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Chad Valley My 1st 10 Pack of Books

About the Chad Valley My 1st 10 Pack of Books

Chad Valley My 1st 10 Pack of Books utilising commonplace all around cherished stories. Ideal for youngsters who are coming to grips with literacy. Check back on pages to urge your little to pick up on new words.

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Chad Valley My 1st 10 Pack of Books Reviews

5/5   'I bought two of these packs as gifts for my nephews and nieces in Sri Lanka and they loved it. The books are in good quality and the drawings and stories are also nice. Especially, this was good value for money and good gift items if you are looking for something in the very last minute. Weight was also OK as I was looking for something lightweight so I could take them in the flight.'

5/5  Lubi2800 'Very nice little books'

5/5  Happy 'Great books. My 4 year old enjoys story time.'

5/5  Caroline 'I ordered kids story books and are very helpful. The kids enjoy reading them'

5/5  Blueberry22 'Really good quality good size ideal bedtime stories that are too long :)'

5/5  Goodaph 'The children really enjoyed learning to read with these story books'

5/5  Marge 'The colourful pictures tell and depict the stories well for our 4 year old who is learning to write and read'

5/5  Jules 'These were great little books for my grandson well worth the money'

5/5  Zainab 'It's perfect and has all the best stories'

2/5  Le27 'Story is very matter of fact. Not written in a manner that makes them interesting to read or engaging. Spoils great traditional stories.'

5/5  Jenna 'I bought these for my son as i wanted him to have all the stories i grew up listening to. What was an added bonus was they have a page for you to read and an easy read for them to read the story to you. Great for little ones who are learning to read.'

5/5  Gkgoodyear 'Great product, I recommend them.'

5/5  Lynne 'Bought for my kids.theyblove it.10 different classic story's.and easy word for 4yrs to read.very good'

5/5  Lauren 'Bought for my little boy and he loves them Only key points of stories mentioned keeping it short and simple'

5/5  MissViolet 'Makes a great present Books come shirnk packed in plastic, would have been nice if they came in a little presentation box, but the lack of one takes nothing away from it. Great books that make fab presents. Great value, and makes a great gift, or could be split up for multiple gifts'

5/5  Emz 'Not open yet but I'm sure I will enjoy reading these to my adopted children when they arrive. Old storeys are the best'

5/5  Shell 'Really cute books, would recommend would prefer if it was all hard cover'

5/5  Aga 'My 4 years old girl absolutely love them'

4/5  Colz 'Lovely collection of classics, easy to read and nice illustrations'

5/5  KurlyK 'This product is perfect for young children learning to read. Books are lovely and my daughter really enjoys reading. Perfect'

5/5  Marie 'Picked up as early Christmas presents. They look good for the price.'

3/5  DanBeasant 'Don't think these books are very engaging. They could be written better.'

5/5  Jj 'Bought these for My great nephew to start him on his way'

5/5  Katie 'Good size books. My daughter loves them. Has a bit to write name in .'

5/5  DaisyB 'I read these books to my little girl from a year old and she’s loves them. I’ve recently bought another set to help her learn to read as I’ve worn the first set out. The writing is set out so the children read the right hand side of the page which is a brief wording of what that page is about. Excellent books!'

5/5  Em 'Purchased for a 4th birthday present. Lovely books with the Classic stories'

5/5  Jo 'Great bundle of books. My son loves them'

5/5  Mandi 'And he loves them. Like the fact they are read together books.'

5/5  JB 'Lovely little set of classsic bedtime stories'

5/5  234 'Lovely set of books with traditional stories. My little for loves them. Well worth the money'

5/5  ArgosShopper 'Really sweet books that allow for children to easily follow whilst you read. Each page has a short line summary of what the paragraph was talking about so that the child can practice reading aloud. At the end of the book there are the characters/objects with their names underneath so you can do a quick recap with the child. Really lovely, good quality books that are great value for money.'

4/5  Fizza 'A perfect gift for my son'

4/5  Cat 'My 4 year old loves reading with me in the evening and loved receiving this set. A story each night x'

5/5  Rita 'Brilliant children’s story books. Includes favourite classic stories which my son loved reading before bed....would highly recommend!great value for money.'

5/5  Gemmmaaa 'These books are good quality and perfect for my 4 year old'

5/5  Roopa 'Good collection of stories for first readers'

5/5  Slou87 'Lovely classic reading books. Very happy.'

5/5  CLOW 'This book set is perfect for my young daughter who loves stories. Great pictures which keep her interest and good size of book (easy to take about with you!)'

5/5  Mondeoman 'Nice set of books for my grandson at Christmas.'

5/5  Lou 'They are for my daughters birthday and I know she will love them.'

5/5  Junior 'Looking for a birthday present for my 5 year old daughters friend, very good offer 2 for the price of one, the staff were very helpful and friendly and gave me good ideas.'

4/5  Tink 'Daughter loves them and reading is getting better everytime she reads them'

5/5  Vlastule 'Great set of books for bedtime stories, my little ones loves them and starts playing the stories out with her toys. Well worth it'

2/5  Mummy 'Books are very direct for young children. I have read much nicer versions of these stories.'

4/5  Jay 'Very simple words great for first time readers'

5/5  Stephanie95 'She loves them always reading them to me it’s educating her to helping her with spellings and sentences honestly such a great buy the price was great too highly recommend'

5/5  Iwonka 'The children books make a wonderful read for a young person. Great for a Christmas gift this year. Fantastic way to encourage children to read. A very reasonable cost for a parent or friend.'

