a one-time activity - it might be nice if a future version had these as restickable so that the matching activity can be repeated. Overall though, this is a great quality educational product.'

5/5  JessB 'Very educational but also fun for your children. Highly recommend'

5/5  Allison 'Lovely learning puzzle , very clear and excellent value for money'

4/5  Suze 'Great and simple map for kids'

5/5  Lamby 'Excellent, my grand-daughter loves it - I thought it might be a little too difficult for her as it is aimed for children from 3 years up (she is 2 years 9 months), but it's brilliant and very educational.'

4/5  Leila 'My 5 year old liked it. Good quality although a bit expensive.'

4/5  RichO 'Bought as a gift nfor 3yr old, he's happy with it. Looks well made, should last unless the bits get lost!'

5/5  Woolie33 'Grandson aged 6 spent ages putting pieces onto the map and asking questions about what was interesting about that area of the world A very good educational present for Xmas. Very pleased with our purchase for him and others that interacted with him enjoyed the map as well.'

5/5  Binny 'Fantastic price bought for my friends son whom has autism he doesnt play with many toys this was a joy to see when he played with this for 2 hours solid absolute must buy and on offer 2 for 15 fantastic'

4/5  Dee 'My 3 year old daughter got this for Christmas and it's one of her gifts she's reguarly playing with. As well as matching colours and shapes, she's learning about the world and the animals that live there. The country label stickers needed tape on top to keep it from peeling off but other than that, very good quality.'

5/5  Sarah 'My son loves puzzles, so this was a great present for him when he got potty trained! It's also introduced him to understand different countries and continents.'

5/5  Jayne 'Brilliant gift.... Brilliant to look at the world with the kids! Enjoy.'

5/5  Sara 'A great learning puzzle, teaches your child about the world in a fun way and looks great hung on the wall.'

5/5  Kimmobsby 'This was a great puzzle and great vallue for money. my son is obsessed with contrary of the world and this was a big hit'

5/5  Drhoax 'Well made. Nice colours. Cute animals. Fun stickers. Very educational'

5/5  Sarah 'The magnet makes it easy to use, and the pieces don't get knocked accidentally whihh is good. Nice pictures on the map, great for a 3yr old up.'

5/5  Lisa 'I am very pleased with this product my boy loves learnin and enjoys playing with it x'

4/5  Lisa1235 'Bought as a Christmas present so not used yet . But it looks good & im sure my 6 year will enjoy learning about different parts of the world with it .'

4/5  Jenny 'Christmas gift for grandaughter, not as big as it looks.'

5/5  BE 'Bought it for my daughter, it is really enjoyable to sit together and start exchanging questions about countries, continents... etc.'

5/5  Alex 'Very nice design, quality and price'

5/5  Lainey 'Perfect. My Grandson will love this puzzle that is a map of the world. It is a Christmas present.'

5/5  Brownie9 'This product is exactly what I was looking for as a gift for my grandchild.'

5/5  FB8 'This world map is ideal for my three year old who is learning about the world and different countries.'

5/5  Lorraine 'Well made, early learning made easy and fun, very good toy, would recommend'

5/5  Mumofboys 'This is such a nice product, educational and fun. My boys love it and I'd definitely buy again'

4/5  AnnChristie 'The board was good for my daughter as, it gives her a little geography lesson at the same time! Which I like cos I'm good with maps and naming places so I hope it will help her to name places and countries'

5/5  Alice 'Bought this for a Christmas present for my very young niece who loves stickers, puzzles and learning about animals, the fact that she can learn while playing with her favourite toys is brilliant. Its not too big so wont take up a huge amount of space which is perfect for her room!'

4/5  Frank1952 'My 5 year old grand daughter likes this'

4/5  Biba 'Great learning for all ages'

4/5  B777 'Not used this yet as it’s a Christmas present. But looks great and good pics.'

4/5  Jaz 'My 4 year old loves putting the pieces into place.'

5/5  None 'The magnetic maps are really good quality and very educational, as well as being great fun for kids.'

4/5  Nan58 'Bought as a present. The children thought it was great. Good quality.'

4/5  Gman85 'Great education toy for learning about the world and puzzles'

5/5  Gill 'This is educational & interesting. My grandaughter really enjoyed placing the magnetic parts in there place.'

5/5  Nattypat 'And as a teacher I could see tremendous educational opportunities for the gift'

5/5  Hande 'I bought it for my 4 years old nephew and he loved it'

5/5  Lel 'Great product, pieces mostly stay on a bag or box to put puzzle pieces into when travelling would be advantageous.'

5/5  Mgt 'Bought as Christmas Present so not used as yet but very impressed with quality and look of map..'

5/5  Eaglestone 'The Chad Valley Magnetic World Map is an excellent product for learning about the world. My five-year old daughter is fascinated by it , and now knows the location of many countries of the world. It is an inspiring and fun way of learning geography, and can be highly recommended. It is great value for money.'

1/5  Ash 'The maps are wrong. Poor quality. Returned it straight away. Do not buy'

5/5  Jen 'My son loves this works map puzzle. It’s helped him learn all about the countries and continents and he often compares it to the map we have on the wall to check where places are. Brilliant learning tool and fun too.'

4/5  Phoebe1699 'I bought this puzzle for my grandson for Christmas. It looks great although the pieces are quite small.'

5/5  Kate 'Bought as a gift and looks lovely.'

5/5  Googlepin 'Good value for money very robust.'

5/5  Oana 'Proud to say that my daughter (4) knows all continents, oceans and animals specific areas. She loves it!'

