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Chad Valley PlaySmart Magnetic Learning Play Desk

About the Chad Valley PlaySmart Magnetic Learning Play Desk

The Chad Valley PlaySmart Magnetic Learning Play Desk stimulates learning through play. This easy carry work area comes loaded with attractive letters and numbers, paper, pens and chalks, with a reversible lovely white board and blackboard and convenient storage area. Thirty six (36) letters, twenty (20) numbers and seven (7) maths signs naturally all magnetic assist little ones as they practice crucial aptitudes. Work on spelling abilities, draw a picture or attempt a few maths sums. Turn the board over, get the chalks out, rub it out and start from the very beginning once more. Markers, chalks, eraser and paper all included, incredible for doodling and drawing again and again and stimulating innovativeness.

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Chad Valley PlaySmart Magnetic Learning Play Desk Reviews

4/5   'I bought this as a gift for my three year old niece's birthday earlier this year. She was really pleased with it when she opened it and seemed to love the bright colours. It's a great item to help with a child's development and good that you have two different surfaces to work on, both with the magnetic backing. The section that pulls up could be deemed a little bit flimsy maybe because it's not attached to the base by very much, however really pleased with it overall.'

5/5  Banana85 'Bought for a 2 year old girl who loves colouring and magnets. Perfect for travelling as it packs away nicely. Great way to learn and have fun too!'

5/5  Anna 'Really good toy for a preschooler. we've got it for my son's best friend for his birthday and it was his favourite gift. he calls it his personal tablet. highly recommended.'

5/5  Squeeze 'A great gift to get a child'

3/5  Rubadum 'So a great idea. Blackboard one side, white board the other. Magnets and clack were fine. Unfortunately, kids being kids, my 3 year old stood on it whilst on the floor and the 'board' for writing on bent and became damaged. Very disappointed with the build quality, should be so easily damaged by the age range it's intended for'

4/5  Marksy 'My grandson loved it as he has just started school and is keen to learn.'

5/5  Jackie 'I bought this for my great niece and she loves it. I would definitely recommend this Chad Valley item. It’s the usual Chad Valley high quality and good value for money too.'

4/5  Mags 'My son loves this. It has great educational value but is not made from the strongest materials so I don't know how long it will last. Definitely will be well used though'

5/5  Playdesk2018 'This is a brilliant product, bought it my 2year old for Christmas and she absolutely loves it. She can draw with chalk on the chalk board or use the pens on the wipe board, and the magnets work on either side of the boards. It’s nice and compact and takes up no room, with a little handle to carry around perfect for holidays, in the car or even when visiting family. Great buy and would recommend for any child'

5/5  Saj 'Its very useful for little kids'

5/5  Don 'It’s really good in both quality and use. Must have for kids under 6'

5/5  Michelle 'Bit pricey and the things fell out of case but other than that it fine'

5/5  Sandy 'Bought this for my four years old son. When we opened it he was quickly hooked . It gave a number of options to create a picture without having good fine motor skills . Only time will tell how robust it is but to date it has proved to be a good buy with this price. My son and two kids from my neighbour had a great time with this and we had hassle free Christmas party .'

5/5  Nicoleta 'My little girl she loves to write and this was her perfect gift she loves in evening to enjoy writing and drowing. Perfect for little ones'

5/5  Barney74 'Xmas gift for my girls'

5/5  Mieke 'My Grandson loves drawing and this is an ideal xmas gift and will also save on lots of paper.'

5/5  Fati 'I bought this for my cousins sons 3rd birthday. As they planning to buy a white and black board stand. But they couldn’t buy it as it takes big space to store. But once I bought this for him, he is so happy and his mum is glad that I got this for him. It’s doesnt take big space and he can use while sitting on the sofa also while traveling in the car. Very colourful and kids have many activities to do. He is very interesting to make the words he learnt so far. Very useful for a 3years old child.'

5/5  Rachel 'Great learning toy. My 3 year old has loved it'

5/5  BarbK 'The quality is excellent. It has several learning activities all in a very compact carrying case.'

5/5  Mamma 'My grandson will love this bought as a Christmas present excellent way to learn to write and draw'

5/5  Gemma 'Brilliant for my little boy'

5/5  Iris69 'This item is just what we needed for our granddaughter.'

5/5  Almelb 'Lots of different educational activities in one toy , it folds away and is easy to carry too.'

