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Chad Valley Light and Sound Aeroplane

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About the Chad Valley Light and Sound Aeroplane

Jet of to warmer climates thanks to the Chad Valley Light and Sound Aeroplane. Lift the cover on the plane to position the fly team and get the travellers in their seats. Pop it back on and set off the motor sounds and lights ready for take off. This free wheeling plane has loads of space for team, travellers and gear.

Brand: Chad Valley
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EAN: 3498389
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'My grandchild loves this Chad Valley Light and Sound Aeroplane and has hours of fun with the noises and light up features' Camcaranci

'I would recommend as a gift to any child from 2 years - my grandson found the sound button and the hold underneath which I had not spotted he loved Pilot and all other passengers , I would recommend for any young child 2-5 years' Trish /Granny

'My grandson loved this, great toy.' Jacqui01

'This gift will keep my grandson happily occupied for a long time. Great value for money..' Best Nanny

'My grandson will have hours of fun with this. Had an old one here which he played with but was missing top and people. Know he'll love the full set! Great for little imaginations to take off!' Satch

'Bought for my little mans 2nd Birthday as he is obsessed with aeroplanes! He absolutely loves it!! Very big and sturdy - will have hours of fun! Don't forget the 2 AA batteries for it like I did, luckily I had spares in the house.' Steph

'Very good chad valley toy' Sjb

'Bought for my 22month old granddaughter who recently went on holiday abroad. She is now plane mad. She plays with this Chad Valley Light and Sound Aeroplane for hours at a time. The plane makes a noise and lights up.. well worth the money. I would defiantly recommend .' Donna

'I bought this for my great nephew as a gift. He is plane mad so he will absolutely love this. It is a nice size to so he will be able to fit his little figures inside.' Jenny Jen

'Bought for my twin boys. They loved playing with it but unfortunately the wheels broke off so durability didn't stand up to the twin test. It was a really fun toy while it lasted.' Cory

'Brought this for my 3yr old when his only toy plane broke. This is big, easy to put lid on once off and comes with people. Feels very sturdy i think it will last.' TAB

'My son love planes. This Chad Valley Aeroplane is perfect size and design. The musical light and sound is perfect . Worth for money' Jassi

'My grandson loves this aeroplane. He had been on holiday and it was his first trip overseas, he was so wanting to know the whole idea of what they did, how they operated etc. Just loves the whole concept. Glad I bought it for him even though it means a thousand questions!!!!' Linda

'Our grandson loves playing with the little people Great for imaginative play!' Netty

'I bought this Chad Valley Light and Sound Aeroplane for my Nephews birthday and it was an instant hit. He hasn't stopped playing with it since. It's easy to assemble and seems to be good quality (it's only been 2 weeks but it's lasted this long which says a lot). Highly recommended for children who love aeroplanes!!' MrsCarson

'I bought this for my 2 yr old and she loves the plane. Comes with a pilot, an air stewardess and 2 passengers. Lots of fun' Missniknak

'Bought this for my 3 year old grandaughter. Nice chunky toy, she liked the light and sound. However, she found it very frustrating at times, the passengers easily fall off their seats as soon as its moved. Therefore, she would soon lose interest. Pity they could'nt click into the seats in some way.' Missy

'I got this for my sons birthday and he absolutely loved it. Its durable, it had accessories, well worth the price and more' Jazzyk

'Bought this Chad valley toy areoplane for my 2 yr old grandson, has not left it alone, very sturdy plays on his on with it, and the little figures that comes with it, helps him with imagination play' Sue54

'Bought for a gift, received great reaction from a 3 year old' Asingh

'Bought this for my nephew as it had been recommended to me. My nephew has had hours of fun playing with it.' Linda

'My son loves planes. He is 2. This Chad Valley Light and Sound Aeroplane toy allowed him to remember his recent plane journey. He loves it' Hussain

'Granddaughter loved it but the only downside for me was the little people keep falling of the seats.' Chezza

