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About the Chad Valley Volcano Activity Pool

The Chad Valley Volcano Activity Pool is ideal regardless as to whether little ones want to enjoy outside adventures or indoor fun! Kids will love rolling the four (4) play balls along the inflatable ball ramp and the pool area (capacity 208 litres) can be filled with either water or play balls (sold separately) providing long time fun for your most cherished. Another option is to enjoy some slip'n'slide fun by spraying the removable side with water, made possible by attaching the garden hose to the water sprayer. Size L104, W183, D265cm.

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Chad Valley Volcano Activity Pool Reviews

5/5   'This is perfect for toddlers. It has lots to keep them occupied with little extras like the hoop. I feel it’s really good value for money. My 3 year old loves it but my 6 year old niece really enjoyed it too, hopefully I will get a few years out of it.'

4/5  Alison 'Easy set up and bigger than I thought it would be. Granddaughter loved it and spent hours in it, just jumping and splashing around in it. We put a small slide next to it which went into one end of the pool which was great fun and an added hit. It’s lost one star due to the volcano part not spraying properly, although we did get it to work eventually but granddaughter then didn’t like it! Typical toddler! Good value for money and as long as you put it away correctly, should last a while yet.'

4/5  Suz 'This pool provided hours and hours of summer fun in the garden for my 2 year old grandson and the pool's wall robustly withstood some heavy wear and tear without puncture.'

4/5  Sarah 'Great pool for small children. The waterfall and slide are a great addition to the pool, my son has thoroughly enjoyed using it through the summer.'

4/5  KT 'My 5 and 3 year olds loved it! Same as picture, the kids loved the water fountain! Just attatch hose and away you go! Great pool. really good value for money. One downside is the inflatable slide split along one of the seems and as its on a seem the puncture repair wouldnt work. Luckily its fine to use without slide.'

5/5  Ali 'A fun and good quality activity paddling pool. My 18months, 3&5year old grandchildren had a wonderful time sliding down the slide and jumping through the bridge. Not too deep.'

5/5  Amanda 'My kids absolutely love this. Hours of fun'

5/5  JA 'Sturdy, easy to empty and kids love it'

5/5  JH 'Ordered this for a hot spell in the garden and it was such a worthwhile purchase! They had hours of fun. It is lovely as although it is quite big it doesn’t take too much water to fill it. Equally as much fun with a load of play balls in if you have them. All in all a great buy!'

5/5  MK 'The kids love this paddling pool. I like that it’s more for splashing about in a shallow amount of water. I definitely recommend using an electric air pump for this product.'

5/5  BunnyHerts 'Lovely size and slide is brilliant, we didn’t use the spray on top as when we tried it the spray was coming out at a wrong angle, think the holes weren’t put in straight, but that’s fine as it doesn’t take away the fun our grandchildren had in it .'

5/5  Kerry 'Great product, my daughter has had so much fun in it, although people need to be aware that this product realistically requires a pump that does not come with the pool.'

5/5  MrsM 'Really pleased with this item. My 20 month old loves it. The shower is a nice surprise and the depth is very good. It's deep enough that he can sit and splash but not too deep that I have to get in. I can sit by the side and watch him play. It also doubles up as a Ball bit for indoor use if your front room is big enough to allow for it. Overall very pleased I brought this'

5/5  Becky 'All 3 of my children ages 6,4,2 had so much fun in the sunny days in their pool. Easy to blow up, slide is really good and holds my big 6 year olds weight really well as his younger siblings. So win all round really and it took like 10 minutes to fill!'

5/5  Jen1 'Great little splash pool with lots of different little elements on it, my son loved it but better for days when you know you are having more than 1 nice day as although easy to inflate can be a bit of a fiddle'

5/5  Sam1 'Best Buy of the summer! Excellent size and good value for money'

2/5  Pinksnugsy 'Unfortunately I had to return this item due to the fact the arch where the water comes out wouldnt stand upright it leant forward so the water shot out of the pool instead of in the pool and the children had to push it up to go under it. Faulty I'm guessing as no other reviews seem to point this out'

5/5  Jb 'Love this splash pool.'

