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Chad Valley Fun Phonics Bus

About the Chad Valley Fun Phonics Bus

Toot! Toot! All on board the Chad Valley Fun Phonics Bus. Give your youngster an early boost in their learning as they're acquainted with letters, numbers, creature sounds and instruments. Acquire new skills through play as your little ones investigates this intuitive and fun transport toy.

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Chad Valley Fun Phonics Bus Reviews

3/5   'I got this for my grandson he loves playing with it He likes the songs and pressing the buttons'

5/5  Dani 'My 14month old daughter love this, good product'

5/5  Nnm 'Would recommend to everyone'

5/5  Archie1mum 'I was so impressed with this bus I brought 2 more for young family members Although much smaller than the advert makes them appear they are still a great size for little hands. The buttons are so easy to push & the wheels turn smoothly whilst everything feels very securely attached. The sound is not too loud & the song's etc are cheerful & engaging (well maybe not the adults!!). This is a very well made, bright & cheerful toy that is great for babies & toddlers alike'

5/5  King 'Good quality, and price was worth it. My child uses it all the time'

5/5  Nanna 'My grandchildren love this interactive bus, I have already recommend it to friends.'

5/5  Robbie 'My little nephew loves this. Similar products have push buttons with no sound but this reads out the letters and numbers - which he's starting to repeat and understand. Loves playing with it as a toy bus too. Great value and great product.'

5/5  MrsG 'I bought this for my little boy for Christmas as he loves the phonics bus at playgroup and never wants to leave it. Both he (nearly 2) and my 4 year old daughter loved it and played together with it.'

5/5  Dan 'Great price for a simple buy yet fun toy.'

5/5  Rusty 'Looks good value for money. My grandson will be very happy with this.'

5/5  Atamas1977 'The product is great'

5/5  CMBC 'Christmas present not tried yet. As our son loves the wheels on the bus nursery rhyme we thought this would compliment his development / creative learning.'

5/5  Becky 'Brilliant toy very educational'

4/5  Elan 'Nice little play bus for a toddler.'

5/5  Mum233 'Great product for a very small price'

5/5  Stella 'This is definitely must have for 18 months old. My baby absolutely loves pressing buttons and wheeling the bus around!'

4/5  MELLIE 'The item is well made and great value for money. Bought as a wrap up for son's birthday. Highly recommend.'

3/5  Flame37 'This is a decent toy'

4/5  Grandma 'A Christmas present so not played with yet'

5/5  Hazzy123 'My baby plays with this everyday great'

5/5  Naomi 'Very good quality and my son has had hours of fun with it'

4/5  Chrissie 'The bus did what it said, it came with no batteries (3 x AA) and is lightweight. Plays songs easy to use on carpet and wooden floors. Granddaughter who is two loves singing wheels on the bus and she loves this bus'

5/5  Kenpogurl 'Great toy and teaches kids lots but also fun. Bright colours and chunky for little hands'

4/5  Citrus786 'Its great for children to learn their abcs'

5/5  Naimah08 'Brought this for my 2 year old and he really loves it. It's fun watching him repeat and try say the sounds'

5/5  Tooba 'Very reasonable price and best thing to gift ur kids'

5/5  JasmineRose 'I bought this for my 2 year old whos vehicle mad and seems to have decided to teach himself letters! (I think he’s trying to keep up with his older brother who’s just started school) I was looking at buying a more expensive brand of this toy so was pleased when I came across this at a much lower price. My son absolutely loves it and the quality seems good. Great combination of learning and play. Highly recommend it.'

5/5  MANDIE 'Bought this as a present for a friends little boy, he absolutely loves it'

5/5  Emmy 'Good toy for learning bought in the 2 for 15 deal so ideal for wee ones.'

5/5  Sandy 'My 2 year old loves it and is helping him loads with he's letters and sounds'

5/5  SLJ19 'A fab toy for letter and number learning, also great that my little one loves 'wheels on the bus’ so she is very happy with it.'

5/5  Shazzle 'Great toy for the younger mind.'

4/5  Angus 'Good for young kids 5-6 Yr old'

5/5  JJ 'We bought this for our niece bday and she loves it.'

5/5  Solange1987 'Got it for my son 3rd birthday he loves buses, trains, cars etc and he loved it. Its bigger than I thought. You will need battery extra. Nice extras like numbers, letters, sounds very good pre-school toy.'

5/5  Dj 'Bright and attractive for a child with sounds and activities even fun to play with if the batteries die'

4/5  Zara 'This is a great way to introduce kuds to phonics and to help them recogonise the alphabet'

5/5  Ashwin 'My kid enjoying this toy. Really strong and at the same time educative. I recommend this as a value for money'

5/5  JP 'This is a red bus with lots of noisy buttons. The kids love it. They run round shouting “bus” all day long.'

5/5  El 'My 3 year old nephew loves his new toy!Great sounds ,looks like on the picture!'

5/5  Tina '3 y/o daughter plays with this but she finds it quite difficult to navigate through the different settings as she cannot read. Hopefully she memorises which button is for what function I.e letters, phonics, numbers etc other than that it’s fab, bright, quite big in size and durable!'

5/5  Zeddy 'Good value for money'

4/5  EMR515 'Worked great, helps my son with words and letters, great with younger babies too.'

5/5  Kylie 'Lovely little bus with sounds. Great value for money'

3/5  Queento4 'My daughter got this and the phonics keyboard by chad valley. Keyboard better in my opinion'

5/5  Kirsty1892 'Great little toy. Well made'

5/5  Liya 'Lovely gift for little ones at a great price'

4/5  Rachel 'The bus itself is quite flimsy and isnt really made from good material, but there is more than enough nursery rymes for the kids to learn.'

