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Chad Valley Car Transporter

About the Chad Valley Car Transporter

Start the creative energy of little ones with the beautiful and tough Chad Valley Car Transporter. Stack the three vehicles on board the back carriage and after that offload them at their goal. The motor start up sound, horn and auto songs breath life into this pretend play. Sturdily constructed and with splendid hues , this set is perfectly designed ready to withstand rough and tumble that little hands tend to give! Tremendous freewheeling auto transporter with a drop-down incline and strong convey handle for easy carry.

Brand: Chad Valley
SKU: 3498365
EAN/SKU: 3498365
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Chad Valley Car Transporter Reviews

5/5   'My son loves this'

4/5  The Countess 'On behalf of Caspian age 18 months " I love it, thank you Santa "'

5/5  Foxy 'Great transporter and cars loads of fun for our 18 month old grandson he love's it .'

5/5  Shell 'Well worth the money'

5/5  Alamin 'A well made and colourful sturdy toy suitable for a young child. It is an excellent toy for imaginative play especially when playing with your daddy who is a hgv driver.'

5/5  Mr_E 'This car transporter is a very strong, and very noisy toy! A Christmas present for an 18-month old boy it's survived being thrown, crashing into furniture and even clumsy daddy kicking it across the kitchen. The sounds are clear but aren't overly annoying and the transporter is large enough to take other toy cars we already had. For the last week and more, all day we have a happy little boy driving this across the floor, unloading and reloading the cars with a big smile on his face.'

5/5  Aggie40 'Very pleased with quality. My great grandson is almost two years old and this is one of his favourite toys. Very good value too. A winner.'

5/5  DB71 'My grandson loved this as one of his Christmas presents - the little cars are robust and the handle on top makes it easy to carry around'

5/5  BAH63 'Our little grandson loved this.'

5/5  Kinga 'Good size, excellent for little boys'

5/5  Gingerlady 'Good sturdy toy'

5/5  Mary 'My Granddaughter (aged 3) also loves it. Perfect size.'

5/5  Nanna 'Good quality product, bought for grandson who is enjoying playing with it,'

5/5  Triplehorn 'Wanted a gift for my 16m old daughter as she's loving cars at the moment - all I could find were single one or ones that came in a massive set that cost an arm and a leg. This is a great starter set for her and didn't cost the earth - so if she gets bored after a while it's not a big deal! Great value for money'

5/5  Pez91 'Bought for a Christmas present so not used yet but it looks great and i hope the recipient has lots of fun playing with the product.'

5/5  Spike 'This is a great buy. Bought this for my toddler grandson. He absolutely loves it. Although it has lights and realistic sounds, he still makes 'Brummm- Brummm' sounds, so do I for that matter...and I'm sixty! Fantastic fun. Highly recommended.'

4/5  Jojo 'Great for my nephews 2nd birthday. He loves anything on wheels and the sounds were an added bonus!'

4/5  Tony 'I bought this product as a gift for my youngest son an he loves playing with it, good toy an good value for money... Highly recommend getting it... Lots of fun to be had... Thank you'

5/5  Viv65 'I bought this for my grandson's 2nd birthday. He absolutely loves it. Lovely bright colours, easy for him to handle and appears very durable as it's good and sturdy. Would recommend this toy'

4/5  Bia 'I bought as a present for my 2 years old son. He really loves that. Every morning when he wakes up, the first thing that he does is to play with it.i really recommend!!! Not so expensive. The only thing that is negative its that the lights and sounds didn't work fine. The batteries are coming off every time. But even without it gives my son hours of distraction!'

4/5  Dollgate 'My one year old nephew loves this toy and plays with it for longer than most toys.'

5/5  Sha1 'I bought this for my 22 month old son, he loves it especially the music and the flashing lights. Even his big brothers have fun with it.'

5/5  Tracey 'My little boy loves playing with this'

4/5  Supergran 'I bought this for my two year old grandsons birthday. He loves the noise it makes. There are no sharp edges, my grandson is enjoying playing with it'

5/5  Mel T 'Bought this for our son's first birthday. He loves it and so does his 3 year old sister. Lovely big cars - ideal for little hands to hold. Love the music/sounds it plays too. All-in-all a great purchase'

5/5  Jessie 'Excellent product. Every little boy should have the happiness this has brought my little Grandson'

5/5  NikkiD 'Bought this for my great nephew, he loved it, its hard wearing and well worth the money paid.'

4/5  Spm1 'Great fun toy for young children.'

5/5  Grannie 'This is an excellent toy for a small boy. it is well made and with no sharp edges or anything that a child could be hurt by. The separate cars are also fast, well made and excellent. excellent value for money.'