5/5  Ash89 'Bought for my 9 month old as an impulse buy during the recent hot weather. Definitely an investment. We used it as a pool with a bit of water in it but have also put plastic balls in it. Lots of fun. Easy to put up just a bit time consuming as lots of the inflatable bits you have to do individually but I managed this on my own whilst a crawling baby was clambering all over it. We both had lots of fun with it. Just need the nice weather back again!'

5/5  Bee 'My kids love the activity pool during hot summer days and had great time outside playing in the pool all day.'

4/5  Cookie 'The toddler's loved it, not for older children though.'

5/5  Rachel 'Little one lives it, plenty to keep occupied, volcano works quell with hose pipe attached too!'

5/5  Shell 'My son loves the activity pool. Take a while to blow up with manual pump but worth. Easy to empty. Has a small blow up ring and 4 balls to play with. The slide is great and it’s cushioned at the bottom of the slide so kids get a nice soft landing. Hose pipe fits on to side of volcano and sprinkles water out of top which is really good. Good price. Definitely recommend.'

5/5  Sj 'No do, s or don't, s'

5/5  Wazza 'Amazing, easy to put up and very good quality, brilliant for a kids party'

5/5  Jess 'Great price and didn't take to long to set up kids had great fun in it'

5/5  DVSG 'Purchased this pool on the hottest day of the year so far, kids loved it had lots of fun. The hose hooks up easy giving you a great fountain, and the padding at the bottom of the slide saves bruised bums. on the cooler days we fill it with balls for a decent ball pit.'

5/5  Al 'Can’t recommend it enough for quality and fun factor'

5/5  Alv 'Great little pool enough to keep the kids entertained and cool in the summer days. Sprinkler is a nice touch'

5/5  Wutang 'Great pool, Kids love it but all the elements are individual and need to be inflated separately.'

4/5  Kaza 'Fab to keep the toddlers busy . Bit of a nightmare to blow up as all bits are separate blow up bits but apart from that fab my little boys spent all week in it last week loves the squireter off the volcano fab buy and not to deep for under 4s perfect'

5/5  Dawn 'My grand children love this pool'

5/5  Jk 'Easy to setup and take it down kids have lots of fun'

4/5  Babymum 'Really like this pool. Unfortunately the sprayer did not work and the weather was so nice we didn't want to deflate it and return it for another. Can be used by a few children at the same time.'

4/5  Maros 'Really good size and quality swiming pool,good price too, very happy'

5/5  Bambie 'My kids love it hours of fun where using it has a ball pool for now till summer comes'

5/5  Jc 'Amazing versatile product. I used it for Amy little ones 3 rd birthday in October as a ball pit for her party and also used briefly as a paddling pool. Big hit with all the children'

5/5  Hotroy 'Keeps the kids happy In the hot summer days.'

5/5  Nikki 'Love this pool, we had a summer fun day with children aged 18months to 10 years old and they all had incredible fun in this pool.'

4/5  Phoenix 'We bought this for my one year old in the summer. Works great as a paddling pool (without the slide as he’s a bit little for it) and as a ball pit for indoors. Easy to pump up with an electric pump and stays up well.'

5/5  Pool 'My little girl loves going down the slide and splashing around hours of fun also you can use it as a ball pit'

5/5  Rasiukas1234 'The best item ever... My girls really love this pool...'

5/5  Paddy 'Do buy my grandchildren loved it many happy play days best buy ever for garden fun'

5/5  Louise 'Really good...easy to set up...great size and daughter loved it really recommend for the price'

5/5  Cupcake 'My daughter (2) absolutely loves this. Easy to blow up with an electric pump and the water squirting volcano keeps the slide slippy.'

5/5  Shelly 'Great design with lots going on, quality also good. Glad I bought the battery pump as there are lots of sections to inflate. My only criticism is that the water spout section does not function very well & had to manually fiddle/add pressure around the hosepipe connector to get a half decent spray'

5/5  Rach 'Absolutely brilliant my two year old loves it! We managed to pump up with foot pump so don’t worry about electric pump! Good size brill design shame the volcano water spraying bit ours doesn’t stay attached have to hold it on to get water out the top! But would deffo recommend'

5/5  Dots 'Excellent pool. Easy to put up and has seperate valves on many parts so if a hole or tear happens then it doesnt effect all of the pool. Grandkids love it'

5/5  Mags 'Great for my grandchildren who are 4, 2 and 1 year old, they have had plenty of fun in it, I would highly recommend.'

