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Chad Valley Mega Ball RunChad Valley Mega Ball Run

About the Chad Valley Mega Ball Run

Stimulate the senses of your little one and encourage with super fun Chad Valley Mega Ball Run. With five (5) stands this multi-level giant ball run has lots to captivate the attention of children with runs, twists, squiggles and drops mixed with mesmerising ball activated light and sounds. A great benefit of the is that the Chad Valley Mega Ball Run develops helps develop hand-eye co-ordination and problem solving skills via an understanding of cause and effect (Size H78.5, W91, D52cm).

Brand: Chad Valley
SKU: 7194184
EAN/SKU: 7194184
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Chad Valley Mega Ball Run Reviews

4/5   'The kids (4 and 2 years) haven’t stopped playing with it since I put it together. Simple toy but they love it. My only fault so far is the balls are very flimsy, 2 of them already had dents in them when I pulled them from the box, this stops them rolling down the track properly.'

5/5  JP 'Kids love it, great value'

5/5  Di 'Great value for money and durable too. Entertains my little ones keeping them busy for hours!'

5/5  Pixie 'Plenty of opportunity for great imaginative play'

4/5  SMW 'Bought for 2 boys as a Christmas gift- they love it. Lots of fun'

5/5  Turinshroud 'This was a present for the grandchildren (20 months and 3 y/o). It was easy to fit together and well constructed. Both of them quickly got into playing with it and clearly enjoyed doing so. My only criticism is that the balls need to be a bit more solid.'

5/5  Dea 'I have 2 Year old and a 9 month old, both love it'

5/5  Happynana 'Loved the sounds and lights'

5/5  Patyann 'This item was bought as Xmas present and the toddler loves playing with it for a few hours. Wanted to take it to bed with him. Would not leave it alone.'

5/5  Bobbie 'Excellent price for a toy that is well made and will be played with lots'

4/5  Kim 'A little complicated to assemble once assembled it’s fine but is a bit flimsy and the flashing lights and sound doesn’t always work when the ball goes through a little disappointing but baby loves it. It’s a good size and great colours for baby.'

3/5  Dragerboy 'Purchased this for my 2yr old as its safer than a marble run. However its too big when up, doesn't really gel together in terms of where the balls go and the audio/lights are truly naff.'

3/5  Gran 'Too light and easily taken to bits by 12 to18 month old children. Music part is just a nuisance and we left it off as the twin grandsons kept pulling it off and causing the whole contraption to collapse. Seriously thought of returning it to store however the grandsons appear to like it. Will be packed away after a week I feel.'

3/5  Granddad 'It's huge and a bit flimsy, took some construction and only had a limited attention pull.'

5/5  Jb 'Well built great price. Would definitely recommend'

5/5  Naweeda 'Very good game very good fun for kids'

5/5  Gingerwitch 'This product inspires curiosity even to the youngest child. With many options in where to place the ball to which tube it will end up coming out from. The balls are soft 'ball pit' style, so tiny hands can handle them. They are also great so not to break anything should your little one throw them, any easily replaceable with other style balls should they get lost. This product will keep the little ones engaged in hours of fun.'

5/5  Mrsdigger18 'The ball run looks much more expensive than it was, good fun and quite large'

5/5  Toasterbeans 'Very easy to put together! Bought as Christmas gift for my 3 year old and he's played with it more than anything else so far... Lots of fun!'

5/5  Louise 'My little girl loves this ball run as it plays music and lights up as the ball goes through I found the instructions a little difficult but used picture on box go help build it'

5/5  Kisha 'My daughter is 2.5yrs old and she loved this ball run. It was fiddly to put together so my only dissapointment was that it can be easily taken apart also by my daughter. The plus side being this also became part of the fun for her trying to put it together herself. We all had fun with it on xmas day as we raced balls to the bottom so this was enjoyed by all. Definately worth the purchase.'

5/5  Chlo 'Bought as a present for my nephew , it looks so impressive ! Nice big size with plenty of colour and the different places the ball can go creates endless fun !'

5/5  Adam 'Got my item in the sale, so excellent value for money. Kids love playing with it. Very colourful.'

5/5  Nanna 'This is brilliant easy to build lovely bright colours and sounds children love it surprised how big it was fantastic value'

5/5  Sophibaby2 'Son asked for a marble run but he's too heavy handed so this is perfect'

5/5  Jasper 'I got this for my twin grandsons who are almost two. They can play quite happily together with it and are having lots of fun and learning colours and hand eye coordination.'

3/5  CHas 'Disappointing not as good as it looks. Balls a bit lightweight ,poor instructions not in colour without the picture on the box it would have been difficult to put together. The sound it makes is very disappointing and erratic. Glad we only paid half the original price.'

