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Chad Valley Highchair Toys - Set of 2

About the Chad Valley Highchair Toys - Set of 2

What better approach to keep infant delighted than with this arrangement of two (2) Chad Valley Highchair Toys. The fun rattle has an such a welcoming face, splendid hues and sounds to captivate little ones. Then again why not change over their baby chair to a race car? The guiding wheel comes complete with a beeping horn, indicator and gears and its chunky nature make it great for little hands. Both toys are held set up with suction for secure connection.

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SKU: 9146972
EAN/SKU: 9146972
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Chad Valley Highchair Toys - Set of 2 Reviews

3/5   'Good price. But doesn't stick to any flat surface. The steering wheel sticks slightly better.'

4/5  Honey 'Good quality toys and hard wearing. They fix well to the highchair tray so no picking them up from the floor every few seconds.'

5/5  Munya 'My 10 month old baby loves these high chair toys. They are both handy as they have a suction base which stops them from falling of. The sizes are both ideal and dont take over the whole tray. Would definitely recommend this product to keep those minds active.'

4/5  FirstTimeMummy 'I bought these to take away on holiday so that my little one wouldn't get bored at the table when we were eating. She likes how the steering wheel clicks and squeaks. The other thing seemed to be a ginormous chew toy to her. Not lots to do on them, so only good to play with/distract for a short period of time'

4/5  Sandy 'Great toy for the price, wanted some thing for the high chair.'

5/5  Dannie 'My little one loves to play with these in his high chair at home and they are easy to take out when going for dinner'

1/5  Tammy 'Even though not expensive they're so not worth buying. Not entertaining and the station cups don't work meaning they don't even stick to the highchair. Would not recommend.'

5/5  Zay 'This item is excellent my son loves it.'

3/5  LA 'These little high chair toys are fab for occupying the little one while waiting for his food to come.'

4/5  Amy 'Keeps my little boy amused while he is in his highchair although they don't stick very well.'

5/5  Ray 'Great little gift for a baby. Packaged well. Sound quality.'

4/5  Natalie 'My little boy loves them.'

4/5  Debbie 'Isn't the greatest at sticking. My little one managed to pull it off but still has fun playing with it.'

5/5  Chantelle 'Can't complain for the price and Fab kids love it'

4/5  CEJ1990 'These toys keep my 5 month old very entertained whilst she is in her chair. Very helpful for when we're finishing off at meal times. It helps to make sure the surface is clean and dry to get them to stick and there's definitely a knack to it but they are worth a bit of a fiddle.'

5/5  Becca 'My 5 month old loves playing with these before and after food if his 2 year old sister let's him!!'

5/5  Roxy 'These are such a big help to distract my little one from wanting to get out of her chair when trying to feed her !!'

3/5  Amy 'These tray toys are good but don't stick fantastically to her high chair still good for money'

4/5  Sue Cue 'It's a nice high chair toy, gets stuck with the suction base. Baby loves it'

5/5  Amy129 'They are great especially for the price. Keeps my baby entertained. Lovely colours and feel durable.'

5/5  Lara 'This is brilliant for keeping little ones entertained while feeding in high chair.'

3/5  Karina 'It is bright and colourful, good quality and easy to attach to the highchair. However, it could be with music for its price.'

5/5  Benny48 'Good value highchair toys. Keeps my grandson amused for ages. Would recommend.'

3/5  Morgan 'Bought for a six month old but not very impressed .'

5/5  Jane 'My 6 month old grandson loves this toy'

4/5  Gary 'This are pretty good for the price. They won't set the world alight with there entertaing valve but they keep my little one a happy than without anything on the high chair. The steering wheel sticks well the caterpillar not so much.'

5/5  Elm 'Tall toy don't suck on very well but still a great toy'

4/5  Terry 'Excellent value for money. Sticks to high hair table really securely.'

5/5  Tantan 'My grandson loves playing with his new high chair toys thank you'

5/5  Ashfez 'Great toys I struggled to get my son to stay still while eating and now he has something to concentrate on well worth the money for two toys Thanks'

5/5  Lb 'Great value for money'

5/5  Gemoa 'Bought to keep my 6month busy whilst pottering in kitchen. And to be fair they do just that. He spends ages trying to unstick them from the high chair table and he does succeed after about 15min. Most definitely worth thevery buy x'

3/5  Helen 'My only criticism is that one of these toys (the taller one, NOT the steering wheel) the sucker on the bottom does not attach it very well to a table. Therefore my baby is constantly knocking it off her table and then I'm having to pick it up. Very frustrating! The steering wheel one is fine though. My baby likes both.'

4/5  Jackafina 'This product does exactly what it says on the tin...except the taller one doesn't stick to the table very well...so she uses it on the floor instead :) the steering wheel is perfect.'

