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Chad Valley Pink Tea Party Set

About the Chad Valley Pink Tea Party Set

Time for some evening tea! The Chad Valley Pink Tea Party Set features fun pouring sounds and music, great for little ones to explore their amazing imagination. Your most cherished can set up a soft toy outing or welcome every one of the dolls for a casual get-together over a hot cuppa. With such a variety of conceivable play scenarios, where will their creative ability take them today!

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Chad Valley Pink Tea Party Set Reviews

5/5   'Kids loved the party tea set. Well packaged, effective and quick click and collect.'

5/5  Jo 'This toy is excellent I bought it for my daughter for Christmas and then bought it for a friends daughter a couple of weeks ago they both love the tea sets and pretend to pour tea good role play toy'

5/5  Joanne 'Grandaughter loved giving us all cake an cup of tea.'

5/5  Brenda 'It is very nice material and the kettle makes a nice sound'

5/5  Grandma 'I gave this tea set to my granddaughter for Christmas. It looks small in the box but when you get it out there are lots of items as it is packed very well. She loved it immediately and couldn’t stop playing with it! The way the tea pot lights up and makes a noise when pouring, is so cute! We had tea and cakes for hours on end! It really like it and think it is very good value.'

5/5  Sarah1965 'My 2 year old grandson loves playing tea parties with this set'

4/5  Kazzer 'Grand daughter absolutely loved making tea with this set'

5/5  Sian 'Absolutely perfect for my daughters'

4/5  Hazelb 'Just what i was looking for. My granddaughters love it. High role play though a little over priced as it's small.'

4/5  Callum 'My granddaughter loves to pour a cup of tea as the noise makes her laugh bless her she is only two'

5/5  Famlam 'The tea pot makes a little pouring noise. The tea set is great, my granddaughter is 18 months and loves it, she makes us all tea.'

4/5  Happynan 'My little granddaughter really liked her Christmas present from me.'

5/5  Lynne6 'My great niece who is two loved it. Had endless tea parties and she loved the pouring noise it made. Good value for money.'

1/5  Catherine 'Broke within 2 hours!!! Do not Buy!!!'

5/5  Tolsta15 'Excellent for the price paid'

5/5  Natz 'I brought this for my little girl and she loves playing with it and pretending to eat the cakes it is just fab'

4/5  Kylo 'It's very small, the battery compartment is tight but the little one loves it so, all good and inexpensive.'

4/5  Me 'Ok..................'

4/5  Amyia 'Could be some more functions like musical'

5/5  Lankylee 'This is a lovely first tea set. My granddaughter enjoys pretending to be drinking tea with the tiny cups. The tea pot makes gurgling noises which make her laugh.'

5/5  Cherie 'I think they could be used for both boys and girls all time classic toy'

5/5  Del 'My toddler loves it. We always have a tea and cake party.'

5/5  Heather 'Excellent toy, my daughter loves playing with it'

5/5  Erin 'Nearly three year old loves it! We’ve had lots of cups of tea and cake since she’s received it'

4/5  ZoLu 'Gave this to my niece for her Christmas present. Very cute although fairly basic. She was very happy with it.'

5/5  Ray 'Brought as a Christmas present loved it'

5/5  Nikki 'Everything was good About it'

5/5  Amritpal 'Very good and kids playing alot very nice'

4/5  Lulu83 'It was a present for a friend’s birthday! The little girl was very happy and enjoyed playing!'

4/5  Joshbelle 'Brilliant little tea set bought this for my one year old daughter and she loves it xx very good quality for the price'

4/5  Melissa 'Affordable price Pretty Packed well'

5/5  Kate 'Bought this for a two year old. She loved playing with it and especially the teapot that played a tune and made pouring noises. The set contains little cakes and she liked to give us all tea and cakes on the plates.'

3/5  Becks 'My daughter had a similar set when she was younger and she lived it, much smaller now though, still good price for what you get.'

4/5  Spencer9911 'Little ones absolutely loved this!'

