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Chad Valley PlaySmart Interactive Touch Pad World MapChad Valley PlaySmart Interactive Touch Pad World Map

About the Chad Valley PlaySmart Interactive Touch Pad World Map

With the Chad Valley PlaySmart Interactive Touch Pad World Map Take you can become an expert on the areas of the globe without leaving the comfort of your own home! Delve into each of the nineteen (19) countries featured and as you 'travel' through them you'll pick up fun facts about geography, special landmarks, inspirational people and language by utilising the easy-to-use interactive touchpad system. With over a thousand (1000) quiz questions to test all that worldly knowledge you've now picked up, this world map is brilliant for expanding problem solving abilities.

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Chad Valley PlaySmart Interactive Touch Pad World Map Reviews

5/5   'Great product, my daughter is 8 and really interested in the world at the moment so this was great. Buttons sometimes hard to press but at such a good price can't complain.'

4/5  WelshNanna 'Fun and easy to use. A great toy for learning'

3/5  Magda 'Not as good as I thought when I decided to but it but there are few good informations about the countries. My son played with it for 5 min but I’m hoping that it will be helpful in the future.'

4/5  Andrea 'I like it, simple idea and easy to use. My 4 year old isnt really interested yet but im sure she will appriciate it more as she grows.'

4/5  Pedro 'Very good value for money, and a good childrens interactive learning aid. Just not sure how current some of the information is.'

4/5  Andrea4 'My grandson loved this , he is fascinated with the world so really enjoyed finding out more.'

3/5  Jo 'I'm afraid in this day of computers this didn't really cut it. Maybe my 9 year old grandson was a bit old and just not interested in the information. Did exactly what it said and bought on the 2 for 1 offer so no harm done and he may show more interest once he's fed up with his other presents'

1/5  Guillaume 'I returned this product as I found it poorly made. It is not possible to increase or decrease the sound level and I found it a bit too loud. The voices are not recorded but generated which sound like old answering machines. My 3 year old son usually like electronic product, but played only a few seconds with this one.'

5/5  Mumi05 'She loves it, it’s great for giving her facts about other countries and she really likes the quiz mode. I would recommend this for children with ASD as a learning tool.'

4/5  Naweeda 'Very happy product is very good'

5/5  Ebonyleah30 'Is excellent in teaching children early geography and is utilised in a format that they understand excellent quality for an excellent price'

4/5  Sn0lly 'Shame all the buttons did not work. Packaging said batteries included.....not.'

4/5  Mez 'Happy little girl.....'

5/5  Ste 'My son is autistic and absolutely loves learning about the world. This I highly recommend it learns then areas, population the lot. Fantastic.'

4/5  Banty 'Ok - my son will enjoyed it.'

5/5  Jay 'Very good educational item'

5/5  Sk 'This is an ideal introduction to general knowledge. Children love the interaction and are used to this format and learn capitals currency and languages etc very simply'

5/5  Betty 'Great educational toy for kids'

5/5  Lynsey 'My son is 8 and loves this. Very clear and informative.'

5/5  Julie 'Perfect 'toy' for curious 5yr old - who said learning through play was obsolete!'

5/5  SmartDad 'Excellent toy for my kids'

5/5  Noah 'Son plays with it I even play with it lol'

5/5  Maria 'This is a fab product and makes geography fun . Easy to use my grandson can name the countries and he isn’t 3 yet something for siffeeent age groups and a lot of good facts'

3/5  Itsme 'Bought as a present and the packaging makes this look quite cheap!'

5/5  Bujo 'Great for my kid brain'

5/5  Neo 'This is a great gift for a child over 5 years.'

5/5  Diddi 'My little girl absolutely loves this. 5*****'

5/5  3mum 'This is a great informative map that gives a child lots of facts about the world. It is not too in depth, so hopefully some of the information will be retained.'

5/5  Ritesh 'Its an Awesome Gift , which help children to understand country name. It also have a quiz mode and various information about county. I wish it should have some detailed city names as well. Very sturdy and made of high quality material . Value for money.'

3/5  London4mum 'My son loves it because he would like to travel across the continents in future. The only problem is that the map can easy scratch and tear.'

5/5  SriniV 'This is a lovely gift for my 8 year old nephew and he loved it'

3/5  Haris 'Its not good, as we thought. It has only limited options.'

