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chad valley marble run

About the Chad Valley Marble Run

The Chad Valley Marble Run Place is loads of fun! Place marbles inside of the many varying starting points then watch as the marble meanders its way through the maze of twists and turns. With so many avenues, little ones will watch on transfixed as they indulge their curiosity with continuing exciting experimental marble runs. With over one hundred (100) pieces including loops, wheels and chutes you can even create your own unique maze for additional fun!

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Chad Valley Marble Run Reviews

4/5   'Could add more fun in to it...'

5/5  GrandmaB 'My 5 year old grandson loved this. His uncle kept building it higher so he had to stand on a chair to put marbles in. Lots of laughs and lots of combinations to build. Easy for him to build on his own. Better quality than I thought it would be . Want to buy another to join together to make the marble run even bigger.'

5/5  ClexAook 'Couldn't believe how big this was once built. Excellent value for money.'

5/5  Eddie 'This is a great little marble run which my 3yr old daughter absolutely loves. The instructions are quite difficult to follow and it took a few set ups to get the system working the right way/making use of all the elements. This would be made simpler by better instructions! But the toy is great fun.'

4/5  Titch 'This marble run was played with by my grandchildren aged between 8 and 2 last Christmas. In time a child with imagination could reconstruct the parts in different ways and make different runs. Good value for money.'

5/5  WingsyT 'Still got it when made by someone else from years ago for my oldest. Bought this one for my younger Son at xmas there and its still the exact same. Amazing fun love it!!'

5/5  Meme 'My 10 year and 7 year older kids enjoyed putting this together. Think would b too hard for a 3 year old. But good value product.'

5/5  Holly 'Hours of fun getting all family involved'

5/5  Helen 'Cheap and cheerful marble run! Kids loved it'

5/5  Watra 'Very good toy my kids love it. Definitely recommend it.'

5/5  Dave 'Toy is great fun and was played with for hours! would recommend!'

2/5  Kasia 'Playing for 10min.child not happy'

5/5  PPB 'Sturdy and easy to assemble. Can be made into many different mazes. Hours of fun racing! Even bought glass marbles of the same size to use. Great stocking filler.'

4/5  Ham 'Takes time to assemble but this encourages kids imagination and building skills. Great fun.'

5/5  Hannah82 'My son really loves this plays with it alot its bright and colourful it's good for him as he's autistic it's a lot of fun'

5/5  Joanne 'Brilliant toy, lots of fun.'

5/5  Lmac 'My son age four couldn’t be more happy. You can follow the instructions (parents) to make the best run or you can make your own. My son loves making all sorts of runs. There are plenty of pieces and the amount of marbles included is good.'

5/5  Lisayep 'My son loves this. Great for creativity.'

5/5  Ridiculous6950 'My grandson absolutely loves this marble run & is always excited to play with it, so it is wonderful to watch him & he lets me join in to play with him. We have such fun.'

5/5  Judez 'Great value Fun and easy to use Great colours'

5/5  Gemma 'Hours of fun for all ages! Bought for my 2yr old nephew but my 7 & 14 yr old sons loved helping him build it!'

4/5  Judy 'The grnndchildren love playing with it, but I think the plastic could do with being a bit more robust.'

5/5  Beckyboo 'My children have really enjoyed this game, easy to set up, loads of fun'

5/5  Luluh 'Perfect games for toddlers who like building and construction. Also who like taking things apart.... lots of fun for everyone. Would highly recommend'

5/5  Happy 'My grandsons loved it even though they needed help with putting it together as they're only 3 and 5'

5/5  Anne 'Great Grandsons loved their Xmas Presents'

5/5  Nikki 'Great present for little ones'

3/5  Lc1806 'The main problem with this is it’s not stable enough and easily collapses. The grandchildren were enthralled by the concept but quickly disappointed when it kept falling over. It may do better on an uncarpeted floor but don’t think they will change their decor!'

5/5  Chinamouse 'Great present for a child although Parents were looking forward to playing with this one too! Very good value and great service from Argos. However I assume all the parts are predominantly plastic and therefore I wasn’t completely happy about purchasing this. Perhaps Chad Valley could look at producing a more sustainable version?'

5/5  123 'Bought this as a present for my 3 year old, he loves it! Great fun, easy to put together for little hands!'

5/5  AS 'My boys absolutely love their new marble run. It’s quite big and sturdy and I think quite convenient for the price. Great buy!'

5/5  Mikee 'Cheap toy that is entertaining for the little ones, happy with the item & id recommend this to anyone'

5/5  Mum2becks 'Had great fun easy to assemble'

5/5  Kathy 'Kids love it, great team work going on here to get it built!'

5/5  Tash 'Bought this for a 3 year old boy and he loved it!!'