'Kept my little one busy, not so handy if they want to take it out and about.' Jen

'Brilliant toy, I brought this for my 5 year old son who loves imaginative play. He loves it. Strong and sturdy product. Great price and fast delivery. Very happy to recommend this product.' Marie79

'Grandsons loved it. He had it for his 2nd birthday' Snooker

'I've had this for a few weeks now and my sone still loves playing with it. It is fairly robust too.' Dip

'Bought this for my 20 month old grandson, he loves it, he sits and plays with it for hours. the only downside is the figures don't fix in the plane.' Lindyloo 31

'I bought this toy for my grandsons 2nd birthday he loved it taking it to bed with him. The only disappointing feature was that the passengers did not fit properly and stay on the seats which he found frustrating when he was making it 'fly', however it did not detract from his complete enjoyment' Grandma

'Really good value for the money. Grandsons love it.' Spants47

'Great price. 3 year old nephew loved it. Good quality, no small parts.' Mark84

'This was purchased as a present. I was really impressed with the design and quality of this toy and it has given hours of fun play - I would thoroughly recommend this Chad Valley Light and Sound Aeroplane toy.' Lily B

'It was well received and my grandson played with it immediately.' Jean

'Our 18 month old granddaughter enjoys playing with it. All the interesting little people and luggage.' Grandad

'Very interactive toy with realistic aeroplane sound for little boy, even 4 and 7 year old children found interesting' Colly61

'I bought this chad valley light and sound aeroplane for my son and he loves it, great value for money as this also comes with little figures and luggage set and the plane is a good size.' Laura10

'Nice aeroplane, fun to play with and to use imagination. Would be better if character toys were actually able to sit down in the plane rather than falling all the time. Better fittings would have made the toy perfect!!!' Suzy

'This aeroplane is well made and would be enjoyed by any child.This plane will entertain a child for hours.' Loving Nanna

'Bought for my 2 year old grandson, and he loved it, needs batteries to make the noises, hours of fun to be had.' Angie

'My son loves aeroplanes so this is just right up his street. Fab price also' Ladylashes

'I was surprised when I took the plane out of the box, normally items are a lot smaller than the packaging, but this plane filled the box. It really is bigger than I thought. Great size & great fun to play with' Tash

'I bought this for my 3 year old daughter, it is brilliant and good quality my daughter loves it!' Danielle

'A sturdy made toy with great sound effects,well worth the money.' Roy

'This chad valley light and sound aeroplane was an ideal present for an aeroplane mad grandson for his 3rd birthday. It was robust and easy to play with. (Many similar products were too complicated and fiddly for him.)' Granny

'This is a gift so hasn't been played with yet but I know my boys will love it, they love anything with wee figures that you can put in. It's a good size and seems robust but 2 2yo's will put it through it's paces soon enough lol' Doubletrouble

'My grandson loved the lights and sounds, and the product is safe for little fingers.' Catmad

'Larger than expected, my 2 and 3 year old have great fun playing together and using their imagination with this aeroplane.' Sussane

'A LOVELY gift well priced fun and imaginative play.A must for kiddies who love aeroplanes' Angel

'Excellent toy Excellent clue for money Child pleased with gift' N/a

'No regrets buying this. My nephew loves playing with it. He plays for hours with it. Great. Do recommend it. The quality is excellent.' Dee69

'Very good quality for little ones. Bought this chad valley light and sound aeroplane for a present for a 2 year old and he loves it even though it states this is for a 3 yrs and above. Noises are very realistic and loud enough to hear. Very pleased with this item :)' Bina

'My nephew loves this toy and has got a lot from it' Kelsar

'My son has loved playing with this its broadened his imaginary play x' Walkchick

'I bought it for a present for my little nephew and he loved it. The only bit that was not holding and kept opening mid-flight was the hatch however we fixed it by placing elastic band on tail and luggage compartment close. The sound and light effects are just right - not too overwhelming.' Kat

