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Chad Valley 2-in-1 Magic Writer

About the Chad Valley 2-in-1 Magic Writer

Using colourful pens and magnetic stamps the Chad Valley 2-in-1 Magic Writer is perfectly suited for many hours of exploratory fun with very little cleanup. The board is fully erasable, all you need to do is move the slider across and you’re ready to start afresh!

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Chad Valley 2-in-1 Magic Writer Reviews

5/5   'Easy to use the colour pens are a fab idea'

1/5  Shima 'Really waste of money by first time used the screen destroyed and looks very dirty!'

4/5  Peanut 'Writing pad was OK but the pens don't last long'

3/5  Reead 'Bought 2, 1 for my son and 1 for niece. They love it. We use only the magnetic pen so that they dont start drawing on walls. The colour/ writing fades within a few minutes of writing but interesting for toddlers.'

4/5  Shoppingmadgrandma 'My Grandson enjoyed using this and loved using the stampers. I took off one star as after a few uses the eraser didn't remove all of the marks.'

3/5  Mummy23 'The actual drawing space is a little smaller than expected and one of the eraser sliders keeps getting stuck (bought 2) but the kids love drawing and stamping on them. Keeps them amused for a while. We did take away the markers though, my daughter used one of them and it wouldn't shift so I had to get some nail varnish remover on it.'

1/5  Ant 'It's was OK the 1st few days but very temperamental now the pictures drawn won't erase'

5/5  Viewer 'Lets little finders create their own pictures and no need for paper and pens etc. Easy to use and'

5/5  Janetl5 'Excellent quality and price My grandson loves drawing +is amazed when it disappears Really worthwhile and to writing +drawing for little ones'

5/5  Swifty 'It's a Christmas present so not opened yet, but looks good'

5/5  UnClE 'Niece loved it, great size'

1/5  Bone 'Bought two and returned both . As one faded command the other did not erase'

5/5  Kimmy61 'Another Christmas present so lots of fun to be had by our 14 month old granddaughter'

5/5  Jennah89 'Bought two of these and my twins love them. Definitely recommend.'

1/5  Dman 'The eraser starting becoming stiff after a few uses and later couldn’t move it again without forcing it force which my 2 year old can’t do. So wouldn’t recommend.'

5/5  Amg 'Bought for a gift thinking it was a mini version, pleasantly surprised it is full size ! Colourful and great for toddler learning to write basic letters and words'

4/5  Margaret 'Brought this for my great grandchild. When my own children were small they had hours of fun and I want my great gran children to experience and helps them various experiences.'

5/5  Mushy 'Really happy good quilty'

4/5  Marsh 'Good learning tool for a young child'

5/5  Iveshead 'Bought this as Christmas present for my 2 year old Granddaughter - it looks sturdy and well made'

5/5  Dominika 'Bigger than expected. Got it for my son. He loves it.'

2/5  Lal 'I bought this product because of the extra bits, magnet shapes and wipe clean pens. The magnet pen did not show clearly, it was faded and the eraser did not clear what little magnet was there.'

4/5  Leanne 'Its great bought for my 3yr old son he loves it, comes with magnetic shapes and also a pen so always something to do. I would suggest maybe popping the magnets on a string too as I'm sure my son isnt the only one to loose 1'

5/5  Barbie 'Keeps the little ones busy as ther is more then 1 pen and different shape stamps'

5/5  Ian 'It will be well accepted when the gift is given.'

4/5  Emma 'I purchased this toy for my stepson’s 4th birthday. It wrights with a rainbow affect which is pretty neat, however the erase mode isn’t great with the slider. A cheap and cheerful old school toy that does its purpose!'

5/5  Boo 'This present for my nephew for his birthday to try and teach him his hand eye coordination. Great idea.'

3/5  Taylor 'Good quality good for kids too'

4/5  Beccapink 'My daughter loves this as she loves to draw but sometimes it doesn't always get rid of her existing drawing.'

5/5  SAM 'Great grandson loved it'

5/5  Florida123 'This is well worth the money. The screen is nice and big for drawing on. Some of these I've seen elsewhere are very small and more expensive. Nice selection of accessories to go with it too. Great 3rd birthday gift and great for a girl or a boy.'

5/5  Nicky 'Got this for my daughters birthday and is her favourite gift of all. Good price. Very happy with this purches'

5/5  Stacey 'Bought for daughters birthday and helps her learn how to right letters and numbers very good for price'

5/5  Chathura 'My daughter loves this. The product quality is really good and durable. Even the strokes you draw are pretty solid and stable.'

