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chad valley mr bubbles bath toy

About the Chad Valley Mr Bubbles Bath Toy

Make bathtime an enjoyable experience with this super joyous Chad Valley Mr Bubbles Bath Toy. Pour shower gel into Mr Bubbles' Hat then press his bow tie and watch as captivating bubbles appear like magic from his tummy, to the delight of your little one.

Brand: Chad Valley
SKU: 5422360
EAN/SKU: 5422360
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Chad Valley Mr Bubbles Bath Toy Reviews

1/5   'Really poor quality and only lasted 5 minutes before breaking'

1/5  Ashleigh 'I have tried many of things inside this product and yet still does not work, plus the sticky things on the back to stick on wall don't work as falls off and when came one off them wasn't even fitted on.'

5/5  Lulu 'Brought as a gift my nephew loves it'

1/5  LadyLau 'Bought for my 3 year old for Christmas who was super excited to use it in the next bath - wasted a load of bubble bath to try and get it to work. Planning on returning it for a refund'

3/5  Ky 'Great idea took a while to get the bubbles to mix I had to add water as adding just the gel etc to make bubbles wasn't working once touvr tweeked it the kids will have so much fun with it as bubbles just spill into the bath not float around like pic suggests and I'll be replacing suction pads as on standard sized tiles it moves to much'

5/5  Joanne32 'I bought this for my niece she loves it'

5/5  Curley 'Xmas present for grand daughter'

4/5  Tiggs08 'Really cute little thing. My daughter likes it alot, Would recommend to friends n family'

5/5  Trevorsky 'Does what it says on the box'

3/5  Trouble1106 'Brought this for my son thinking it would bubble from his tummy but it just doesn't do much. Not many bubbles come out. Wouldn't recommend.'

1/5  Kacichch 'Very disappointed, bought this for my toddler and it doesn’t produce any bubbles, I have tried all sorts of shower gels, bubble baths and even hand wash and the best I’ve got is a couple of bubbles after pouring water on to the penguin’s belly (as told to on the instructions) other than the fact it doesn’t actually work as a bubble machine- it is very heavy and falls off the bath tiles constantly.'

5/5  Dianehair 'My niece loves this in the bath it’s easy to use and colourfull'

5/5  Emmahutch 'Lovely for a fun bath experience! It’s super for distracting while doing hair washes!!'

5/5  Nancy 'My granddaughter will love this present'

4/5  Jordanneb 'My Son Loves It. Makes bath time fun again'

3/5  Jenmck7l 'We havent used it yet, but thus far (inspecting after purchase/wrapping for holiday) I am fairly certain this will be fun. Nothing special though.'

5/5  Claire 'My little boys love playing with this in the bath'

5/5  Mackem 'Great value for money'

5/5  Abbey 'Great product'

5/5  Mummyof4 'My son loves this'

5/5  Jas 'Very good value for money my little boy loves it'

1/5  Lorraine 'Purchased this for my granddaughter but unfortunately I had to return it. It didn't work as expected. It didn't produce any bubbles at all'

2/5  Lacey 'It took ages for the bubbles to come out had to mess with loads the bubbles don't blow out the run down wards towards the battery's then about 4 days later the bottom started to leak orange opened it up it was the batteries I would not recommend it's a waste of money'

1/5  Sam 'Bought for my 1yr olds birthday, we have tried every mix of shower gel.. bubble mix etc & it just doesnt blow bubbles just a light puff of air out of the holes! Also very heavy & doesnt stay stuck to the tiles.. i wouldnt bother buying.'

5/5  Kim 'Found it hard to workout at 1st but got it in the end and my kids have fun at bath times'

2/5  Gaynor 'Bubbles just fall down the bath I thought at lease they would blow out like normal bubbles do'

1/5  Dani 'First one did work at all so I sent it back and had a new one. This worked the first time but only dribbled out bubbles rather than blowing them. Came to use it again and it doesn't work. Wouldnt recommend!'

