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Chad Valley Noah's Ark

About the Chad Valley Noah's Ark

The brilliant and vibrantly coloured Chad Valley Noah's Ark toy includes a lot of energetic sounds and characters for your most cherished to play with. Put the creatures in the ark and squeeze them down to hear the clamour they make. Can your most cherished guess which noise is associated to which animal! Noah remains in charge of the ark to oversee all activity! Incorporates a console with sounds for additional lively fun.

Brand: Chad Valley
SKU: 3899524
EAN/SKU: 3899524
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Chad Valley Noah's Ark Reviews

5/5   'Looks great. Nice chunky pieces for wee hands.'

5/5  Nina 'Comes with lots of interactive toy animals that make sounds. My little girl plays with this for hours. Good quality.'

5/5  Roxy 'Excellent fun and educational'

5/5  Evasmum 'I bought this toy for my 18 month old grandson and I was surprised at how good the quality is for the money. My grandson loves the animals and the noises they make and plays happily with the arc with and without me. I'm sure I will have this arc for many years.'

3/5  Loopy 'It kept my great nephew amused for a long time unfortunately the key board stopped working after a short time.'

5/5  Flashman 'Good value and quality'

3/5  Cobric 'Good interesting boat'

5/5  Amy 'My 18 month year old had this toy second hand without the animals and loved all the sounds and noises so much I had to buy her it new with all the animals and Noah - she loves it.'

5/5  Olga 'It’s a great educational toy, engages a child for some time. My boy loved playing with it, it was a bit difficult to get animals in the slots to start with but then he got the hang of it. Also a very good idea as a present for 1st Birthday. Not expensive at all for such toy.'

5/5  Alex 'The arc is very robust, has lots of learning functions and is easy to clean . Grandchildren love it and have spent hours playing with the arc and all the animals'

5/5  Grandma 'I bought this for my granddaughter’s 1st birthday last year and thought it was ideal so I bought it again for my grandson’s first birthday recently. A lovely toy.'

5/5  Lisa 'Perfect set for my sons 1 year birthday, he loves it'

5/5  AngelaD 'Makes lots of sounds and different attachnents. My son loves all the animals and buttons. Doesn't include batteries and DOESN'T go in the bath.'

5/5  CWITH7 'Fun and ideal for little fingers'

5/5  David 'Great little ark with plastic animals sounds for every one! A good buy!'

5/5  Flossy 'Perfect gift for a one year old, my granddaughter loves playing with it.'

5/5  Natalia 'My baby love this toy. there is a lot of animals and sounds, also a piano that my daughter loves. This Noah ark is definitely her favorite toy. I recommend it.'

5/5  Bollu 'Lovely durable fun toy'

4/5  Lexie10 'Really nice toy with lots of sounds and bright colours. Downside is toys inside boat abit fiddly to put back, also be careful if your child throws everything!!.'

5/5  Dee 'Very pleased with the quality of this product. My grandson loves the characters and placing them in the arc. Colourful and safe to play with.'

5/5  Gill 'My great grandson absolutely loves animals and has had lots of fun with this.'

5/5  Julie 'Noah’s ark brilliant toy and all the animals make noises when you put them in the ark and each one has its own place to sit, bought for my 1 year old nephew and my 20 month old granddaughter found it and opened it and wouldn’t put it down ha so think I will be buying another one.'

5/5  Mitch 'Lovely colourful toy. Takes a lot of bashing about from grandson. Nice mix of animals & characters. A bit fiddly getting pieces in place for small fingers. But overall a really nice toy with lots of bits & buttons to keep little ones busy.'

5/5  Chesh 'Great value for money, bought for a 1 year old but our 3 year old loves it too.'

4/5  Laszlo22 'Decent toy for one year old.'

5/5  Chelsee 'We purchased this for my daughters 1st birthday and we are just so shocked at how brilliant this toy is, every animal makes a sound, the wheel makes noices, noah makes a noise, push a button on the back for music and pull it along when they crawl. Amazing value for money'

4/5  Jojo 'My daughter plays with this on a daily basis naming the animals she looks like shes having fun always got a smile on her face .'

4/5  Dean 'Good you for my niece she enjoys playing with it would recommend to others. Thank You.'

5/5  Ne 'My grandson adores Noah ark fun animal sounds and musical key board Will have many hours of fun together'

5/5  Gabby 'I bought one when my son turned 1 in 2015 and bought one for my 1 year old nephew for Christmas. They both loved the variety of animals, bright colours and my son is now 4.5 years old and it’s still one of his fav toys - lasted very well. It’s a bonus the boat is on wheels to drag around the house!'

5/5  Shauna081291 'Good quality toy with a range of animals to teach your child the sounds of animals & also has a shape on each animal so it can also be used as a shape puzzle.'