5/5  Ronnie J 'Grandchildren over the moon'

4/5  Vicki66 'Very good I would defiantly buy again for my other grandchildren'

5/5  Froggle Face 'I bought this toy for my grandson and he loves it he played with all day and it is very well made'

4/5  Lanastar 'My nephew loved this toy. loved how he could transport the small vehicles in the big truck and the flashing lights noise was ideal present for both boys and girls'

4/5  SusieG 'Bought this for my 18 month old grandson and he loves it. It is quite chunky and is ideal for little hands. Has lights that light Up and also makes an engine sound. Nice toy for imaginative play.'

5/5  Wend 'Hi this,product is a a very adaptable exiting little toy, to feed a,toddlers imagination, its brilliant!!! :-)'

5/5  Zed 'Great Toy, my son loves it'

4/5  Leeroy 'Bought this for my grandson ,he loves it played with it since Christmas,nice colours looks good'

5/5  Lippybelle 'Bought this for my nephew and he loves it.'

5/5  Chas 'Completely satisfied'

5/5  EL 'My son love this toy. Excellent quality in such an affordable price.'

4/5  Jo26 'Can't really say much about this product as it was for a present. But it looked good and seemed good value for money.'

5/5  Kez 'My son loved it very happy with it'

4/5  Dw 'This was a present and for the price I am very pleased with it'

5/5  Howard 'It is for a Xmas present but it looks very good and the ordering service was very easy'

5/5  Bubz2406 'My son uses this not only to transport cars but also his animal. He figures out how to lower the ramp on his own and also uses the carry handle. Would definitely recommend'

5/5  Nannydor 'This transporter is excellent for small hands. Really good for toddlers imagination. Hours of fun.'

3/5  Linda 'Grandson Loves it'

5/5  Mrsbutler13 'This is a fab item, great size and bigger than I had expected which is a bonus! Colourful and bright so very appealing to young children. Very pleased with my purchase.'

5/5  LauraS 'For the price this is a great toy. Bought for a friends wee boy whos just turned 1. Will definitely grow with him and he is loving it just now too. The lights and sounds are just an added bonus. Great toy. Highly recommend'

5/5  Rolie 'Purchased this for my 18 month great-nephew and he loved it. The cars were easy to handle and the transport made noises! What more could a toddler want? Great buy.'

5/5  MrsHanger 'Bought as a Christmas present for my almost 2 year old car-aholic who will adore this. Great size for the price and will be adored by my boy. Also got it in the 3 for 2 toys event so technically got it free with the other 2 toys I bought for my older girls. Happy mum!'

5/5  Mandoza 'Bought this for my nephews 2nd birthday he loves playing with both the cars and the lorry.'

5/5  Leanne 'I recently bought this item for my son. He's 19 months and he absolutely loves it. He never puts it down and loves the cars music and lights. Very good for development and very creative toy.'

5/5  Lisa 'This is loved by all the children in the family - boys and girls. Sturdy toy, especially great for the younger, rougher ones!'

5/5  Jooles13 'We purchased this car transporter for our Grandsons 2nd birthday.He loved it and plays with it all the time.We feel really confident that this product is completely safe for our Grandson to play with and feel that the product is very durable and will be long lasting.'

5/5  Paula 'Bought this for my grandsons 2nd birthday he loves it . Perfect for his little hands. No sharp edges.'

5/5  Teen 'Love this and so does my 2 year old grandson, really good quality'

5/5  Genie 'This item is of good quality + value for money.'

4/5  Melanie 'Sturdy, good quality and good value for money.'

5/5  Penny22 'My one year old love's this value for money'

4/5  Sheri23 'Bought for my 2yr old nephew, as he loves 'cars' he loves it and has played with it a lot for his age'

5/5  Williheckaslike 'We bought this for our 15 month old Grandson ~ It seems to be well constructed, and there are no small parts, for toddlers to put into their mouths ~ it comes with 3 cars, and it makes 4 different sounds (Reversing, horn, etc) and the headlights flash'

5/5  Linda 'Have bought it for grandsons birthday at the end of june he'll b one.so needed something that was bright made a noise and sturdy and this looks like it might do the job as he's a typical boy also the price was good'

5/5  MummyLinz 'I got this for my 22mth old son because he loves trucks. It is very sturdy, has a carry handle that lifts up on the top, and has 3 chunky cars with it. My son is very impressed as he can run along pushing it without it tipping up at the front like one of his other trucks. It has been played with everyday since we got it.'

5/5  JJ 'This is a great item, I got this for my 11 month old as he was sliding objects around the house and I new it was time for some cars. This came with 3 small cars which he loves. Would recommend this item.'

3/5  Sarah63 'Bought this product today as a birthday present. noy happy to find when I checked the item the back was missing where the batteries go. will have to take it back.'

4/5  Danz1987 'Cheap and cheerful my son plays with this loads so much be good!'

5/5  Danielle 'Brought this for my son he loves it it strong he sits on it and drives it around'

5/5  P.a.e 'Excellent toy for children , can add other cars if you want , most cars fit on the transporter , makes realistic sounds and plays a small burst of music . grandson loves his , and plays for a fair amount of time without getting bored with it .'

