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chad valley playsmart 3 pack wooden puzzles

About the Chad Valley PlaySmart 3 Pack Wooden Puzzles

The Chad Valley PlaySmart 3 Pack Wooden Puzzles simulates letter, number and animal recognition. Ideal for the hands of little ones, these easy to grasp chucky pieces need to be fitted to their corresponding place in each puzzle. Encourage your little one as they attempt placement, informing them of each letter, number or animal they have hand plus have fun teaching them the to animal noises. Overall this is a terrific set for combining learn and play plus stimulates cognitive ability via puzzle piece placement.

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3/5   'These puzzles are nice but are made of plywood with a wooden pattern printed and glued on it. They are not very resistant and they do mark easily when my baby bites them. The edges of the puzzles started wearing off after a few days of use.'

5/5   'Good for money get three in pack'

5/5   'This is really good,i bought this for as a Christmas gift for my girl,shell turn 1 year on this Christmas so I plan to give her I hope shell love to learn because of this and easily they can keep in mind letters and numbers'

5/5   'I have one for my Daughter than now i buy set for my Friend Daughter Birthday ! And is another shapes and topic of another wooden puzzles i will buy for christmas another set for my daughter as she is in love with them ! Very solid and good quality . Very recomended For presents for kids , im very happy of it .'

5/5   'My daughter loves to play with these and they have helped her to learn her letters and numbers.'

5/5   'My 16 month old loves these Great for the price'

5/5   'The puzzles are great learning tools for young children'

5/5   'I bought this as a gift for a first birthday - it was well received by the parents and the birthday girl. Its refreshing for parents to receive an educational toy which doesnt make a noise!'

5/5   'Amazing set of puzzles. Really well made. Great value.'

5/5   'My 2 year old son loves it really pleased with this purchase good quality and good value for money'

5/5   'A well designed and made little toy that my daughter loves Would highly recommend'

5/5   'Got it as a gift for my niece and she loves it.Good for early learning and play for toddlers.'

5/5   'Kids love playing with it'

5/5   'Looks good and good quality wooden puzzle, great for the money'

5/5   'This is perfect for teaching children. The bright colours definitely interest them'

5/5   'Good solid wood, great product.'

5/5   '2 year old loves these, thought it would be too advanced as its for 3+ but he spends so much time playing with them. Would recommend for 2 onwards.'

5/5   'Excellent learning puzzle! Good price and top quality!'

5/5   'Brilliant for teaching number, letter and animal recognition!'

5/5   'Great gift Definitely need more pictures'

5/5   'Perfect present for my grandaughter solid coulourfull jigsaw hours of fun lovely present'

5/5   'Educational Puzzles, my son likes them. Sturdy pieces, colourful.'

5/5   'These toys have been around for a very long time and my 1 year old Granddaughter loves her new wooden shape puzzles.'

5/5   'Good value for cost. My grandson loves them.'

5/5   'I'm very happy with this purchase. Great value for money learning toy & the children seem to enjoy playing with it. Not too flimsy and pieces that fit well into their relevant shapes. Would definitely purchase again.'

5/5   'My little Grandson loved it for his Birthday.. Great puzzle for little hands.'

5/5   'This product have the best prices ever'

5/5   'Good for little ones to learn'

5/5   'Again brilliant for teaching your children shapes'

5/5   'Bought for my 1yo niece. Great quality'

5/5   'Bought for my nephews 2nd Birthday. Great value for money.'

5/5   'My daughter loves them amd they help her with her counting and help trying to say the alphabet and try say what the others are or do.'

4/5   'Good for children develop their concentration and stimulate their brain to memorise'

4/5   'Great little toys to keep your kids busy. Great alternative to digital media.'

4/5   'My daughter is 18month and these are just perfect for developing minds, bright, simple and colourful first puzzles'

5/5   'Amazing value for money'

5/5   'These puzzles are perfect for my one year old granddaughter, she loves them and keeps her occupied for ages.'

5/5   'Got them for my sister's little girl she played with them all day and wasn't interested in any other toys she was given'

5/5   'Bought for my Granddaughter good educational toy, she will sit with me for ages and by herself putting all the pieces back and recognising numbers shapes etc'

4/5   'Fun, educational and strong, the puzzles were fun for the child to do.'

5/5   'My son loves these puzzles, it's good fun and learning. Highly reccomened'

5/5   'Smoothly cut and easy for my 18 month old to assemble, good value for money as large puzzles and three of them in the pack.'

5/5   'Three great jigsaws for an active 3yr old mind, who is getting to understand the alphabet and numbers, linking them to the sounds he already knows, the animals are a piece of cake for him. A great fun learning tool'

4/5   'These puzzles didnt have any pegs sticking out of the pieces which I thought was essential , but ok for the price'

4/5   'Good value wooden childrens jigsaws however would be nice if they had little pegs to pick them up, but fiddly for young hands'

5/5   'Brilliant present to help learn numbers and abc. My little girl loves putting the jigsaw together and has hours of entertainment with this product'

5/5   'Great fun for the younger kids'

4/5   'My Granddaughter enjoys playing with these puzzles. They are well made and good value for money'

5/5   'They loved and it is a good way to start learning.'

