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Chad Valley PlaySmart Create & Screw Mosaic Building KitChad Valley PlaySmart Create and Screw Mosaic Building Kit

About the Chad Valley PlaySmart Create & Screw Mosaic Building Kit

Use the pieces from the Chad Valley PlaySmart Create & Screw Mosaic Building Kit to stimulate imagination and create cool flat or 3D shapes and patterns. The kit is ideal for developing creativity and co-ordination skills in an imaginative manner.

Brand: Chad Valley
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EAN/SKU: 7236530
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Chad Valley PlaySmart Create & Screw Mosaic Building Kit Reviews

5/5   'Comes with many pieces, totally happy with the product even though I was worried it was too young for him! It's perfect for any creative child! (My 3&4 year old enjoy it too!)'

5/5  Sona 'I bought this toy for my 3 years old and she absolutely loved it, not really creating mosaics but just holding the little screwdriver and trying to screw in some bits kept her entertained her for a long time.'

5/5  El 'Bought for my daughter 2 years ago. So far it has been on holiday twice, to bbqs, a picnic, family gatherings.... my daughter is now 5 and still loves tinkling with it. Can makes many different pictures and easy for child to use. The fact it all seals into the case means it is great to take out and about, the lid is nice and firm so no loses. I have just bought 2 more for my 1year old and 4 year old nephews. Great for motor skills too.'

5/5  Pops 'For my grandson aged 3 it was excellent as he likes taking things together and I got it on sale so win win'

5/5  Jp 'Keeps my 3 year old busy for hours.'

5/5  Micah7 'My two year old niece loves this toy and is able to use the screwdriver to safely screw the shapes to the board. Seems to be good quality and we'll made. Excellent as you can make any design you want with the shapes.'

5/5  TJ 'Great little product for the price. Ideal for the young creative mind.'

5/5  Emlk 'Was planning on giving this to my son for Christmas but didnt hide it well enough and he found it!! Its fast become his favourite thing and is out all the time. He loves screwing things together and making random pictures. The storage box is great to, keeping everything contained to help avoid bits getting misplaced.'

5/5  Js44 'I bought this for my grandson as part of his 4th birthday present. He loves it and it has held his attention longer than any other present. He loves replicating the pictures and there are so many different parts to assemble, all of which he can do himself, with the special "toy" screwdriver which comes with the set. It all fits nicely back in it's container which can be easily carried. Well worth it's money.'

5/5  MargChes 'I bought this for my friend's 3 year old son. She said "He really, really loves it and even uses the screwdriver just like Daddy does!"'

5/5  Debbie 'Recommend for my 6 year old grandson as he loves construction and the plastic screwdriver is very easy to use. Also can use his imagination to build anything. Made me an apple tree!'

5/5  Lucy 'I bought this as a gift for my friends 3 year old- he loves it!'

5/5  Aly 'I bought it for my kids and they loved it so bought one for nephew as well. screwdriver and screws are sturdy. Great fun for kids'

5/5  Norn 'Bought as part of a gift not yet given but my nephew will enjoy it!'

4/5  Jenny90 'Bought for grand daughter when she comes to stay (almost 4). Something to work with her imagination. Ok for price.'

4/5  Shan 'Paid less than for what it is worth. Kept my son busy for hours . Nice and quiet time ....'

4/5  Nelly 'I bought this as a present for my niece and she absolutely loves playing with it.'

5/5  Khushbu 'It helps him to concentrate and he can spent good 15-20 min playing. We both loved it.'

5/5  Dilnaz 'Product if good perfect size pieces.'

5/5  Lou 'Great set with plenty of pieces. Perfect for little hands. I bought a few for our EYFS unit. The kids love them!'

4/5  Donna75 'Daughter loves this. Keeps her entertained. Has to use her imagination to do pictures which is great. Got this in the sake so happy.'

5/5  Dawn697 'This product is great value for money. It helps with toddler's hand and finger development, really great for my 4 yr old who will be starting reception in September.'

5/5  Kezza 'This mosaic kit for toddlers is amazing, its helped my son to really interact who is autistic & globally delayed. I would definitely recommend buying.'

5/5  CatM27 'Bought in the sale for my childminding business. It has gone down so well with the little ones and they love making pictures. It is great for fine motor control, shape and colour recognition, developing imagination, and so on. I have recommended it to the parents too.'

5/5  Paige 'My 4 year old absolutely loves this, keeps him quiet for ages would highly recommend'

5/5  Rosie 'Is ideal for five year old who likes crafts and likes to use tools helping grandad to fix things'

4/5  Ggmc 'Well made and good quality. Quite small pieces but the screws are easy to put in. Screwdriver is harder to use for beginners. Very cheap in the sale and next day delivery.'

5/5  Sonia 'Good value for money'

5/5  Granny 'Not suitable for under 3 small parts'

5/5  Ritika 'Really nice for kids who like to pretend to fix things'

5/5  Amy 'It is a very good option as it is quite creative and keeps your kids busy for hours... my 5 yrs old loved it and even his 8 yrs old cousin also enjoyed it.. great toy in this price.'

