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Chad Valley Wading Pool

About the Chad Valley Wading Pool

Little ones will have plenty of splish splash fun with this vibrantly coloured Chad Valley Wading Pool. Kids will get fit as a fiddle as they enjoy play in this shell shaped pool. Ideal for chilling in the sun.

Brand: Chad Valley
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Chad Valley Wading Pool Reviews

5/5   'Glad that this plastic item came with no packaging waste. Sturdy construction and used as reserve pond to safeguard frogs, newts and tadpoles whilst pond reconstruction taking place.'

5/5  MXmum72 'Bought for my ducks , perfect.'

4/5  Puppysitter 'Bought as a pool for my call ducks. Ideal.'

5/5  Montague 'My daughter only has a walk in shower so this is ideal for her to bath her 3year old in thank you'

5/5  Tinka 'Very happy with the product, good value for money, versatile'

5/5  Hammondcheese 'I deal and big enough for my garden and great quilty'

5/5  JG 'Does what it says on the tin'

4/5  Omopupa 'It is sturdy and safe to use for my 11month old baby.'

5/5  Christelos 'Brilliant easily cleaned and safe!'

5/5  Mick 'Great item for a great price well made and good size well worrh a buy'

5/5  Kez 'Bought a pair of these for our dogs. They love them. Very sturdy and excellent value when bought with the offer'

4/5  Michelle 'Bought for dog to paddle in as it’s plastic so won’t puncture. Ideal'

5/5  Anita 'I bought this for our Cocker Spaniel during the hot weather and she loves it. Its strong and sturdy and we dont have to worry about punctures !!'

3/5  Missusdee 'I got 1 of these a few years ago to cool my dog down, but it finally cracked (not covered - my bad) & needed replacing. Only £1 more than last 1, I thought it would be the same size. No - it's MUCH smaller.. There was an offer on (1 @ £11 or 2 @ £15) so I'd automatically got 2, 1 as a spare. But as my dog's big, she's using both.side by side. This is quite sturdy so I'm sure it'll be fine for children. BUT I'd not buy it for more than 1 child to play in, I think it's too small.'

5/5  Kayleigh 'Perfect for my toddler playing with water'


5/5  KC 'Brought for my 2 year old niece for her birthday, she loves it. I brought 2 one for water one for sand and both are brilliant. I was concerned that it would need a lot of sand to fill enough, However I brought 2 bags from Argos and it was more than enough for her to play in. The top and bottom fit together but will need to tie it down where the holes meet. Strong and sturdy definitely recommend.'

5/5  Colin 'Bought for collie as a cooling pool this summer. Works well but when you need to empty use bu kets as it will crack if you try to tip water out. All in all very pleased.'

5/5  Gilly 'Purchased for my dogs to use on the hot summer days, they love it to cool off in. It’s sturdy and cannot be damaged by their paws.'

5/5  Eriko 'Great for puddling pool'

5/5  Lauren 'Bought for dogs who are big fans, it is a little on the small side'

4/5  DD 'We bought this for our puppy now he can splasharound as much as he likes without us having to worry about punctures. Perfect for hot dogs!'

5/5  Jacnherb 'Used by grandkids and also used to keep dogs cool on hot days, they love it.'

2/5  Carol 'Not great bought 2 for our new puppy both cracked after 1 days use'

5/5  Trina 'The price was reasonable for the item. my dog loves it in the summer when its super warm. its easy to clean and lasts in the winter when stored correctly.'

5/5  Dink 'Perfect as a paddling pool for our young puppy. The size is just right and it really cooled him in this hot weather.'

5/5  Woof 'Bought to help cool off our dog and did the job brilliantly, as soon as it had water in he was in! Being plastic there's no worries about claws going through and it's small enough to empty, clean and refill without it taking all day.'

5/5  Curdy123 'I bought 2 of these, one for my granddaughter and another for the dogs! It’s good quality and has a nice depth to it!'

5/5  Donna 'Fabulous value for money George my puppy and my grandson LJ love it in for hours of fun'

5/5  Loucoo 'Perfect for by pooch on hot days nice size and stable'

5/5  GrandmaJ 'I ordered two of these on the special offer, it's a good item and worth the money, hence the 5* rating, but one came with red marker pen in a few places, one was for dogs and one for my Grandson and so I kept the marked one and didn't bother to ask for an exchange, the marks were clearly visible so should've been seen before I made collection.'