5/5  Winnie 'It's very entertaining and educational as well son loves it.'

5/5  Sam 'I’ve brought this for a birthday present no complaints received so think it was a hit'

5/5  Stevie 'Love this toy great playtime gets them using their brains'

5/5  Love 'DO & Don't is very ideal learning skills for my grandson it help him to know right from wrong.Excellent product.He enjoy this.'

5/5  Happymummy89 'Excellent product for my 4 years Old daughter Currently learning phonics and this was perfect for her to spell words and draw pictures Its been a hit with my other kids aswel who are 8 years old and 18 months old.'

5/5  Pinkdebbiepink 'Good size sturdy my grandson enjoys it'

5/5  Chlo 'Even my 18 month old loves this toy, and I can see her using it for a long time to come! Comes with 3 chalks which is great and the pens are good too, the magnets are easy to get on and off.'

5/5  Nadz 'My play desk is small and compact, brilliant for teaching my son but is also good for playing games this is an awesome way to implement learning and having fun.'

5/5  Keisha 'This play desk is compact , fun and educational and can take anywhere with its niffty little carry handle for little hands.'

5/5  Jacob 'Very good.My boy enjoys it.'

5/5  Dordor 'I love it for teaching my 3 year old. She is learning fast with it'

5/5  Jijo 'Different sizes should be available as well'

5/5  Kay 'My daughter loves this colouring book. she'

4/5  Ann 'Bought as a present for my friends daughter. it's good to keep kids engaged and helps in learning.'

5/5  Leeloo 'Hours of learning &fun.'

5/5  Auntie 'My niece absolutely love this educational toy. I am glad that i bought it.'

5/5  Polly 'Bought this for my nephew and he loves it plus it's educational. Win win'

5/5  Kel 'Got it for my nearly 2 year old he loves it but have to watch him he still puts things in his mouth'

4/5  Marie 'Bought this for my granddaughter for her birthday she has great fun with it'

5/5  Gouldy 'We do it together so he doesnt. realise that he is learning as well as having fun'

4/5  Naelah 'I got this for my niece and she loves it. She gets to enjoy both using chalks on the blackboard and using pens on the whiteboard, plus she is fascinated by magnets so loves to play around with them.'

5/5  Clo 'Really good'

4/5  RB 'Really good desk with lots of fun options and my little boy loves that it all folds away and he can carry it around. It is a bit on the bulky side but still very usable.'

5/5  JaniceC 'Great product at a great price. Lots of fun and sturdy enough for a 4 year old.'

5/5  Bec.H '5 year old loves this toy. It's helping him learn number and letters, reading and writing also adding and subtracting. He can sit of an hour or more with this on his lap having fun and learning...could not recommend enough!'

5/5  Lara 'Bought as a gift for my friends son......he loves it'

5/5  Nana 'Great gift for my granddaughter and fun to learn also good for coordination.'

5/5  Les 'Brilliant quality, very interesting and lasting for a child to remain focused. colour and quality of materials excellent. value is right on the money'

5/5  David 'Super toys'

1/5  Forgodsake 'Bought it for my grandson for Xmas he loves it'

4/5  Beddis85 '3 year old loves it. Disappointed that the top of it isnt a tray that can be used to colour on aswell. I thought the inside changed from blackboard to white bought. Handy storage inside for bits and folds down top fit in small gap'

5/5  Jue 'Granddaughter loves this. Lots of interaction and drawing. Green board marker not so easy to wipe off, can leave marks on whiteboard but have found this on similar products.'

5/5  Nic 'This is is ace its compact neat and tidy and brill for that little artist and child learning to spell'

5/5  Bella 'Exelent toy for kids'

5/5  Jojo88 'My little girl loves this product, gives her endless hours of fun and lets her be creative at the same time as learning new things'

5/5  Marymint 'Found this item to be an excellent gift for our three year old grandson has autism and loves alphabet. He loves it.'

5/5  Shan123 'Bought this as a present for my 3 year old little brother and he loves it! Loves writing on it and wiping it away and it's helping with recognising letters and numbers, I also love that you can clip paper on to it and it can be used for years!'

5/5  Donna09 'My 4 year old loved this as they use something similar in her school. Great aid for learning.'

