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chad valley peekaboo pop ups

About the Chad Valley Peekaboo Pop Ups

Play peek-a-boo with these lovely Chad Valley Peekaboo Pop Ups and watch as your most cherished's imagination is stimulated and they create new fun ways to play. Little ones can press, roll and pull the tabs to reveal marvellous figures in the shape of a fish, frog and duck.

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Chad Valley Peekaboo Pop Ups Reviews

4/5   'My Granddaughter loved this toy found it hard to open little flaps but once shown soon got the hang of it.We also asked her where the different things were she happily pointed to the frog duck and fish only 1years of age so useful as a memory game too.'

4/5  Kb74 'Nice, simple toy for my 1 year old nephew to play with. Found it a bit tricky to get the flaps to stay fully closed but apart from that it seems fine. Good value for money when bought on an offer.'

5/5  Titch 'Brought for granddaughter she enjoys playing with it some times she doesn't press hard enough for it to pop up but shell get better at would recommend'

5/5  Jelly 'Great for development and stimulation, love hearing little ones giggle.'

5/5  Kate 'This is made well. Little ones are fascinated with the animals popping up and down. Suitable from 9months I would say to allow baby to be able to push the buttons Great toy'

5/5  HMama 'This said 10 months+ but my 6 month old loves it and we play with it together. No problems with the frog as per previous reviews, you just roll it the opposite way and the lid clicks back down. Great price and wee one loves it. Especially the chicken!!.xxx'

5/5  Mom 'Baby loves playing with it. He even learned saying peekaboo after playing with it'

5/5  Kerlair 'Fun design and easy to use. No sound when they pop up which could have been a nice addition.'

5/5  Amy 'This toy is amazing for bringing on the development for babies'

5/5  HL 'Great toy that will be used for a long time. I bought it to encourage hand and eye coordination and to encourage movement (by placing it just out of reach during tummy time). It can also be used to name the animals and to name the colours, once they are older.'

5/5  Tt 'Brilliant toy teaches the child hand movement I’d recommend this toy to everyone with young children'

5/5  Annie 'This was perfect for my little son, he is growing into pushing the buttons. It’s easy to clean and wipe away.'

2/5  Lauren 'As many of the other reviews said, the middle button sticks a lot and is hard for a young child to use.'

4/5  Ree 'Bought for my 1 year old ; loves it pressing down and back up again short term entertainment child can easily get bored after few minutes or so'

5/5  Maryte 'Great quality product'

5/5  Lucy 'Great toy at a fab price. All works as it should it's even been thrown about and it still going strong'

4/5  Landen 'Baby likes it, pops up when you touch them'

4/5  Becky3319 'Cute item great value and would recommend'

5/5  Kaz2386 'My son plays with a friends one hes going to live this on his birthday :)'

3/5  Lee 'Sometimes the wee animals won’t stay down'

4/5  Cousland 'It's very cute, just wish it was a bit quiter when the animals pop up because it's a little harsh at the moment. But still something the nephew will enjoy as he grows up. :)'

5/5  Nimzee 'Nice, quality built toy'

5/5  Lionesseyes1 'Although the buttons are a little stiff to push for my 10 month old, but when I push them, he's attention is captured when the characters pop up.'

3/5  Soph 'This toy looks great but the pop ups keep getting stuck, they either don’t open at all, only open half way or do open but then they’re very difficult to close again.'

2/5  Bushy 'The purple turning lever sticks making it hard for babies to turn and even harder to push the animal back down (even for adults).'

5/5  Suzy1963 'Great little activity toy. No batteries required, bargain price and baby loved it'

5/5  Rosie 'My Great Grandson loved this .He was mesmorised when he pressed a button and a different animal popped up . He was entertained for quite a while'

2/5  Vixon 'The middle pop up constantly jams and once open struggles to push half way back through as if the characters too large for the gap. Three box away by accident so haven’t been able to return, not recommend.'

1/5  Karen 'Returned very cheap & nasty And even I had trouble making the animals pop up'

5/5  Seascape123 'Great learning toy, my Cousin’s baby who is 18 months old really enjoyed playing with this toy, kept him busy for ages!'

5/5  Sammy 'Decent size. Brought for my daughters first birthday in July. Got it when it was reduced which is a bonus. Such a simple but fun toy.'

4/5  AJ 'Little one adores the peek a boo game.. giggles all the time..'

4/5  Liz 'For price I am more than happy and grandson enjoyed playing with toy'

5/5  Toni '6 month old loves her new toy great value for money'

5/5  MAF 'This is Amazing for children my younger nephew one year love it.'

5/5  Shaz 'Great fun for small kids'

5/5  Rebeccamcf 'My 8 month old baby loves this'

5/5  Zoe 'My 8 month old loves this toy and the bright colours'

2/5  JohnF 'Picture looks good & cheaper than a Little Tykes equivalent, but a false economy. Ours was broken and I will be returning it for a refund because the plastic is not well moulded for little hands.'

5/5  Amyb92 'My 5 month old loves the way they pop up and laughs every time.'

5/5  Diddley1 'Got this for my grandsons first birthday . He lIves it'

5/5  Kay 'Daughter loves it. Great toy...........'