5/5  Emma 'I have bought 2 of these now. One for my daughter aged 7 and one for a present aged 7. Both love learning and love the quiz. This is a great educational fun toy that dosent matter if it's not used constantly but picked up occasionally as they keep learning. The voice is a but monotonous but what can you expect for such a great price.'

4/5  Mandi 'It’s a must if you want your child to learn about things from around the world my daughter loves it'

5/5  RB 'Very good to teach children about different countries and the main points, ie currency, capital, languages etc. Sometimes the buttons can be a bit hard to push to turn on and off, but would recommend'

5/5  Tate 'Great product, bought for my 5 year old son. Great price also.'

1/5  Elle 'Whilst this product might be great for someone else, I returned it. It only had a small handful of countries labelled, and hardly any of the Middle East. You press on the country and you can get facts about it, but they really didn't seem like the kind my 4 yo would find interesting, and the mans voice was a bit dull and monotone. It all felt a bit basic, dull, and the type of thing that would get tossed aside after 5 mins. I decided I was better off with a world map and child's encyclopaedia.'

5/5  Chris 'Good value for money'

4/5  Amber 'This is a must have it is fantastic we use it as my daughter is home educated it as helped a lot with geography good value for money.'

5/5  Louby 'This was a gift, so I can't comment on it's workings, but it was certainly an innovative idea and an educational toy.'

4/5  JCR 'Our son enjoys playing with the interactive map, its a little basic but for the amount paid its good value.'

5/5  AbdnMum 'My boys age 5 and 8 have good fun with this. We also play a family quiz using it and have learnt a few new things ;-)'

2/5  Ipi5s3b 'Bad quality. Not recommended.'

4/5  Empress 'The child in question loved this as it was a gift for his birthday; he is very inquisitive and enjoys using this world map tablet.'

3/5  Coolashel 'It was worth it as it was on offer but I wouldn't pay full price and the kids enjoyed it and it kept them entertained on the road trip. Did the job but I think its quite basic and cheap looking and not sure if it was easy to use for young children.'

5/5  Dragonfly 'Granddaughter was thrilled to bits with it going to help her learn spirit makes learning interesting'

3/5  Lisa 'A good product that my daughter enjoys. The first one had issues with turning on but that was quickly resolved by Argos.'

5/5  Purrrfect 'Bought this for a 5 year old and he finds it fun and enjoys learning facts from it. Money well spent.'

5/5  Abhi 'It looks good, bought as a gift, so can’t say much.'

4/5  Mag 'Bought for my granddaughter 6th birthday I think she will like it.'

5/5  Aimeer 'Great price as was on offer, makes a great Birthday present.'

4/5  Craftynan 'Bought this for my 4 yr old grandsons birthday - put batteries in it and had a go myself......not bad item..colourful, engaging....makes a change from all the other techno gadgets out there - pocket money price too..'

5/5  Tourer 'Free delivery and within 4 hrs, outstanding service'

5/5  Daver 'I bought this for my friend's 5 year old grandaugter. She absolutely loved it. Also involved her elder sister and other members in the family to play games on it. Great buy!'

5/5  DorsetJu 'I bought this as a Christmas present for my 8 yr old granddaughter she loves it, & I have to say I found it interesting myself!'

3/5  TC 'I bought this for my son for Christmas but it doesn’t work. Unfortunately if I take it back it’s sold out everywhere, which is a shame as it looked really good.'

2/5  Mrbuyer52 'Not a good toy. kids dont want to play with it. they dont care if the capital of America is'

4/5  Mila 'Will be nice to have all countries up there'

5/5  Alex 'My 4 year old hasn’t put this down loves it'

5/5  Maxitee 'Excellent toy.'

5/5  DM63 'Very enjoyable . Kids love it,who knew USA wasn’t in Europe!??'

4/5  Momo 'Played with this myself before wrapping it up for Xmas for 5 year old grandson, think all family will play with it.'

4/5  MM 'My niece who turned 5yrs loved it and enjoys playing with it. Nice to have an interactive way of learning.'

5/5  Katie 'Brilliant but don't forget your batteries.'

5/5  Suzie 'Great gift'

4/5  Vicky 'Got this for my boy for Xmas he will love it!'

5/5  Ida 'Nice toy for easy geography learning'

5/5  Raza 'Good quality and excellent gift to kids'

5/5  Priya 'Quiet good for learning'

5/5  Egglestone 'Great for the price and pieces are big enough for kids to pick up, not too fiddly and complex.'

5/5  Mummym 'Havent opened yet as present for my 6 year old. But looks like it will be fun.'

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