'A good toy still intact after a few months. My 2 1/2 year old still plays with it and loves putting things inside. Would definitely recommend for durable fun.' Busymum

'Bought as a gift for a friends child, great size and nice quality. The sound effects add to the fun and help children with imaginative play.' MissG

'This product is good for kids my kids enjoy a lot' Hossain

'Brought this toy for my nephew he loved it!! Great for little hands and imaginative play and durability as he loves throwing his toys around!' Saana

'We bought this for our grandson,he played with it for ages and even took it to bed he really loves it.he was bought other toys for his birthday,this was his no1 toy.' David

'Fab for our 3 year olds birthday' Claire13

'Bought this for my two and a half years old Grandson. He has played with it a lot since the purchase. He is obviously happy with his present and plays with it for hours when he visits.' Jeff

'Passengers, luggage, flight deck crew they are all there. Realistic Jet engine sound. It made his day.' Penguin

'Our grandson will go on his first flight in the summer so we got this toy to explain what happens and develop his imagination. Lots of fun to play with and chance to develop his speech and understanding.' Kay

'My grandson just loved the engine noise and also puting the figures in different places inside. He kept going back to play with it after checking out his other birthday presents.' Granddad John

'The two year old plays with the product and it helps her imagination' Nobody Important

'This toy is good and sturdy with some great features. Only one down side that is annoying is the people do not stay in their seats and end up in a heap. A bit petty I know, but still annoying.' Christine

'I bought this for my granddaughter as a gift so she hasn't played with it yet, but I took it out of the box to make sure everything was ok and I'm sure she will love it. The quality is good and I'm sure there will be many happy hours playing with it.' Chris750

'Brought this for my grandson,looks like it will keep him entertained,lots of interesting play involved he will love the noises that go with it , a good buy' Sue R

'This Chad Valley light and sound plane has kept my grandson occupied every time he has played with it best toy I have bought him' Doigo

'Excellent item that my grandson plays with all the time (He is 3 years Old) he even believes that Grampy flies it for him.' Hundredweight

'Got this for my 2 year old very good size for him only issue was the luggage hatch at back kept falling open even with nothing in it and plane roof abit tricky for him to put back on properly on his own' Mandy510

'Very poor quality. The battery latch was broken. Would not recommend!' KT

'Very good quality toy as son love this it comes with figures which can move ,' Su

'Good value for money grand kids love it' Teresa

'I bought this Chad Valley light and sound aeroplane for my grandson, its the only toy he plays with. it helps with his imagination. he loves the noise it makes.' Grandma

'Noise, lights, little people - make this toy fun for any little child. My 2 years old nice was very excited and show airplane to everyone !!!' Aga

'I bought this toy for my little boy as he loves to travel by plane. This is a great toy. The only problem I have found out so far is the back door for suitcases. The door keeps falling off. I think I might have to glue it on. Otherwise when you close the door it stays there. My son likes to play with it so I can fix it myself.' Radi

'Bought for son's friend's birthday. Looked like a great toy. My son was very upset when it came to handing it over to his friend so looks like he will be getting one for his birthday too :D' Wallacek

'Bought as a present for my Three year old son as he loves planes. Very well made and chunky, the characters and accessories that come with this are also colourful. The only problem that my son had was detaching/attaching the roof section on. Also the noise that it makes, can be abit loud.' Rachel75

'Good size the Chad Valley light and sound aeroplane is excellent value for money and realistic. Characters a good size. enjoyed by both grand children 3 years and 8 months.' Kaz

'Got it out of box for a closer look as it was a gift, I thought it was a nice chunky toy that would appeal to most young children. Nice accessories , didn't get to hear the sound effects, but it looked good and I think will be played with a lot.' Vix41

'My 3 yr old grandson loves this Chad Valley light and sound aeroplane, one off his favorite prezzies' Karen01

'Brought this for my 3 year old son and he loves it.' Jojo70

'Very good quality,a three year old little boy very satisfied,' Blod

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