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Chad Valley Mega Vehicle Jump

About the Chad Valley Mega Vehicle Jump

The huge Chad Valley Mega Vehicle Jump and has all little ones need for plenty of fun car mayhem! Two speedy autos come included ready to race or freestyle on the huge array of ramps, jumps and loops. Racing flags signal - situated at the peak of the primary ramp- signal when to begin the race or expel the autos from the built in car launcher and watch the auto go flying through the loop-the-loop track.

Brand: Chad Valley
SKU: 4025744
EAN/SKU: 4025744
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Chad Valley Mega Vehicle Jump Reviews

5/5   'Really big super fun toy! My niece absolutely loved playing with it'

5/5  Emma 'Great play and fab for All ages'

5/5  Lucy 'A toddlers version of hotwheels fantastic to and easy to build'

5/5  Loulou 'Mu son loves it it keeps he entertained for hours and hes non stop plaued with it nest xmas presents we got him'

5/5  Mad1 'It was for a birthday present for a 2 year old & he loved it . He’s having fun playing with it'

5/5  Karis 'My son loves it keeps him entertained for quite a while'

5/5  Shelby 'Good value for money, lots of fun.'

5/5  Suz 'My 2 year old and 3 year old both love this. endless fun for them all day long. sturdy and very durable. No worries about having to put it together throughout the day as it had it up for a week and not had to put it together again'

5/5  June 'Easy to put together, and lots of fun for a toddler to enjoy'

5/5  Mmmmmmmm 'Amazing my 2 year old loves it'

4/5  Kev 'My boys love this, Got this for my 2 year old but found that my 6 year old loves it too! It is well made durable plastic not a cheap feel like other toys like it. The boys lean on it and stands up to that! Great buy in my eyes.'

4/5  HJ 'Wee boy was delighted to see he had a race track'

4/5  Abisquish 'My 5yo asd son adores this.. ideal for young imaginative play..'

5/5  Simma 'Fun gift could have more start points more tracks or loops ..... it’s fun but once you’ve done it once .... you’ve done it !'

5/5  Shep 'Bought for a friend’s son who is 3 yrs old and car mad, he is really happy with it and wanted the present to be set up immediately'

5/5  Claire 'Fab Xmas present children love it'

5/5  Alana 'Great toy, our son has other cars that fit down it also and has experimented with all sorts of vehicles. The boost bit at the bottom can be removed and moved and we have had loads of fun seeing how far we can send cars back up the ramps along with trying to get them to land into baskets.'

5/5  Luci 'Bought this as a Christmas present for my 2 year old, and it's by far his favourite, even his older sisters enjoy playing with it. It's easy to build, does need a few screws, and is well made.'

3/5  R87 'Bought in the sale and glad I did as looks a bit cheap for over £40.00. But great for entertaining the little one!'

5/5  Maz 'Excellent value and purchased for a 2 year old that loves hot wheels but is a little young for the tracks, would definitely recommend'

5/5  Vonnie 'This is a good strong quality toy, so easy to put together, best of all my grandsons love it. Very happy little boys'

5/5  Charlie 'Bought this for a 2 year old little boy. This gift has given him hours of fun.'

5/5  Supernan 'Purchased this for my two year old great grandson. He gets lots of enjoyment playing with this.'

4/5  Samsun91 'Kids love it not stopped playing with it'

5/5  Iso 'Bought for my nephew for Christmas and he loves it, it takes about ten mins to put together, it just all clicks together,i would recoment this toy.'

5/5  Web61 'I bought this toy for my Grandson, who's 16 months old, he absolutely loved it. It is very good for eye to hand coordination and to expand his imagination.'

5/5  Wildorchid33 'This is a good quality product, the only issue for me is that, having lost a screw, a spare screw or two would have spared me an hour of frantically scrabbling around the floor on Christmas day. Bit of a nightmare!'

5/5  Paula 'Good strong stable you for toddlets'

5/5  Nana17 'My 3 year old grandsin absolutley loves this track. Its strong, durable, colourful and plenty of fun.'

5/5  Anne 'This was an excellent and fun toy which my friend's 18 month old son had a great time playing with.'

5/5  Shannon 'Got this for my son for chrismas so he hasn't play with it yet but loves cars and car tracks so defo gunna love this, he's 3 yrs old'

5/5  Dawn 'Excellent product bright colours kids loved it'

5/5  Flozzy 'Haven't used yet as a Christmas present for my 2 year old grandson who loves cars so will be a very happy wee boy'

5/5  Daniella 'I have bought this for a friend’s kid for his birthday. He wasn’t patient for me to add all the labels. He was so excuted. a bargain for the quality of teh product. I woud play with it as well.'