5/5  Almostchristmas 'Can't wait to see my kids face when he opens this for Christmas! Fantastic value for money!'

5/5  Laura 'Christmas present for my 3 year old. Easy to build, nice and bright. Much bigger than I expected which is great! Good value for money'

5/5  Gemmaw 'We brought this for my daughter as she’s wanted a marble run She will love this when she opens it as Father Christmas has this at the moment Hours of fun and we can play it with her'

5/5  RobLock 'I got this for my son and he absolutely loves it. He finds it so entertaining and keeps him amused for hours'

5/5  AK 'This is a great product and lots of fun to do together.'

5/5  Liam 'Good fun my kid loves this more pieces preferred to enhance building skills but still good'

4/5  Irene 'The children are loving this toy. They spent a long time playing with it. I only wish the instructions were easier to follow when putting it together :)'

5/5  Mmmmm 'Again prezzie for my 5vyear old grandsons birthday had fun building it and he was so excited played for hours fantastic fun'

5/5  Dee 'Bought for Christmas for my daughter looks good and hopefully she will like it'

5/5  Mi 'Great value for money.'

5/5  Busymama 'We bought this for a stay & play (for children with additional needs). It’s a brilliant set with not so many tiny pieces. It’s chunky so easy to grip. Very colourful...providing lots of fun.'

5/5  Smarsh 'Great marble run, loads of fun for our daughter, and lots of fun for me putting it together.'

3/5  Wheels1 'Looks good but is very easy to fall apart always having to rebuild it which takes ages'

3/5  Lolly 'Took a long time to set up and then if you even slightly moved it it all fell apart,'

5/5  JLB 'Easy assemble, keeps the little one entertained for a while. Would recommend.'

5/5  Gill 'Great product and great value for money given the size of the toy. Lovely bright colours. Only downside is it took a long time to build (around 30 mins on first attempt). It’s soul destroying when your toddler knocks it over and destroys it and you end up spending another 30 mins rebuilding for her to knock it over again.'

5/5  Jackie 'Takes a while to build but my 9 year old granddaughter had no problem, infact it was bought for 4 year old but I think children of 4 need lots of help putting it together'

5/5  Laumak 'Great buy, doesn’t come with glass marbles. Comes with plastic ones but works well.'

5/5  JM 'Great fun and great value. My son has been playing with it non stop.'

4/5  Susie 'Good product and a bit cheaper than other places.'

5/5  CS93 'My daughter absolutely loves it, she plays with it every night after nursery. We love how we can build it like the picture or into different sizes and length. Great quality product and the price is perfect'

5/5  Jmh73 'I brought this for my sons as they have one at pre school and enjoyed playing with them, I researched different shops and Argos seemed the most value for money at a reasonable price.'

5/5  Ats 'Bought this as a gift for my nephew. He loves finding and solving different ways of putting it together. Very reasonably priced for the amount of pieces in comparison to others. Very happy'

4/5  Hippychick 'Really good marble run...loads of parts. Quite expensive though. Daughter plays with it for hours. We ended making one long run which was great. Whether you do it the way the instructions tells you to or your own its not very sturdy....topples quite easily.'

5/5  Jay 'My son likes to play with it and good to re-arrange the layout to different routes'

3/5  Mariex 'It takes a while to put together and the instructions could be clearer but my children enjoy it'

5/5  AnnP 'The connecting pink pieces are a bot fragile if big kids stand it walk over it by mistake. Other than that the set is too good and worth the money. We love it. My kid makes creative connections and enjoys playing with it'

4/5  Isabellaandgeorgesmummy 'The kids did have lots of fun, it was just frustrating for us adults....'

5/5  Evan 'Not compatible with Gait but still lots of fun.'

5/5  Isaacsmummy 'Brought for Easter for my 4 yr old son.He’s had hours of fun and loves his marble run.'

5/5  CB 'My niece loved receiving this for her birthday and hasn’t stopped playing with it!'

5/5  Waf 'Our grandson played with it for hours'

5/5  Dh110953 'Its a nice toy and so far brought hours of fun.'

4/5  Frank 'It works well and it great fun. But probably not the greatest quality. Will likely break within a year or two.'

5/5  Rachael19781 'Really good toy my kids have had hours of fun with it!! The marbles that come with it are not what I would call proper glass marbles they are made of plastic but still a fantastic toy!! Even better I got in in a half price sale!! Highly recommended even at full price!!!'