5/5  Nana 'I made a mistake with this pool. It does not blow up hard enough for use by children over the age of 3-4. I was trying not to use too much water but, for 5 and 7 year old boys, I would have done better to get one of the plain but deeper pools. For babies and toddlers it would be a fun pool. Takes a lot of inflation/defation with all the extra bits, but that's personal choice rather than a fault in the pool.'

4/5  Cazzalass 'Ordered in the morning for same day delivery, by 4pm it was inflated ,filled with water and completed with our very happy 3 & a half year old Grandson, (who has played in it almost every day for the last 2 weeks) Took about 20 mins to inflate using a foot pump (many individual inflatable parts) and about 10 mins to fill with water Fits comfortably beneath a 3x3 meter gazebo Great pool , Great delivery, recommended'

5/5  KAJ 'Great price, great size my 18mth old loves it'

3/5  Annette 'Do get an electric pump to get it blown up properly'

5/5  Jkl80 'Been a great addition for our garden, fairly easy and quick to set up (I would recommend an electric pump, and not a manual one!) although a few fiddly bits to blow up too. Perfect for my 3 year old and her cousins who range in age from 6 mths to 7 years, all used it as a splash pool and loved it.'

4/5  Busymum 'The bit that the water comes out of flops down..'

5/5  Naeem 'Bought this pool for my daughter she loves it but it take long time set up.'

4/5  Jr 'My grandkids Love it'

5/5  Bex81 'My kids love this pool! Pool measurements listed on box but picture is rather misleading and pool isn't as big as indicated. Not really a problem, more an observation. Kids have spent hours playing in pool, they absolutely love it!! We don't use volcano fountain; find it difficult to fix to hose with a watertight seal & it slowly deflates and needs pumping up again towards end of the day (could be our fixings). All minor things in comparison to the joy the children are getting out of it.'

5/5  Tam 'Great fun, lots to do. Inflated manually which wasn't to bad, I'm not sure what sort of pump you'd need but not one I've got! The little on thinks it's fun and it looks like we are on a tropical holiday!'

4/5  Geo 'My child loves this to keep cool in for the warm weather'

5/5  RyanS 'Overall we're satisfied with this product however, the sprinkler connection isn't great, you only receive 4 balls (wouldn't bother) and the water sprinkler could be better located on the pool.'

5/5  Tom 'Well priced kids really liked it'

5/5  Jayneee 'Bought this for my granddaughter who is 3, she loves it, didn’t want to get out. It was bigger than I expected and so many sections need inflating separately.. The only down side is tying to deflate it and get it back into box for storage, it’s not a one person job.'

4/5  Gringo 'A bit difficult to inflate as the air tends to leak out before you can get the bungs in, but once up the grandkids loved it'

5/5  Mrs 'A fairly sturdy and decent sized pool. The fountain shoots up really high when attached to hose! Perfect for cooling down in our amazing summer 2018. Slightly unclear that you do need a pump to go with it!!'

5/5  Aliwaly 'My son loves it. Once he is in it he does not want to get out. He loves the slide and the ball run too. Would recommend to anyone.'

5/5  DebPunk67 'Bought this for my 3 year old granddaughter and she absolutely loves it. She’s had hours of fun in the pool'

5/5  MW 'Great size and doesn't take too long to inflate with foot pump. The archway does not stand completely upright even when maximum inflated, and leans slightly into the pool area which means less space but otherwise a good pool. Needs fresh water every so often and a clean out as it can turn a bit green and slippery if left.'

5/5  Lillie 'Very easy to put up and had been up for a week for my 18month old.'

4/5  Aminah000 'My 3 year old loves this pool. It’s quick and easy to inflate. The design looks fab. Overall I’m really pleased with the product.'

5/5  Mum 'Great paddling pool for my toddlers. They particularly love jumping into the pool on their slide. Would recommend this paddling pool.'

5/5  Jo 'I think this paddling pool is a great design and excellent value for money. However, after just one day the slide had a hole underneath it and even with the supplied patch we are unable to mend it. The pool is still ok without the slide but my 2 year old is upset as this was her favourite bit!'