4/5  Kayley 'Just like the photo, great for young children, very interactive. Would definitely recommend for anybody who wants learning to be fun.'

5/5  Ani 'Very educational Easy for a baby to use Very clear on speech'

5/5  Julie 'My daughter loves this toy but the stickers were half coming off'

4/5  Chas 'The educational toy bus was an immediate hit with my grandson and is played with everyday'

5/5  Prat 'Good product in this price. Looks a bit medium on quality of the plastic as compared to other. But full value for money as compared to similar products of other brands. Quiet useful for a 2+ year old'

5/5  Monikaa 'Bought this bus for my son who enjoys playing with it a lot. Great toy!'

5/5  Bazza 'Good for young kids easy to learn with. every kid loves a bus my grandson won’t leave it alone'

5/5  Miilone 'Nephew loves this bus Strongly recommend for kids'

4/5  Nathan 'This toy is great for learning some basics of phonics, words and numbers. Plus it's a bus, and most young children love playing with cars and the like!'

5/5  Leeds230 'Fantastic little toy bought for my daughter's 2nd birthday. She loves it & it has some great learning facilities to it too.'

5/5  Precious 'Musical bus is great. Teaches numbers alphabet and other things. My toddler loves it and has played with it since he got it for xmas .'

4/5  Anon 'Has lots to do on the bus, lots of learning for different aged children. And in two for £15 great bargain'

4/5  Kingdom 'Strong and durable. Perfect for heavy handed children.'

5/5  Phil 'This toy was for my granddaughter. She never put it down. It went everywhere with her'

5/5  Jh 'Clear voice on bus so can understand the task needed to be done'

5/5  Bettyboop29 'Bought for my niece...She’s learning quick'

5/5  Sarah 'Great toy got both learning and fun'

5/5  Xdancerxerex 'This is such a fun item to give your children to assist with their phonics skills. They think they are just playing but actually seem to really take in all of the sounds.'

5/5  Lauren 'Purchased for an Xmas gift, having used the v-tech model before this one looked just as good. Good sound quality, lots of fun was had by all.'

4/5  Yaquub 'Good product worth of money'

3/5  Savvyshopper 'A tad dissatisfied that there was only one in stock when purchased at colliers wood argos because this was rather scuffed when it came from the stock room. It was a gift for a child birthday that evening & was rather embarrassing to turn up to the event with what would appear as a used & abused unwanted gift The toy itself is quite good and interactive'

3/5  SP 'Good for the price paid , good size bus'

5/5  Aamir 'Phonics red bus 10/10'

5/5  Rob 'This is an excellent toy for young children as it keeps them entertained with all the sounds and buttons to press.'

4/5  RN 'This a good toy for kids. Plenty of options to entertain them. My baby is 16 months old. He enjoys his phonics bus, and it attracts his attention well. Happy with the purchase.'

4/5  Yan37 'Robust looking toy. Bought as a Christmas present so not opened yet.'

4/5  Alison 'I can’t wait till my grandson gets this bus as it’s a really good fun toy for him'

5/5  Giftbuyer 'The buttons are small but do the job for little fingers and it's great that it has sound levels.'

5/5  Ally1 'Fantastic value for money compare to other musical and learning bus would highly recommend it'

5/5  Prawny 'This is great value for young children to help with fine motor skills, teaching them letters & numbers'

4/5  Trouble1106 'Brought for my little boy and he absolutely adores this bus. It teaches them so much like letters and numbers and has some fun music to keep them entertained. He has played with it everyday since he has had it.'

5/5  Meg 'Great quality toys, my granddaughter will love this'

5/5  Rach 'Loved this product for my one year olds birthday'

5/5  Ify 'The Bus is lovely and entertains my Son for hours, good and very educative toy.'

4/5  Penguin 'Learns them and keeps them haooy'

4/5  St 'Loved by my one year old. And cheaper than most places too!'

5/5  Mandy66 'This is great with many features and different levels of learning.'

5/5  Jan 'Keeps the grandchildren happy for hours'

5/5  FJJ 'Great fun and amazing toy for young children to play with and learn the alphabet and songs. Contains variety of songs, alphabet letters and numbers. Amazing for children to learn and play along.'

4/5  Mandadapu 'My kid plays with it as learning and riding toy.'

4/5  Payal 'It’s very good .. my kids like it .. very easy way to learn .. it is very good way to learn with fun'

5/5  Bibi 'Great bus size with all the basic phonic sounds.'

5/5  Em 'Having fun while learning'

5/5  Mansi 'My daughter loves it'

5/5  Lucym 'Perfect item to learn the kids mostly used by one year old coz of her love for pressing buttons and hearing noise.'

5/5  BaileysBeautifulPrincesses 'Easily learn ABCs and 123 would recommend toy for any young child. Got for my little girls 2nd birthday and she loves it.'

5/5  Dima2007 'My son loves it, I will definitely recommend it.'

5/5  Yasmin 'My son really liked it and enjoyed'

5/5  SB 'Bought this as an alternative to the vtech one, seems just as good. Lots of tunes and different modes.'

4/5  Dimple 'My little one loved it .she play with it hours.she is a little naughty so keep chucking it everywhere but the product is durable so I am not worried about it .quility is good and it has so many tunes and quiz so my girl never get bored .It really helped her to learn many words and other thing. Her teacher called me about her progress and I was thrilled and so happy .what else i can ask for .'

5/5  C1 'Lovely robust little toy. Able to withstand knocks and bumps. Nice looking and educational so good all round.'

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