5/5  Brooksy 'Really good toy daughter loves it'

5/5  Katie 'My daughter loves it'

5/5  Lexi 'Nice easy toy for them to play with'

5/5  Sandy 'Bought for my grandaughters 1st birthday in april she loves it that much she wnt put it down'

5/5  Sarah 'Great little toy, lots of fun'

5/5  5437 'Quality excellent and easy for my ten month old grandaughter to handle'

5/5  Danny 'Good quality good price'

5/5  Sisi 'Perfect toy for toddlers'

4/5  Shorty 'My little one loves it x'

4/5  Charlotte 'My 6 month old daughter likes this need to really bang them closed she couldn’t do it herself'

5/5  Darthmum 'Baby absolutely loved this and it it is a great size to shove in the baby bag as it is about the size of an egg carton.'

5/5  Shirls 'My 10th month old Grand daughter loves this-sits and opens and closes it for ages-recommend !'

5/5  Ted 'A really good cause and effect toy.'

4/5  Arun 'My one year old granddaughter likes playing with it'

5/5  MJ 'Not much you can say about this other than the price and quality are good and it does exactly what it says it does. Not the most complex of purchases, durable and money worth spent.'

5/5  Courts 'Amazing for the price, son loves it..'

4/5  Jay 'Its good for money (cheap)and i love seeing my daughter play with it'

4/5  VB56 'Bought this for my Grandson. Easy to use , he quickly realised how to pop the characters up and press them back down again . Very colourful. Fun for a little one .'

5/5  Chez 'Its great very colourful and bright. Quite sturdy been thrown around a bit and survived. Little girl still getting the hang of it.'

5/5  LLH32 'Perfect for hand eye co-ordination'

5/5  Katy 'My daughter strangely finds it hilarious if she's made to jump unexpectedly so this is perfect for her as the little toys pop out fast much to her amusement!'

5/5  Shan 'My daughter will love it'

5/5  Missytinks 'Great for little ones leaning and hand control.'

5/5  Suzieq 'Grandaughter laughs at this when they pop up'

5/5  MrsHx 'Loved this for my baby newphew, would reccomend to any mums and dads with small babies, keeps them entertained for ages when they can’t walk around yet!'

4/5  Chas 'Good for learning very pleased with product'

3/5  Kez 'It is a bit hard to pop the toys back down but it entertains her for a while'

5/5  Hayley 'My little one has learnt colours and animals from this pop up n can spend hours playing with it'

5/5  Rach 'Loved this product for my one year olds birthday'

5/5  Pepsi 'Bright colours and a good size for little fingers'

5/5  Sophie 'My little girl loves playing with this! She has lots of fun pressing the buttons getting the animals to pop up! It is also good for teaching her names of different animals!'

5/5  Vicki 'I thought it was going to be bigger but the size isn’t that bad. Makes a good present'

3/5  Sturdygirl 'Unfortunately my grandson soon lost interest in this as it really didn’t do much other than 3 pop ups, which he “ sussed” immediately.'

3/5  Mummyto1 'Quite a cheap looking toy, hard for 8 month old to push to pop up and push back down but he still quite enjoys it. One of the pop ups has already stopped going down again and we’ve only had it for a month.'

4/5  Mtracie 'Great toy niece loved it.'

1/5  Dave 'The toy had no educational value and my grandson was not impressed. Also the toy was faulty and the pop-up frog failed to pop. A good book was more appealing to him.'

5/5  Kirsty93 'This is a hit with both of my children. They love it and will play for hours with it. They never get bored and it’s such a barging'

3/5  Alice 'Well, the toy looks good but the middle frog doesn’t work very well. If the “spin” bit that makes it pop up isn’t in the right position it won’t close again and honestly the plastic is very flimsy on it, I wouldn’t be surprised if it breaks within a month'

5/5  Zucoloto 'My daughter loved it. perfect for child growth'

5/5  Mummyof3 'Simple to work, my daughter finds it funny to pop up the animals. Does exactly as expected.'

4/5  GenieG 'This toy is good value for money. After looking around for a pop up toy this looked the b st one for my baby to be able to use as the buttons are appropriate for a 1 year old and older.'

5/5  Ls79 'Lo loves playing peekeboo with this.'

3/5  Khalil 'Excellent toy for babies'

5/5  Shannon 'Not much to say, my daughter loves this. Got it for her 1st birthday and she knew instantly what to do with the buttons.'

5/5  Amg 'Bought this for my little one, it’s quite hard to use, not easy to open or close, really have to slam them shut. Difficult for little hands to use'

1/5  JoJoB 'Very good toy. My daughter loves playing with it.'

4/5  Gill 'Enjoyed by a one year old'

5/5  Hlc88 'My son loves this and it is brilliant for his age as he learns about object permanence. He always goes to this toy first and is amused every time the animals pop up.'

5/5  Kevsedge 'Perfect little gift for a one year old and it keeps him occupied with a smile on his face.'

5/5  Pickles 'I bought this when my baby was 6 months, it is very easy for her to make the flaps pop up unlike a lot of other pop up toys. so it’s a great one to start off with. Only negative is that the middle flap doesn’t always stay down.'

4/5  Granny '9 month old baby loves it. Keeps her interested popping up the animals and closing kids. Happy baby happy with purchase.'

5/5  Ahmed 'Very good product for kids who'

5/5  Reviewer34 'Plays with anticipation and motor skills. Good for 9 months up I would say. Feels sturdy and nice colours and animal characters'

4/5  AllisonT 'Good toy for the price does as described for very young children'

3/5  Dee 'Great for using as highchair toy keeps little one occupied while feeding them. Easy for them to do. My 7 month old grandson loves it'

5/5  Jackie 'The pop ups are quiet hard for a baby to push back down also they don't easily pop back up'

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