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Chad Valley My First Handbag Set

About the Chad Valley My First Handbag Set

The Chad Valley My First Handbag is perfect for little ones who want to be just like their mummy! They'll love putting the soft ringing mobile phone, fabric keys, mirror and squeaky teddy bear into their very own handbag, ready for a day out. Styles may vary. Size H19, W21, D4cm. Suitable from birth. WARNING(S):

Brand: Chad Valley
SKU: 9248612
EAN/SKU: 9248612
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Chad Valley My First Handbag Set Reviews

5/5   'Bought two of these bags as a gift for 1 year old twins. Good size and the contents are sweet. The twins loved them so would recommend.'

5/5  Parky14 'Was bought as a baby gift and baby's mother absolutely loved it.'

5/5  Hello 'My little girl loves having her own little handbag'

5/5  Amber 'Twins loved the bags and the phones make a noise that they like. Great for one year ol little ladies xx'

4/5  Busy Mummy Of A Five Year Old And Newborn 'Baby's first handbag colours are nice for a girl and the material is soft too comes with phone keys mirror and squeaky bear, the handle on the keys is plastic so just have to be careful when baby grasping it as can come undone squeaky toy certainly keeps her entertained and the phone even makes noise when pressed which is good fun for baby and her five year old brother, overall a lively first gift for my little girl to touch and get to grips with'

4/5  Kayelzxox 'Cute little bag for my daughter to copy me lol. Squeaky little teddy, set of keys, ringing phone and mirror all included. She loves it!'

4/5  J 'Nice little present for a baby girl. Given as a present to a 1 Year old (amongst other presents) and went down well. She can now join in with the older girls.'

5/5  Zet 'It is a lovely present for young girls. My granddaughter would take it everywhere she goes.'

4/5  Laura 'It was a lot smaller then I thought it would be but my niece loved it'

5/5  Lisa7886 'This is perfect for a little gift I bought it for my niece for her 1st birthday and she loves it so much'

4/5  TCook58b 'I bought 2 of this product for my granddaughter, one to have at her house and one for her to play with when she came to mine. Good product the only thing that I wasn't happy with is that one of the bag sets had 2 mirrors instead of 1 mirror and 1 set of keys.'

5/5  Madmike52 'Its perfect my 11 month old little girl loves it'

4/5  Helen 'Both my 2 year old daughter and 5 year old niece have had fun with this product and imaginative play.'

4/5  Christov 'Cloth material little bag with cloth keys mirror phone and Ted. Just like mums but less cluttered'

1/5  Riri 'It's cheaply priced for a reason. If you go in with very low expectations you won't be disappointed.'

5/5  Badger 'Nice and safe just right for small hands'

5/5  Gazza 'Great gift for a little girl'

5/5  Mo 'This a beautiful 'girlie' handbag. Very suitable for a little girl, and contains the sort of things 'mummy might have in her bag, making the youngster feel very grown up.'

5/5  Samanthac95 'Love this little handbag set! My daughter loves to play with my handbag and phone, so this is fantastic! She loves waking around pretending she's on the phone with her hand bag on.. Just like mummy! Very happy!'

4/5  Higzta 'My little girl loves this bag she loves emptying it and filling it and loves the little toys.'

4/5  Juneyg 'Bought this for my baby granddaughters Christmas stocking. Really cute soft and pink with a little teddy, soft keys and phone.'

5/5  Caity2407 'Bought as part of the 2 for 15 offer. Was originally meant to go away for my little girls xmas but gave her it early. She loves having a hand bag like mummy which she can chew on! Adores the squeaky teddy too. Would recommend for any little girl x'

4/5  Kamfin 'Great bag well made very soft and cleanable'

3/5  Mojo 'Bought this for my 1 year old granddaughter and know she will love it because there is a phone, set of keys sand various other little things you keep in a handbag. Very sweet and no doubt will be passed on a her dolly's handbag as she grows older.'

5/5  Stueydd 'Our two year old is delighted with her big girls bag. Great very well made product. You've done it again argos. Well done.'

5/5  Heathere 'Bought this for my 16 month granddaughter as she loves bags. She absolutely loves it. Took it to bed with her the first night she had it then brought it downstairs in morning. I like that the mobile had ringing tone and that the teddy squeaked when pressed.'

4/5  Lyndy 'Perfect little girl handbag with phone keys and toy !'

5/5  Lol 'Loved by the child bought for Learning about dressing'

5/5  Effy 'We had a pleasent surprise when we discovered the phone has ringer to it. It is ideal for babies and poses no danger to them due to its plush material.'

