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Chad Valley Junior Touch Tablet - Pink

About the Chad Valley Junior Touch Tablet - Pink

Your most cherished an have fun and pick up new skills with the Chad Valley Junior Touch Tablet. Listen and learn test modes keep exercises engaging as little ones learn all about numbers and letters with eight (8) chime in tunes complete with lights to reinforce actions. It looks like an adult tablet so your most cherished will adore the roleplay fun of being the same as those they see around them.

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2/5   'My two and a half year old granddaughter lost interest within two minutes. Perhaps this is more suitable for a younger child.'

5/5   'Great fun for my 2 year old,could just be a little bit louder in volume'

5/5   'Great teaching aid granddaughter loves it'

1/5   'The buttons are too tough for small fingers to push so item returned.'

5/5   'Kmt daughter loved it, it was a birthday present for her'

5/5   'Great tablet for a 3 year old'

4/5   'Its ok not that good'

5/5   'My grandchild loved this.. Maybe its because he watches his siblings on their iPads so he doesnt feel left out'

3/5   'Babies won't understand it. I thought it was actual touch screen like a tablet. But you have to press the buttons in.'

5/5   'A good study guide for a kid, very useful and great for a kid who's two and above. Would recommend this for every parent.'

5/5   'Bought this as a present for my friends little boy and he loves it. Its got different activities on it'

5/5   'Easy to use, buttons easy to press and has proved a hit'

5/5   'Very good toy to help young children with thier maths and spelling.'

5/5   'Its working fine, my daughter loves it, she is learning fast with it.'

5/5   'Very funny and easy to use for children'

5/5   'Fantastic value for money. Great toy for the car/travels. I'd say it's for 2 years plus.'

5/5   'Keeps my little ones hands of his big brothers ipad. Great value for money'

4/5   'Bought as a Christmas present for my niece, and she loves it. The different types of learning had really helped with her speech, and especially pronunciation. She does not allow anyone to touch her tab, as she calls it....'

5/5   'Very good toy, the children like to play with this toy'

4/5   'Good product. My child enjoys playing and learning with this.'

5/5   'My 7 year old has an iPad - my 2 year old wants her iPad. So I bought her this. Its great for learning and she even copies the numbers & can recognise the numbers and sound them out. She can also recognise the numbers in different places - eg at the super market or on house gates.'

5/5   'Im very happy with the product,it teaches you a lot of goodness things'

3/5   'We where confident that is LED tablet. And baby should have 4-5yers or over...'

5/5   'Perfect for my little one fun while learning'

4/5   'Great way to keep a little one busy. Bought as a present and I'm sure it will be keeping their little minds occupied'

4/5   'Friends son loves the alphabet and her I pad.'

4/5   'Good value however I returned it as when tested one of the functions asked to spell a word that even I struggled with. No good for my grandson unfortunately as he was probably too young for it. The concept is good though.'

5/5   'Great gift idea for a young child, very helpful in learning and entertaining'

1/5   'This is cheaply made. Often when pressing one button down the ones around it go off too so not the educational help I was hoping for! Have had to hide it away for now.'

5/5   'Its good item very useful for my kids'

4/5   'I brought this for my young Grandson as he keeps trying to take my older Grandsons I paid he loves it especially the animal sounds and the music which he dances to worth the money.'

2/5   'This touch tablet is very basic. Ok, its not expensive but I was expecting a bit more than it is. The screen is full of buttons to press which make a noise but thats all. Returned it as my son lost interest after a few attempts.'

5/5   'Excellent product, recommended'

2/5   'Didnt like it , going to return it back .voice too feeble and suitable for 2 -3 yr olds .'

5/5   'Bought for my grandson and he is thrilled to bits with it , he enjoys doing his ABC.'

5/5   'This is great for my 3 year old brother! He loves it. However, would be better if the volume would go up a little higher.'

5/5   'Its really nice and simple'

5/5   'It works very well and is light enough for child to use. Very quick and easy. Excellent for learning.'

5/5   'It's a birthday present for my nephew in a few weeks so hasn't got round to using it yet however I've set it up and seems to work fine, he steals his sisters proper tablet all the time so I'm sure he'll love this.'

5/5   'My little girl is learning from this noises and song she loves it'

5/5   'Nice Tab for kids thnx'

5/5   'It is really valuable'

5/5   'Easy to use and lovely noises.'

1/5   'Doesn't work. Every button either says j or m. Sounds are wrong too. Press a drum get a monkey sound. Pay peanuts get monkeys. Don't waste your money!'

5/5   'Really educational great value for money my son loved this won't stop playing it'

5/5   'My son loves the music collection it has'

5/5   'Very educative! Was well appreciated as a gift!'

4/5   'Bought for a gift Great for the price Full of features'

5/5   'Educational and fun.'

