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Chad Valley My 1st Kitchen

About the Chad Valley My 1st Kitchen

Rouse your most cherished to be gourmet specialists with their own special Chad Valley My 1st Kitchen. With genuine cooking sounds instigated by pressing the fruit and veg, music, extendable work-top and a light-up grill and burner little ones will explore all the delights of cooking.

Brand: Chad Valley
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Chad Valley My 1st Kitchen Reviews

5/5   'Bought it for my daughters Christmas present. Had a quick look it looks great quality and she will be very happy - so will my 5 year old son'

2/5  Marcus 'Bought this for my daughter 3year old and the most of parts were missing innit so straight back for refund got something else'

5/5  Mummyofive 'It's very small I bought it for twins was slightly embarrassed with how small it was'

5/5  Susie 'Very entertaining my daughter loves it the sounds effects are great'

4/5  JJ 'Bought for my 19 month old and he loves playing with it. It plays music and cooking noises which I didn't realise when I ordered it. Fun and simple at a great price to encourage imaginative play.'

4/5  Tay 'It’s too small for what the price is! My son played with it a couple of times and then one of the buttons stopped working.'

5/5  Hafiz 'Very Good. My baby love too much. I am happy Excited to have this product.'

5/5  Lauren 'Great product, my 2 year old son loved it for his birthday!'

5/5  Toni 'Great value and quality. My 8 month old daughter finds lots of fun in it.'

4/5  Pops 'Worth the money for the hours of enjoyment'

5/5  Mohammed 'Excellent product highly recommended'

5/5  Meme 'Defo recommend this especially when young ones are learning.. my LG never stops playing with it.'

5/5  Ju99 'This kitchen is fab! My 2 1/2 yr old grandaughter loves it.'

5/5  Calaj 'Great 1st kitchen for my niece, she looks cooking for us'

5/5  Kay 'My little one loves playing with this, she enjoys making me a cup of tea and is always bringing me over plates of food and then laughs when I pretend to eat it :) Was well worth the money, and would highly recommend x'

1/5  Ngahj 'Shocking it tiny and in mean tiny only get an egg screwed to the pan 2 peices of cutlery and it only got cupple of noises but really loud and annoying ....'

3/5  Nat 'It's ok, quite small'

5/5  Elisha 'Great toy for my babies age group deffo recommend she loves it !! Great fun.'

5/5  Pinky 'Bought this for my granddaughter who is 1 years old and she loves it hours of fun very well made tough enough for her she plays for hours also her 2 & 6 year olds sisters play'

5/5  Clare 'Great size perfect for my one year old son!!'

3/5  Caco 'Good you but bit on small side'

5/5  Katie 'A wonderful size with plenty of musical fruit and vegetable buttons! Ideal for table top or high chair play and easy to transport to grandparent or friends houses for lots of amusement on the go!'

4/5  Bear 'Really really lovely kitchen and prefect size for my son. The only criticism is lack of off switch but other than that it’s really lovely'

3/5  Helen 'It's quite nice and compact kitchen but it's too small for my 2 years old. Sounds are fab just wish it is bigger'

5/5  Ana 'It is really nuce toy! My children play a lot with it! It have sounds like real water and cooker . And have a lot of music for children on it . Colourfull and durable plastic. Good size and children are enjoyed. Me too like a mum because i don.t have a big house . So this is good for me.'

5/5  Julies1988 'Perfect for my daughter who Loves being in the kitchen. Ideal for Christmas and well worth the price'

4/5  Finchy 'This little kitchen my son loves,But sounds are lovely and he loves playing cooking. Bright colours.pretend play'

5/5  Hels61 'My year old Grandson absolutely loves this.'

3/5  Maria 'Size was small and not suitable for above 3. It should be good for below 3 though'

4/5  Mummyof1 'Knew it was going to small, but suprised when i opened it, was a lot smaller than i was expecting. My 15month old likes it, very colourful with a few loose bits that he loves to play with.'

3/5  Zeean 'It’s very small in size. I was disappointed with this toy. Kids don’t really play with it much. Price is ok but not worth buying.'

5/5  Maruthi 'Fantastic kitchen set for gal to play with.;'

1/5  Glen10 'Should of looked at size more closely So so small for the price'

4/5  Tt 'My little girl loves playing with this it keeps her occupied and entertained. She loves pretending like she’s making me food and drinks.'

