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Chad Valley My First Playhouse

About the Chad Valley My First Playhouse

This brightly coloured Chad Valley first playhouse will provide hours of entertainment for your child. It's a play area of their very own that will help them explore their imaginations through role-play fun. Kids are going to love being the proud owner of this awesome gift. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Folds for storage. Size H152, W108, D108cm. Weight 10kg. Self-assembly. Made of plastic. For ages 2 years and over.

Brand: Chad Valley
SKU: 3678673
EAN/SKU: 3678673
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Chad Valley My First Playhouse Reviews

5/5   'Quick and easy to build good quality for price, my little girl loves it!'

5/5  Amy 'Loverly little play house. Suitable for around age 2 Quite small but well worth the money.'

3/5  Lanpan1981 'This is a lovely product lots of fun for my little boy. Quite easy to put together even with him running around excited! A little on the flimsy side and probably wouldn't stand a older stronger child.'

4/5  Coffee Lover 'Quite sturdy .good value for the money paid .door could do with being a bit sturdier with a better door fastener'

5/5  Spike 'Very easy to put together and good quality design have trouble getting my granddaughter out because she likes her playhouse so much.'

4/5  BLake 'Bought this for my 2 year old grandson and he loves it. Just the right size . It's indoors at the moment which is fine but once outside it may need anchoring because it's quite lightweight.'

4/5  Cristina 'Very easy to assemble, suitable for both indoor and outdoor. Great product'

5/5  Cupcake 'I love this playhouse. Fun colours, unusual, fun design. My 20 month old loves it !'

4/5  Nansy 'Not as robust as some similar playhouses but for the money excellent ..My grandson loves it ...Just the job ....'

5/5  Witcombe 'Excellent first time play house my little girl loves it can't get her out of it very good product'

4/5  Val 'The play house was a good concept, but the fact that the house shape narrows at the base so not much room in side for child to play makes it a shame, also could of been a Little more sturdier .....'

5/5  Bex091 'Easy to assemble , safe and sturdy . Bought for my 2 year old son and he loves it. Great purchase would highly recommend'

5/5  Debbie 'Bought this for my grandsons 3rd birthday, it has some great features with the letter box and flower box which he can plant his own flowers.'

2/5  Stm 'Although this was a cheap funhouse, get what you pay for. Easy to assemble colourful kids love it however very wobbly and probably not withstand too much horseplay inside . Not an outsude toy one gust of wind it will be away'

1/5  Jo Jo 'I read another review saying that this playhouse was made from thin plastic but I thought for the price im not expecting a really solid lump , Wish I had listened as it turned out to be a lot thinner then I imagined Not that much thicker then a milk carton To be honest I thought half of it was missing before it dawned on me that the walls were infact that thin with plastic screws to attach it all together'

5/5  Shelby 'This house was quick to ensemble very sturdy and good value, great bright colours and fun window box'

3/5  Maz1 'Bought this for my Granddaughter's 2nd Birthday. Once we fathomed out the instructions and put it together, she was really pleased with it until the door fell off after about 30 minutes! Managed to repair., so hence my comment "not very robust".'

4/5  Petal 'My daughter loves this, she loves to open and close the door ( it does require a bit of liquid nails to stop it from falling out when leaned on) overall happy with this product.'

5/5  JenK86 'Excellent value for money. Very cute detailing on the house itself, including a letter slot. Very easy to assemble and spare parts included in case of loss or damage. It also stores flat when not in use. I would recommend this to anyone looking to buy a great value playhouse.'

5/5  Stupot69 'The best Birthday Pressie we could have purchased for our 4 year old Granddaughter ! she loves it and now tea parties in the garden are held on a daily basis !! the quality of this item is superb as you would expect from Chad Valley the colours of the product are vibrant and fun and it even comes with it's own window box (ideal for 4 or 5 small bedding plants) overall this product represents excellent value for money.'

5/5  Melissa68 'My grandchildren love this product because they love to put their play kitchen in there and role play as if it is their own house given the chance they would sleep in the house.'

5/5  Mumof3 'A great little play house but you definitely need two to assemble it as found it hard to do it by myself.'

4/5  Max 'A little more flimsy than I expected. A very happy Grandson!'