4/5   'My kids enjoy going on this tablet'

5/5   'My grandson loves this and will definitely help with his learning.'

5/5   'Got my younger nephew this as a first and he loves it'

4/5   'A very good and mole learning tool and my child loves the lights'

4/5   'The children enjoyed it and it worked well'

4/5   'The toddlers loved having their own tablet. It was lovely to sit with them and see their faces light up as they pressed the buttons. Easy to use and fun'

2/5   'My grandson was not able to use it as the keys were too difficult to press. Additionally, two keys did not work.'

3/5   'This toy was pretty basic but reflects price really. My son doesnt really play with it'

4/5   '2 yr old Grandson loves it, I think ....'

4/5   'The Tablet was great it was better than any anti depressant.'

5/5   'Fab great product to help your children learn'

4/5   'Good for learning I would defo recommend'

5/5   'Good Xmas gift for a family friend's child.'

5/5   'Bought this for my nieces son, he loves the noises and it learns him all he needs to know, great buy'

4/5   'Useful and strong and suitable for enabling and encouraging a 2 year old with autism to interact. We purchased this for a friend's recently diagnosed son and although it took a while he now uses it and seems to enjoy it. The sound is a bit quite and I wish the volume could be turned up. We purchased two similar items.'

4/5   'It could sell much more if there is added free trial batteries.'

5/5   'Good quality product, would highly recommend this for any youngster. My great grandson loves it. Well worth the money.'

5/5   'This learning tab is just a perfect gift for a friend''s. Very dynamic and interactive, sure to keep a child busy whilst learning phonetics and numbers with fun.'

4/5   'Really good for little ones and safe. You can be sure children are using it safely'

5/5   'Everything works perfectly my child is using it . And is very easy for my child to learn with the tab'

5/5   'It has saved me a fight between me and my child now she just can't get enough of it and it's help her reading and pronunciation Thanks a lot'

5/5   'My grandson loves it'

5/5   'Both myself and the recipient of the item was happy with it'

5/5   'Brilliant for tots, looks like a real tablet'

3/5   'Another thing that don't come with batteries. Should keep child entertained'

5/5   'Was 11, she finds learning boring but now she loves it. Its fun and enjoyable'

2/5   'I did not keep this item which was intended as a stocking filler for my 3 year old grandson. Definitely not suitable for the age group suggested'

5/5   'Great product. My 3yr ok loves this'

5/5   'Bought for grand-daughter for Christmas , it looks fab'

5/5   'Perfect for my 2 year old nephew whos at the age where learning is fun. He loves it and lots pressing all the buttons. Definitely a must have.'

4/5   'Very good it help My little boy to.learn'

5/5   'My son wants an iPad but because of his disabilities cant use the real thing but this looks really good. Havent used it yet so not sure of the functions therefore cant really comment.'

5/5   'Good value for money, hrs of pleasure'

5/5   'Great learning device for my girls. Both are under 4 and enjoy this very much. Would highly recommend.'

5/5   'My Little boy is over the moon. It keeps him busy.'

5/5   'An educational toy. Only downside is the volume otherwise an excellent learning toy.'

2/5   'This is a very basic toy and although cheap in price so I didnt expect high quality, theres really not much to it. The volume is set permanently low but is very quiet and it doesnt look or feel like a touch pad and certainly not as good as it appears in the photos. My granddaughter liked the music but very quickly lost interest The promised visual display of lights were almost non existent which was disappointing.'

3/5   'Cheap and cheerful, you pay for what you get. Son seems to be happy with it'

4/5   'For the price this is ideal - it teaches numbers, letters, colours and has music and animal noises - my niece loves it'

5/5   'My daughter is 3 and she loves her Chad Valley I pad it's amazing for her now she knows her alphabet with having this. Would recommend'

5/5   'Let your kid enjoy. Dont enjoy more than your kid'

4/5   'Brought this for my 3 year old as she is always trying to install games on her brother tab. She loves playing with this and has hours of fun'

5/5   'I bought it for my friends child us Birtday present. Wee boy loves it :)'

3/5   'It was a wonderful gift.'

5/5   'Great little tablet and helps kids with numbers and letters'

4/5   'A birthday gift and the 3 year old loved it'

4/5   'Very cheap and educational toy for kids. Has alphabet (A-Z), Numbers (1-10), rhymes, pictures sounds. My toddlers love it.'

1/5   'Really poor product . Has never worked since bought . Not had a chance to return it'

2/5   'I though it does have a tuch secreen but was not'

5/5   'My child loves this!'

4/5   'My five year old knows most of his letters but has a hard time remembering the sequence, this is a great visual, sound and word reminder for him to work with, he uses it every day and loves it when he guesses a letter from one of the games right!'

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