5/5  Ella 'Fun and good for learning the animals and the sound they make'

4/5  Mm 'My little boy loves hearing all the noises.very good interative toy.'

5/5  Chrissie 'This is perfect! My grandson is just learning animal sounds and names. It has been great to see him select the animal and make the correct noise to match. It has multi purpose use as it also has wheels, so he can push it and a keyboard to make some other noise!!! A really useful, educational and fun toy!'

5/5  Nools 'Good value for money, good solid toy for preschoolers with plenty of noise. Good for matching shapes and naming animals'

5/5  Lil15 'My 4 year old loves making all the animal sounds and playing with the animals.'

4/5  Philm42 'Expensive and the needs batteries bought on top, but grandson son does like the animals and the noises it makes'

5/5  Debs 'My grandson has had endless hours playing with this toy, he love it'

5/5  Liz 'Lovely toy my special needs Grandaughter can manage to play with this toy and can hold all the animal pieces and put them in their places.'

5/5  AuntieV 'I brought this as a gift for my animal-mad 18 month old nephew, and he loves it. The boat is on wheels and bobs up and down as you push it, and the animals are a great size for little hands to carry.'

5/5  Runnermum 'This toy is well made and great fun, with the added bonus of different learning games for little ones development. We’ve got one gor ourself and bought it for three others, all have been really pleased too.'

5/5  Ggsailing 'Well built and fun, some of the pieces are hard to get into the lower level due to the design but overall a good product.'

5/5  Ivymay 'Bought as a gift looks good worth the money'

5/5  Sam 'I was really pleased with this Noah’s arc is was a t a reasonable price compared to others I had seen. I was very impressed with the sound interactive qualities as almost everything my son presses makes a noise which engages him. I feel that it will soon become a favourite and last many years'

5/5  Tina 'I bought 2 of these, one for my nephew and one for my son who are similar ages and when they arrived I was very impressed by the size and quality of the product. Very good value for money.'

5/5  Spendee 'Bought this for my granddaughters birthday. The toys are a good size for little fingers and the animals make noises. A good toy that is well made and educational too.'

5/5  Gerry 'When I saw how much enjoyment my granddaughter got from her ark, I bought one for her cousin'

5/5  Lozg22 'My nephew loves this gift. Has lots of fun'

5/5  Carzab 'My 3 year old son will sit and play with his noahs ark for hours. We tell him stories with it and he loves it'

5/5  Millie 'Encourages noise recognition Imaginative play Encourages interaction with other children No assembly required'

5/5  Jeanette 'Excellent product all round, a great buy! Would recommend!'

5/5  Paul 'Great toy for my one year old. Absolutely loves it and a firm favourite.'

5/5  Granny 'This is a lovely educational toy my grandson loves the animal noises it makes and playing with the animals and it also plays music.'

5/5  Andil 'Fantastic toy that has entertained my 2 year old for hours. Has so many elements that have kept her busy but educational at the same time.'

5/5  Gael 'Noahs Ark is a colourful toy with realistic animal noises and easy to keep clean. My granddaughter has loved playing with the Ark and the animals separately. Great fun.'

5/5  Issie 'Bought for my 8 months granddaughter and she loves it She loves the music it plays Likes the little animals and their sounds This is the second one I have bought of these, bought one for her big sister when she was little, she loved it also and played with it for years.'

5/5  Ishu2 'Good learning experience for toddlers.'

5/5  Valerie 'This is an excellent toy for a 1 year old. The boy I bought it for loved it.'

5/5  Kad 'This was bought for my 2 years old birthday.he loves it.it is brillant my other children enjoy playing with it to.worth the money.'

4/5  Ly 'My brother and sister-in-law really liked it.'

5/5  KayleighJ 'I bought this for a 1st birthday present and she loved it (so did my boyfriend!)! All of the animals made noises when you put them in the right place, but there was also a keyboard on top to play! There are other bits on the boat which also make noise, like the wheel that when turned gives off the sound of sailing. It was over all a great toy and I would now definitely consider buying other toys by the same company.'

5/5  Kaet67 'Great toy sounds to teaches children to act animal sounds and learn the difference animal s'

5/5  Jocypri 'I purchased this toy for my 10 month old and he absolutely loves it. It makes great noises, and there are so many different animals to press and parts of the boat to explore - It keeps him entertained for a really long time. the little animals are a really lovely size for small hands to grab, and I think the shape sorter base on some of them will really come into its own when he’s a little bit bigger. It’s really good value for money for such an imaginative toy.'

5/5  Caroleann 'This is a brilliant toy with animal sounds & even the sound of the ark going through the water. It's all topped of with a mini keyboard on the top. The animals & Noah are just the right size for little hands. Will now be buying the 2 younger grandchildren one each for their birthday.'