5/5  Elizabeth 'Grandson has lots of fun playing with this car transporter. He loves all the sounds it makes & playing with the vehicles that come with it.'

5/5  Watching 'Bought for two year old boy as a gift from his new baby brother. I know he enjoys playing with it. The sounds make it more interesting. good size pieces and imaginary play come automatically.'

5/5  Lizzy 'A lovely bright and easy to handle toy bought for my grandson's 2nd birthday. The toy seems very robust and the realistic reversing noise, the lights etc make it a very interactive toy. Would thoroughly recommend.'

5/5  TMOLR 'I bought this for my 2 year old grandson and I was more pleased than I thought I was going to be as its chunky with chunky cars and is strong so really good for a 2 year old boy and he loves it with its flashing lights and noises. I would fully recommend.'

5/5  Babs29 'We bought this car transporter for one of our great-grandsons, who is two and a half years old. It is just as described and he loves it. He plays with it all the time. It is sturdy and well made. A very good buy indeed. Thoroughly recommended.'

4/5  Sam 'Lovely toy with sounds. And fab chunky cars easily used by my boy.'

5/5  K28 'Exactly as described.'

5/5  Me! 'Bought this for my 2 year old who has an interest in cars at the moment. Chunky for little hands, bright & great value for money! Would definitely recommend.'

5/5  Jules 'Bought for one Grandson for Xmas. Loves it and plays with cars and likes noise makes and lights that flash. He is 21 months. Keep it at my house and when other Grandson comes its first toy he goes to play with. He is nearly three and also loves it. so suitable for wide age range.'

5/5  Suep 'An excellent toy for toddlers who like to play with cars. It is brightly coloured and durable and has provided hours of fun, 'driving cars on and off' the transporter. A good present at any time.'

5/5  Touran 'This car transporter is a fantastic toy the kids love it it gives hours of fun,'

4/5  Lulu 'Brought for my 2 grandsons one aged 2 yrs 6 months and other 15 months old so far looks like a hit with oldest and Im sure both will enjoy playing with this hopefully for some time to come.'

4/5  Sarah G 'My son enjoys playing with this, as it makes a couple of sounds. Great value for money.'

4/5  Cj 'Last minute buy for birthday and its actually better and cheaper than what I originally wanted God son loved it!'

5/5  Pepsirolacola 'My grandson loves this toy,great value toi !!'

5/5  Shabz 'I have a 3 year old child with a delay in all areas and this is so easy for him to play with. cars are a nice size and theres 3 of them which is a bonus'

4/5  Anne 'Sturdy & suitable for young children, bright colours and child enjoys the noises. would recommend for ages 1-2 year olds.'

5/5  Nkp Cornwall 'Good buy I would say because it is quite durable and my kids being cars fans ,are playing with loading all their cars They sit on it and ride along but it has survived so far.Not too tacky like some other chad valley toys I purchased'

5/5  Valhalla 'This is an excellent toy for little hands, being chunky and good quality, with plenty of play value. I would recommend this item.'

5/5  Popsicle 'This item was purchased as a present for a Birthday taking place tomorrow (i.e. 14th May). I am delighted with it but will have to see how it is rceived by the little 2-year old boy. I am certain this product can be recommended to others. It is exactly what we wanted to give him.'

5/5  Mrsc 'My 15months & 4 year old love this toy, hours of fun.'

5/5  Rose 'Flashing lights, noises, 3 cars and a lorry what more do you need'

5/5  Mrsmac 'Bought this for my two year old grandson. He loves it and even sits on it and shuffles along like a sit and ride.It's very strong and colourful with three little cars that go on it. Years of play and very well made and sturdy . Well impressed'

5/5  Elgee 'Bought this for my 2 year old grandson. It was an instant hit!'

4/5  Jacky 'Grandson (almost 3) loved it. Did think it could have had a fourth car though as does the one in a large toy superstore.'

5/5  Jado 'I bought this transporter for a friends 15month Grandson. He loved it. He soon knew how to push the buttons,loads the cars on and push it around the room. Great present.....great purchase....well worth the money.'

5/5  Tina1 'I purchased this truck for my two year old Grandson for christmas he uses it as a sit on and ride thats how solid it is and its still going so i would recommend this great value for money.'

4/5  Jean Jeannie 'A Christmas gift for my grandson who is very happy with his new toy.'

5/5  Yummy Mummy 'Good durable toy...lovely bright colours...kids love it!!'

5/5  Bezza 'Bought for granson 16months who is very much into anything with wheels,this was just the thing, as it also lights up and makes several lorry noises,he loved it as did his sister who is just turned 3& a half.As always Chad Valley's toys are made to last and right size for little tots.Excellent Value.'

5/5  Mimi 'Got this for my god sons 2nd birthday and he loved it, so did his older brother! Great value on sale'

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