4/5  Tasha 'Love this puzzle board my kids love it! Can easily be stored away and the puzzle pieces not be lost great for learning where the countries are! Learned afew myself haha'

5/5  Becca 'This is a fab product to learn children about the world, great magnetic features and they stay on the board when held up right. This has been used for hours my children. They love it.'

5/5  Jc2014 'Price was reasonable. Great way for your kids to learn the names and location of the countries'

5/5  Jay 'Bought this for my nephew and he really seem to like it so thumbs up'

4/5  Sarah 'It’s fab to give an overall view of the world map. Kids can understand the continent and countries in them and with magnetic pieces it’s fun.'

4/5  Jellytot 'Bought for my Grandson, first look at educational resourse for toddler'

5/5  Lori 'It is a great product,my daughter learned the countries very quickly.'

5/5  Mel 'Lovely and great way to make geography more interesting for the little ones. Animal stickers for added fun. UK too big on the global scale but let's call it freedom of the designer.'

5/5  Cadi 'Child studying continants at school. This is a fun an simple interactive way of learning them. We refer back to it when talking about different countries and enjoy putting pieces back together just like a puzzle'

5/5  El 'My 4 year old enjoys matching up the pieces on the magnetic board, while I just mention which country she is placing. She can now identify 4 countries on an atlas map! The magnetic board is strong enough for the puzzle to completed then carried around by handle.'

5/5  Adz 'Great price and value.'

5/5  Sweetie 'Brought for my young grandchildren to do when they are round'

5/5  Ellie66 'A great way to learn about the world'

5/5  Gwil 'They loved it so much'

3/5  CC 'Looks alot smaller than imagened. Son loved it though . Good for learning but could be abit better and bigger'

5/5  TrishIrish86 'Great quality magnetic map! Wooden on the back so quite sturdy! Love the colours and my boys adore this! Great for teaching them their geography! Really reccomend'

5/5  Lynn 'Perfect to help kick start learning countries with this little educational map'

5/5  Emma 'Great for learning and entertaining. Looks really interesting. I very much like it'

5/5  Jess 'My 2 year old loves this! Super happy and great quality!'

5/5  HLC35 'Bought this as a gift for a 2 year old boy who loved playing with the magnets and spotting the animals. Very detailed pictures, very pleased.'

5/5  Loopyowl 'Really good quality nice puzzle. Perfect for little hands. My 3 year old loves the puzzle and can complete parts of it with ease by matching pictures and colours. Love that it's the world as it's educational also.'

3/5  Irene 'The map is alright but definetely not value for money. I didn't expect a cardboard,no thought it would be a wooden one but it's not I do believe it can get damaged quickly due to the material. It is alright but not for the money you pay.'

3/5  Beebs 'The only issue I have is the continents/countries are cut up kind of randomly so child is confused about actual geography.'

5/5  Sf 'Great educational children’s toy and lovely for the wall'

4/5  Tigermum75 'Bought it as my little boy is of dual nationality. Now he loves putting together the puzzle and knowing where in the world his family is'

5/5  Agnieszka 'This is Perfect gift for the beginner at school. For 4 years old children. Great fun, play and learn in one toy. Definitely i do recommend this for everyone.'

5/5  Mummy2007 'Purchased this as a Christmas present.. The children and parents loved it!!'

5/5  Snow23 'Bought for my 5yr old grandson who was pleased with it..Bright , educational and a little different from his other jig saws,being magnetic.'

5/5  Steph 'Bought as gift for niece who is 6. Really engaging and educational not just to where countries are but to learn a little about culture there also. I have recommended this also to the geography co-ordinator at the school I work at because I thought it was that good!'

5/5  Jas 'Great puzzle especially as it’s educational too. Great present for the little one.'

5/5  DW 'My 3 year old loves it. Learning all about the countries and animals from those areas she plays with it all the time'

3/5  LeeLee 'I loved the idea of this product for a birthday gift to a 4 year old boy. The concept is really good, my only down point was the presentation. I thought it would come in a box or be presented nicely/thoughtfully. Unfortunately it came in clear shrinkwrap and that was it! Very disappointing as it was a gift and looked a bit unimpressive in the gift bag I bought to gift it in.'

5/5  Rocelyn 'Good for children to play with.'

5/5  SKM 'I bought this as a gift and the parent called me after the toddler opened it to tell me how much she loves it! a great learning tool for kids to spark their interest in travel at a young age.'

5/5  Vicky 'My son is 6 and loves this it’s great for him to learn about the world and what animals live where'

4/5  Mumoftheferals 'This is a lovely map it’s easy to use my children aged 4, 6 and eight all really enjoy playing with it.'

5/5  Cracker14 'Brilliant educational jigsaw my grandson obsessed with it .'

5/5  Cassandra 'This is a great toy for the kids to understand the world and different countries. It shows the continents and pictures that correlate to different countries! Great gift!'

3/5  Carole 'Robust design but expected it to be bigger.'

4/5  Andy1 'A valuable learning toy'

5/5  FarmMummy 'What a great idea. So many ways to interact with this from the very basic jigsaw to the learning with the animals, stickers and key landmarks'

5/5  Susan 'Got this puzzle for Grandson for Christmas he absolutely loves it. We had fun putting stickers on puzzle pieces. Really good Pressie.'

4/5  Ada10 'A good buy, I would say. Colourful puzzle, useful for learning about continents, countries and animals. My son was happy to receive it. He wanted to apply the stickers himself and has put several pieces/countries at the right place on the globe. We’ve already mounted the world puzzle many times now.'

3/5  Motherofthree 'The pieces stick on but don’t slot in. There are stickers to put in the right places (which are outlined). If you keep it for a homework night it would be a fun 1/2 hour.'

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