5/5  Joe 'Suction not that great as my little one pulls them off every 30 seconds but she's very determined lol Good price'

4/5  JB 'Bought these items to keep our Grandson entertained whilst in his highchair. He likes! Colourful and quite sturdy. Smooth surface is needed to make sure good suction occurs. Good value.'

1/5  Mazzy 'The toys did not stick so I returned.'

5/5  Con 'These highchair toys are great fun. Really good when you need to keep your child busy in there highchair'

3/5  Ro 'Good but there should be more sounds affects For kids to play'

4/5  G 'Needed high chair toy to entertain my baby whilst Im cooking dinner, I got them both so we swap them over so he doesn't get bored.'

5/5  Alfiewhit 'Bought these for my grandson, very pleased with the product, good value for money'

4/5  Tas 'My son loves the steering wheel and happily plays with it in his high chair. The other you he gets bored with as it doesn't really do much. Good value for money though.'

5/5  Mazza 'Love the look of these toys they are colourful and entertaining for a young child and robust and help with hand and eye co-ordination and loots of fun'

5/5  Smithy 'Bought for grandson's first xmas when he will be six months old and sitting up in a high chair. Reputable toy manufacturer and very good value for money. Good suction discs so can be used on all solid and flat surfaces.'

3/5  Claire Marie 'The tall caterpillar like toy is the better toy however it is difficult to stick to a highchair and is easily knocked over by my 4 month old at times. The car has no sounds as advertised other than clicking as it has no batteries. This was a disappointment'

4/5  Jens 'Goot fun toy , keeps my little one entertained while i cook. The only thing i found tjat wasn't great was the horn didn't work unless u really pressed hard . Which a baby can't do.'

5/5  Clare 'My grand-daughter loves these toys would highly recommend brilliant I don't have to keep picking up suction really good'

3/5  Buttercup85 'My 6month old enjoys playing with the toys but gets bored of the steering wheel quite quickly. The suction cup on the bottom of the caterpillar is quite poor as my baby can easily pull it over, although he enjoys playing with the toy. The quality of the toys are average, OK for the price.'

5/5  Mustafa 'These are really pretty and extremely good value for money.'

5/5  Mum Of 2 'Can't think of any negatives at all, maybe that the suction on the bottom's a little tricky until you get the hang of it. Granddaughter loves them and is currently driver her dad nuts - which is always a bonus from a toy from grandma!!'

4/5  Amy 'Very good quality and entertains my little on when in his high chair. Fantastic price.'

4/5  San 'These highchair toys are great. Distracts our hungry grandson when waiting for his food. They are easy for him to play with and good entertainment.'

2/5  Jo 'Toys are nice and colourful and baby liked them for a bit. Unfortunately they do not stick to anything so they just get thrown all the time like the rest of the toys.'

4/5  X 'Same cost for 2 as there is for 1 in some places. My son likes playing with them, sticker could be a bit better.'

4/5  Lauren 'Good products for the price. The tall toy doesn't stick to the tray very easily and the steering wheel toy is abit hard for my 7 month but still enjoys playing with it'

5/5  Rumi 'Very happy with the purchase it's ideal if Ur child is on the floor playing or just sitting on a high chair, keeps them happy either way,,, Keeps my nieces buzy I would deffenetly recomend!!!'

5/5  Shoeholic 'Well constructed, brightly coloured, gone down a treat'

5/5  Jennifer 'Keeps the baby entertained while i ger him his food.'

1/5  Emma 'Do not buy these!! They don't stick properly and the button that's meant to beep is rubbish...a child is never going to be able to push it hard enough. I wish I had never bought these, complete waste of money!'

1/5  VBradders 'Nice toys but my 11 month old not very interested and he managed to throw them off highchair very quickly. Don't make any noises etc either :('

5/5  Lisa 'Love the caterpillar more than the steering wheel, baby loves it, sticks very well to high chair, despite her best attempts to pull off, a great distraction for her while I prepare her food, which is exactly why I bought it. Steering wheel doesn't occupy her quite as much, but at the price they are, definitely worth it!!'

4/5  Rosie 'My little boy particularly loves the steering wheel. As you turn the wheel, a picture moves to show the journey. Only downside was the horn broke and would not sound within minutes of being used.'

2/5  Tiger 'These items were returned because one didnt work and generally was not happy with the product.'

4/5  Sachammm 'These toys help keep the baby in the high chair for that little while longer after feeding or just for a seat whilst I clean up after lunch or dinner! The only issue I have with them is the rubber suction pieces which secure them to the highchair have broken already after two weeks but the price is really cheap for the two together and so were not too devastated! Overall I would recommend them as still in use without the suction pieces and he still enjoys playing with them!'

4/5  Jenny 'Toys stay on high chair very secure and easy to remove .'

5/5  Saf 'Colourful, useful, a tractive, playful, horn sound, engaged child for long, good resource, lots of movements, stick on the surface, easy to clean.'