5/5  Julie 'Brilliant. Very entertaining.'

5/5  Sooz 'Bought for children for Christmas, they loved it, not sure how durable it will be but lots of fun so far.'

5/5  Mimi 'This toy is good value for money and is well 'aged’ at 12 months plus. It takes up a bit of room!'

5/5  Luci 'Great to get kids to play and work together of all ages'

3/5  Perry 'Thought it was going to play more songs. It plays a short tune that is it. A little disappointed with it.'

5/5  Nick 'Excellent service from staff and absolute value for money would recommend to all my family'

5/5  Tracey4gills 'Bought for Christmas present and she loves it!'

5/5  SarahEee 'Bought for my 10 month old. He loves it!'

4/5  Jen 'Took a while to figure out how to put it together due to some of the pieces looking similar but having blocks stopping the ball going down. Instructions werent as clear as youd like them to be, had to go by the picture on the box. Eventually got it together and my cousin loved playing with it.'

5/5  Anon 'Nice toy granddaughter chose from picture in catalogue.'

5/5  Alan 'A bit if a nusance to put together but once up my grandson loves it.'

3/5  Muffin143 'Not the greatest toy. Quite flimsy. We needed to cello tape it together to move it as it just comes apart at the slightest touch. Music element is very boring. Was fun for 5 mins then your left with a huge plastic tube structure in your living room that gets ignored!'

5/5  Zebra 'Really good gift for the price tag. Two son's at 17 months have loved it seeing the balls fall done and a really good size as well. The sounds don't work all the time but as some balls are too light. Not sure if this is intentional as some do work. Regardless good gift especially for the price imo'

5/5  Tom 'Good quality easy built most of all fun'

4/5  Michal 'Good quality for the price+++'

5/5  Paula64 'Our 3 year old Granddaughter loved this and played for hours with it.'

5/5  Farmersdoll 'Bought as a Christmas present so not open yet'

5/5  Shoella 'I purchased this one for my little Grandson, It was recommended to me by a friend, However It didn't need much recommending when I saw her little ones playing and having so much fun the laughter was contagious. I am sure My Grandson will enjoy this just as much as my friends children. Cant wait till Christmas Now.. Argos Bargains i'm loving it..'

5/5  Bethemmx 'Was not expecting it to be as big as it is! Brilliant for my 6 year old and 6 month old to play with together'

5/5  Hhasan 'My little girl has so much fun playing with her mega ball run she plays for hours!'

5/5  Sstracy 'Brought this Chad Valley Ball run for my grand daughter for Christmas can't wait for her to open it. Looks lots of fun I'm sure she is going to love it .'

4/5  Row7 'My 3 year old nephew loves this , bit of a mission to put it together but I would recommend.Ro'

4/5  Maz 'Great product! Took us a while to build however, once built it looked good. Must say that I was disappointed with the sound though, as I was expecting sound to come from a few different tunnels but it only just came from one of them, and the sound only two chime-like noises (so we didn’t expect that). Because the children were a bit smaller than the height of the toy, we decided to remove the big plate-like tops, which worked. All in all a good toy after you build it, just not the sound.'

5/5  Carmel 'Well worth the money, such a good price..'

4/5  Topcat 'Great toy hours of fun for kids'

4/5  PUZZLED 'I am male aged 74 and bought this toy for our Great Grandchildren to play with when visiting us, my wife and I found this toy (having many parts) very very difficult to assemble. Having no place to store it when assembled means I have to reassemble every visit. So I would not recommend people with limited mobility buying this product.'

5/5  Pozzi '- my grandson loves it'

5/5  Dee 'Great easy to build little ones will love watching the ball twist and turn.'

5/5  Madsis 'This looks great fun for my 2year old grandson very colourful I can see him having loads of fun with it'

4/5  Lou 'Very nice item well worth the money'

4/5  Granny1 'Only criticisms are there could be different noises as the balls go down as very repetitive and a sensor on each run would be good. Apart from those very happy with the purchase.'

5/5  Grace 'My little one is going to love this for Christmas'

5/5  Rachel 'Price is good. Really big box cant wait to see little ones face'

4/5  Nana 'Great product for Christmas!'

5/5  Shiv89 'My 2 year old loves it'

4/5  Louise 'Lots of fun to be had with this, but it does look like it won’t last long. I will try to update in a few months. For the price we paid, it’s worth it! Wouldn’t have paid what the price was originally though'

5/5  Mummyof2girlsx 'My 1 year old loves it. A safe option for a 1 year to enjoy marble run.'