5/5  Ricko1544 'Easy to assemble just what we wanted'

4/5  Hero 'Its very good for 2 to 3 years old and very good garden'

1/5  Lenny 'To be fair , you absolutely get what you pay for with this one... its cheap for a reason'

3/5  Kim.12 'Difficult to put together. And sadly doors didn't last long. Wouldn't buy again. Pay a bit more for little tikes'

1/5  Kmorr 'This is too flimsy to withstand a child pushing or falling against it. I returned as really really unstable and would have been blown over in a gust of wind as well so I couldn't have left outside.'

5/5  Jess 'This was actually bought for my 5 cats who live in a large outdoor pen and who normally go through many material type pop up tents, particularly in the summer to hide in out of the sun, and I thought this would last longer and it has. They are thoroughly enjoying it and it's standing up to their antics extremely well.'

3/5  Taj 'Not really impressed. As the door of the house doesn't open n shut with ease. Children have no fun going in n out of the house. Its made of very cheap plastic. Look of the house is beautiful bit hasn't got good feel. My 5 year old daughter is too tall for this house. She didn't like it at all.'

3/5  Jojo 'This playhouse is good for one child who is small as I have 3 years old and there's no room in it, I was expecting it to be bigger and more strong plastic , they easily take all the doors off and broke the top arrow off so not strong'

2/5  Khoy11 'Although it was great for my 2 year old goddaughter, i thought it was very flimsy when built and i dont think it will withstand alot of use. Could do with the plastic being a bit thicker, and you would need to put it away in winter time as a good gust of wind would carry it across the garden.'

4/5  Nana And Grandad X4 'We bought this instead of a more sturdy version, but in hindsight I wish we had paid the extra £30 and got the other one! Pros: colourful/cheap/easy to assemble Cons: too lightweight as blows over in winds and the roof detaches as this only clips into position/when child leans on sill to look out of window the hinges come out as they only "slot" into product. If you are on a budget I guess its fair value for money, but if you can afford it go for the more expensive sturdy alternative'

5/5  CMorrell 'I bought this recently for my grandson's 1st birthday. It is a great buy, very affordable compared to a lot on the market. The quality is great too. Well worth buying.'

3/5  Rosie 'This product was very easy to assembly the only problem is the plastic is really thin and the door and side keeps coming off if my 2 yr old falls on it. It's very light too has to be anchored down in the garden.'

2/5  Denny56 'The play house was simple enough to assemble but oh so flimsy. I wanted it to use in the garden but would have needed to tether it to stop it blowing around. Ok for indoor use.'

1/5  Nannie 'I bought this for my granddaughter forget 1st birthday. Had it for a day and took it back, if it was outside and the wind blows I don't think ud see it again. The plastic is Paper thin and I don't know what would happen if a child leans on the window etc. I no it's not expensive compared to some other choices but I think it's better to be without.'

4/5  Tricia 'Bit dubious after reading reviews but this is a fab product for the cost. my child loved it and its a lot of playhouse for the money. didnt find it flimsy at all and easy to put together,will be great in the summer'

4/5  Ceejae 'Brightly coloured playhouse Ideal for a toddler.'

5/5  Ann 'Bought for my 20 month old granddaughter , was a little unsure if to purchase after reading some reviews saying its flimsy glad I did as she loves it and for the money I am very happy with the quality. Only using it indoors at the moment so don't know what it will be like outside if it's windy'

3/5  Mumof2 'Light weight, quite flimsy! Will do for a while but not very good quality. Could find better at the same price. Wish I had held off and bought elsewhere'

3/5  Loopylassleeza100 'My little boys grand parents bought him this for his 2nd birthday, I found it fairly easy to put together but very flimsy, which supprised me with been Chad Valley and the door doesn't stay closed, other than that my little boy loves it'

2/5  Kim12 'The playhouse did not take long to put together. The material is flimsy, though sturdy. My son whos nearly one enjoys playing in and around the playhouse.'

5/5  Dorad 'Bought on sale had lots of fun with my daughter playing in the gsrden.'

4/5  Annie 1 'This playhouse was very easy to put together, it is colourful and a great attraction for my granddaughter. It is not the most sturdy of plastic but is suitable for summertime play. I would recommend this.'

