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Chad Valley Wooden Sandpit

About the Chad Valley Wooden Sandpit

This phenomenal wooden Chad Valley Sandpit is an awesome toy for outside stimulation. Little ones can inspire their pals with sandcastles or get innovative by drawing in the sand. On the other hand why not buy some play balls and make a ball pit for your most cherished to play in.

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5/5   'I got this for my toddler (2 1/2) for the garden to put mud into. Hes obsessed with digging. He has a mud kitchen so this is along side it for role play and imaginative play or solo digging and building play. Great price. Easy to assemble. Fast service.'

5/5   'My granddaughter loved this'

5/5   'Easy to assemble grandson loves it'

1/5   'I should of got a plastic sand pit... This is poor quality,the flooring to it let's sand out.'

3/5   'Disappointment in the size and its not worth the money'

2/5   'I really wanted a wooden sand pit rather than plastic but they all come with a high price tag. I wish I had spent a little more and bought a better quality one. It wasnt difficult to put together but with no guidance holes it was tough trying to get the pieces lined up. The cover is just material and sags with rain so you will need an additional covering. The bottom is just a flimsy piece of sheeting so the sand pit moves around and sand comes out of the bottom. I regret this purchase.'

4/5   'Excellent product my children have had so much fun in the garden playing with this great design and good quality'

5/5   'Fabulous value for money'

5/5   'All the kids love playing in sand'

5/5   'It was easy to put up and i like the corner triangles to sit on. My 3 year old daughter loves it and wants to play in it all day'

5/5   'It's a great outdoor toy for a great price. My nearly 4 years old boy loved it.'

3/5   'I expected a wooden base not a cloth one so it has to have a base made for it.'

1/5   'The base on this is just material and the wooden frame just sits on top of it so once the sand is in you cannot move its position. As its described as wooden sandpit I was expecting all of it to be wooden.'

1/5   'I was disappointed with the quality for the price, no substantial base and a very cheap cover which cats can easily remove!'

3/5   'Quite easy to put up but would recommend using a drill to make it easier. Would only recommend for 1 maybe 2 children as its smaller than it looks. Takes around 6 bags of Argos sand to fill it.'

3/5   'Not easy to put together- some holes not predrilled.. Sand leaks out from underneath; cover does not stay in situ. Definitely not value for money.'

4/5   'I bought this sandpit a month ago for my daughter (3), she loves it! It holds about 4 x bags of sand (15kg each), has 4 little stools in each corner and is fairly solid.'

4/5   'My toddler loves digging around in this sandpit, great size for him and couple of friends to play in. But i do wish there was a more robust base to it. The felt supplied won't last a season. Really should be a piece of tarp to stop water creeping up. Point to note, pick your spot wisely as once it's placed and filled with sand, as there is no easy way to move this.'

5/5   'Really easy to assemble and my daughter loves it.'

5/5   'Sand pit to put sand in'

3/5   'This item would be great if it had a bottom to it other then the bottom its great for the kids'

3/5   'You pay minimal you get minimal'

5/5   'Perfect Size Sand Pit - Thank you'

5/5   'Great little sand pit for all ages looks good and near and tidy the top cover fits perfectly'

3/5   'The frame is great, the cover fits well but the ground sheet is not attached so as your child plays around in the sand the frame moves, and all the sand falls out the bottom. I spend more time sweeping it up then I did watching them play in it.'

4/5   'Great size for my 3 and 1 year olds to play in comfortably together. Loved having the 4 seats on rack corner as it gave them a bit more room to play without getting in each others way. Really easy to put together, took me about 15minutes.'

5/5   'Fantastic sand pit with cover. My girls love it thank you. Definitely recommend it to everyone if thinking of purchasing one. It has four little coloured seats at each corner too. Value for money reall happy. Thank you Argos'

5/5   'Nice wooden sandpit. Basic box that needs to be screened together. No base except sheet provided. Cover is basic and needs stone or something to be kept down. I think it is exactly what I expected from description on Argos website and I am happy with it, more importantly my 22 month old is!'