5/5  Stace 'I'm sure my son will love this for Xmas and will keep him entertained :)'

5/5  Immi 'My son loves it! lots of imaginative play'

5/5  Cindy 'Best ever!! My daughter loves playing with it! Keeps her busy for hours'

5/5  Kylie 'Fab value for money, my 18month old son loves it.'

5/5  Julie 'Bought for a little boy who loves his ball pit. Has great fun putting the balls in and figuring out where they come out. First purchase the sound and light section didn't work. Argos easily replaced it. Wish they hadn't! The sound is so annoying but never mind - simply turn that off. Really inspires imaginative play during construction too.'

5/5  Kanda 'Brilliant toy kids have loads of fun'

5/5  JR 'Brought for my nieces 1st birthday shes loves it'

5/5  Dee 'Put this away for Xmas, but had to 'test' it, looks amazing! And it comes with balls!'

5/5  Ally 'Purchased for grand daughter and loves it'

5/5  Helen 'I bought this for my 14 month grandson and he loves it. Makes an additional fun element to the ball pit which we all have!'

4/5  Victoria 'Not quite sure what this toy is like as I bought it for a Christmas present for my son but looking at it from the box looks like he's going to have lots of fun with it.'

5/5  Leigh 'Excellent value for money, my little one has hours of fun'

4/5  Gibbo58 'My grandsonn loves this and he laughs out loud'

5/5  Karris 'Great toy, it's huge and has endless hours of fun. My girls 2 and 1 love it. The music and lights are a bonus and my older girl like to match the balls to the colour slides. Easy to build can be broken easily if unsupervised by the one year old but what cam and they break at that age. Impressive price point for the fun my girls have had it's been worth every penny. Great price great product lots of fun and lovely and bright and colourful. Fully recommended'

5/5  Natnat 'Brilliant value for money, my nephew absolutly loves it, definatly the best choice.'

5/5  Kez 'Lots of fun for a 18 month old!'

4/5  MISSKRITICAL 'Nice toy, very large and colourful although not worth the money at full price, it would be much better if the parts clipped together rather than just pushed on as it easily comes apart and it is hard to move once built. Also the 3 tones it plays would be much better if it actually played a tune or two, and also have a volume setting as it is quite loud but my little one loves it. Pleased with it for the price I paid - as not worth full price'

5/5  Rachelmarie 'Great price! Got it half price and put away for my 16 month old for Christmas. I’m sure she will love it'

5/5  Bekka 'Bought for my sons Christmas and it’s big and colourful he is going to love it'

4/5  Cogg 'My Chad Valley ball run was bought for my son, he is Autistic so I needed something that was easy to use but also very sensory based.It was very quick to put together and did not take much to assemble. I would recommend this to anyone and it's safe to use for little ones as ball is a safe size, plus the price is amazing.'

4/5  Trudles82 'Has provided hours of fun for my son only issue is the part where the lights are doesn't clip on great think due to weight of batteries and falls blocking the balls going through but my son is happy to play without that part'

5/5  Rasti 'Our 21 month old absolutely loves it. He returns to it all the time. To build it fully you need to have a picture or step by step guide. It is possible to build it differently.'

5/5  MumofH 'We bought this because my 16 month old is obsessed with marbles, but of course is too young to play with them unassisted yet. It was a lot of fun to build and the whole family had fun sending the balls down the track. Worked perfectly for what we needed and will hopefully grow with our child as she moves from just using the built run to building her own. The balls are the exact same size as the balls you can buy for ball pits so will be easy to replace if (when!) she loses them.'

4/5  Sal 'My little ones love this can have hours of fun'

5/5  LogoLady 'Large box but great fun.'

5/5  Shum 'Much bigger than I thought but fab for the kids to play with'

3/5  Gemstown 'Found this difficult to put together and the instructions were not clear. By the time we had put it together our son had lost interest. We also found parts missing.'

5/5  Dange 'Very good toy. My 19 old boy loves it. If put up properly it is very stable and doesn't fall apart. Very happy with it.'

5/5  Bec 'I bought this also present for my little boy for his bday in August he is guna love this'

5/5  Diana 'That’s very good. Thank you'

5/5  Julieanne 'My grandson absolutely loves this toy he has so much fun with it'

5/5  Vix 'Much loved and played with by my 1 and 3 year olds. It takes up quite a bit of space and is left up as it can be awkward to re-assemble without the instructions to hand...'

5/5  Alekscesna 'This ball run is amazing. My 2y daughter loves to play with. Only thing is sound-not always working and i thought there would be some kind of music not just bipping. But overall it is very attractive'

4/5  MaryM 'Falls apart easily. Sound and light very poor compared to other toys for this age.'

4/5  Fergusmcfergus 'Grandad had a wee problem putting it together but lots of fun once built'

5/5  Ana 'Little one loves it, and it is huge for this value'

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