5/5  MrsC 'This is great for little children - very engaging and not too deep. Quick to fill and an absolute hit!'

5/5  Phill 'Great little paddling pool; lots of different features to keep little ones entertained (especially the slide, which has a neat inflatable landing zone for a comfortable entry). Big enough for me to sit in not get in the way of the fun! Word of advice though: make sure you have an electronic pump!'

5/5  Claudia 'Perfect pool for the kids, so much fun and enjoyment, keeps them entertained for hours, perfect size, and hold a lot of water and is deep enough for them to paddle.'

5/5  Haven 'Looks good when it's finally up. But to many different sections to inflate.'

5/5  Mona 'It is easy to set up. However, you need electric pump for sure :) My little is 5 already but it is all about splashing and fun with water.'

3/5  Laura09 'Purchased for children 4 & 1 as after school surprise on a hot day -my son thought he had a water park in his back garden! We only have a small patio, so this fits beautifully. Easily inflated with electric pump in 20 mins. The connector for the volcano spray is loose. it leaks badly, so the pressure coming out of the volcano is poor. The pool is bright & eyecatching. Inflated cushion under the slide is a great idea, & gives protection to little bottoms! A must- have for any summer garden!'

5/5  JD 'Brilliant pool for a toddler'

3/5  AuntieBea 'Very happy with the pool as is our young nephew'

5/5  Jesties 'Amazing product, quick and easy to inflate. Amazing volcano feature that we all enjoy. Definitely recommend'

5/5  ABL 'Fair price. Quick and convenient click and collect Easy to set up and use. Only downside was some parts kept deflating. Overall good value for money'

5/5  Jimbo 'Very good value of the price Well made and just ideal for a 4year old'

4/5  Holly 'Absolutely brilliant, kids loved it!! Plenty of room to splash about and the sprinkler makes it even more fun!! Do buy it, worth every penny!'

5/5  Granny 'Great paddling pool for this hot summer. Different features add interest for the children. Big enough for adults to sit in. Was worried about how robust the base would be on the dry ground, but as longs as there are no stones or sticks underneath, and 2 weeks later after fairly constant use, so far so good.'

5/5  Rico 'My lad loves it, attaching the hose to create "lave fall" works really well and can reach a good height Really pleased with this purchase'

4/5  Aj 'Not as big as I thought , but my great nephew loves it and that's what matters .'

5/5  Freddy 'Bought this for my two grandchildren one is 3 and the other is 1 they absolutely loved it I couldn't get them out of it. They loved the sprinkler on it too and the older one loved the slide. Great value for money.'

5/5  Jeanette 'The pool is amazing and my children love it! Water shoots out of the volcano and it's so easy to set up. Pic is misleading as it does only come with 4 play valls'

4/5  Matt 'In reality it was bigger than I thought It takes a fair amount of time to inflate the steps and palm trees also inflate. Draining the pool there is only one drain plug. The archway with the basket ball hoop has a sprinkler on it we tested this with the hose and it shot water about 10ft in the air'

5/5  Steveg 'Highly recommended great price and a great size for all the family'

4/5  Kimh870 'Great product. Bought for 2 year old son who loved it. Easy to put up, and well worth the money.'

5/5  Adam 'It is a perfect size fun padding pool for our 2 year old son. It was perfect, he could play with balls and ring, splash water, lay in it. Almost perfect. Almost...cause after 2 weeks stiches broke and this awesome poll was good for nothing. We needed to buy amother one and imagine the disappointment on our son''s face. This is a great fun... maybe we just had a bad luck'

5/5  Jayne80 'Simple to put together (with an electric pump). The spray feature is great fun, but doesn't wet the slide... so that can get hot and sticky. The spray, if turned up too much, can spray areas outside of the pool too as it's pointing upwards as opposed to the pool itself. All round though a great little pool for toddlers.'

4/5  Costha 'Use Foot pump and its Up in 5 minutes'

5/5  WinterW 'Wasn't expecting too much from this, but was really surprised. All ages of my children enjoyed this, you definitely need an electric pump to inflate but was easy to do and was a good size. Well worth the money.'

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