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Chad Valley PlaySmart Magnetic Letters & Numbers Set

About the Chad Valley PlaySmart Magnetic Letters & Numbers Set

PlaySmart Magnetic Letters and Numbers are intended to support early education aptitudes and letter and number acknowledgment. This set is awesome for acquainting pre-schoolers with numbers and letters and supporting youngsters who have quite recently begun school and are beginning to peruse, spell and tally. Whenever required, the letters and numbers can be sorted away into the pot ready to sue next time.

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Chad Valley PlaySmart Magnetic Letters & Numbers Set Reviews

2/5   'It contains only lower case letters & digit even 3/4 sets but I couldn’t find any uppercase letters very disappointing . As a full price not worthy, try to buy it from half price even more cheap price .'

5/5  Tiredmum 'My son doesn't like writing out his spellings so this is a fun way for him to do it,'

5/5  BRIT 'Great size letters and numbers for little hands. Good mix of colours. One set of capital letters would be useful. Handy size bucket for storage and transport. My two year old granddaughter loves to carry it round from place to place. Great learning/teaching aid.'

5/5  Dj 'For the price its worth it and secondly my daughterd loves these letter.'

4/5  Gabi 'Letters were a little larger than I was expecting but s great size for kids. There were a lot more than I thought there would be. Nice and bright and a great container for storage.'

5/5  MB 'The tub of letters and numbers are fab. My daughter was quick to open them and use them on her easel board to write messages. A great learning tool!'

4/5  Mum 'My son loves playing with fridge magnets, and the grown ups love leaving cheeky messages too.'

5/5  Xenon 'Impressive quantity of letters and digits. Some upper-case letters would have been nice.'

4/5  Jakey19 'Great magnets for price. Few magnets are not strong and tend to slide off the board.'

5/5  Kat 'Definitely worth the money!'

5/5  Tam123 'Amazing to help little and big children to spell and count happy child who loves them'

4/5  Loz 'These are great for early learning but buy a magnet board.'

5/5  Bubbles123 'Given as a birthday present and well received'

5/5  Happy Mum 'Hours of fun! We spend hours organising and playing with these, they have helped with counting, recognition of letters and spelling. Amazing product and amazing price.'

5/5  Bitzy 'My grandson loves them and with only being 2 yrs old he's picking up what the letters and numbers are.worth Every penny'

5/5  Nanakate 'Bought for my grandkids aged 5 and 6, they loved them. All the characters stuck to the magnet board, unlike cheaper alternatives, and, as there is more than one of each character, both kids could write the same words at the same time. Happy grandkids = happy nana.'

5/5  Shazzy 'Great price and my nephew loved it and is learning from it now Thankyou'


5/5  Lea33 'Great for all ages and abilities to learn each letter or numbers'

5/5  Jo 'Something to do in the kitchen when I'm busy my 2 year old loves them& we are learning some words- only problem is the baby keeps trying to eat them when she comes along in her walker so have to keep an eye out!'

5/5  Margaret 'Great although 2 magnets were missing'

5/5  Diane 'Bought this as my grandchildren are always playing with the fridge magnets. They love them and now we have lots of little messages from them'

5/5  Michele 'Having looked around both other shops and online, I was very happy with the price promotion on this item. Excellent for both quality and quantity. These are so versatile and a well used resource in my classroom. There is a really good variety of letters and the tubs are great for storage.'

4/5  Jessw1584 'I bought these to help my son spell his name and other simple words on the fridge they are great'

4/5  Kai & Skye-Blues Mum 'Very good for the price starting my daughterearly as 5 months obviously just saying the numbers and letters as she can not talk yet'

4/5  Jammyboy1997 'These magnetic letters are great for the fridge, mini fridge or even freezer or anywhere else you think you can stick them. The magnets work really well and I like how theirs different colours for the letters.'

5/5  Kitty Cat 'Bought 2 sets, 1 for here and 1 for home to keep the educational benefits going. Teaching letters, numbers and colours from an early age.'

4/5  SallyT 'I bought these for my 18 month old to keep her entertained whilst I was in the kitchen as she loves repetitive things, and sure enough she will sit there for short periods with these magnets taking them on and off the fridge, putting them back in the container/my bag/the dog bowl! I got these in the sale for half price, far cheaper than anywhere else and there are loads of them. No pieces have come apart despite a bit of throwing and chewing, so I am very happy with my purchase.'

4/5  Shan 'Bought these to help with development skills and it really has helped improvement the colours make them so much entertaing'

5/5  Adam 'My Son loves this product and it is great to see him enjoying this set just like I did when I was his age.'

