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chad valley dough table with 6 pots

About the Chad Valley Dough Table With 6 Pots

The Chad Valley Dough Table With 6 Pots unleashed the imagination of little ones. The possibilities limitless with so many fantastic variations. This set includes six (6) various coloured dough's, a waffle machine, forks, knives and a great selection of cups and cutting moulds.

Brand: Chad Valley
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Chad Valley Dough Table With 6 Pots Reviews

5/5   'Brilliant value for money, kids love it. Keeps them entertained for hours and everything has its place to keep it neat and tidy.'

4/5  Farrukh 'The dough quality is that good. There is not enough place to put all the things on it.'

5/5  Ready 'Multiple things can be done with this little table, and my children loved it from the beginning. Lots of fun!'

5/5  Claire 'Great product which keeps my 2 year old busy for a while. Handy storage for the play dough pots in the legs too so everything kept neat and tidy. Looks more expensive than it actually was.'

5/5  Jennie 'Puchased as a present with great feedback. Looked so good I have purchased a second one for a friend, lots included for the price! Very pleased.'

4/5  SueS 'Brought this fur my granddaughters 2 birthday , lovely present with lots to do for little ones. Well worth the money especially in the sale!'

4/5  Amihtaf 'All the moulds, cutters and shapes were creative and easy to use. However the dough dries up really fast and is unable to use after.'

5/5  Happymam10 'Playdough is always an excellent choice for kids. Able to express their creativity through play. Had it on offer which is always a bonus.'

5/5  Anj 'Perfect gift for my child who loves play doh. Only thing is the doh is very crumbly.'

5/5  BOLZA 'Nice play activity. I should have bought 2 of this as I have caused a fight over this.'

5/5  Emma 'Love this playdoh table...good value u get playdoh and tools to make different shapes and little plates and knife and fork to practise cutting food with playdoh ...the playdoh pots sit in slots in the legs and theres places for all the bits. I brought for my 5year old and he loves it...theres a little hair station where the playdoh comes through as hair and u can then cut it and a waffle maker so he made me black burnt waffles lol good fun aswell as good for hand eye co-ordination and good value'

5/5  Dee 'Great value for money'

5/5  Bianca 'This product is very nice and my boy was excited play with this game'

4/5  Mamta 'I bought this as a gift for my friend's daughter. She really liked it.'

4/5  Danny 'We got this for our two and half year old and she loves it you can creat so many different things and it helps with building her creativity skill set. Just to be aware if you have any younger children like we do there are some small pieces that come with the table over all a good toy and worth it’s money.'

5/5  Bob '5 stars and would recommend it to any kid around 3yo. Fab!'

2/5  Billie 'The table itself is good, but the play doh is horrible. Falls apart into little pieces, very messy. Glad I didn’t pay full price or I would have been very seen off.'

1/5  Sarah37 'This product is a very cheap and flimsy item. Legs repeatedly fall off whilst child is playing leaving the floor (and child) covered in mess. I’d avoid and pay a little extra for the more sturdy Play Doh product instead. Went in the bin after a week as I couldn’t find receipt to return.'

4/5  Nat 'Brought for my 3 yr old niece. She has loved playing with it so far!'

5/5  Glammother 'My granddaughter is 3 years old and she loves everything about it....'

5/5  Anonymous 'Do's - Have fun. Its very nice Donts - Dont mix colours'

5/5  Gilly 'Great value, very interesting for young minds. My grandson enjoys playing with it.'

5/5  CC 'Bought for my daughter who loved it. Good size, can be easily dismantled. Excellent for the price.'

5/5  Shy18 'This play dough table is fabulous my grandson will sit for hours playing with it and making pretend food'

5/5  Whosit 'Looks good, it’s been put away for little ones birthday. Great price'

4/5  Sarah 'This was bought as a gift. But if this was given to my 3yr old I know it would be well played with looks good quality for price'

5/5  Prince 'My daughter is very happy to got dough activity table.thats keep her busy all days.she got diffrent shapes as well with this table.'