5/5  Peekaboo1984 'Lovely little set for any princess to play with'

5/5  Kaz1959 'This ended up being one of my 2 year old granddaughter's favourite birthday presents. The pouring sound is fantastic and I have had many cups of tea from it!'

5/5  Pauline 'Bought for my neice for Christmas she is going to love this.'

5/5  Julija 'Bought the set for my nearly 2 year old daughter. Really cute looking and the kettle has sounds, great for little hands.'

5/5  SueC 'This set is perfect my granddaughter as her first tea set. I can’t wait to see her playing with it'

5/5  Mojo 'Looks good but put past for Christmas'

5/5  Xxxx 'Daughter is getting it for Christmas'

5/5  Em81 'A well loved birthday present.'

4/5  Lylalu 'Very sweet tea set, ideal for little hands. Only downside is if teapot is not standing upright completely, the noise of the tea pouring goes on and on and on and on...................... Even when put away in box it has to be upright. Other than that, great little toy.'

5/5  Steff 'Nice little tea set my daughter loves playing with them. Great for the price'

5/5  Supersweetsara 'My daughter took a liking to this tea set when she came across it in a play group and kept asking for one of her own cant wait to give it to her for Christmas'

4/5  Stacey24 'This is a nice tea set and has quite a lot of play out of it so far. The teapot doesn’t have too many features so it doesn’t get played with for a long amount of time but still worth the money. I think I’d go for the wooden version in future'

5/5  Joanie 'Very pleased with the set and made the perfect birthday present.'

5/5  Shell 'I purchased this little set for my friends little girl. I have beauty and the beast tea set (mrs.potts ans chip) displayed and she always wants to play tea parties with them ! So I got her this little set and it's amazing! It comes with 2 little cakes ans the tea pot makes a pouring sound, it's very cute ! It kept her entertained for a couple of hours ! Brilliant'

4/5  Caz 'Great fun set. Good value for money'

5/5  Danielle 'Product is standard and is what it says in description good price'

4/5  Koukla 'Our granddaughter loves this little tea set. The only problem is, the tea pot is little temperamental and doesn’t always make a noise and light up. Maybe the batteries don’t fit properly as a good shake seems to sort it!'

5/5  Lollepop 'I bought this to go along with another item i purchased for my great Niece’s birthday She absolutely loves it'

5/5  Ban 'She loved the noise the teapot made. Laughed all the time.'

5/5  LizW 'Lovely little tea set its gave lots of hours of fun something my little ne doesn't get bored of'

5/5  Hayley 'Fab price and quality makes the perfect little tea set for a little girl afternoon tea'

5/5  Tigwak 'The sound the tea pot makes fascinates my granddaughter , lovely little set , well made'

5/5  Holly 'Great present for a 3 year old, good price too'

5/5  William 'Great toy. My niece loves making us all a cuppa with it.'

4/5  Net1 'Bought this as a birthday present and she lives it'

5/5  Vonney 'Created interactivity in children and makes them creative love this tea set.'

5/5  Debbie 'Lovely item tea pot makes pouring sound. Good item for imaginary play.'

5/5  Doreen 'Lovely tea set good quality hours of playtime'

5/5  Crafty2017 'Really cute tea set ,looks pretty and well made.'

5/5  Rebecca 'My kids love the sound effect.'

3/5  Podness 'Bought as a gift but good looking, bit brittle, wouldn’t stand up to robust playing.'

3/5  Lynz 'Love this little set. Had so many cups of tea and cake made for me'

5/5  Jellybelly18 'Definitely good for money, would recommend'

4/5  Gran 'Purchased for my granddaughter and she enjoys playing with this cute tea set. The teapot makes realistic pouring sound and a musical tune setting also. The only negative I have is there is no on/off switch and when not being played with if accidentally knocked over it makes the pouring noise.'

5/5  Cheryl 'Both granddaughter's love them and play with them whenever they visit. I get plenty of cups of tea and cake!! Lol'

5/5  Poppit 'Great little tea set gave it to the little girl I look after. Great price and had great service from the assistant she came over showed me what I was looking for.'

