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Chad Valley PlaySmart Jumbo Alphabet and Numbers Floor Jigsa

About the Chad Valley PlaySmart Jumbo Alphabet and Numbers Floor Jigsa

Beautifully illustrated and ideal for learning the alphabet and counting to ten (10), the Chad Valley PlaySmart Jumbo Alphabet and Numbers Floor Jigsaw also assists with concentration and hand-eye coordination. Featuring two amazing jigsaws, this product is a must have for developing crucial skills in a fun and engaging way. The first jigsaw consists of a colourful train packed with fun loving happy animal passengers, this colourful twenty (20) piece jumbo sized provides plenty of enjoyment counting animals, naming them and putting together the jigsaw. The animal train jigsaw dovetails wonderfully with the impressive twenty six (26) piece giant alphabet floor puzzle which is a fantastic way to learn the alphabet phonetically with wonderful animations.

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Chad Valley PlaySmart Jumbo Alphabet and Numbers Floor Jigsa Reviews

5/5   'My 2 yr old loved this, helped him to learn his alphabet by age 2 and a half :) Highly recommend, its durable and can easily be cleaned with wet wipes. Excellent buy.'

4/5  MrsT 'I hve 20mo toddler. This is way too complex for her but as what i can see it, its good educational toy. It has Big colourful pictures and clear. I just have to keep this in the cupboard for now and wait until she is a bit bigger and we can play this again.'

5/5  Irishbird 'Bought this for a 3 year old who, with a bit of help from her big sis, assembled the jigsaw and loved every minute of it. It's big, bright and sturdy and took about 20 mins to do- great fun on a rainy summer's day.'

5/5  Lena 'Brilliant value for money. My LG loves trying to piece them together and loves the animals'

4/5  Laura 'Simple shaped pieces with bright colours mean it's not to difficult for my 2 year old'

5/5  Lisa 'Very good for helping little ones learn the alphabet and numbers'

5/5  CBR 'Great for teaching little one's the alphabet, plus every day items such as gate, moon, tractor, Cat etc. Also the numbers train is great for counting!'

5/5  D13urg 'This is brilliant for kids that want learn there a.b.c s'

5/5  Toy84 'Great buy. Was a gift that is well used. Perfectness for kids learning letters and numbers.'

4/5  Jules38 'This was a birthday present looked good'

5/5  Agi 'Great value at sale. I'm happy with it.'

1/5  Nana 'This toy was a great disappointment to my grandson and to me. It is very flimsy and the worst thing about it is the lack of volume. He quickly tired of it as the volume was so low it was difficult to hear even turned to full volume. It would not record when the record button was pressed. All together very disappointing. Would definitely not recommend.'

5/5  Gebba91 'My 2 year old absolutely loves this puzzle. Comes in two parts numbers and letters.'

5/5  Peartree01 'Large brightly coloured alphabet and number jigsaw to be set up on the floor. Very easy to use and educational for my grandson. He likes playing with it.'

5/5  Aisha 'Brought as a gift for a 3year old, he absolutely loves it can't leave it alone. Must buy for little ones.'

5/5  McK 'Good fun and kids learn at the same time.'

5/5  Mona 'A very nice sized puzzle for the little one who is learning her abc!! Would definitely recommend this puzzle.'

5/5  Laura 'My 2 year old loved this!'

5/5  Peter 'Brilliant jigsaw very pleased with this item and my little one loves it we are playing with it everyday and well worth the money'

5/5  L 'This was a present so I didn't get to open to see all the pieces, but looked like a good quality product and the mother of the kid seemed to be very pleased...'

5/5  Morty88 'Would recommend this to anyone teaching their little one the alphabet, it's big and bright and easy for them to piece together on their own. Great for independence and learning.'

5/5  Ruth 'Lovely bright colours and fun for both a toddler and a 5 year old. Easy to put together. Nice thick pieces.'

5/5  Abhijit 'Its a nice one and i definately recommend.'

5/5  Suzie 'Bought for young grandson would recommend as it's educational.'

5/5  John 'I'd recommend this product for children. Specially those in autistic spectrum and have sensory issues.'

5/5  Mumof2 'Didn't realise you get the number puzzle with it. My 3year old loves it, good way of getting communication going and learning the alphabet.'

4/5  Usa 'Brought for my young grand-daughter. She loves it, she is learning whilst she plays'

5/5  Craigw012 'Great for kids to learn and play at the same time'

5/5  Gemz 'Great value for money'

5/5  Izzy 'Ideal present for great grandchild, a good challenge for 3 year old.'

4/5  Nanna 'The jigsaw is a fair size and of good quality. Great for early learning and fun at the same time. I would highly recommend it for pre-school children and early starters.'