4/5   'Great if you just want a really basic/cheap sandpit.'

4/5   'Great product. Not sure how long it will last but the kids love it!'

1/5   'Poorly made, holes didnt line up, "cover" is a square of tarp...but kids love it. Need loads sand to fill it 30kg+'

4/5   'This sand pit is easy quick and easy to assemble. My son spends lots of time playing in it and it is just the right size for our small garden. The only issue I have with it is the design of the tarpaulin cover very flimsy when it rains causing the sand pit to fill with water, easy for us to get a bit of wood the size of the sand pit to put over the top'

4/5   'I would find some thing flat and hard to sit it on else u wont be able to move it or keep it contained and i would make the cover tighter around it as when it rain it weights it down and let the water in i velcroed mine around the top works well'

1/5   'Not good, the floor is a waterproof sheet that sits underneath so once you've put the sand in u cannot move the sandpit, the cover is loose so insects get in..the wood is very frail ..we used once and it was effort to move so we stopped using it . Plastic ones are better as u can drag them around the garden for convenience'

5/5   'Brilliant kids love it'

5/5   'Great quality for money; daughter loves playing in it, recommend 2 bags of sand for this one isnt quiet enough'

5/5   'Really cute sand pit my 3yr old loves it only downfall is that it just sits on the ground sheet bit and the top cover has nothing to attach it to so it says on. Also i would say you need 4 15kg bags of the argos play sand.'

3/5   'My son absolutely adore this but the design of the bottom of the sand pit is not ideal as your suppose to lay the sheet out and just put the sandpit fran over it but the sand still comes through the sides and just could of been made a bit more practically also there where no pilot holes in the wood so you had to guess where u where drilling or screwing a screw it was correct, good for baby's but not for toddlers my personal opinion,'

1/5   'Had to bring product back because it was missing parts and when I got the new set it was missing different parts'

2/5   'Good kids enjoy playing for hours.'

4/5   'For the price it's well worth buying. Would be better with a wooden bottom but overall it's really good'

5/5   'Our 3 year old was over joyed with this simple item'

1/5   'Really dissapointed I feel as though this was an expensive product and all I am paying for is a bit of wood surrounding. The seats are unuseable as they are uncomfortable tiny and not designed great. The base is literally a sheet that you put under it nothing to secure it. And the cover blows straight off'

4/5   'Our grandson has hours of pleasure from the sand pit, we put it under an umbrella as it was so hot.. Beat going in a hot car to the seaside..'

3/5   'Constructed fairly easily, has no bottom but retains sand if child is fairly young and careful. The thin black material supplied to stand it on is pretty inadequate. Luckily we have a length of fairly thick rubber conveyor belt. Our 2 yr old grandson played happily for an hour beside it. It is more fun than its appearance and construction would suggest.'

4/5   'My gransdon loved this sandpit. The slight drawback is the sides don't seal on to the base so can be tipped over by an enthusiastic youngster. I think I will staple the overlapping cloth of the base on to frame.'

2/5   'His sandpit is easy to construct but the triangles on each corner don't fit properly and it is very flimsy. I was a bit disappointed.'

4/5   'Both mine boys love playing with the sandpit, easy to put together would be better if the bottom of the sandpit was wooden.'

1/5   'I bought this sandpit for my grandsons to play with in our garden. It just doesn't stay together sand leaks out under frame because frame has no weight and easily tips over and the cover doesn't stay on allowing rain to get in and cats to use as a toilet ,unless it's held with stones, it blows off.'

5/5   'What a sturdy sand play center. My granddaughter jumped in with both feet and really didn't want to step out again. The design and size is superb . The base cover and top cover are really good quality so when the rain comes the sand is kept dry.'