5/5  MrsB 'My granddaughter loves this tea set - it is good value'

5/5  Sara 'Fab little girly toy. My little one is occupied for ages making everybody tea'

5/5  Pirate 'Excellent present for my friends little girl.'

5/5  Sue 'I would recommend buying this fur any little girl. Fun and tea parties all the way.'

5/5  Chan 'Great price kept little one busy playing.'

5/5  Gi 'Bought this set for my 17month old. She loves it. She enjoys making us tea and giving us cake. The pieces are well made, bright, colourful and pretty. The tea pot makes nice sounds too. Great little toy.'

5/5  Ardentower 'Great toy but full up on play tea and cake'

5/5  Leanne 'Great little tea set for my little girl.'

5/5  Shuzy 'Was ideal for my nieces as they loved pretend play tea party with this set as it made noises and very good quality for that price.'

4/5  Lucky58 'My granddaughter enjoyed this and it was ideal for the price paid. Sometimes the teapot didn’t make the pouring sound, but after a shake it did. Presume loose battery connections. Apart from that, happy with purchase!'

4/5  QN 'Kids enjoy playing with this. The fact that the kettle lid doesn't open is a bit disappointing as for pretend play that's a big part of preparing tea!'

3/5  Moni 'My daughter loves it but I just wish it had an on/off button.'

4/5  Steph 'Ideal small size so could be used when on holidays & travelling'

4/5  Tine 'I was disappointed with the size of it. My 19 month old loved it. Have to recommend it due to her reaction.'

5/5  Tootoo 'It's for my granddaughter she loves pretend play'

4/5  Lucy 'Brilliant little tea set, my little girl loves it. Easy to keep clean all plastic so wipes down well. The kettle makes little pouring noise when topped upside down which is a little bonus. Great value for money'

4/5  MrsF271 'My daughter loves this, it’s basic but she’s happy with it!'

5/5  Kinnav 'Great for my one year old. I have I saw she was taking notice at playgroup at the kitchen utensils so bought this. We had a great afternoon with Daddy and our daughters Teddy bears having a picnic on the living room floor. Now she offers everyone a cup of tea. The only downside the teapot keeps making the pouring noise if not stood up and the music doesn't play for very long time which my daughter likes to dance to.'

5/5  Nanna 'My 18month Granddaughter loved this little tea set.'

5/5  Shaun 'Lots of tea parties with my little daughter. Great toy'

5/5  Toni 'Bought this for my daughters first birthday which isn't until next month but we had a little peak inside and looks great! She's obsessed with cups, bring on the tea party'

3/5  Sarah 'Bit disappointed at how pink this set is and I fear it isn't particularly durable for our 4 year old. Fun while it lasts though!'

4/5  KezG 'Was good value for price once opened but didn’t look much when arrived in packaging'

5/5  Naaannniii 'My grand children love the tea set. They also like the noise that comes from the teapot !! My eldest grand daughter, ask me why is there no tea coming from the teapot? So I said, that I will teach you how to make proper tea when you are little bit older, but for the time being known on this tea set! It is a lovely tea set with vibrant colours. I have a small tray, and set it up for them, and they act like grown-ups do when having a cup of tea and cake !!'

5/5  Siobhan 'Very good product I would but it again'

5/5  Mariika 'Very nice set. My granddaughter vole playing with it.'

4/5  KMM 'Great little gift for a mates little girls. She loves he bright colours and has lots of fun having tea parties. When I picked it up I was quite worried as the box was small but once opened it surprised me and we were all very happy'

5/5  Blueted 'Bought this for my Granddaughter, she loves it and the little noise the tea pot makes when you tip it up, she spent agea making tea for her dollies and me.'

5/5  Pamela 'This Is A Very Good Quality Gift, Quite Durable For Little Hands. Our Great Neice Loved This Gift ...'

4/5  Jeni 'I bought this for my 1 year old. She loves it. We had the fisher price version for my 10year old when she was little. I can’t really say there’s much of a difference except the price!'

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