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Chad Valley Fishing Game

About the Chad Valley Fishing Game

Animate the faculties of little ones and enhance their hand-eye understanding with this fun Chad Valley Fishing Game. The champ is the person who gets the most fish as the lake spins. Who'll be the winner!

Brand: Chad Valley
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Chad Valley Fishing Game Reviews

5/5   'It was an amazing gift for one of our friends child.'

5/5  Lou 'Great for my 4year old grandson keeps him entertained'

3/5  Sb 'Returned as it appeared to be aimed at a younger audience other than the young person I intended it as a gift for and didnt want to offend. Looks like a fun game, with easy set up but packaging makes it look like it is suitable for under 5 yrs and therefore a bit babyish for the older child.'

4/5  Mai 'Brought this for a elderly people’s home, they loved it. Easy to use and good entertainment.'

5/5  Panda 'Good fun for children over 5. Kept them happy for a long time'

5/5  Aiyesha 'Children and Adults both enjoyed this game. Great hand eye coordination From the 4 year old to the 12 the kids found the fun.'

4/5  MommyOf2 'A good game for younger children just learning the principles behind turn taking games.'

5/5  Donna 'Good value and kept kids occupied they love it'

4/5  Babs 'Bought this for my 3 year old grandson. He loves playing the game but he needs to use both hands to hold the rod steady to be able to hook the fish.'

5/5  Gstacks 'Could of been better in the design like using magnets inside the fish's mouths but a great game simple and easy purchasing procedure i reserved the game online then went to pick up instore.'

5/5  Paula 'Son who's nearly 4 loves it'

5/5  Sm 'Bought this for the kids for Christmas and they have enjoyed playing it. Really easy to set up and play.'

5/5  Jude 'Great fun after we changed the first one as the fishing rods were missing!!!'

5/5  Bertie 'Lovely item for children who are 3 & 5 years old they loved playing it'

5/5  Princess 'Perfect game for my little girl. Its been very entertaining during sleep overs'

5/5  Joanie 'Got this game for my grandchildren. 4 and 5. They love playing with nanny and grandad. Bright colours and easy instructions. Lots of fun and laughs along the way.'

5/5  Sarah85 'Love the colour lovely and bright , very easy to play keeps my little one quiet and entertained'

5/5  JH 'I bought this as an extra little Christmas present for my grandson and it ended up being enjoyed by all age groups in our family! Don’t know how robust the construction is as it hasn’t been played with for long, but it was a sure fire hit!'

5/5  Xmasreviewer 'This review is from my grandchildren, aged 5 and 7. we loved it we really really liked it .it was really fun and it was a bit hard because you have to try and get the fish.'

4/5  Jayajuc 'The kids were really excited about the game and enjoyed playing. Easy to grasp for my 3 year old as well'

4/5  Kirsty 'My 3 year old loves this. The fact that there is a few ways to play is good.'

5/5  Dke 'What a brilliant game for the little ones, have had hours of fun playing.. when they want to play with tech (phones,tablets,tv or game consols) i always try and get some sort of board game out and so far this has worked . Bought an extra 3 so for the grandparent houses.'

5/5  Ava 'It’s a funny game, my daughter loves to play with it'

5/5  JREWING 'The little ones loved playing this simple game'

5/5  Gill 'Very easy and fun to play'

1/5  Femalecustomer 'Maybe i got a faulty one but the disc mechanism was very very slow and in the end stopped working. disappointing! will be returning in store.'

4/5  Dmack 'I bought for grandchildren although a bit smaller (shrinkflation) than the one my own children had from the same company many years ago. Still very good fun though...'