1/5  Schonny 'Was so looking forward to playing with Thai with my niece. Set it all up correctly and even bought more shower / bubble bath for it. Once it was all set up to go we switched it on, only to find out that it doesn't work. After reading other reviews it turns out that other have had the same problem. Should have read them before I bought it.'

1/5  Gills 'Very disappointed with this product'

4/5  Mrdough 'Bought it for my two year old granddaughter and she loves it. Need really good bubble bath for it to work right but then it's great.'

1/5  HD 'Had to return as it didn't work! Waste of money, wish I'd read the reviewes before ordering...'

1/5  Harrison 'Awful product, first one didn't even turn on, 2nd one didn't even blow bubbles! Argos were brilliant with the return and refund though.'

4/5  Chas 'Great for its purpose. Can't fault it'

1/5  Hayley 'This toy is rubbish. I bought it for my 3 year old who loves bubbles, first one I bought was broken and when had it replaced, I was so dissapointed. It spits out a couple of bubbles which don't even float the just drop of the penguins stomach then just stops. Would not recommend at all.'

2/5  SpudsBird 'Waste of money!!!!!'

4/5  Mary 'Bought for friends new baby who enjoys bath time and this colourful toy. He's fascinated by it and loves the bubbles. After initial set up easy to use.'

1/5  Sar 'Filled with shower gel as instructed,no joy ,Duracell new batteries as well .i will be returning .my granddaughter very disappointed .'

2/5  Bekki 'It looks good but is very noisy and the bubbles just run down the wall they don't actually blow out!'

2/5  Shey76 'My 3 year old was excited about having this bath toy. Sadly it did not work well, only a few small bubbles came out. Returned it the next day, offered another but instead I picked a wind up bath toy which is great. Argos were great when I returned it'

1/5  Jess 'Iv tried loads of different shower gels even a bubble mixture it makes a sound but doesn't actually blow out any bubbles, dissapointed and it's going back tomorrow'

5/5  Lorna 'I would avoid pitting it too high on the bathroom tiles as it doesnt stick brilliantly. Apart from that it is a fabulous toy.'

5/5  Terri 'Love this item, great for my daughter who is obsessed with bubbles'

1/5  Keeley 'Does not work.. this is a known fault that chad valley are aware of and have been for months. Took it back and exchanged for Tomy rocket.'

1/5  Rebekah 'I bought this for my two kids.. tried 4 different bubbke baths and it didnt blow any bubbles made a noise but no bubbles my kids were heart broken i dont reccomend'

5/5  LouiesNanny 'Good value for money'

4/5  K94 'It's am OK product.. I out bubble bath in like it said but did not blow bubbles like pictured on the box. It just made a puddle of bubbles'

1/5  Sunshine 'Not a good toy my child doesn't keep him entertained at all no bubbles comes out poor'

2/5  Cazza 'Not a very good bubble machine. The bubbles get stuck to each other and slide down the belly. Rather than coming out individually. My son was very disappointed. Button to turn it on is very hard to push on and off.'

1/5  Craig 15 'Not very good broken after ten mins'

3/5  Lc 'Didn't blow out bubbles!'

1/5  Melwadd 'Unfortunately this product did not work. The noise and motor were working but no bubbles. However when I took this back to store the staff couldn't have been more helpful. Took time to find me another suitable bath toy for my little boy. Also ensured I didn't lose out on the offer 2 for £15. Product let down - Argos staff did not'

4/5  Lea 'Very happy with this product'

1/5  Toni 'Very poor item would not recommend you buy this. Read all the reviews before I bought but thought I'd give it a shot. Does not work just makes a loud noise with air coming out no bubbles what so ever. Dont waste your money.'

1/5  Foster 'Doesn't work at all'

1/5  Newst 'Had to take the machine back as it did not work! Useless'

1/5  Alfie 'I bought this toy for my granddaughter but had to return it as it didn't work. Not argos' fault and the money was refunded with no problem.'

5/5  Julesuk1 'My grandson could spend hours in the bath with this'

1/5  Angharas 'Awful product, it oozes foam rather than any bubbles, completely disappointed.'