5/5  Tracey 'I am very impressed with this and can not get over the value for the money. My 2yr old Grandson loves it, it is perfect for his little hands. it is a good size too, he will get many years of play from this. it is perfect for both indoors and outdoors. lots of imaginative play, Great for hand and eye coordination. A very happy Grandson and a very happy Grandma.'

5/5  Julie62 'This toy is perfect for my little grandson who is just starting to play with cars and tracks. Easy to assemble and provides lots of fun at a great price.'

5/5  Carla 'Great at reduced price and hours of play'

5/5  Bubbles 'Endless fun for the kids. Bought for 3 year old an he loves it.'

5/5  Squirrel 'Excellent enjoyed by child , friends and grandpa'

5/5  Alexa 'My lo plays with toy from early morning and I enjoy with him.'

5/5  Chris 'Lovely toy for the grandchild easy to assemble.'

3/5  Yak1 'It’s ok but after reading the reviews left for it I was a bit disappointed with it. Grandson likes to see the cars go down the ramp, but that’s it really. A big toy for little pleasure.'

5/5  Shazza 'Got it for my nephew's birthday he loves it out all his toys that's the one he plays with the most :)'

5/5  Cazz 'My nephew loved this! Perect for little hands'

5/5  Amy 'This vehicle jump is a extremely great game for young children. It allows them to play with the different parts of the course so it's interesting. It takes a bit of space but I that's what's makes it exciting. It comes with two cars but you can purchase more if you want.'

4/5  Cd 'Hours of fun play bright colours and nice and sturdy'

4/5  MaRky29 'The button you press to flick the car over the ramp isn’t great but it has kept our 2 & 4 year olds amused so far. They have had more fun rolling balls down the ramps. It’s easy to assemble which is good as it has quite a big footprint so may have to go back in box now and again.'

5/5  Stacey 'Great quality, strong product. A little tricky to put together and need screwdriver but generally very good. Bought as present and very pleased with the reaction to it'

5/5  Madmax 'Great toy!easy to assemble, great present'

5/5  Jacques 'My little boy absolutely loves his bright fun ramp, would defiantly recommend'

4/5  LDOT 'Great product for young children wanting to play with cars and tall toys.'

5/5  Bdraminska 'Best quality best prize'

5/5  Mammy2 'Bought for my nephew for his birthday and he absolutely loved it'

5/5  Luce 'My son loved it, he giggled and giggled and watching it zoom off the track, definitely kept him entertained'

5/5  Tinker 'I brought this for my 2 year old, he's had great fun with it. It's a fab toy for a fab price!'

3/5  Sambrook 'Its not all screwed down so my little boy keeps taking it apart alot, and the little box at the end what shoots cars always seems to come apart, not recommend on carpets as the ends keep coming off.'

5/5  Steph 'Got this for my daughter as she loves the one at toddlers. She plays with it all the time now. Would be 5 stars if some of the parts didn’t come unattached, the ramp at the bottom and the ends of the tracks. Otherwise it’s a great product.'

5/5  Teela 'My 2 year old loves this! Some of the jumps are a little tricky for him to work but it gives him something to work towards. It’s quite a big toy but worth the house room to hear his laughter!'

5/5  Nami 'He kept sliding down cars all day! A great gift for boys, definitely recommend.'

5/5  Sarah 'I bought this for my nephew and he loves it'

4/5  GrandadKeith '18 months + is a bit young for some but good fun for slightly older.'

4/5  JOG 'My ten year old daughter could assemble it. The product and price are good.'

5/5  Twitch 'This was a birthday present for my 2 year old grandson he absolutely loves it he can't stop playing with it .... he especially love's the launcher and the jump features.. my daughter is now looking at other Chad valley products as she amazed at the quality and durability of the product... my grandson now thinks I'm the best grandad ever ... his favourite saying at the moment is ..... CAN I PLAY WITHE GRANDADS TOY ... thanks for that feeling'

4/5  Nikinakinoo 'It's a good little toy but I'm not sure how long the little ones will be interested in it'

5/5  Lesley 'Great fun for my grandson. Easy to build'

4/5  Sean 'Nice toy and kids enjoy but flip out ramp doesn't close correctly and has to be forced close, doesn't take too much but clear a quality control miss.'

5/5  Woosie 'This was bought for our almost 2 year old grandson because he has played with an exact replica belonging to his cousin. It is strong and durable and provides lots of fun if you like playing with cars. Would definitely recommend.'

5/5  Sam 'Bought for my 18 month old nephew as he's into cars at the moment and both him and his 4 year old sister love it! Nephew is smart for his age so I don't know the minimum age for it really but it's great value for what you get and pretty sturdy once put together.'