4/5  Aimee 'I bought these for my daughter as she loves counting and animals. It's great for her age she's nearly 3. Excellent for the price too.'

4/5  CRH 'Both of my children seem to enjoy this jigsaw and it was good value for money'

3/5  ELM 'Unable to comment as this is a xmas present, however it semms to look and feel quite sturdy'

4/5  Sadaf 'It's a good way to learn'

5/5  Samantha 'My LO loves this and I am pleased it's fun yet educational!'

4/5  Inicon 'My nephew love all kind of jigsaw. This one is in good quality to play it on floor, stamp on it, dance etc. In my opinion words are a little sophisticated for small kids. Of course is depend on age but with this design for todler they could be easier to remember. Altough is fulfilling its role.'

4/5  Liyah 'Its a good puzzle, the size is perfect for the kids to identify the letters n animal pictures are good'

5/5  Mrs M 'Bought for my sons birthday, lovely bright colours and fun pictures'

4/5  Nannapanna 'As this is a present not been used yet but looks good. Pleased with item'

4/5  Friend 'This toy is obviously good for children to enjoy doing puzzles it is bright and colourful and is a preschool item the numbers puzzle comes with it as well making two puzzles in one good quality card although quite expensive for what it is but a useful item to occupy a young child with an Elder obviously this puzzle has teaching potential'

5/5  Stacie 'WOW this puzzle is amazing such a good way to help with learning and counting. And with hard back pieces they are easier for my two year old boy to put together. He absolutely loves the train numbers with all the animals on that helps him to remember his numbers. Fantastic gift'

5/5  Barbara 'Brought for great grandchildern'

4/5  Sophie 'Got this for my daughters birthday'

4/5  Kitty50 'I bought this for my daughter who teaches age two nursery children. They love the puzzle. :)'

5/5  Picklemum 'I bought this puzzle for my 3 year old's birthday. The puzzle pieces are big and good for him to handle. It's a fun way for him to learn his ABC's'

4/5  Mrs Duncs 'Very good quality and for the price you can't go wrong. Flaw is that you can actually fit the pieces in the wrong order and they will still go together.'

5/5  Shaunybo22 'These jumbo panels were a fantastic purchase for us in both use and cost. We actually purchased 2 sets: 1 for our living room for the little ones to play and learn and 1 we use in the garden for the kids to play on and also for their little paddling pool to sit on to make it so much more comfy outdoors! They are so colourful and pleasant to look at and also the fact there is numbers aswell as the alphabet can make for an excellent educational tool.'

5/5  Mazza 'Great size for small children, colourful which attracts attention to small children great product'

5/5  Mossop 'My little one loves this and if it can survive his heavy hands it can survive anythibg'

5/5  Rassa 'Good quality'

5/5  Ambrettagold 'Lovely design and good quality. Thought my grandson who is two would like them but he just used them as a path once we had made them !! He will grow into them. His brother who is 5 loved them and great learning tool,.'

5/5  Dawn78 'This was purchased as a gift for a 3 year old boy. I had difficulty finding a numbers puzzle so this one was great, especially as it also had the alphabet puzzle aswell. Bonus!'

4/5  Messi 'Very good for toung kids'

4/5  Shaz 'Nice product as u get two puzzles. good size and quality.'

5/5  Sweetjo 'It's big so you need a lot of floor space for it. Helps with learning the alphabet and numbers. My 3 yr old niece is really pleased with it.'

5/5  Suzieq 'Very nice size puzzle for children who just starting school helps learn letters ect big thumbs up from me'

5/5  Arzon 'A nice large floor puzzle that is educational and fun for young children learning their numbers and alphabet.'

5/5  Kimco 'Kezia loved it gaged nearly 3 hrs of enjoyment.'

4/5  Nicola 'Really enjoyable product'

5/5  Stacey 'A very colourful and interactive learning game. Ideal for my son who's 3 and now learning the alphabet. The puzzle pieces are easy to hold and easy to piece together. Very much recommend this to anyone.'

5/5  Www 'This product is great help for early learneres .... Learning concentrating n number'

5/5  Kk 'I bought this for my 3 year old and my friends 3 year old, they both love it, big and chunky and a good design, nice size also, would defininately recommend'

5/5  Atif 'Product is as described. I bought for 2.5 year old to learn numbers and alphabets and it's very good quality and fun to do. Just make sure you don't lose any bits of the 2 giant puzzles (which is what they are).'

4/5  Blue Prophecy 'Decent value n can help with educational development'

5/5  Ajr 'Great value for money, good quality product, hours of fun & learning to be had!'

5/5  Tasha B 'I got this for my sons second birthday and he enjoys playing with it still needs a Little help to assemble but he loves it'

4/5  Izzy 'I purchased this for my friends brother who has special educational needs, he enjoyed it very much and found it a riveting challenge!'

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