4/5   'Only not a 5 star as I would of liked to see the white knobs on them instead of the finger gap they use... daughter is 1 and loves them.. great price'

5/5   'Well made and durable little one love it well done Argos'

5/5   'Both grandchildren sat for hours playing with these'

5/5   'Perfect for children development perfect gift'

5/5   'Good price and daughter lives doing them'

5/5   'Fun way of learning and easy to use'

4/5   'My 3 year old son can play with it for hours he just loved it'

5/5   'Colourful , educational and enjoyable puzzles. Good valu for money.'

5/5   'I was offered the puzzles when my daughter turned 1. We started playing with the animals one straight away. By 14 months she could do it on her own. The other two require some reading and counting notions so plenty of fun in the future.'

5/5   'My 3 year old and 1 year old both love these jigsaws. They sit for ages playing with them because theyre easy for them to pull out themselves and have helped teach my three year old her numbers and colours.'

5/5   'My little one loves playing with this. The pieces are just the right size and the designs are fun and brightly coloured.'

4/5   'The puzzle was a good buy as a bday gift'

5/5   'Product is very nice , my 1 year old baby started playing with them and identifying the animals,numbers etc.'

5/5   'Love these. Absolutely loved by my little one'

5/5   'Very cute, very easy to use. my 2 year old loves them. Love that the alphabet one had examples for the letters under the puzzle piece e.g J for jam.'

4/5   'Lovely wooden puzzle- bought for a 2yr old birthday.'

4/5   'Fair priced, great selection of puzzles, fair price.'

5/5   'The three wooden puzzles are really fantastic for my little one who is turning 2 soon. It helps my LO to identify the numbers and alphabets in a smarter way.'

5/5   'Very happy with these, great puzzles.'

5/5   'Great learning puzzle my kids love playing with them well worth the money very happy'

4/5   'These are not easy for my one year old to play with. They are hard to get out.'

2/5   'Bought for my 3 year old grandson he loves it'

5/5   'Great. Well priced. Bought them for my niece'

4/5   'My little girl (2) absolutely loves these. She will spend hours with them and they have really helped her vocabulary. They're bright and colourful which makes then attractive to children. Definitely recommend!'

5/5   'Good for kids about the size, my daughter knows how to fix,'

5/5   'You get three puzzles numbers , letters and animals easy to take out of board very educational for children'

5/5   'My little girls love these puzzles great for her learning numbers shapes and animals'

5/5   'Its fantastic as has both animals and numbers and worth the money'

5/5   'Some of the corners were a little rough, but managable'

5/5   'Love these, the quality is good and they are very colourful. The animal puzzle is the favourite currently.'

5/5   'Great wooden puzzles at a bargain price. 3 lovely colourful, durable, fun and educational puzzles. My 2 year old is able to do these puzzles without finding them too fiddly. I did originally want wooden puzzles with handles on the pieces but loved these so thought I'd give them a go. Much better than I thought and no handles means they stack up when tidying away...which is a big bonus. Would recommend.'

5/5   'Great puzzle set! Wanted to get something that would help my little one learn but still have fun. Love it we do them together great quality for the price you pay perfect for little hands!'

5/5   'Very good for the price. Would recommend for people with young toddlers, my son loves this.'

5/5   'Brilliant price for the puzzles. Good vibrant colours.'

5/5   '2 of the 3 were ok, the third had partly fitting pieces, which you couldn't remove.'

3/5   'Very good ++++++++++'

5/5   'This item is good value in the deal. One of the jigsaws had a knock on an edge and the front was damaged, they are flimsy jigsaws and not a hard wood, I will supervise the use and playing of the jigsaws and I am sure they will be enjoyed and create many conversations to promote the use of vocabulary and fine/gross motor skills.'

5/5   'Easy to use, great mind thinking and increasing development skills'

3/5   'My son who is 22 month old he love play with this nearly every day'

5/5   'A really fun activity to do together with my daughter and gives her independence to start learning the alphabet, letter sounds and counting to 10. We play with this every day!'

5/5   'Used for quiet play only a few times and has started to peel apart already.'

5/5   'Really great for first birthday gift! Really great size for babys hand, and really amazingly good delivery! Any date that you prefer!'

2/5   'We love them! Good price, good quality my son love's them! Thanks:)'

5/5   'My son loves it. Keeps him busy and helps to learn new words'

5/5   'My daughter loves this puzzle'

5/5   'My children loved puzzles like this from around the same age. The only drawback is there isn't a little pin to hold on to on each piece. Ours had pins, but no complaints about it as it's still easy enough to bring out and put back the pieces.'

5/5   'Very educational and fun and very good price'

5/5   'Bought this for my son and he loves the selection. Nice and bright!'

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