4/5   'Hours of fun and laughs'

4/5   'Although it states groundsheet included to repress weeds, I didn't expect the ground sheet to actually be the base of the sand pit. Kids have had lots of fun playing.'

3/5   'Good size sandpit simple to put together'

5/5   'Its the perfect size for my 16 month old he loves it and the price was really good too'

5/5   'My little boy loves playing in his sandpit'

5/5   'This has great features and child safety proof as well loads of fun'

5/5   'It was quick to pay and and great product aswell.'

1/5   'You would be better off buying 4 pieces of skirting board and fix that together , I know you get what you pay for but it really is rubbish !'

3/5   'Good design but lacks a decent cover and floor. Seems a bit cheap quality considering the price. The corner seats are good.'

1/5   'Well not a lot to be said about this but rubbish'

5/5   'My boys have loads of fun with this sandpit making different shapes and castles'

5/5   'Great sandpit, looks good as part of the garden and is very strong, my grandchildren love it.'

5/5   'My child loves playing in this sandpit.'

1/5   'The frame is very lightweight and no solid bottom in tray so consequently the tray moves easily and sand doesn't stay in the pit. The cover that comes with this tray does not fit properly or securely so our sand is now full of rain water, also allowing access to stay cats to do their business in the sand tray!! I would not recommend this as it's very very poor value for money!!'

4/5   'For the child this is great. It's a good size , solid and colourful. I ended up with 2*15kg bags of sand which gave a good depth. The main problem is the loose base which makes moving it almost impossible without taking nearly all of the sand out. but from the child's point of view it is good'

5/5   'Product easy to put together. Cover would be better elasticated. Overall pleased with this purchase.'

3/5   'Putting together was a mare as there were no ready made holes for the screws so all guess work. No instructions to add the bottom of the sandpit or any materials so I nailed in. My girls love it though!'

4/5   'Exactly how it looks in its pic'

1/5   'There is no bottom lining so once sand has been put into the pit you are unable to move it without all the sand going everywhere. Poorly designed.'

2/5   'I enjoyed assembling the sandpit - no problem. However, practically, I thought it poor : surely a sandpit should have a base rather than a floppy sheet of limp black plastic. It made gathering up the sand difficult. Then the cover supplied did not fit so certainly did not protect the sand from the rain. The grandson enjoyed it but I will do some improvisation before his next visit!'

5/5   'Very pleased with the item, and as far as I'm concerned it is a 4 star rating'

4/5   'Great little sandpit kids love it,shame its only got a sheet for bottom as now it cant be moved without loosing sand,cover could be a little more snug its rather big,over all great sandpit kids think its fab and have lots of fun in it :)'

4/5   'My kids love it its a brilliant sand pit, only thing would make this better is the black ground sheet being attached to the wooden frame, i've had to tack it myself as my 3 kids kept knocking the frame and losing quite a lot of sand out the bottom and the cover to be a better fitting as it keeps blowing off in the wind'

5/5   'Great little sand pit, took 4 x 15kg argos sand bags to fill nicely. could take another 2 if you wanted to fill it right to the top. Cover is sufficient although better to weight it down as I think if it was windy it would blow off. Easy to put together.'

3/5   'This is a very small, shallow sandpit, big enough for maximum 2 kids. It has a piece of fabric rather than a solid base and the cover just sits on the top so it does let the rain in. You could probably improve both of those things with a bit of handywork. We bought if for our puppy who is always digging up the garden, so we hide toys and treats in the sand and she digs this up instead. So for us it serves its purpose, but there are better options out there.'

4/5   'We bought this item for our puppy as she loves digging so we bought this item along with sand to save her from digging up our garden..It worked a treat..I recommend this for puppies if they tend to like digging, especially any type of Spaniel.'

4/5   'Basic design suitable for young children with the little seats in the corners comes with the meshing for the bottom to keep out the weeds i tacked mine on so if i needed to move the sandpit i can do so with out having to remove all the sand first'

5/5   'Brought this for the rabbits and its perfect. Colours lovely and rabbits enjoy. Good quality.'