5/5  Laura 'Well worth the money'

1/5  Holly 'Looks a full size kitchen in the photos, it came and it's tiny'

4/5  Lucy '1st Toy kitchen is fun but limited play value Good value for money'

5/5  Sheetal 'My little princess love helping me in kitchen and now she got her own little kitchen she love it and have a great time'

5/5  Karen 'Bought for my 2 year granddaughters birthday she loved it, and so did all the other children thank you'

3/5  Katie 'It’s quite small, it’s not I was expecting full size kitchen unit for the price but a bit bigger item would be nice. The music that plays from the fridge where the fruits are has nothing to do with anything. It’s not like it’s well know as nursery music, it’s just some random music! In overall not the best item and as for toddlers very small.'

5/5  Rianna 'My little girl loves it. Her favourite thing at nursery so bought it and shes doesnt leave it alone. Also ideal fits under the pram so can take it out with me'

5/5  Sue 'Small but lots of play value'

1/5  PickleParty 'This is not child size. This is a kitchen for a child’s dolls to play with. It is just very very small.'

5/5  Nodrog 'Since receiving this kitchen at Christmas, the two and a half year old has made it his favourite toy. It is safe and somewhat educational. He loves "washing up" and "washing his hands" under the tap, with the realistic splashing water sound. It would be good to have a dish that fits into the oven, otherwise everything is perfect, down to the "sizzling" noise of the hotplate and grill.'

5/5  Lou 'My 2 year old grandson loves this.'

5/5  Jonsey84 'Love my little item with plenty of lights an sounds for imagitive play. Perfect for my little one who's 18 months.'

5/5  Gigi 'My great granddaughter was thrilled with it and so was her mother It was sturdy and seems to be long lasting'

5/5  Richardandnicky 'Brought this for my 1 year old who loves it, loves the noises and all the buttons he can push. My 6 year old will also sit and play with it as well when the 1 year old isn’t looking.'

5/5  GrannyMxxxx 'It was just right for my 18 month grandaughter. Her only complaint was that the egg was stuck to the frying pan. The sounds will greatly annoy her parents - we couldn't find an off switch.'

5/5  Babycham 'My granddaughter love her first kitchen. She loves the sound affects on it.'

4/5  Santa 'An excellent toy for a one year old exploring life'

5/5  Gary 'Great toy worth the money'

5/5  Limbo251 'Brilliant little toy a tad small but works well and my little boy loves it!!'

5/5  Pink 'Kitchen look good and my grand daughter like very much and all the time play and she is very happy'

4/5  Lol 'My Baby LOVE it I would defo recommend'

4/5  NJ 'Great starter kitchen for babies'

4/5  Kez 'As this is a Christmas present, i have not even opened the box yet, it was smaller than I originally thought it would be by looking at the box.'

5/5  Roxy 'My 16 month old loves this toy, the noises and utensils are good features.'

5/5  Sq 'Very good quality My son loves the sounds and accessories Would be better it had more realisitic sounds as children nowdays want things as close to reality as possible :)'

5/5  Kez 'Brilliant kids loved it'

5/5  Tee 'This is also a Christmas present for my daughter she will be so happy to open this on Christmas Day.'

3/5  Charl 'Very small but alright for the younger kids wouldn't recommend for any children older than 2'

3/5  Mommymc 'Product not what I was expecting. Better in that it is very interactive, worse in that it is a lot smaller than I was expecting'

5/5  Swazzy 'Ok so let's talk about this, as a first kitchen goes it rocks! The fridge and oven open, it has a basket on one side and a rack on the other, u gets a spoon, a spatula and an egg in pan with lid, nothing can be lost as it all loops with the toy or goes into the hidden storage in the back! This is where u will find all your accessories.... It lights up and sings, tap makes running water sound, the hob sizzles and glows, the toast pops up & down too! Its ace better than big kitchens lol'

5/5  Kayleih 'My son will love this at Christmas can’t wait'

5/5  Leandra 'Bought for my 2 year old and she loves it . Even though it is small , smaller than i thought , it is good quality . It lights up and play tunes and it keeps her entertained for hours .'

1/5  Taylor 'My daughter didn’t even get to play with it. Parts was missing from the kitchen brought it for her 1st birthday. Highly disappointed'

5/5  Theboyfromthenorth 'Lovely toy for our one year old! Good quality!'

5/5  Gemz2506 'Brought this for my niece, loves it!'