5/5  Dbabe 'It is always a number one first writing material'

5/5  Pauly 'Daughter loves just scribbling away on this board. Entertains her for ages'

5/5  James 'Kids loved it would recommend!'

4/5  Raul 'Eraser (both slider and the piece to rub off colour pens) could be better as it doesn't clean the board totally and as it's a large item the backing could've had some padding on it so if it falls it does crack/break etc.'

5/5  Zahra 'Very colourful writing board. Can be wiped clean so toddler can write again and again.'

4/5  Geoff 'This is great value and keeps the grandkids busy on long journeys., BUT BEWARE - we bought 2, one each, and whilst the magnetic stamps and pen are good, the felt pens left permanent stains on one of them which we could not remove. Argos were great and changed it without question, but we’ve now removed all the felt pens just in case. The kids don’t miss them and are happy with just the magnetic markers. I can still recommend the product with that caveat.'

5/5  Rebecca 'No problems with this product at all'

5/5  Stacie 'Daughter loves this. Perfect for travelling.'

5/5  Ashes 'My twins have had two smaller one previously and broke both sets. So this time I went for these, being bigger and they looked stronger. I can say they have lasted long than the previous four against two year old twins lol So happy with the buy'

5/5  Vicky 'My daughter loves it'

5/5  Min 'Perchased for my nieces little boy who I look after. Would highly recommend as he loves it! Always playing with it'

5/5  Nip 'This product does everything it says it does & is very robust & value for money.'

5/5  Sandi 'Great value for the money. Hours of fun.'

1/5  Glassfordlass 'Coloured pens that came with it would not rub off . Had to return and there were two very disappointed grandsons.'

3/5  Rainbow 'This was not how I expected, broke after one use.'

5/5  Barbarella 'All my 5 grandchildren have loved these they play with them for hours would recommend'

1/5  Lindsay 'I love the idea of this product but it's very flimsy and after not even a week it looks gruby and you can't erase properly. Wouldn't recommend.'

5/5  Hola 'Got this as part of birthday present for my little girl when she turned 6 and she absolutely was delighted to receive it.'

5/5  Mac 'Excellent present for my neighbours little girl. Value for money'

3/5  Threeofakind 'Great fun but quality not great and is a bit flimsy when children draw heavily.'

5/5  Margy39 'Bought this for one of our great great nephews and he had many hours of fun with it and his siblings ( one older and one younger ) were fighting to use it so good for all ages 2 to 9.'

3/5  Wm 'A little bit on the flimsy side , but kids still enjoy playing with it, ok as an extra add on present.'

5/5  DK 'Endless playful times.'

5/5  Nadz 'Helps with writing skills'

5/5  Jewels 'My 2yr old son loves writing so i waz looking for something fun without the mess. This board is great. It has colour n stampsn ur normal pen. I actually bought this for my younger brother when he waz 2, hes 12 nw. Im so glad argos didnt stop doing these boards.'

4/5  Annie 'We had 1 originally, the rubber broke so I bought 2 as the price was right plus I have twins who haven't yet learnt how to share. They enjoy scribbling and using the stencils.'

5/5  Afnan 'Another excellent product from chad Valley'

5/5  Lae123 'We bought this as part of our youngest granddaughter's 2nd birthday present. She absolutely loves it and only needed showing once how to clear the screen then she was away drawing "pictures"'

5/5  Sa 'Niece really liked it'

4/5  Claire 'Bought as replacement for an other magic writer. My 4 year old likes playing with it. Nice to be able to use the markers on it too'

2/5  Pokaprophet 'The board is made up of a grid that makes the lines draw a bit gappy. The sliding eraser bar works well on stuff draw with the etching pen. What doesn't work so well is the 2nd part of the 2 in 1. This is the coloured pens you can draw with. These are not erased with the sliding eraser. You erase the with felt rubber which basically does a rubbish job. You are left with a dirty board with faint coloured smears no matter how much you try to use the eraser or even clean with household cleaners.'

1/5  Kayface 'This Chad Valley magic writer stopped erasing after a few days Took it back and exchanged it. Same thing happened again. Took this back for an exchange. Again this one stopped working after a few days. To Argos and back is 10 miles so have give up with this toy now'

5/5  Abdub 'My son loves this toy and uses it all the time, we even take it out in the car with us and use it for entertainment in the restaurant.'