5/5  Yvonne 'Great play value colourful ideal for my grandson 1 st Birthday. He loves it'

5/5  Ummehani 'It’s a very fun and educational toy, makes all animal sounds, ship horn, birds and sea waves sound. Also shape sorter.and colours. As u push it rocks side by side. Very good to teach speech and language. Lots of opportunities to do one to one play. After having one for my daughter I brought one for my nephew’s 4th birthday upon request! He plays with it in my house for hours. It’s very strong and colorful, will not break easily with accidental fall. I even love it for display.'

5/5  Carol 'Bought this for my one year granddaughter it’s very durable and. She loves the animal noises.. great buy'

5/5  Sarah 'Teaches good coordination skills as shapes inside and animals fit into different sized holes.'

5/5  Sue 'This toy is musical and a shape sorter so very good for developing skills in toddlers. So good I’m buying another one for a friend’s child.'

5/5  Lisa 'Sturdy toy. Good selection of animals and animal sounds.'

5/5  Cat 'My little girl really enjoys this product keeps her busy'

5/5  Ewa 'Great product, good value for money.'

5/5  Kerry 'Bought this for my daughters 1st birthday and 6 months on she still loves playing with it. Would recommend.'

4/5  Tracey 'This toy is loved by my 18 month old grandaughter. She loves dancing to the little tunes. It's bright colourful and fun. It's extremely hard waring, my grandaughter has dropped it several times and it never breaks.'

5/5  Will72 'I think my nephew will get loads of fun with his new toy'

5/5  Vibs 'Bought for a first birthday present. Baby loved it especially since it makes noises. Would buy again'

1/5  Stephanie 'Never worked Tried different batteries no change Was a birthday present'

5/5  Me 'I bought this as a first birthday gift for my granddaughter... she loved it, by far her most fun gift.'

5/5  Djjayney 'Bought for my grandson and he loves it!'

5/5  Daisydoll 'Excellent value and lots of sounds which along with al the animal sounds is brilliant for the little ones. Grandkids love it.'

5/5  Jules 'Bought for my grandsons first birthday but his 4 year old brother loves it too. A good selection of animals all with their own place and sound. Noah has his place and has boat sounds. There is a small musical keyboard on the top. As the boat is pushed along it bobs around as if it’s on water. Brilliant imaginative play. Definitely recommend.'

5/5  Peggy 'This toy is bright and colourful and very sturdy. My granddaughter really loves all the different animals and sounds. Very good value for money.'

5/5  Toiletlog 'Excellent playset! The boat & figures are very sturdy & look hard wearing, which is a good thing for toys of this age range. Bought for my niece's birthday & she loves it especially the sounds & songs, It is quite interactive.'

5/5  Dylan 'Granddaughter loves it, only 1 last week and plays with it all the time.'

5/5  Lou 'Brilliant! My 16 month old loves it. Also brought another for my 1 year old nephew.'

4/5  Biffo 'Bought for my 16 month old grandson who is playing with this toy all of the time.,'

5/5  Glossoplady 'My granddaughter loves this. Lots of fun in the bath too.'

5/5  MT 'Fun and robust - lots of play value'

5/5  Sparks 'It was just right for her to play with and great fun as well.'

5/5  Simco 'My niece loves it'

5/5  Flowerdeb 'Having brought a second hand one at a summer fete for my grandson aged 3 his younger cousin aged 1 wouldn’t leave it alone, Christmas present here we come'

5/5  Mick 'I bought this to replace an ark that was bought several years ago before the sound packed up after wear and tear. We have had our monies worth out of the first one and if this gives as much pleasure to my next grandchild then I will be satisfied.'

5/5  Mutley 'Bought as a gift for a grandchild who seems to enjoy it and what it does. Success!!'

5/5  MrsD 'Bought as Xmas present for 7 month old baby he is fascinated by the sounds of all the ark zoo.'

5/5  MamaT 'Bright, cheery and fun. Lots of interaction. Tiny bit noisy, would be better with a volume control and perhaps a OFF switch.'

4/5  Nanny 'Bought for Christmas for one of my grandsons. Bright colours to attract his attention, ideal sized animals for little fingers and this good quality toy should promote imaginative play.'

5/5  Linda 'My grandson loves this'

5/5  Judy40 'I bought this Noah’s Ark for my granddaughter as I’d bought one previously for my other granddaughter and she loves it. It’s not her birthday yet but hopefully she’ll enjoy playing with all the animals and I know she’ll love all the tunes.'

5/5  Ffion 'Fantastic, my 16 month old loves it!'

5/5  Deb 'My grandson recieved two of this toy for his birthday loves it so much he has one at home and one at my house.'

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