1/5  Jadeypops87 'This product has never worked,I tried new batteries,different kinds of bubble bath and even adding water,no bubbles are made,complete waste of money!'

1/5  Ash 'Put the batteries in, put some shower gel in as directed, turned it on, waited for bubbles and nothing. It was making all the sounds as if it was on but zero bubbles came out ☹️ Probably just a faulty one but it was more hassle than it was worth getting two small children back in the car to return it so he went to dustbin heaven.'

1/5  Danielle 'Tried different batteries and soaps bubbles etc and toy does. It work'

1/5  Gen 'Brought this product and it dribbled bubbles instead of blowing them, returned for a refund.'

5/5  Lisa 'My boys 1 and 2yrs love this bathtime toy. They play for hours. Great value for money.'

5/5  Daddy K 'Purchased for 19 week old daughter, produced a steady stream of bubbles dependent on the gel you use (some baby things won't lather) Worth the money.'

1/5  Reene 'My little girl was really looking forward to this bath toy. We put the batteries in then unscrewed the hat and added the bubble bath. Screwed the cap back on pressed the bow tie to start and...... no bubbles. Just a loud noise. Really disappointing. My little one was not impressed.'

5/5  Willow 'It looks fun for bath time and encourages little ones to get enjoyment at bathtime'

1/5  Sally 'Maybe I just have a faulty one but it doesn't blow any bubbles like in the picture.'

1/5  Gigi 'This item has never worked'

1/5  Tom 'Makes a noise but no bubbles come out'

4/5  Lotso 'Kids love it lots of bubbles, makes bath time last even longer'

1/5  Dominique 'Didn't even work and was hard to open so damaged it so couldn't bring back'

5/5  Kelly 'Both my boys love this, cant get them out of the bath!'

5/5  Lauren 'This is amazing!!my son now has great fun in the bath&loves the bubbles Defo recommend'

5/5  Deb 'Made bath time fun again for my 2 year old boy'

5/5  Jj 'My son loves playing with this in the bath'

1/5  Abbie 'Bought this because my little boy loves bubbles and he'd love bath time even more. The batteries were awkward to get in and after using a lot of shower gel and bubble bath we still didn't see any bubbles. Just a high pitch tone which my son wasn't fond of. I'm sure I was just unlucky and given a faulty product but returned for a full refund.'

3/5  Gems21 'Followed instructions, filled up with bubble bath, pressed the bow tie.... And no bubbles come out!!! My daughter still likes playing with it though!'

5/5  Moray Lass 'This bath toy is colorful, bright,and great fun for grand children, well made and great value.'

5/5  Proudmumto3 'Lots of fun at bath time for little munchkins of all ages'

1/5  Ches 'This is a lovely penguin and my son loved it as soon as he saw it. Unfortunately after fighting to get the battery compartment open it made a noise but no bubbles. Took it back for a replacement. Same problem again. Was returned for a refund. Needless to say I had a very unhappy toddler on my hands.'

5/5  Argos Shopper 'My daughter loves this but forever running out of shower gel to keep it going'

1/5  Kat 'Don't waste your money, one unhappy toddler, could blow now bubbles with my mouth!'

5/5  Maria 'Little girl loves it, can't complain.'

2/5  Sophie 'Brought this for my son who is 7months and loves bath time. Product idea is great however the bubbles come out in a clump of bubbles rather than individual bubbles as I thought. However he still likes it so I kept the product. One more thing the suction cups that hold to the wall aren't very good and machine constantly falls off tiles and the bath I will invest in a more expensive better quality one'

5/5  Jwright 'Mr bubbles has revamped bath time in our house! My little one hated bath time, wanted in and straight back out again. Bath times are now long and fun which leads to a happy, tired baby ready for a full nights sleep :)'

1/5  Starryd 'This item did not work on arrival and try as we might we were unable to open it to try new batteries. Ended up damaging it trying to open so I'm guessing it's unlikely we can return now. Very disappointing!'

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