5/5  Nikon2016 'I can't see any negative thing about this'

4/5  Car64 'Bought for my granddaughters birthday she uses it all the time'

5/5  Sarahjr8 'My son loves his play doh table. He is three and can easily put it together. The legs are removable for easy storage. Loves all the toys. His favourite being the people that you give hair to. So glad I bought it.'

5/5  Millie 'Was a bargain in the sale . Hours of fun'

5/5  Tushar 'Very good product vs money'

5/5  Bladesybabe 'Bought for a present for my grandson, not his birthday yet but looks great fun'

5/5  Jac 'Great for smaller kids, (big kids enjoying it too) but table is small but a messy mat underneath so extras can be done and more than one can then play with it. Ordered online to pick up in store....process was very easy'

5/5  Angela 'Easy to build, compact in design and colourful too . Creates hours of fun for little ones Fantastic price , simply a must have!'

5/5  Mummy12 'This play table is really fun and came with lots of play doh and crafts items to play with. I was really impressed and brought one for a present too. The offer was really good in the sale.'

2/5  Jenny 'As I bought it for half price ,so I wasn't that bad ,but it wasn't worth paying full price.'

5/5  Lsw32 'Brought for my son's 3rd birthday. Really impressed with the amount of bits it comes with and easy to put together.'

4/5  Sev 'Decent little play doe table for the little ones, probably say upto 4 year olds maximum or it's abit small. Accessories don't sit in there places too well but good overall.'

4/5  Naz 'Initially I was reluctant to by it as usually play dough make a lot of mess and goes every where. This play dough table has so much to offer and we'll organised. I bought it for my friends daughter. She loves it and spends hours on it. has lots of accessories with it. Really happy with purchase!'

5/5  Callie 'Play together with your child but never leave the alone as they use the bricks as missiles'

5/5  Paige 'Brilliant great for the money'

5/5  Bucci 'Bought for my 19months old daughter and she loves it.'

4/5  Karen 'My daughter who is almost three absolutely loves Playdoh. We got her this for Christmas and she loves it. She will play for hours making different shapes and using the tools. Only downside is I found the Playdoh crumbly so i got rid of it and bought branded Playdoh. The large pots fit in the table legs no problem.'

5/5  Sharon 'Great product, hours of fun had with it.'

5/5  Smita 'This product is absolutely amazing , my 2 years old loved it..Very creative and colorful..she is just playing all the time..noticed that she try to use various tools and color combination to Crete lovely designs..I am happy because it is not messy at all..highly recommend.'

5/5  Sam 'I bought this as a gift for my niece and she loves it. She’s 2 and a half and loves making things and using play dough. It was easy to put up and came with all the bits and bobs stated. A great gift for a young child.'

4/5  Gailo 'Perfect size for using and storing. Comes with loads of different 'tools’ and 'dough’ and is really great value. played with it for hours.'

5/5  Andy 'Great item. Hours of fun for my daughter.'

5/5  Kelly 'Bought this for my son for Christmas Great quality easy to build and great price as got it on sale'

5/5  Paddy3kids 'Bought this with a voucher so didn't have to pay much but worth the money, the kids enjoy it they spend hours playing with it.'

5/5  Zippie 'I brought this for my grandson who will love this for xmas great price very pleased'

5/5  Louise 'Chad valley dough table has provided lots of fun in our house hold from dough waffles for breakfast and dough cakes for lunch ,was so pleased with the table and the added bonus that it came with lots of accessories , would 100% recommend to a friend and have also bought another one for my nephew'

5/5  Tmac 'Kept my 3 year old son entertained for hours, highly recommend!'

4/5  Dar 'Easy to assemble and lots of accessories value for money and hours of grand daughter love it'

5/5  Nanna 'Great product, very good value for money.'

5/5  Jacqui 'Bought in sale for my 7 & 8 year old who had seen it and asked for it, even though it is designed for younger children my son & daughter played with this solidly for a week, brilliant design,loads of accessories,well made, would have been happy paying full price, don't be put off with it being for younger kids either its great for older ones too!'

5/5  Sonal 'Engaged my child straight away, colourful and eye catching. Lots to do, keeps most the mess off of the floor!'