4/5  Kargar 'Good quality toys and very good value for money but was disappointed with what it described as 'sounds' from the driving wheel...the button has to be pressed quickly and quite hard to make any sound. However, I would still recommend these toys due to the quality and colour. My grandson loves them.'

2/5  Sally 'Very had to stick to highchair tray Not battery powered as thought car one would be Horn only works if an adult pokes it very hard Little one soon got bored with them Not value for money'

5/5  Argos Shopper 'These are great and really keep our little one distracted at eating times. Even better value with the 2 for £15 offer!'

3/5  Les 'Do not do the job my granddaughter can remove them from the high chair the actual toy nice but don't stick to the tray on high chair'

4/5  Jess 'You literally get what you pay for they're cheap my little girl loves them however they don't stick to the high hair surface well so you constantly have to check that they haven't come off also the horn on the steering wheel you have to hit it a certain way for it to make the noise to my 6 month old cannot do that like she can on her walker'

5/5  Joa 'Amazing value for money, both toys can be stuck to a high chair table or a normal dining room table. My 6 month old grandson loves play time after he has eaten. Would defiantly recommend these toys.'

5/5  LKG1980 'I was struggling with feeding my daughter as she seemed to get bored just sitting in her highchair whilst I was feeding her. As soon as I got these that changed - she loves playing with the toys and happily sits playing whilst I feed her. The only downside is that they get quite messy!'

4/5  Laura_h 'These toys keep my son entertained before and after meals in the high chair. The horn on the steering wheel is too difficult for him to press but I'm not very concerned about that. They stick ok to our plastic high chair tray and he can't get them off. Very happy with them considering they were a bargain!!'

5/5  Sparky 'Perfect for when baby are eating!!'

3/5  Dibdobs 'Not sure how a baby will get the car horn to work as you have to push it quite hard'

5/5  Mama Hirsh 'Nice toy. Good to keep little one happy and entertained with bright colours.'

4/5  Penny 'My Grandson loves this. I was trying to get him something he couldn't throw away. The design of suction on bendy man could be better as ge can easily dislodge it. However he loves playing with it all the same.'

5/5  Emma 'My son absolutely loves to play with these when he is waiting for his food'

5/5  Nat 'Good learning product to keep bbys and toddlers occupied y sat in there highchair'

5/5  Paulis 'Great value for money, my Grandaughter loves them. Very colourful and entertaining for her.'

2/5  Plstar 'Chad valley no longer seems to be about quality as it once used to be. I got these for our little boy, who has special needs, and who automatically just takes things with one hand and puts them down with the other. The upright thing doesn't really do much of interest and the little driver is a waste of money as it is SMALL and the horn is appalling.'

4/5  Al 'Sticks really well to the highchair and both toys easy to clean afterwards.'

5/5  Mr Bee 59 'Sucker sticks well to high chair tray, and allows child to play with toy while remaining on tray for long periods. Extremely well made, and easy to clean, and disinfect.'

4/5  Proudmumto3 'These keep my little one entertained whilst I prepare her dinners'

5/5  Yummy Mummy 'Bought for my son who likes them and keeps him busy. Only problem now as he is getting older he gets frustrated with them because he can't get them off the highchair tray to put in his mouth so if the little one is teething......beware!'

3/5  HannahB 'Two toys for £10 was brilliant even better that this can be bought on the 2 for £15. Lovely and bright. Our ly down side is the horn on the car toy is very awkward to press and get it to work. Don't think my son will be able to make it work.'

5/5  Ash 'Excellent value as you get two toys!'

5/5  Leeanne 'I bought this instead of the bumbo play tray, was great my little one loves it and cost a quarter of the price. Only downside is the horn on the steering wheel is too hard for him to push himself other than that a great toy for young kids.'

4/5  Katie 'I got these for my 7 month old son so I didn't have to keep picking toys up from the floor throughout dinner. They don't do alot but seem to keep him entertained and I get to eat ☺'

5/5  Michaela 'Bought this for my nephew, they are an excellent gift for baby who can enjoy hours worth of fun, while parents can tidy up around them, great idea and well worth the money. :D'

5/5  Dee23 'I would definitely advise people to buy this product and would buy more of the same make.'

5/5  AndyM 'Great fun, keeps child amused so parents can eat in peace'

5/5  MJL 'Great value for money getting the 2 toy. Baby loves both as toys are colourfull and easy to play with. Keeps baby entertained for a while, good buy.'

5/5  Lisa28 'Great fun!!'

4/5  Mazza 'Great value for money,suction pads could be better .would recommend to a friend'

3/5  Hmc 'Bright colours, simple design but doesn't stick well to highchair'

1/5  Boo 'Suction pads do not stick to a tray on the highchair or any other surface for that matter, so absolutely useless! Taken back to store for a refund.'

5/5  Ann 'Great for keeping little one occupied while we finish our meal and they don't end up on the floor!'

4/5  Rach 'Store was busy. Staff were great. Product was fabulous'

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