3/5   'It is basically just 4 slats of wood with 4 wooden triangles in the corner. Its basic but does what is needed of it. Used 3 bags of sand to fill it.'

5/5   'Our 2 year old grandaughter was delighted with this for her birthday'

3/5   'The cover isn't a tight fit so it just rests on the top, a small breeze would blow it off. Needs to be weighed down. I love the little seats but my daughter just sits in the sand anyway. My daughter loves it'

3/5   'No nails for bottom sheet'

1/5   'I loved the look of this sandpit for my 18 month year old as I thought he would enjoy sitting in the sand! It was easy to put together but the ground sheet was a flimsy piece of fabric and there was nothing included to attach it to the sides. Once placed on the ground, straight away sand seeped out and that night it rained, water soaked up through the flimsy ground sheet and soaked the sand. Used only once and thrown away. Very disappointed :('

5/5   'Nice size, small enough to fit in the garden and big enough for 2 small children to play. Fairly easy to set up, neatly packaged, I used about 4 bags of sand from Argos to fill.'

1/5   'First thing is that the bottoms not attached nor the cover you got to put something on top so it don't blow away'

1/5   'Not worth the money, bad quality, if it wasnt such a hassle i would have taken it back to argos'

4/5   'The sandpit was a bit laborious to pout together, but it is easy to use and just the right size.'

3/5   'Purchased for grandchild and returned product. Wasn't impressed as there was no base only a piece of cloth. Husband purchased 2 lengths of decking and made a much more stable sand pit using a piece of plastic roofing for base and screwed together.'

4/5   'My little girl loves this but it would be so kuch better with a wooden flooring instead of just the mesh sheet that came with it as this makes it difficult if you have to move it around for any reason'

4/5   'Brought this for my 2 yr old a wk ago and she hasn't left it alone :) very happy with this item would deffo recommend. But would be so much better if it had a hard base but I'm gona put it on some concrete slabs in next few weeks as its on grass n the sand comes out the sides at the bottom but still very happy with it xx'

2/5   'No fixed base just a frame unable to move around without removing sand, seats on corners good idea and nice size'

4/5   'Very sturdy,a lot smaller than I expected for the money.fine for my young baby at the moment but will definitely need to buy a bigger one.'

3/5   'Fits easily into a small garden. Went together easily. Waterproof cover useless l no fixings and blows away in moderate wind. Quite attractive looking.'

1/5   'I bought this product for my granddaughter. I thought it was of poor quality. I returned it to the store and bought a plastic replacement.'

4/5   'I think this item needs four bags of sand to filli it up. I bought two but need to buy two more so that you can really get in there and build a castle. It has a cover which is good just weight it down at each corner. overall a nice buy, has four little corners that they can perch on quite easily my grandsons are 4 and 5 and average size and have had lots of fun. buy them a bucket and spade, and empty containers to go with it,and let them throw water on it for an easy life.'

4/5   'This is a perfect size for my 1 year old girl. It is also quite low in height so she can crawl in and out easily. My only negative is that you will definitely need an electric screwdriver as there is a lot of screws! You will need approx 6 bags of Argos play sand to fill this.'

3/5   'Easy to assemble and fairly sturdy, although the bottom is made of material which lets the sand fall through. i stapled the fabric on to the base of the pit and the also had to re-enforce with wooden board. not bad for the price we paid'

4/5   'The sand pit is well-made, and a good size. I was a little perturbed at first when I realised that there was no base as such, just a frame. However, once I had managed to find a flat space on the flags, it was ok. My grandson, aged 3, has enjoyed digging, anyway.'

4/5   'Smart looking little sand pit, Really liked the cover as was shaped to fit over the sides but would have been better if had some way of keeping it on when it gets windy or rains. Easy to put together. If you are looking for big sandpit go for a larger one or maybe 2,'

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