5/5  Mawbroon 'My 3yr old granddaughter was given this for her birthday, all her little friends loved it! So much so that my grandson asked for it specifically for his 4th birthday a couple of weeks later. Kids from 2 to 9 yrs old all played it, enjoyed it, and had no problem understanding the rules. Would have been nice if batteries had been included, but great value great fun, highly recommended'

5/5  Taz 'It's very good quality, good for child hand grip skills'

5/5  Worlass 'Bought for Grandsons Birthday , he loved it . Has many hours of fun shared with his Brother'

5/5  Katzy362 'This game is brilliant so much fun for the children my girls love it just dont leave unattended as small bits can be eaten if you have a little one around. Game is funny and kids will enjoy so much kept mine happy for hours'

5/5  Nat80 'Very good price my daughter love it'

5/5  LB 'Good valve and really good fun game for up to 4 people.'

5/5  Gary 'Very fun and exciting game to play with the kids. And keep everyone entertained'

5/5  Sam92 'Great gift hours of fun'

5/5  KL38 'Bought for Christmas having played with others. Great fun, great price.'

5/5  Helper 'This is a Christmas present for our grandchildren! But We tested it ourselves and had loads of fun. You can play this game alone, so keeps kids occupied or you can play with others. A fun game.'

5/5  Cath 'Excellent game, my daughter loves it.'

5/5  MrP 'My kid loves it and very happy'

5/5  Mari 'Great fun for my 4 years old and actually all family'

5/5  Thais 'Bought the fishing game for my daughter because she so it on YouTube and asked me buy, price was great and it’s fun little game even me and partner play with her and we have so much fun! Thanks'

5/5  Mimi 'We love it and so will any kids.'

5/5  Carole57 'Can't wait bought as a christas gift excellent value'

4/5  Dunnerbuy 'Nice toy plenty of fun to be had with this'

5/5  Rachael 'Great game for kids and adults alike.... Bought this for my 5 year old and we have had so much fun!! The design is robust and the brand chad valley is an excellent and reliable brand for toys...'

5/5  Jake123 'We have had a great time playing this game my great grandson and great granddaughter loves playing it'

3/5  PGL55 'Bought this for five year old - didn't realise that it recommends suitable from age 3 till I picked it up, I was a little concerned it would be too easy to play for him. Wrong!!! It is infuriating to play - our grandson got upset because it is so difficult to actually catch a fish - I definitely can't see a three year old managing to play this game! Can't see this getting much use!'

5/5  Susie 'For 4 year old grandson he loves it'

5/5  Vinny 'Excellent game keeps the kids amused'

1/5  Jo 'Brought as a birthday present and broken when taken out of box twice'

5/5  Georgina 'Great game my 3 year old loves it'

4/5  Grandma 'A little delicate to use but not an ussue'

4/5  Prashanth 'Awesome toy. My daughter is enjoying playing with this toy.'

5/5  Becs 'Good game to play with my daughter, can Also play it on her own unlike most games'

5/5  Sparkle 'Everyone loves playing with it in the family.'

5/5  Sid 'Bought for a party kids entertainment and they loved it kept them busy fr ages - very good quality'

1/5  Izabela 'Poorly made and not working, I had to exchange twice, non of 3 games worked (New powerful batteries) or were damaged (broken fishes). Disappointed kids and 3 rounds back to shop, finally requested money back.'

5/5  Claire 'Kept the kids amused for a while which was brilliant'

5/5  BT 'Good game for enhancing concentration and eye hand collaboration.'

4/5  SC 'Although it’s not easy for kids to catch the fish as the fishing hooks are flimsy. Kids enjoy the game. I’ve bought 3 of these for the grand children’s. But must mention it is a bit noisy. But I can still recommend it.'

1/5  Lou 'My 5 yr old was sobbing on her birthday due to your toy breaking as soon as I turned it on it turned 4 times then broke, not the best thing to happen on her birthday an angered me aswell no one wants to see their kid upset on their birthday'

4/5  Chels 'Does not come with batteries - needs to be put on the box a little bigger & clearer otherwise great purchase'

1/5  Gillbob 'Very flimsy and stopped spinning. Will be returning'

5/5  Supergran 'Great game to play with little ones.'

5/5  Lindz1 'Great fun for all ages. The grandchildren loved it they have hours of fun entertainment value is great worth the money great price'

5/5  Psr 'Its wonderfull toy and brilliantly made with simply logic. Very nice to play with my daughter . We thoroughly enjoy. I will definitely recommend this product.'