5/5  Amanda 'She will love it as it his frozen she in to frozen'

5/5  Mum 'My daughter loves it'

5/5  EEchanelle 'Absolutely love this toy. Helping my little boy with learning and numbers. Fantastic buy!'

5/5  Kimbo 'She loved it!!'

4/5  "M" 'This product was for my three year old and she loves it, especially the colouring sticks and wipe clean board. The alphabet letters are a little smaller than I remember my magnetic letters were but as a box or jar of these are currently costing £10 then the desk/carry case complete with letters at £15 then one can't complain. The 360 degree turn on the board is simple and after a few tries my daughter managed it herself. I feel you could do quite a bit to encourage learning with this toy.'

5/5  Rozi 'Fantastic value for money item which my nephew loves. Getting another for my daughter also as it's great for kids learning to read an write'

4/5  Bunta 'My Granddaughter enjoys playing with this, the Play desk makes her think about what she is doing. She has to do things in a logical way & it is educational at the same time.'

5/5  Jummy 'The product was very educative and fun . It help the children to learn through play away method.'

5/5  Cool Auntie 'My we nephew loved this we toy the best thing about it is it can fold down easily so he can enjoy it at home and in the car and can bring it along easilly when visiting family'

5/5  Jen 'My child loves this product it's amazing thankyou'

5/5  Vonney07 'Bright and colourful ,child friendly, educational but fun to use either on your own or with someone. Definitely a good choice and really recommended.'

5/5  San 'Excellent learning tool for kids Good attraction for kids Kids can learn how to write while playing Easy to store Its four in one learning tool for kids'

5/5  Vaughan 'A really very good educational toy Excellent value'

5/5  ZiahX 'Had a smaller double sided easel which my lo over used it. Bought this to substitute the previous one and I'm glad I bought this. It has alphabets numbers and Maths signs all to teach my lo the basic foundation to numbers and addition etc...'

5/5  Kc Louise 'My son loved playing with this and had lots of different things to do on it'

5/5  Samandkev39 'This is a brilliant product, brought it for my three year old. He is just learning to speak and all the numbers and letters are great for that. He also loves how the white board and black board turns like a laptop screen. You can pack it up and bring it anywhere with you.'

5/5  Daisy 'It great priduct for pre school age.'

5/5  K86 'Brought for my 3 year old she loves it. Hours of fun to be had. Brilliant for long car journeys'

4/5  Tiff89 'This play desk will be great for my 3 year old it's easy to use and very sturdy plastic. And switches quickly to black board or white board.'

4/5  Kee1988 'Brought for my 4 yr old son for xmas... Think he will like it and hopefully will help with encouraging him to write.'

5/5  Liz 'Bought as a Birthday present for my granddaughter who's 3. I'm sure she wlll love it.'

4/5  Steve 'Great learning toy very useful and good fun whilst learning'

4/5  Lauren 'Easy to store away, lots of fun and educational'

4/5  Angel 'Great item my little one loves it, it has really helped him as he has just started school .'

5/5  Kumar 'She love this and she Learn fast'

5/5  Kirsty 'Gives your child more of s chance of learning great and colourful would highly recommend'

4/5  Shal 'Great for my childminding children to learn as they play with the letters and numbers.'

4/5  Naseem 'It's a nice product .'

4/5  Kelz 'This product has great learning features and the children seem to really enjoy writing drawing and playing with this product'

5/5  Chery 'Bought this toy for my sons birthday and he loved it.. We both had fun as I helped him learn letters numbers and words with this very good toy'

5/5  Carleeto 'My 2 year old absolutely loves this, she has had hours of fun as she loves drawing and painting!! It's brilliant for creativity and learning and would recommend this to others!! The only downfall is the loss of pieces as we all know kids don't keep these bits together but she loves it'

4/5  Wickenca80 'We bought this product for our 17 month old son to aid his creativity and development. We thought that it would be a great practical product to take on holiday with us. So far our son has taken it to his Nan and Grandma's to play with which he enjoys. A practical product!!'

5/5  Suejay4 'I bought this for my son of which he loves using, as it has many uses from a wipe board, magnetic and a chalk which includes pens, chalks letters and numbers etc. It's bright and colourful also robust a great learning fun product that also packs away with a carry handle to take anywhere with him. I would highly recommend this product.'

2/5  Janet 'Item tips over when putting any pressure on to draw, not fit for intended use.'

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