4/5  Amad 'Bought as a 5th birthday gift and kids first reactIon was it’s for small kids.'

4/5  Gee 'Gift for my nephew who is 3. Finds it difficult to use the screw driver but will improve and learn. He starting to recognise the different shapes that make up the picture. His favourite already is the pick up truck!'

5/5  Kat 'We bought this for our 4 year old for Christmas and he loves playing with it. So handy that it fits in it's own box that is easy enough for him to open & close by himself. It's so good we've just bought another 1 as a present for his friend.'

5/5  Jbateman 'This is a brilliant educational tool for young children teaching them problem solving from a young age in a fun and exciting way.'

5/5  Rosiebaby 'My grand daughter loved this toy. Good value for money.'

4/5  Juliaalison 'I haven't even given this yet but the boy's mother and I both think it's right up his street so hopefully he'll enjoy it when he gets it.......as long as his little brother can be kept out of the way !'

5/5  CC 'Great price decent gift. Espcially for learning and development. Plus has good storage'

5/5  Syeda 'I bought it the 3rd time and every child who i gave it to absolutely loved it . loved to see those creations and smiles of course. very good quality.'

5/5  Kyesmum 'My son loves this it allows him to feel like he’s doing real grown up work while still being safe and creative'

5/5  Rozie 'This mosaic building kit is a great idea! It teaches colours, shapes, fine motor skills, problem solving, hand - eye coordination... the list goes on! And it's great fun too! I'm using it with a 3½ yr old who is learning to follow the 14 pattern ideas that come with it, and also using his imagination to create his own. Def. recommend!'

4/5  KMM 'Great little gift that really helps my daughter concentrate. Literally there only issue I have is I’m not very imaginative so can’t make up pictures out of the shapes. Would be helpful if there was a leaflet with lots of little pictures to make on it as my daughter likes to copy the pictures on the box.'

5/5  Cheshirelizzy 'I bought this for my 2-year-old son. He really loves it. It comes in a sturdy box and provides long shots of entertainment for him. He likes to keep the screws a little loose so that he can spin the circles and other shapes. You get a lot of different coloured screws and shapes for making infinite fun creations. I liked it so much I bought some for friends' children. I highly recommend this product. Makes a great gift!'

4/5  Mkf 'I can see it being a good toy for a budding builder but it does not appeal to my nearly 5 year old. Plus it takes ages to take all the screws out when finished which I have to do, of course.'

5/5  Zaheda 'My son loves this kit. He spends alot of time thinking and building things. Really good for kids'

5/5  Grandad77 'I enjoyed playing with this toy with my 3 year old grand-daughter and we had fun following the pattern to make the rocking horse. A bit different from other creative toys and useful learning on how things connect together, colours, shapes, following instructions and need for accuracy/dexterity etc.. I was quite impressed and would certainly recommend this item. I'm sure she will play with this again.'

3/5  Saintbern 'Not as easy as it looks however still a good buy'

5/5  Scotch12 'Great to keep boys busy.'

5/5  Ganga 'No problems with the product'

5/5  Mags 'Bought this for my 3 year old grandson, he loves it. Great for imaginative play and his motor skill development.'

5/5  Bushbaby 'Daughter loves it, will sit and play with it up the table and easy to take around with us.'

5/5  Mistyrabbit 'I bought this for my playgroup. It is a great toy for encouraging manipulative skills and is especially loved by the boys as they enjoy using the screwdriver to fix the pieces. The picture guides are great for taxing more able children, but the younger ones just love screwing the pieces to the board.'

5/5  Sandy 'This has been bought as a Christmas gift but it looks great and really interesting and will develop motor skills and imagination for young ones.'

3/5  Em 'Far to tricky for a 3 year old, more suited to 5+'

5/5  Ashie08 'Great item. Bought x2 for my girl (6years) and boy (3years). It's a great toy. My daughter enjoys creating her own designs and my boy getting the hang if it. Easy to carry aroubd and suitable quantities of screws and tile pieces. We take it on short breaks too....the whole family gets involved. Easy to store away'

5/5  Rachel 'Great value gifts on offer for Christmas stocking'

4/5  MissN 'I bought this for my nephew's 4th birthday and he loves it! He's always trying to make new things and really likes the bright coloured pieces.'

5/5  Lou 'Came promptly and looked to be very interesting and should keep them entertained.'

5/5  Suzie 'Great gift for my son.'

5/5  Queenie 'Bought this for our great grandson for Christmas, I'm sure he'll love it'

5/5  Leemac 'Bought for my son for Xmas as he loves anything like this, also great for improving fine motor skills'

5/5  Janey 'Simple to follow example building cards'

5/5  Mumto2 'My 2 year old son got this the other day and hasn't stopped playing with it since. we do supervise him as it has smallish pegs but he can put them into the holes. loves to fill as much as he can, take them and and start again.'