5/5  Christina 'I was looking for a small table for Maggie to do her play doh on but this has a little too much going on and so not enough space for her to make things; roll things out etc. However- we did have fun playing with all the bits and pieces. Also- it packs up quickly and easily quite small- important if you have a small space and lots of toys.'

4/5  Rusam 'My preschooler enjoys playing with it and it is highly engaging.'

4/5  Myra 'Love this table everything kept tidy with it own spaces brillant'

5/5  Caz 'Brought for my grandson who is three and loves imaginary play, this kept him busy making lots of different imaginary foods. Love the sale price worth every penny easy to put away too.'

5/5  Wiggle 'Grand kids were over the moon. Lovely item excellent price and value'

5/5  Anne 'Pleased with play dough table , daughter seems to like it , but pleased didn't pay full price for it as table very small!!'

4/5  Shopper123 'I got this for a really good price so very happy. Haven't opened it yet but it looks great, My son loves play dough so I'm sure he will be very happy with this at Christmas.'

5/5  Emojijane 'My grandson who has autism loves playing with play dough. But he had nothing to roll any of the dough on, So this will be fantastic for him. Thanks argos.'

4/5  Lil 'Really good fun excellent value, the kids will have lots of fun'

5/5  Embo 'My 2 yr old loves this so do I we spend hours playing'

5/5  Cosmina 'Is a very nice table with play dough. I bought it as a present and the girl loved it.'

5/5  J.J. 'This type of toy has been around for a long time, but for the latest generation of three year olds, it's great, creative fun. Totally recommend.'

5/5  Sammi1978 'Love the fact u can store the aydough pots in legs off table'

5/5  Helend 'Excellent gift for grandson, reliable make and great offer, fast track made it easy to order and easy to pick up'

5/5  Ali 'Keeping daughter occupied easy to assemble'

4/5  Cruella 1 'This is a good table and dough and he will have a great time making things on it.'

5/5  Mase 'The price was very good value for money. Many a pleasant hour spent playing. Lovely colours and shapes.'

5/5  Frarnces 'Got it as a Christmas present for my three year old grandson no he will like it as he loves playing with games where you can make things with his hands'

5/5  Angelsteps 'I got one each for my son and my grandaughter they love it, its a lot better than a leading brand too. I got them when they were on sale too so thats a huge bonus a bit messy when they cut the hair but that is to be expected so use the playmat. love there table and all the utensils made hours of fun'

5/5  Clarryd 'Bought for neighbours child for Christmas , looks good and price was good also'

5/5  Vivienne 'Lovely activity table, hours of fun!'

4/5  Kath 'Great value, lots of accessories. The dough it comes with is a bit tough, but we'll use other doughs when this set dry out. She loves it, very happy girl!'

5/5  Adela 'Overall very good product but it's a bit hard to make dough hair, hard even for an adult. The table is thin but it's ok.'

4/5  Criss 'This table is amazing,keeps ur child entertained for hours! Great gift for a 3yrs old'

4/5  Chris 'I bought the playhouse table for my four year old son, it was the best thing I could of bought, my son absolutely loves the table with all its accessories and tubs of play dough, we have thoroughly enjoyed hours of making waffles and doing hair out of play dough, one of the best buys ever'

5/5  Blanch 'Excellent value for the money I paid for it in the sale'

5/5  Daniela 'My son is very happy with this.'

4/5  Basith 'It is very usefull to my kids.she is very happy with this and most of time spending with that.she can improve her iq knowledge with this'

5/5  Nik 'A great present at a great price'

5/5  Mandy 'Great item for the price Well pleased'

4/5  Rubz27 'Good product Fun with little ones'

5/5  Steven 'Kids playing with this all day'

5/5  Nikkir 'My son love this, keeps him busy and quiet for a few hours. I got it in sale, was a really good little buy'

5/5  Sun 'Presented as the gift to my friend's daughter. She really enjoyed.'

5/5  Nannie 'Great value for money plenty for little hands to do'

5/5  Jackjack1 'First class product'

4/5  Mini 'My grangaughter loves this'

4/5  Danielle 'Brilliant activity table for small children providing lots of fun for hours'

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