5/5  Wilso1978 'My 16 month old son loves sitting in the house and reading his books and playing with his cars. Opening and closing the door time after time is also one of his favourite things at the moment, and so far the door has stayed in the original place and attached to the house, so this is great! I would definately recommend this to other people. We didn't want to spend a lot of money on the basis that the good weather wont last much longer, so this was ideal.'

5/5  Sarah 'Very happy with this playhouse, does exactly what it says in description. my 2 year old loves it! yes would recommend'

3/5  Zoe 'We bought this product for our two year old son, he really loved it at first but now seems a bit fed up with it. i would recommend it for young children but any older than three i wouldn't say it would be worth it. price was good and assembley was easy, i would say it is satisfactory!'

4/5  Beverley 'For the price this is a brilliant house for the garden. It's big enough for my 3 and 6 year old. Very easy to assemble and although not as sturdy as other makes, it can't be pushed over and doesn't blow around at night.'

3/5  Ros61 'Easy assembly and no sharp edges for young kids.'

4/5  Nanny H 'This was easy to put together and is made of quite sturdy plastic. I got this for my grandson on his second birthday and he loved it. I would have given it 5 stars but the door keeps coming off. I would recommend this product.'

5/5  Nicky 'Argos does it again, another great item with a great deal saving me some money whilst my little girls luvs her playhouse!'

2/5  King87 'Very poor quality plastic feels like its gonna snap in ur hands!!! Wouldn't pay no more than I did if anything it should b cheaper!'

1/5  Orma119 'Do not buy made of cheap plastic , easy to put together but poor quality'

3/5  Jeanie 'Easy to fit together but you have to get inside to put the last bit of roof together which is a bit awkward when you are an adult. Bought this for my grandson who is 9 months old to keep him safe whilst he is in the garden with me and I wanted to do some gardening. Door and window sides not very secure because when he stood up at them and pushed or pulled because he is a little unsteady on his feet still, the sides gave way and he fell either backwards or forwards.'

4/5  Badger 'Not fold away as claimed, you have to unscew it all to put it away. apart from that our grandaughter loved it.'

3/5  Pal112 'Overall good value for money. Just one problem, the wind dial at the top of house isn't secure enough, it blew off the next day of purchase, it's well lost now and we have a unhappy little girl, she loved it!'

5/5  Dan 'Easy to put together/take apart. Colurful and robust for the price. Would have paid double for the look on grand daughters face when she first clocked it.'

4/5  Steve 'Made a 2yr old lady very happy! delivery was fast as well.'

4/5  Bigchief 'Great buy. 1st time playhouse has turned in2 a shop, a doctor's & cafe. It can be watever you want it 2be. My boy is 3. He's always in & out of it.'

2/5  Beddy 'Very very flimsy in construction'

5/5  Paula 'We brought this as a spare of the moment buy, and it's our best buy so far. My 23 month daughter loves it.. very easy to assemble and have had no problems with it. Love it....'

5/5  Dizzyl 'My daughter got this house for her 2nd birthday and absolutly loves it we were a little worried after reading the reviews about it being frail and it isn't very strong but it is great easy to put together and can be collapsed easily to store over winter when the weather is really bad. Couldnt ask for more given the price we paid!!!'

4/5  Joanna 'Lovely product. I would say for use for up to a 3 year old. It went up in about 15 minutes. Really easy to assemble. Some comments have been that this product is flimsy. You get what you pay for. At the end of the day for a first little playhouse for a small garden this is perfect. It's colourful and has a little door and two side windows. I can't wait to see my little one playing in it.'

1/5  KrissKross 'Made of flimsy material & unsteady, door kept falling off. Almost got blown away by light wind when left in the garden. Probably better for indoor use only'

1/5  Sheila 'Not like the Wendy houses you used to get, far too flimsy. First day of wind and the roof came flying off. Too light and don't think will last that long if first day anything to go by. Wish I had went to look at it first and would not have bought it. Totally disappointed. Not cheap therefore should be better quality and not so flimsy as is sold for outdoor as well as indoor use.'

1/5  J Jones 'Under rated not very strong my boys broke it in 1 day not happy with purchase suppose to be child proof'

4/5  Jean 'Bought for grandaughters birthday good value for price will be well used in summer'

4/5  Ash777 'Good product for the amount paid, can't expect more.'