5/5  Shannon 'The game is so addictive! My 3 year old loves it! Shes always wanting to go fishing but now we can do it at home! :)'

5/5  N1nny 'My grandson spoke volumes with his smile that spoke a thousand words he is 4 and was so happy with his fishing toy , goods arrived within 24 hours and was worth every penny great service'

5/5  Lesleylou 'Bought this as 2 for £ 15 and my grandaughter loves it'

5/5  Meeni 'My 4 year old plays with it all day every day. It really helps him to focus and concentrate. Money well spent.'

5/5  Mumof4 'My son loves this keeps him entertained for ages.'

3/5  Kimmy 'Argos replaced the faulty one with receipt and the new one works great'

5/5  Marybee 'Our grandchildren aged 5 and 3 love this game very interactive and competitive, with the grandparents as well!!!'

4/5  Franky 'Easy to use and fun to play.'

4/5  ML81 'I bought this for Christmas for my 2 and a half year old and he loves it although I think he is still a little bit young to play it properly however he gets the concept of the game. Good value for money'

5/5  Stowey 'Brilliant value for money my 3 year old loves it'

5/5  Malx 'Kids loved it at Christmas but be warned get batteries beforehand.'

5/5  Em 'I remember loving this game when I was little. I bought a version of it for my eldest daughter several years ago, but it was rubbish- cheaply made, clunky and noisy. My daughter asked for it for Christmas this year (forgetting that she’d even had the rubbish one) and I was wary to waste any money, but this one is fab! Worlds apart from the cheaper versions, although still not expensive itself! Loved equally by the adults. Definitely worth the purchase; don’t bother with any of the cheaper copies'

5/5  Annie 'Bought as a gift was enjoyed by my grand daughter who had lots of fun with it playing with her friend. good value, very good price.'

5/5  Amber 'Very good toy for children even adults.'

4/5  Harris 'Brought as stocking filler. As expected. A fun game.'

1/5  Tricy67 'Rigid plastic fishing rods make this game much too easy. Original game had string fishing line which made the game more fun. Not worth the money.'

5/5  Ochayethenoo 'Bought this for my grandson at Christmas he has been playing with it ever since a lovely game for eye hand coordination.right colours of the fish are really appealing.the whole family got involved and was great fun.seems like a game that will be played with over and over again so definitely value for money.'

4/5  LaurenC 'Bought this as my son wanted it for his 7th birthday. He really likes it and so do I! My 10 yr old tried it and could do it really fast though so not really suitable for older children.'

4/5  Lorca 'Great game to play with a young child'

5/5  Nikki 'Both my 4 and 6 year old children love this game.'

5/5  Mira 'Fantastic toy. My 4 year old nephew loved it'

5/5  Lindsey 'Great little fishing game, nice and simple and lots of fun for my little boy.'

3/5  Jo 'The fish aren't very good plastic especially with a 5 year old'

4/5  Bluesapphire 'Value for money, always a favourite among the children, re purchased as ours got broken.'

3/5  Anonymous 'Good fun but little tricky for my 3 year old to get the fish.'

5/5  Elizabeth 'My grandchildren will play with this for ages it's so much fun'

5/5  Gemma7285 'I brought this game for my daughters friends birthday as he liked my daughters one'

5/5  Grandpa 'A game suitable for all ages including our four year old granddaughter and us "oldies" in our 80's. Very good!'

5/5  Spanner 'Great game for children and adults can play for hours!! Never get tired of this game easy to assemble and play straight away well worth the money'

4/5  Bigboy 'Good game orderd and came very quickly'

5/5  Julie 'Great fun and energy with 3yr old grandson - just found out it's his favourite game at play class - result! --and not a computer/ tv in sight!'

5/5  Mammytoone 'Keeps the little one entertained for ages and it’s fun for adults lol'

5/5  MrsH2317 'This is a great game, one which will be played with beyond Christmas.'

5/5  Maeva 'It keep them occupied for hours!'

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