5/5  Ani 'Easy to use Mess free Of all the gifts the only thing my son pulls out first thing in the morning'

5/5  Becky 'It's great my son hasn't stopped using it'

5/5  Louuk18 'My granddaughter aged 2 plays for hours drawing pictures with her nana love it'

5/5  JJ 'Seems well made and my granddaughter who is a year and a half loves it. Good that the pen implement is attached to the board or it would get lost in a second!'

4/5  Ev 'Nice thing to keep little one busy, unfortunetly the red marker immidietly stained the screen and doesn't wipe off and blue had no ink in. So as the magic board yes - great. Writing board no-no'

5/5  SD 'Love the classic magnetic writers. Always makes the little ones feel so grown up.'

5/5  Lisa196748 'Lovely product and great value for money. Daughter enjoys the addition of the pens.'

5/5  Gigi 'It’s a nice scribbling board to start with'

4/5  Nana 'Easy to use and is only restricted by the imagination, hours of fun for many ages'

5/5  LP 'Bought it as a X'mas present for friends grandson. It's a excellent toy for a 3 yeas old little boy. Hopefully it's working fine.'

5/5  Sheerah 'I bought this as a Christmas present replacement for my grandson. It was much cheaper from Argos and I was able to order and collect the next day'

5/5  Bedhead 'Lovely and my grandson age two and a half loves it'

5/5  Mwright 'I bought this for my daughter who is 4yrs old and just started school last year. It’s perfect for her to practice her letters and writing! I also bought one for my 2yr old son who loves using the shapes and making drawings that he can swipe away and do all over, perfect gift for young children!'

5/5  Meezi 'This is good fun for kids, my eldest grandson is learning to write his name on it, writes in different colours across board, the bits are easy to lose though. one went missing within minutes of opening.'

5/5  MrsM 'Bought to replace a broken one, this one is soon much better, stamps aren't the normal triangle, circle and square with this you get spiral, bear and star plus whiteboard cleaner to remove pen. Son loves it.'

5/5  Em 'Great for mark making and educational yet fun. Mine is orange and blue, so slighty differrnt from the one pictured but my son loves it all the same! Hours of entertainment and great that it comes with two pens also.'

5/5  Crafty2017 'This is a well made toy ,great fun to use encourages creativity would purchase again'

5/5  Vanna7 'Nice toy . The kids is really love it'

5/5  Arya 'Little boy has had playes with this for ages great for learning to use a pen/pencil'

5/5  Barbara 'My nephew loved his Christmas present and was playing with it for hours!'

5/5  Rich 'This is a great product to have in the car keeps her occupied for the drive! Good to play games with getting her to draw things she sees.'

3/5  Ann 'For the price it was ok. Cannot see it lasting long'

4/5  Mrsb 'It's a good buy as it can be fun for a child who likes to draw (on my walls!). Sturdy and comes with shapes to use. Multi-color blocks so it's not always just a dark color. The only reason why it's not a 5-star is sometimes the erase thing sticks on the back and doesn't erase as easily as normal. Overall, really good. Still bought a few others as Christmas presents.'

4/5  PAS 'The writer board is very good. I bought one for my kid and another for my friend kid. Both of them using most of the time to do some activities. I will recommend this year 1 to 3 kids.'

4/5  Tasha 'My older child used a similar elc magnetic board where the erasing device had an automatic recoil that still works 10 years on after lots of abuse. This Chad Valley for my toddler is much more fragile and the erase is manual, which is OK as long as you are there to help your little one the whole time.'

5/5  Caz 'Brilliant for activities and creating'

4/5  Sue 'Purchased this as a Christmas gift, looks good but cannot give a review yet as not been played with'

5/5  Clairebear 'Good xmas gift and good value for money.'

5/5  Shabeardy 'Brought for my 1 year old for Christmas, he loves it. Mess free fun'

5/5  Fred 'Great Christmas present - my 2 year old newphew loves it'

5/5  Deedee 'Brilliant item for our 18 months old boy.he loves it'

3/5  ND 'The product feels quite flimsy and i found the description quite misleading - the red and blue pens are like white board markers so a bit risky if left unsupervised! The attached pen works fine but the stamps are also quite poor and faint.'

5/5  Sansi 'These have been around for years and still bring smiles to children's faces, nice and colourful and well made'

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