5/5  Gemmab4 'I was sick of buying inflatable pools for my dogs to wreck cane across these and bought some there brilliant and durable'

3/5  Jo 'The lip is pretty thin and cracked when moving g the pool Would invest in a stronger one next time I think ?!'

5/5  Laurie 'I bought this for my dog and its peffect. She was in the pool before I'd even filled it up.'

4/5  Louise 'Brought these for my dogs and they love them! Great way to cool down when the suns out'

1/5  Max 'Got 2 of these a couple of weeks ago. Filled with water which my dog loved, tried to lift it up to empty and item cracked. Pool now leaks. Only way I think you could empty it is by using a jug, which would take a while.'

5/5  Alfie 'My little boy loves his pool. Perfect for getting out and putting away no pump needed'

4/5  Julesdd70 'Bought this paddling pool for my puppy. Food for cooling off, not top deep & doesn't require a lot of water to fill it. Very pleased.'

5/5  Jess 'Fantastic! Bought it as a mini pool for my Frenchie. Just the right size and he loves it! Perfect for the summer time to cool him down whilst he's with everyone in the garden.'

4/5  Tom 'These are a very good alternative to a paddling pool. Not much water is needed to fill to the top. Be careful when emptying as side can break due to the weight of the water. Could be stronger .'

5/5  Cazzy 'I actually bought this for my two dog's to paddle in when the weather is hot and the dogs are outside most of the day as they both live the sunshine, it's great as I just half full it and the dogs go for a paddle as and when they want to cool down, this pool is good for this use, it's not super strong and you need to be carefull when emptying it so as it doesn't split and crack open, but I would definitely recommend it...'

5/5  Carnice 'Sturdy and large pool perfect for dogs.'

5/5  Jane 'Just right for my grandchildren good for water,sand and fun balls so good I got two great value'

5/5  JP 'Good size, perfect for doggy paddling pool'

5/5  Marion 'This pool is perfect for children and dogs'

5/5  Fi 'Great service and product thank you'

5/5  Amelia 'Great product I bought for summer for my dog to cool down in, he absolutely loves it.'

5/5  Buffy 'Great value for money and great quality.'

5/5  Nige 'Bought for my puppy to chill in the sunny weather, he absolutely loves it. Its very sturdy and great value as on offer 2 for virtually the price of 1.'

5/5  Betty 'Bought one each for my kids, ages 2 + 3. They love them.'

5/5  Ladystreetsbrook 'Great little pool which I bought for my spaniel, of course she won’t go in without me so a bit of a squeeze! Recommend for a toddler or small dog.'

5/5  Spanner 'Bought for dog - got 2 on a great offer so use one as a kid to keep the bugs out overnight and then can have my own little pool during day as well'

5/5  Ambs 'Good quality perfect size'

5/5  KT 'This paddling pool is the perfect size for us. It's sturdy and great value for money.'

5/5  Jem 'Dogs love it & ideal in this hot weather.'

5/5  Louise 'Bought this product for our dog to keep cool in. Does a great job.'

5/5  Bexs 'Fantastic for days in the garden,ideal for cooling the puppy down.'

5/5  Karen 'Bought as a paddling pool for my Labrador puppy to cool down on hot days. Great value for money'

5/5  Joe 'Good size my dog love it'

5/5  Beaconsfield19 'Great fun with water and little toy boats in'

3/5  Misty 'Good pool but man was all marked on bottom otherwise great pool'

5/5  Charlotte 'Good to fill with water for splashing around or to add sand. Has no lid so we only use water play.'

5/5  Kelly 'I bought this for my Chinese Water Dragon Who loves playing in water, very sturdy, well made, excellent product!! Not just for children!'

5/5  Meg 'Great steardy pool/sand lit would even use it to cool my fav in warm weather'

5/5  Lou 'Perfect for water or sand, easy to clean, good value'

5/5  Rawlie18 'This is great for dogs to play in to cool off - blow up pools don't last as their nails puncture the plastic. I encouraged them in with a few toys and they soon got in - well worth it'

5/5  Hatto 'Trying to get our puppy used to water so this pool is great. It is shallow and sturdy.'