5/5  Heidic88 'Thinks it's a real bag, try's opening doors with the keys, all soft, no dangerous sharp/hard/swallowable bits, perfect for little princesses :)'

3/5  Della Bella 'Nice Set for a little girl but the mobile phone is extremely hard to use. My 19 month old cannot press it to make the ringing noise and as an adult I found it quite difficult also'

5/5  Cherry 'This is a great lil first handbag my daughter loves looking in mirror laughs at the sqeeky bear and chews on the keys well worth the money xx'

4/5  A1H 'I purchased this for my Niece (2 years old) as she loves bags and playing with them. Great for her to have her own bag with her own things in it.'

4/5  Scott 'Nice material,well made and contents look good to play with.'

4/5  Longsmiler 'Bought this for my 18 month old Grand daughter but have n't given it to her yet so don't know how she will like it, but I think she will be really pleased. It is ideal for someone as young as her, & the items inside will make it much more interesting. It is soft, looks very nice & I'm hoping that the keys will be a hit, mobile phone as well particularly as it rings. Would recommend.'

5/5  Rach32 'My daughter is at a stage where she loves to carry handbags around! This is the perfect size for her and has the added bonus of containing some key items needed in every girls bag!!'

5/5  Sarlou 'Bought for a 18 month who loves little bags, filling and taking things back out. Hard to find a little bag at a reasonable price. Decent size bag very cute.'

4/5  Shopper Portadown 'Pink, cute, soft and safe. The phone and little teddy squeak so that's an added feature. It's small but it seemed to impressed my 1 year old grand daughter. My only negative comment is that the surface of the fabric catches a lot of dust, fluff, what ever is about in a normal environment. Children play on the floor and these things get trailed about so after a while it got a bit shabby looking. I assume it's washable - I didn't check - but that was a bit disappointing.'

5/5  Auntie Sue 'A delightful item truly beautiful really pleased with it. There will be a very happy year old.'

1/5  Sam 'Would recommend my daughter loved it'

5/5  NannyMaz 'I bought this for my 16 month old grand daughter who loved it. The items inside the bag were also fun for her especially the mobile phone and keys. Would definitely recommend it.'

5/5  Petua22 'This is a lovely soft bag with a few additional soft toys inside which gives added interest to the child. The bag is very light weight and perfect for a toddler to carry.'

5/5  MK Shopper 'This is a brilliant little first handbag for any little girl - was pleasantly surprised that the telephone actually rang, and it is amazing how many holes those keys conveniently fit in to!'

5/5  Kerri1985 'Brought this for a 1st Birthday Party. Looks great'

5/5  Lynn2 'This is a nice little first bag for girls, nice and soft with what a girl should have a mirror car keys phone and cuddly little teddy. My little one loves it and not expensive either.'

3/5  Tez 'Its ok but could be better quality for the price'

4/5  Jo 'Bit expensive for what it is. My daughter likes it though especially the mobile phone.'

5/5  Rose 'Fabulous gift for you're little princess.'

5/5  Ellie 'I bought this for my little Grandaughter for Christmas. Her face lit up because her Nanna (me) has a pink handbag and phone. She loved playing with all the accessories and making phone calls , also just walking round carrying her handbag. It's quite lightweight, the accessories are soft to touch and wipe easily to clean them. Happy lil girl, happy Nanna'

4/5  Sarah 'This is a good little product, maybe now my daughter will leave my handbag alone when she opens this on xmas day, and it comes with things inside a phone keys etc, overall a good buy for a 9 month plus girl that likes to mimic mummy'

4/5  Ksmum 'My 1 year old loves this, cute for any little girl'

1/5  Mankysov 'Very disappointed with this and returned it on the same day. Very cheap looking and poor quality. Would not recommend.'

1/5  Maureen 'Very expensive for what it is'

2/5  Michelle 'A ok item,a lot smaller than I was expecting. Not worth the money.my daughter did like it,but I was disappointed.'

5/5  Sally99 'It is great as a first hand bag with accesserriores. I am giving it to a pal that has a baby girl. I am sure she will love it.'

5/5  GrandmaElaine 'We have given this little "1st handbag" to 2 granddaughters for their first birthdays, and they both love the bag and its contents. Highly recommended!'

5/5  Flopbot 'Delightful bag with cute accessories. Would delight any young girl.'

5/5  Opey 'The bag was for 3 years old girl. She loved everything about the bag, especially the phone and it's tone. The colour was perfect.'

3/5  Hanruss 'I brought this for my niece as a first birthday present. I think its alittle expensive for what it is but I think the reduced packaging is a fab idea and great for the environment.'