5/5  Ammiee 'So glad I brought this for my daughter well loved and played with, endless fun.'

5/5  Morph 'This is a great bit of kit for this age range. It gets them thinking about how to put things together technically. Really recommend it!'

5/5  Mad8adger 'My son loves his tool box especially his screwdriver so this was perfect for him. The pieces easily screw on to the board and make pictures he loves being able to create his own pictures using a screwdriver.'

5/5  Fg 'My kids love making pictures with this, and then taking them apart and making a different picture x'

5/5  Sunworshipper56 'Bought this toy for my 4yr old Grandson and will probably give it to him as a Christmas gift. I think it will help him with the co-ordination and dexterity of his hands plus he'll get a lot of enjoyment from it with all the screws etc. I'm sure it will be a big hit with him. The price was great being part of a recent price promotion.'

5/5  Kittu 'My both kids age 2 and 8 , both loves playing with it. Both spends ages with this toy.'

1/5  Shanda 'Poor quality, there were pieces missing and was very fiddly to work with. It was very very hard for the child to open the top part of the box, so how can a child be expected to play if they cannot even easily open the top lid? Not worth it. Too fiddly, and lost interest easily because of this.'

5/5  Di 'My grandson played for hour with this toy , definitely good buy'

5/5  Mk 'Great for little hands, bigger then expected.'

5/5  Annie 'My 3 year old loves it. Keeps him busy for a long time. Would highly recommend.'

5/5  Louise 'Brought for a gift. Wouldn’t hesitate to buy again.'

5/5  Rabboo 'I bought this for my 3 year old she loves it, its brilliant'

5/5  Hayhay 'This is really cool great for kids to build and make things my son loves it'

5/5  Tiff 'Great toy, good price point and product to be used as a gift.'

4/5  Akansha 'It’s a great toy and keeps my lil daughter engaged for long time'

5/5  Nats 'Little boy absolutely loves this item'

5/5  Sarah 'My son received this as a 4th birthday gift and has really enjoyed using it to create different pictures. We've subsequently bought it for a friend's birthday. Really good quality for the price.'

5/5  Sonja 'My toddler loves fixing stuff and using screw driver so he loved it instantly. He cant make patterns but loves using screws. Its good quality,nice basic colours. Box for storing all stuff is very useful.'

5/5  Carmen 'I bought this set as a present for a boy and he loved it and than bought it again for another boy and the parents have me really good feedback as the child enjoy it a lot.'

5/5  Pauli 'My children liked the toy, they spend a lot of time with her. it works for thinking and imagination'

5/5  Charlene 'Bought for my 3 year old, he spends ages playing with the shapes. Older kids 6 and 9 also enjoy creating pictures on this.'

4/5  Rachel 'Keeps the kids busy for half hour reason for 4 stars that when accidentally dropped with the lid on the pieces get messed up inside'

5/5  Nicky 'My 3 year old son loves this toy. We sit and play for ages. Well made. Thankyou'

5/5  Sidi 'Very happy with my purchase! It was for present'

5/5  Haylz 'Got this for my 4yr old, he loves putting the screws in and making things.'

5/5  Rachelk79 'Bought this for my 6 year old son. He loved it. Plenty of stuff in the box and good quality. Bargain on2 for £15'

4/5  Adi 'Sturdy and interesting, great value for money,'

4/5  Pippa 'Excellent product for fine motor skills using the screw driver and great for creative/imaginative designs.'

5/5  Bex 'Looks a little flimsy in the picture, I was surprised to find it wasn't flimsy and it was bigger than I thought. Plenty of pieces with it too.'

5/5  Sue 'I bought this for xmas for my 4 year old grandson,who loves nuts and bolts. He loved this,it had plenty of pieces to make things with.He really enjoyed screwing the pieces together with a little help from dad .'

5/5  ClaireM 'Bought this for my 3 year old son and he loves it. Would recommend this for any children that love to build things. Bottom line I would buy this again.'

5/5  LR 'Bought as a Christmas gift. Perfect to improve fine motor skills as well as being creative and imaginative.'

4/5  Shazza 'Xmas gift for grandchildren excellent value'

5/5  Sarahsarika 'What a fantastic set! This was a Christmas gift for my 4 year old but my 8 year old got just as much out of it. They both played with it for ages on Christmas day and have returned to it since. 8 year old invented 3D objects without using the board. There are plenty of pieces and everything is of great quality. You would think it was a much more expensive product. Recommended for a nursery or preschool or just anyone! I really enjoyed it too!'

4/5  Alishute 'My Grandson loves this and was excited to play with it on Christmas day.'

5/5  Nikki2 'Great last minute gift, only picked it up as I was one present short but such a all age winner kept my children amused for a good couple of hours'

5/5  Misha 'My 3 year old nephew loves this toy and has spent a lot of time playing. Its great that he can build this himself with the help of an adult - self entertatining'

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