5/5  Terry 'Bought for my dog to use in the hot weather. It’s perfect, if only he would get in!'

5/5  Spam71 'It's absolutely brilliant for keeping the puppy cool on a hot summer's day'

5/5  Jadiie 'I use this paddling pool for the dogs in the summer. The birds also love it. Very lightweight and compact.'

2/5  Popadom 'One came broke and they snap really easily you can’t move them with anything in.'

5/5  Lynners 'Great quick service and the product was a great price and just what I was looking for!'

5/5  Maggie 'This is very good. Bought for my dog he gets very hot, great forhim to lie in. Bought two on offer. So use one as a lid to keep stuff out. He has had his other one years, and these were a replacement. He is a large dog and he can lie in it gets quite deep when full. Loves the water.'

5/5  Ss 'Perfect for the dog to cool off in and can't break it with his claws!'

5/5  Briony 'Great size, sturdy plastic and very fast on click and collect! Perfect for my toddler :)'

5/5  Blue 'It does what it says on the tin. A paddling pool! Dog loves it and can't burst it.'

5/5  Cash 'Just perfect. For the children to play in with sand or water. Very sturdy. Also very pleased with this product.'

5/5  Alice 'We brought this as a doggy pool so our daughters didn't pop. its durable and allows both my daughter and dog to enjoy water together.'

5/5  Flkenny 'It was for two of my friends under 3years. They loved it.'

5/5  Peter 'Good value for the money paid, sturdy ,lightweight , does the job.'

5/5  Teen 'The dogs have one and the kids the other bought 2 perfect for keeping clean and lightweight'

5/5  Emma 'Very sturdy little pool Ideal for pre-school children Easy to empty .... just tip up'

5/5  Peter 'Bought this for our ducks, and they love it! Nice and sturdy so no risk of puncture. And it holds a decent amount of water :)'

5/5  Di 'Little pool is great for my two minature poodles to paddle and cool down on a hot sunny day.'

4/5  Lisa 'Bought this for my dog to splash around it. She loves it and no holes so brill'

5/5  NB 'Bought for my dog to cool down in and it is perfect. Big enough and easy enough to fill and empty plus it is sturdy so doesn’t tip over.'

5/5  Louise735 'Bought this for my labrodor pup she loves it very sturdy'

5/5  Dave 'Bought 2 pools one for daughter and one for dogs, they all love them.'

5/5  Bonnie 'Does your dog get too hot in the summer sun? If so this paddling pool is a must have. Its easy for those with four legs to hop in and out of, is a good depth, nd has a non slip base. Perfect for pooches struggling in the heat.'

5/5  Rb 'As review title suggests this is a fabulous little pool/sand pit and if you order two acts as shell shaped cover!!!!! Easy to handle'

5/5  Hollyash 'Great little splash pool or sand, ball pool. Have been buying these now for four years. Even keep my new garden plants well watered in one. Happy days X'

5/5  Ciara 'Actually bought this for my Dogs for the summer as it can get way too hot for them. Really cheap and good quality. Won’t tear or break under their claws or weight. Easy to clean and easy to store.'

4/5  Mrst 'I use it for my dog to chill in when it's warm and it's fine. A bit small but sturdy enough.'

5/5  Consumer 'Great value for money and lightweight Bought it for our dog to cool down on hot days Rather than a plastic paddling pool which is easily torn. Also great for cooling down your feet on hot days too'

5/5  Jj 'Great to keep the dogs cool'

5/5  Emz 'It amazing size for a toddler ,paddling pool or sandpit, my little one has loved it,'

5/5  Conko418 'We have a dog that loves to run around on the garden. This has been perfect for him to run in and out of, to play in and help him cool down.'

5/5  Cockerpoo 'Bought this for my 10 month old cockerpoo. It’s the perfect size for him. Not worried about the pool bursting as it’s made from hard plastic. I pour one watering can of water in it for him, he loves it!'

5/5  Morley2018 'Great strong perfect size ....'

4/5  Tia 'It's bigger than I thought for the price. 4stars because it's a gift and not been used it. but I would definitely buy again. because it feels strong and it's wide so at least 2kids can fit depending on their size.'

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