5/5  Mossie60 'We bought these books because all ten of them featured traditional stories. Our three year old Grandaughter loves them.'

5/5  Jodie 'My little girl who is 1 is now very excited to sit and cuddle while we flick through the pages of these bright and colourful story’s. Just one thing I wish they were hard backed. But we love them'

5/5  Rachel 'Absolutely brilliant books all the classics great for first readers.'

5/5  Suzie82 'Great set for a great price,newphew loves them..'

5/5  Oddbod 'I did read reviews and they were all good so fantastic buy'

5/5  Kb 'I bought these stories to read to read to my son at night - didn't realise there was a quiz at the end and pages for the kids to read absolutely delighted with my purchase.'

5/5  Becky 'Great value for money and the books are all very interesting for my son'

5/5  Abhi 'Good set of books.'

5/5  Momo 'My daughter loves it ..'

4/5  KHR 'A good selection of books covering all the childhood favourites. Being hardback also makes them more durable'

5/5  Pheobie 'Had a lovely bargain with these books little one was really happy and continues to enjoy bedtime storys'

5/5  Paige 'Lovely little books'

5/5  Tazbubbles 'Just what I wanted, stories I grew up with to read to my little boy'

5/5  Sim 'Very good for the money Most of the children in my house have enjoyed reading these books'

5/5  Sue 'Love the fact that these are quite cheap but there the older stories what my little girl will grow up with'

5/5  Lianna 'My grandson loves the stories in these books. It's a shames there are no more different books to purchase like these.'

5/5  Caz 'I bought these books for our grandson for his birthday he loves reading and they are a lovely set of story books well worth the money would recommend highly.'

5/5  Tanya 'Great books for storytelling and to encourage reading skills.'

5/5  Pearl 'Hard cover and colourful books, my Son loves them.'

2/5  Rik 'I was expecting A4 size but they are barely a5. I guess I should have checked the sizes first. Stories do not flow very well as if they have been written by a child. I'm going to use the book club next time.'

5/5  Emma 'These books are perfect to share with your little one! Whether you're reading to or reading together they are beautifully written and illustrated.'

5/5  Taylor 'Love these book good buy'

4/5  Coach1tripper2 'Nice set of short stories for me to read to my 4 year old granddaughter when she has a sleepover.'

5/5  Techstar 'Great way to introduce all the fairy tales to my young daughter. Great set of books, well made, written well, great images. Make a lovely gift too'

5/5  Mummyno3 'Great set of books, enjoyed all of them.'

4/5  Angie 'Bought these for our daughter's 3rd birthday and they are still going strong 2 weeks later. A bit gruesome eg the Wolf does eat the granny and red ridng hood but that hasn't put her off. The stories are very basic as they are intended as readers for the children.'

5/5  Staceysimmo 'Bought these for my 3 year old great little books she was pleased with them'

4/5  Rocks 'I bought this set of books for my 5 year old daughter and she likes every bit of it. It's really worth buying.'

5/5  Ratty66 'These are very very similar to the old ladybird books from my youth. Small but well illustrated and excellent for children'

4/5  Beth 'These are a great set of book, nice pictures for my 2 year old and will also work well to progress her through to reading simple phrases and then full reading so they are very much worth the money.'

4/5  Ash 'Hi, it was a amazing return gift for my 4 year daughter friends. it's worth the money and kids can enjoy reading books again and again.'

5/5  Niamh 'After grown up on reading these books for any years , I wanted to give my 5 year niece the same chance to enjoy such wonderful stories. She loves them.'

5/5  Clo 'Good quality books'

5/5  Bubba 'These are all familiar stories known from my own childhood, so I was happy to purchase these for my granddaughter. She is only two and not long had them so she is not at the reading stage yet, but she is really enjoying the stories, and the fact that they are familiar stories makes it easy to read to her with expression.'

5/5  BETSKY 'Nice set of books for my two 3 year old greatgrandchildren'

5/5  MumT 'Excellent value'

5/5  Allylewin 'Nothing better than the old fairy tales my grandkids loved them'

5/5  Missrobinson 'Great books to start to reading with my little girl and she loves them.'

5/5  Rajesh 'Small collection of good selection of books for a price offer. Gives some variety for my 7 years old to divert her attention from constant TV'

5/5  Clampy 'My daughter loves reading and these books get her right in to reading. I would recommend these books to a friend'

5/5  Taz 'My daughter loves it'

4/5  Lynn 1 'Bought for 5yr old niece who loved them. Will help with learning to read.'

5/5  Simplysue62 'I read these books to my grandchildren every night and they love them. The 4 year old is learning to read at the moment and these books are really helping. The books contain some helpful tips on how to get your child reading which I found really helped.'

5/5  Dang 'Easy to read. They come with a phrase every page with bigger lethers for kids to join in and read. Short stories.'

4/5  Clairel 'Bought as a Christmas present but only read for the first time this evening! Hoping my 4 year old school child will eventually be able to read along with the stories.'

5/5  Natasha 'My sons love to read one of these before bed time'

5/5  Nine 'Good quality set of books and kids love the stories'

5/5  Vic 'I brought these for my little girl who is 3 and she loves them'

5/5  Babs 'Excellent very good'

5/5  Black Rose 'Great Quality, great selection of books. makes a great birthday/Christmas present'

4/5  Lurgan 'Books are colourful and fun'

4/5  Leah 'Good quality and all fav kids stories Good for learning to read also'

5/5  Melissa 'Very good price and quality. I love reading to my little girl and these books where perfect for night time'

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