5/5  Hev 'Lovely item enjoyed by violet'

4/5  Just Us Two 'This is a cute little bag with items inside'

5/5  Gaynor 'Lovely little girl present'

3/5  Hmmm 'I bought this as a gift for a friend's daughter (haven't given it to her yet). I was surprised by the lack of decent packaging considering it's price and the good thing I checked the contents at home as the ringer on the phone didn't work! But went back to Argos and they managed to exchange it for me. The material is nice and soft though and it is a cute little product. I'm sure the daughter will love it. If the product was cheaper, then it would have gotten more stars.'

5/5  Grandma 'Bought for 15 month old Granddaughter. She loves it. Would highly recommend. Just the right size.'

5/5  Whoopido 'Bought this for my 2 year old niece. She takes it everywhere. She feels like a right grown up. Good purchase'

5/5  Grandma 'What a lovely 1st handbag for baby,granddaughter loves playing with the mobile phone,it actually rings& the car keys'

5/5  Poppy 'I purchased this for my 2 year old Granddaughter who loved everything about it but especially the phone, even the 3 and 5 year olds liked that as well. Well made and good value for money.'

5/5  Mumov7 'My youngest daughter loves this, it's soft so won't hurt her and she likes to pose in the mirror'

4/5  Ksat 'I bought this as a present for my friends 2 year old. When i first saw it i thought it looked too young for her as it is all soft toys. However, she loves playing with it when dressing up and playing.'

5/5  Maxine 'Really great bag for kids x'

4/5  Pat 'I purchased this as a birthday present for my baby niece and she loves it! So soft for her to play with, nothing sharp or hard for her to catch her little fingers and makes her feel very grownup!'

4/5  Teresa 'Acceptable for a friends little girls 1st birthday'

5/5  Alphiah-Beau's Mom 'Had so many people ask where I got this,,, great little girly item, bag is made from really soft furry like material so my daughter uses it as a feely when she's going to sleep... great size bag... as well as the ringing mobile phone, squeaky teddy, crinkly mirror and rattle keys its big enough to store her dummy and a couple of other hand toys... just attach it to your pram with a toy holder and is a great accessory....'

4/5  Diane 'Bought for 3 month old baby, its good for the price'

4/5  Sal 'This was bought as an xmas present for my 1 year old daughter so she hasnt had it yet, but she will love it. Had to return 1 as the mobile phone wasnt ringing, but was easily swapped.'

2/5  Charley 'I bought this for my little girl and have to say i was quite disappointed with it. It looks and feels very cheap, and doesn't really interest her. The contents of the bag are all soft fabric items, maybe it would have been a little more interesting if the keys rattled or at least could be used as a teething ring.'

5/5  Elizabeth 'This toy was exactly what i was looking for. it was a very good size and it also contented the sort of thing that you would find in mummys bag the contents it the toy bag were safe for little girls to play with and to know that your child is playing safely and will have lots of fun carrying her very own bag with it contents just like mummy well worth the money.'

4/5  Jimbo 'Nice soft material my niece loves all the pieces especially the mobile phone'

5/5  Woozle 'Lovely, well made in soft material. The contents were good quality, keys for teething and phone which rings. Well received by child.'


5/5  Jaimie 'Brought for a 1 year olds birthdaqy and she loved it!'

5/5  Mary 'This bag is really lovely as are the contents, my granddaughter loves the mobile phone. It's the first bag I've seen for toddlers and seems really well made.'

5/5  Mjimac 'This little handbag has hardly been put down since I gave it to my granddaughter. PERFECT'

5/5  Hannah 'My nieces face lite up when I gave her this'

3/5  Sarah 'Daughter likes it. The bag is cute and for the money cant complain. The thing that really lets it down is the packaging. I wouldn't give it to someone as a gift because it looked cheap due to the packaging, although good from an environmental point of view. The toy itself is as described.'

3/5  Lynn 'The bag itself is quite big and seems well made, the things in the bag are ok but nothing to write home about. Ok for a wee gift by not a big pressie'

5/5  Natalia 'My 8 month grand-daughter enjoys going round in her walker with the handbag on her arm. The contents are lovely, just like my handbag - only need a purse now!'

1/5  Mel 'What a cheap and badly made toy, not sure it will last long in my toy box'

5/5  Tricia 'My granddaughter loves it and takes it with her everywhere. Just like her Mummy's.'

5/5  Aac 'Excellent for baby's first bag, it's soft and light'

5/5  Dabberj 'Very girlie..mum to be absolutely loves it...very pink!!'


3/5  Jane 'I purchased this as a gift for my god daughter who was absolutely thrilled with it. She plays with it all the time. Personally, I thought it was a little over priced for what it is but that said, children do love it.'

5/5  Michael 'Good price for item, nice accessories inside'

4/5  Husnara 'It was good value for money and cute to play with.'

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