5/5  Fibee22 'Seems good fun for my 2 year old grandson. Not sure if it can stimulate his imagination much as it has limitations. Do find stickers a bit naff as they will be peeled off eventually, they need to come up with a sticker that is more durable. Structure of the whole thing seems quite sturdy and does not have very small pieces.'

5/5  Bainsey35 'The height is ideal for my 2 year old and it doesn't take up too much floor space. He enjoys playing with it so far - only had a few days as was a Christmas present. We were contemplating getting the additional cars however it comes with 2 cars and this is plenty to play with so unless you want lots of cars lying around I wouldn't bother.'

5/5  Lou 'I bought it for my grandson. He has so much fun playing with it making the cars go fast down the track. It looks good and seems to be strong to cope with children being rough.'

5/5  Debso 'Christmas present for my 3 year old Grandson, he has something similar that he loves so I know he'll have lots of fun and play with this for hours too....'

4/5  Emz 'It’s good for the money, and u can get the set of cars to go with it'

5/5  Sharon 'Hours of fun for my 2yr old grandson. Toy is strong and well made.'

4/5  Alex 'We bought this for my 2 year olds birthday and he loved it, woke up this morning to play again with his older brother. There were just squeals of delight coming from the room, and two brothers playing beautifully together. Setting it up requires a scew driver, but otherwise is fairly straight forward. The cars that come with it appear quite hardy, but time will tell. So far we love it!'

4/5  Deb 'My 18 month old son loves this, he got excited when we were building it together and still starts squealing with excitement each time he plays with it. He can easily put the cars on the tracks himself and it's straight forward and easy for him to release them himself which is perfect for his age now he wants to be able to play independently. I have even bought another one for my nephew we liked it that much'

5/5  Minired 'Brought this for my nephews 1st birthday. He loves it and it has great durability. Hours of fun to be had.'

5/5  BB 'My 2 year old grandson loves this so does his 5 year old brother, they have fun playing together.'

5/5  Emma 'My little boy loves this! Has hours of fun. excellent value for money.'

5/5  Roxan 'Brought this for my 2year old for his birthday, he loves it, it's just the right height for him. It's easy to put together, had I small part missing, which was the exit barrier, I'm not fussed to be honest, it got a little annoying with the end peaces that fit on like a jigsaw pazzle they kept coming off, so I removed them as it does not effect the performance of the rump or imaginative play. My little boy loves playing with it he's happy I'm happy.'

5/5  Beti 'Fantastic toy !! I bought for 2 years old nephew and he is playing all the time with his 5 years old brother !! They have so much fun, definitely was a good choice.'

5/5  Cav 'My kids bith love this, hours of enjoyment up to now'

5/5  Beanie 'I brought this product for my 2 year old and he loves it.'

5/5  Messy 'I can not believe the amount you get for the price here. Really good toy which keeps my son entertained for quite good lengths of time.'

4/5  Shazzer66 'My 2 year old loves this and won't let anybody else touch it. Definitely a winner for his 2nd birthday.'

5/5  WorkfromHomeDad 'Built in around 10 minutes with 2 boys desperate to start playing. Worth the wait !!! Cars go really fast and do a genuine loop the loop...'

5/5  Atkin26 'My 2.5 year old son loves it.'

4/5  Josie 'I brought this for my two year old Great Grandson, he liked it a lot. However, it was quite difficult to fit together, especially when the child wants to play with it there and then! I would suggest that if you want to give it to the child so they can play with it straightaway, put it together the night before!'

4/5  User95 'Bought it for my little boys birthday he loves it'

4/5  Squeek 'Good quality toy, easy to put together and dismantle. Good for two to play. Good fun that my two year old grandson enjoyed.'

4/5  Mrs1 'My 22 month old loves this toy especially the 2 cars that come with it. Easy enough to assemble defo worth the money.'

5/5  XxARxx 'Great product bought for my sons birthday!'

5/5  Amy 'Bought this for my 2yr old nephews birthday. He loves it. Loves how the fast cars move down the slides. Hours of fun and entertainment.'

5/5  Sioni0 'My 18 month old grandson loves this toy and play for ages'

5/5  Kim 'This kept my child entertained for hours he really enjoys this one of his favourite toys. It unclips into smaller pieces for easy storage. It is really colourful and sturdy .'

5/5  Millie 'He 2 year old and he love it,'

5/5  Angela 'Good quality and has provided hours of fun.'

5/5  Amelia&Isaac 'Bought this for my son who loves anything to do with cars and he hasn't left it alone since, highly recommended for little ones who love cars!'

5/5  Sujo 'Our Grandson hasn't stopped playing with it, he loves it.'

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