4/5  Smithy 'They on my radiators, fridge, dishwasher and fire surround. Sweet little messages left by kids or loved one or just shoppin list stuck to fridge .'

5/5  Penny 'Lots of letters and numbers'

5/5  Rfa 'Happy with it'

5/5  Tahira 'Well worth the price my daughter loves playing with them.'

5/5  Laura90 'Brilliant.'

5/5  Shellet 'My toddler loves making words with these and when he's not doing it on the fridge, he does it down on the floor.'

5/5  Roast Beef Granny 'Bought the magnetic letters for my 3 year old Granddaughter lots of the same letters which is good enables you to spell words with 2 or more of the same letter. Good value for money Roast beef Granny'

5/5  Leanne050182 'My 4 year old is loving these magnetic letters, they have really helped support her learning and make it fun, as they are magnetic she uses them both on her easel and the fridge'

4/5  Mumoffour 'Nice,colourful, chunky letters. Daughter loved playing with them. Could do with more of the frequent letters etc'

5/5  Razzamammy 'Bought for my 3 year old as he loves magnets, it's helping him learn letters'

5/5  Clo 'My 4yr old was chuffed with these'

5/5  Roo91 'Bought for my 4 year old autistic non verbal daughter who loves numbers and letter and spelling out words amazing value for money'

3/5  Kushty 'Good box full of alphabets and numbers. It would have been great if Capital Alphabets would have been there, as of now box only contains small alphabets and numbers.'

4/5  Grimey 'They are what they are.'

5/5  Victoria 'Bought for my little girl to help with her spelling and recognising words. These have been a great help! Would definitely recommend'

5/5  Me 'Excellent, nice & bright. Exactly what I wanted.'

5/5  Dyllien 'Wow these items are great, Magnet is strong to, loves this brings back my childhood and looking forward to sharing the experience with my son happy days'

4/5  Stewpendous! 'These are so cool. Everyone should have these on their fridge and freezers! They are entertaining for kids and adults alike,though I've found that adults tend to want to spell rude words more than the kids!'

5/5  Bujy 'Good product. My 2 year old son loves it.'

4/5  Dhincha 'Good for the kids to learn and play'

5/5  Facebegone 'This set is really good quality for the price, it has a lot of duplicate letters so it's easy for children to make words which might have more than one letter. Also includes numbers and the jar it's in is handy to store them.'

5/5  Lisa 'Got them for Christmas so not used yet'

5/5  Rkd 'Lovely letters in vibrant colours. Magnets stick well to our fridge.'

5/5  Sarah 'Great way of learning letters and numbers'

5/5  Chloe1234 'Nephew loved them and great help to get them learning numbers and letters look like'

5/5  Beth 'Remind me of my childhood. Exactly what they are in the description really.'

4/5  Amanda 'I brought this for my daughter for xmas she loves things like this'

4/5  Pete Str 'Purchased this to help my son with his spelling tests. Ideal product to make practising his spelling fun. A great selection of letters at a fantastic price.'

5/5  Pozzie 'After shopping around on the Web and in stores these magnetic numbers were the best value and the quality is good. Magnets have not come away from the letters so far which is better than previous one purchased'

5/5  Mlhd37 'We bought a tub of these magnetic letters to put on our fridge and they are brilliant! For £9.99 you have at least 3 or 4 of each letter and plenty of numbers, providing lots to play with! Definitely recommend!'

5/5  Sajidah 'I believe this purchase was good value for money. Not only does it make spelling words fun, but there are enough letters to make short sentences which is even better.'

5/5  Lina 'Apart from tr quality what goy improvemet to do is quite fun and easy to learn for kids letter and numbers . Plus got advantage as they are fridge magnets and different colours .'

5/5  D 'Great for starting to learn "abc's" ,my son plays with them all the time!'

5/5  Doodlejon 'This was bought as a 1st Birthday present and she loves it.'

5/5  J29 'A good, colourful mixture.'

4/5  Kim89 'These are great fun. Especially for putting on the fridge. The magnets could be a bit stronger but they are sufficient.'

5/5  Roxy 'This classic toy is great value and I was surprised and really impressed with how many numbers and letters are in the tub. My little one loves them and so do I!'

5/5  May 'We bought 2 for £15 offer for our boy. He loves playing with them and they are good for leaning.'

3/5  Praisehouse 'Not as expected but OK for my 3yr to learn her numbers and letters'

5/5  Mary 'This was bought as a gift for a two year old. I didn't open and inspect the contents but it looked to be of excellent quality, was bright and cheerful and just the right size for little hands. Handy tub for storage too.'