5/5  Shaz04 'A great little kitchen and it is small but prefect for lights and sounds loving baby. Doors to open, toast to pop, grill and tap make noises and all veg play a little tune'

3/5  BeccaH 'It’s ok as a toy but there are much better quality my first kitchens on the market. Looks cheap in the box so wouldn’t buy as a present.'

5/5  Mojo 'I bought this for my one year old grandchild, it’s was smaller than it looked but when I gave it to play with it’s just right . Excellent value.'

4/5  Helen 'This is a good item but it is a lot smaller than what I thought it was going to be'

1/5  Jules 'Boring toy and definitely not worth the money'

5/5  Tom 'Great value for money . Great quality with sounds and music'

5/5  Melissa 'My little girl loves her first kitchen toy, she has lots of fun opening the door and pushing the different food buttons to hear different sounds, she also loves hanging up and then taking down the utensils. She finds the pop up toast very funny also. It has lots to keep them entertained and I would highly recommend it.'

1/5  Chojo 'This is really tiny, the sink is about an inch wide. I should have looked at the dimensions but I assumed it would be big enough for her to pretend to wash her hands in the sink for example.Play is very restricted. The toast does not come out of the toaster, the veg in the fridge is just buttons, the egg is screwed into the pan???? The age range that this toy is aimed at would enjoy being able to take the toast in and out of the toaster same with the egg. I really don't get it.'

4/5  Gilly 'Good valve for money a little smaller than i thought but still good'

3/5  Bam 'It's a low cost product, so I didn't have high expectations, but I did expect a little bit more from it. The egg is screwed to the frying pan, and the toast is fixed in the toaster. I thought both would be removable. I also thought the 'fruit & veg' in the fridge were removable - it wasn't obvious that these were just buttons. That said, my 1 year old son really enjoys playing with it and loves wandering around the house with the spatula and spoon in each hand. Overall, good product.'

5/5  Tamarin 'Love that it make sounds. Colourful , light weight and compact'

5/5  Karo 'My son loved, had hours worth of play with it and he really enjoys pretending to make dinner. Would definitely recommend to friends and family. Well worth the money.'

4/5  Haroon1 'Great play set for niece although can be purchased cheaper elsewhere. Ideal for Wendy House'

5/5  Sassy 'Look good very colourful and my child loves it and plays with it all the the time.'

5/5  Rapau 'Just the job to keep our granddaughter happy, she loves it'

4/5  Owi 'It's good for 2 to 3 year old kid quite small but good quality.'

1/5  Smcee 'Would have had to put it on the table for my two year old to play with. Make it look a lot bigger then it is. Better off spending a bit more and getting one they can stand at. Very disappointed'

5/5  Darina 'I have noticed that my son likes to use cooking appliances and have decided to buy him this kitchen. He liked it a lot, it’s really worth it money.'

5/5  Mosse 'Our granddaughter loved this for her birthday.'

5/5  Robin 'It was a brilliant buy for my grand-daughter - she loves it and I even enjoy playing it with her myself. Great value for money too. Well done Chad Valley and Argos'

3/5  Luckydad 'Smaller than I thought it was going to be, but all in all not bad for the price. It's fun for the little one & has various songs to play.'

5/5  Molly 'This is a fantastic little kitchen that inspires imaginative play, my 2yr old grandson loves to “play cooking” and has hours of fun, we bought some extra “food and fruit” to enhance it which teaches food value and encourages him to try different fruit and veg.'

5/5  Kaz 'Great For price, pleased with purchase'

5/5  Janet 'I bought this for my grandson's 1st Birthday he loves it,good value for money.'

4/5  Denallen 'We unscrewed the fried egg which made it more fun as could then fry all the toy veg we have. My Grandson is 17 months old and he loves all the doors and buttons.'

4/5  Rogb 'My grandson thinks it's great he loves the frying noise'

5/5  Gerry 'My wee guy loves pretending to cook and plays with this most days'

4/5  Ange 'I brought this as a pressie for a little boys 1st birthday. The parents sent me a lovely video of him having a fab time playing with the toy and I was really pleased with the quality and bright colours.'

4/5  Pipsqueak 'Great value toy. Well made and enjoyable toy'

2/5  Anna 'Sounds are great and realistic but let down by accessories. For example, the egg is screwed to the frying pan - this limits imaginative play. If safety is the issue then a silicon egg could have been included.'

4/5  Dayv 'This kitchen was smaller than expected but my girls are 18 months and love it. Play with it daily'

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