5/5  Sab 'It was really fun to play with my kids'

5/5  Nicolah 'My 5 year old was complaining she was bored at grandmas so I brought this while on offer and she loves it .... you don’t need to play solo as you can build it separately so children can have their own design etc'

5/5  TeeDee 'We didn't time how long it took to assemble but it must have been close to an hour. Diagram is very small and quite complex. However out grandson loves it and so do we, The second time we put it together it took about 15 minutes. Good fun and great value'

5/5  MK 'This is a fun game to build. There are many small building 'blocks' but there could really be some more. The quality is good, there is loads of colours and the connecting parts are really well made and designed. The small marbles zoom through the various maze and towers and so is actually really fun to build and watch. But the marble/balls do look a lot like little sweets so must watch any very little children around this.'

4/5  CyJl 'Our 2 and 5 year old love this marble run. Lots of fun connector pieces and it is great that the tubes are see through so you can follow the marbles all the way through their journey. With young kids, the adults have to put it together as it requires a bit of problem solving and it can be easily knocked over - but I imagine that is probably the case with most marble runs. A great purchase.'

5/5  Karen 'Great value for money'

5/5  EmmaB4 'My three children (5yrs, 7yrs and 9yrs) have had hours of fun with their new marble run! This one is much better than their previous one because there are a lot more pieces and the plastic is really tough, so the pieces don’t break easily.'

4/5  Chris 'It’s a decent design but could do with some extra parts & far more detailed instructions as needs to be put together exactly as per instructions otherwise it doesn’t work. Takes 45m-60m to assemble. Adding part numbers go each section would make it far easier to assemble. However once assembled it’s amused the kids for hours.'

5/5  Cc2291 'I bought this for my sons best friend for his 3rd Birthday, it looked that good when set up I bought it for my son and put it away for his birthday! Its so much bigger than expected. But they've had hours of fun playing with it. Must warn parents though they do have some small parts, like the balls are quite small so watch out for little children incase they put them in their mouth. other from that I bought this in the sale its brilliant value in comparison to other brands of it elsewhere!'

5/5  Lynn 'Purchased as a spare on the spur of the moment as in the half price sale but very happy with it. Instructions are difficult to follow so we followed the coloured picture on the box which made it much easier to put together. My grandson who is 4 loved it!'

5/5  Aimz91 'My son (aged 3) plays with this nearly every single day he loves it!!'

5/5  LondonMum 'My daughter is struggling with her fine motor skills and has been using this at school to help improve her pincer group. She’s been enjoying it so much she wanted one at home too. It’s great, lots of possible combinations and really good fun.'

5/5  Kelly 'My 3 year old daughter loves playing it with the marble run when she is indoors and I think the colour marbles are great as you can find them easy'

5/5  Mimi 'Me and my son we love it.spend lots of time playing with it.great buy'

4/5  Grandma 'My grandson is 7 absolutly loved this,we had great fun playing it over and over .bit tricky to put together but really worth the money for fun factor.'

5/5  JW 'Opened and played with immediately.'

5/5  Jamie 'Good quality, fun product'

5/5  Maya 'Really easy to put together the first time with instructions to copy the initial design. It is also very easy for small children to put together however they want. Hours of fun for kids!'

3/5  Ladysurf13 'My little boy absolutely loves this, we sat down and took everything out to start building. It comes with instructions but they are so complicated. Try telling a 3 year old that they have to be patient.... it does not work so we went with the flow and decided to build it as we wanted. Great fun'

5/5  Mam 'Good fun with my 4yrs old son'

5/5  Sam 'I bought this marble track for my cousin’s 3 year old daughter. And she loves it! The pieces are simple to put together, with a good range of basic track and more fun twirly pieces. There is a lot of kit here, making for a range of possibilites. The only problem we had was getting my cousin’s husband to let his daughter have a go!'

5/5  Monkey 'Great toy a bit difficult to put together to start with but hours of fun had'

5/5  Duchess 'My grand daughter plays with one of these at someone else’s house. She likes it so much that we bought it for her birthday. Good for Mums and Dads to interact with children in building this into all sorts of constructions. Educational in working out where the marbles will go.'

4/5  Sofia 'Kids love this marball run, I even got one for a gift.'

5/5  JellyBeans 'Great Christmas present for the kids and they loved it'

4/5  Debs 'Great product, the instructions were a bit hard to follow but once made the kids had lots of fum'

3/5  LW 'My daughter enjoys the marble run but I have to help set it up and it is quite flimsy. If it was easier to follow or sturdier we would probabaly use it more. It wasn’t expensive so I would still recommend.'

5/5  SL 'Bought as birthday gift for 5 yr old niece to extend her marble run. She loved it.'

5/5  NannieT 'My granddaughter enjoyed building and playing with this'

4/5  Lubilu 'Bought this for my daughter who’s is 5, the layout/ design isn’t the best set up and wasn’t thought through properly. My little one enjoys it though so I suppose that’s all that matters'

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