5/5  Becky 'My son enjoys playing with these magnetics. we spell his name out with them and hopefully it helps him to learn to spell his own name. They are the right size for him as we have just found out at 10 month old he needs glasses so perfect size for him.'

5/5  Jm 'Niece loves it and cannot stop playing with it. It's educational and fun, would recommend'

5/5  Bobbii 'Well made and will last'

5/5  Mumof2 'Bought this for my 2 year old to help with reading and colour recognition. He loves it. Well made and does the job.'

5/5  Peanutxxx 'My daughter loves the product shes always loved magnates so this is even better she can learn as well as play with her favorite thing'

5/5  Diana31 'Great value large tub with lots of vowels so you can write instead of just doing the alphabet. Contains numbers too.'

5/5  Lollypop 'Great product for helping kids to learn'

4/5  Sally 'Product was good for the price. Have seen better quality ones as these are quite thin and some of the letters and numbers could benefit from more magnets as one magnet on some of them just isn't enough meaning that the don't grip properly and slide down whatever your trying to affix them to'

4/5  NickyB 'I thought these were perfect for our little one. She plays with them on the fridge and on the floor. The magnets are not the strongest in the world and they do slip down, but that is just part of their charm.'

5/5  Patricia 'Loads of fun while little ones are learning bright colours good size,a must tool for mums for teaching early,mixture of letters fun while spelling and counting well made very good value for money,bought for two year old she now can count two four.magnet storing tub has carry handle so easy for little hands tidy and carry.teaching made easy with these magnets.'

5/5  Pandadee 'Great for number and letter work. Fun making up names with letter while also teaching the alphabet.'

5/5  Kate15 'I bouth this letters and number for my friend 2yars old daughter and she likes them very much .They are different colours food size and quality wich makes them easy to play and learn same time .'

5/5  Havent Got One. 'Good for children to play with.helps them to learn numbers and letter . Helps them to count.'

5/5  Sandra 'Our two year old Granddaughter spends hours playing with these, loves doing the colours. We play with her doing words and numbers on the fridge and freezer and she rely enjoys herself. She calls them "stickers" Also we give her a large oven tray to play in the living room and they stick great on that as well. We think they are great because there is such a lot and you can make such a lot of words. THEY ARE BRILL.'

4/5  Puffin 'My 2 year old granddaughter has had much fun with these since Christmas. Like any small item you should not let them play unattended but they stick well, have lots of vowels. Only 1 set of numbers but she can't count yet anyway!'

4/5  Ga Ga 'A good way to teach younger children spelling and numbers'

4/5  Cindy 'Great value & ideal for learning skills'

5/5  Jaz 'Nice pack of alphabets. My little one loving these magnetic alphabets.'

4/5  Elaine123 'My little girl loves them!'

5/5  Piglet 'Played for ages with these magnets, really pleased with it.'

4/5  KK2222 'I bought this product for my little brother. I wanted to use it to teach him how to spell particular words such as his name this is a great product that I would totally recommend, however as I am blind I feel that certain letters were not clear on what they were if you are using tactile skills. Despite this I would still recommend this product to anyone as it is a good way to teach children how to spell and sound their letters and words, and also my Brother loves them.'

5/5  Danz 'Good product. My little girl loves these. Keeps her busy when I am cooking etc. lots of fun.'

5/5  AlfieBear 'What more could you want! Perfect size, lovely colours and lovely little jar with a handle! Very happy!'

5/5  AU!!!! 'It's everything i thought it would be cheers'

4/5  Ash 'Iv looked all over for these for my fridge but found everywhere else I seen them they were to small and with a little one I have to be careful so these ones were perfect'

4/5  Kabbeljou22 'Keeps my little one entertained while she can learn the alphabet and numbers'

1/5  Albina 'It was too weak magnetic in the letters and it doesn't stay on the fridge. When it stayed on the fridge the letter start to turn any way where was heavier. So it is really not useable.'

3/5  Loui12 'Fantastic product for children to learn it helps at school also'

4/5  Charles 'Several sets passed through our house when our 5 children were small and now it is the turn of a 4 year old grandchild. They stick to almost any ferrous surface, baking trays included.... They are robust and withstand being trodden on by adults. They are great fun to play with and great to interact with young children. Yes, they help in development but a few capital letters would make them better still. All in all, a good buy, great fun, useful and sturdy.'

5/5  Murad 'Both my kids loves it, helps with their spelling.'

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