3/5  Carol 'Purchased the Chad Valley first playhouse for my granddaughter's second birthday and whilst she loves it, it is quite flimsy. Most of the reviews I read said that the door had broken and unfortunately it fell off on the first day. However you can put it back on but I feel the next playhouse I would buy will be of better quality.'

2/5  Nipper 'Slightly disappointed with this product. bought it for my grandsons 2nd birthday was only out in the garden for an hour and the wind had blown it over. thought the plastic would have been slightly thicker than it was. assembly was straight forward no problems there.'

4/5  Sandie 'My grandchildren range in age from 2 to 10 and all love the possibilities and make-believe that this house throws up. It was very easy to construct ( done by myself alone) and, although the door keeps opening, it is very robust for the money and will last a long time.'

5/5  Mark 'Bought for sons 3rd birthday,he loves it cant keep out of it. very quick and easy to build'

5/5  Just bought this playhouse for my 2 year old grand daughter she loved it. nice and roomy, great colours, good for indoors in winter and outdoors in summer. Nice and easy to dismantle and move. I like the nuts and bolts that come with it, they are nice and big difficult to lose. Hope to have hours of fun. 'I found this playhouse excellent value. It was bought for my 18 month old daughter for Xmas. I cannot fault it in anyway. I was unsure after reading reveiws but we wanted a small playhouse for indoors so perfect. Very simple to put together took me and husband 20 mins tops.'

5/5  I recently bought this for my daughters 3rd birthday and she loves it!!quick and easy to put up no stress or hassle and it was picked up in store so no waiting around for deliveries :-) 'NB30463'

5/5  Bought this for my lads 2nd birthday,he loves it,good solid plastic panals,easy to put up,would totally recomend for the money 'Mam To 3 Angels'

5/5  Very flimsy door falls off every time opened not as sturdy as it looks in catalogue 'Karen'

3/5  My daughter loves this and for the money it's great 'Julie'

4/5  Bought this for my granddaughter (2yrs) put together easily and quickly. Felt it was a bit flimsy even though it was reasonably priced. Have put it in a sheltered spot in the garden incase of high winds...however for a little one its ideal for tiny imaginations and she loves it. 'Jules'

3/5  This is quite a flimsy playhouse & I'm not overally impressed but for the price I guess it's to be expected. The door falls off constantly which annoys my 3 year old & us as we are constantly putting the thing back on! I wish I'd got the slightly more expensive house, just for that little bit of extra room, as I can't see her getting all that much use out of this. 'Nanna Em'

3/5  We bought the playhouse for our daughter whos just turned 3, we thought it would be convenient as it was small so we could take it with us when we move homes, unfortunatley i dont think it will last that long. Bad points... Its very, very flimsey our daughter could push it over and bend it by just leaning on it, the first day we had it the wind blew it over and broke the peice off at the top, and it was no means windy when this happened. Its alot smaller than it looks, as in only big enough for one small child. Good points... none. And i know the saying, you get what you pay for...but i would not pay half the price we paid for this, not worth it at all. I would of took it back but i left it to the other half to put together and he decided to bin the box so now were stuck with it. 'Elle'

1/5  I purchased My First Playhouse for my 2 yr old daughter ... It is excellent value for money and easy to assemble. As our garden is quite small I did purchase the Playhouse on its dimensions ... and it fits/looks fantastic .. Would definately recommend this item ... The door height allows my daughter to get in and out with ease not too low..... It is quite flimsy but hey the price is great and will stiil withstand robust kids.... 'Becky'

5/5  My granddaughter loves her new house good buy 'Lizzy22'

5/5  We bought this for our 3 year old grandaughter to play in she loves it wont stay out of it its not too big for the garden 'Mal'

5/5  Easy to build and sturdy on both hard and soft ground. My 2 year old and my 7 year old can both play happily together inide it. 'Pat'

5/5  I bought this for my great grandson's first birthday because I thought it looked lovely and the price was very good. I was very pleased with it, and he will have hours of fun playing inside it and outside. It is a great first playhouse for any child, there is nothing they can hurt themselves with, just having fun looking out the windows, and going in and out the door. It is also good for storing other toys in when he is not playing with them. 'Rach'

5/5  0 'Jackie'

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