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chad valley turtleshaded pool

About the Chad Valley Turtleshaded Pool

Kid will have an abundance of sunshine fun with the Chad Valley Turtleshaded Pool. Either fill the twenty six (26) litre pool with coloured play balls or, if you prefer, water and watch as your most cherished splish splashes around with a giant smile on their face, shaded perfectly by the fun eye catching turtle.

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Chad Valley Turtleshaded Pool Reviews

5/5   'My little girl loved this swimming pool it was fun, it covered her from the sun. The water level is great she had enough water in there to have a splash about. Great product'

5/5  Clare 'Kept my granddaughter entertained for ages love the fact it has a cover over the top to protect from the sun didn't take long to set up either ideal for small children'

5/5  Garton66 'Colourful and sturdy, used it as a ball pit too'

2/5  Lydox 'Says 2 + but it’s tiny. Suitable for a one year old and younger. I have a small 3 year old and he laughed at me when I bought it. Should have been £9 max'

5/5  Eve 'Good for babies wouldn’t recommend for toddlers it’s too small'

5/5  Kezza 'Very good value for money and great as it has shade from the sun! Plenty big enough for hours of fun'

5/5  Seren 'The pool was exactly what we wanted not to deep and plenty of shade .'

5/5  Jord 'Very good for shading baby.'

5/5  Jade 'Fantastic product we bought this for our 1 year old daughter when we had a hot spell and she loves it. It was very easy to blow up and holds just a little bit of water which is perfect for her. The paddling pool looks amazing and access to it is easy for our daughter to get in and out of. It is strong and sturdy and doesn’t move even in a moderate breeze. Perfect for those hot summer days in the garden. Would highly recommend !'

5/5  HomelyGirl 'I bought this for my 22mth old son. He loves water. This is perfect size for him to climb in and out of unaided on those hot summer days, rather than getting the big pool out. Bought for the sun shading roof mainly. Ended up buying it for my nieces 1st birthday too as her mum liked its purpose.'

5/5  Vonnie 'Perfect for little toddlers.'

5/5  Jo 'Bought this for my nephew and he loves it. Perfect for keeping the sun off him as well as keeping him cool. Also great to use with colourful balls when its not sunny outside. Great value for money. Would recommend.'

4/5  Mel 'Lovely product but small.'

5/5  Nikki 'This pool was a quick last minute thing turns into a fab pool as well as a ball pit defiantly recommend'

5/5  Bluenose 'Just the right size for my three year old nephew he loves it'

5/5  Buffy 'This was for my grandaugter she was very happy the turtle above kept the sun of her had to use a towel to stop the heat really happy .x'

5/5  Diamondlil 'Brought for my little grandson, fantastic pool, lovely bright colours, great design, needs a battery inflater really but luckily I had one, or think u would struggle. Love the turtle canopy really shades your child well from the sun. Loved the padded base too, comfy for little ones. All round a brilliant pool'

3/5  Fidel 'Ideal for my 9 months granddaughter but not 2.5 grandson as he was too tall to stand up in it.'

5/5  Mace 'My 16 month old loves his new paddling pool, soft padded bottom for comfort lovely bright colors and sunshade roof is perfect, great for one child to splash around in this very hot weather, great buy !'

5/5  Em 'GGreat paddling pool to have up in the sun for my 8month old. We have it indoors too filled with play balls - really pleased.'

5/5  LV 'Great little paddling pool. Very cute and well shaded. Only big enough for 1-2 babies at a time though but perfect for my 9 month old.'

5/5  DebbieWheresYourCar 'I bought this item for my pet Jack Russell to keep him cool and occupied during the heatwave, and he loves it! It’s tough wearing, he likes to paw away at the sides to make the water splash! It’s also been inflated now for about 2 weeks and it’s still going strong! Highly recommended!'

1/5  MamaK 'Intended to use it as a ball pool rather than a paddling pool and when we opened up the sealed packaging it quickly became clear that the product had been returned previously and not properly checked. There was dirt all over it and water droplets still on it! The staff at Retford Argos were very helpful and disgusted by it too but doesn't change the fact that this had clearly been repackaged elsewhere and sent back out to store.'

3/5  May 'The paddling pool was easy to set up, etc., but the sides holding up the turtle roof deflated very quickly.'

5/5  Jas 'The pool is kept shaded by the turtle on top and it’s amazing because you don’t have to worry about too much sun on your child. He loves it'

5/5  Pringle 'Easy to set up and fab for keeping the sun of toddler would be better if it was a bit bigger as only guts 2 toddlers in . but apart from that its a grate buy'

4/5  Soph 'A good design as gives good shade.. decent size, we use it as a ball pit and a paddling pool our little girl loves it'

1/5  Ratu 'I wouldn't recommend to anyone waste of money as it never last long the bottom bit of the pool strip off when feel with water even be for my daughter was put in it Very Dissapointed'

5/5  Shannon 'Bought this for my 6month old daughter. The overhead turtle is great for shade when the sun is out. Its lovely and sturdy and a good size. Takes a while to blow up due to having 6 separate sections to blow up. Would definitely recommend.'

5/5  Jezzabell 'I bought this for my 10mth old to splash it with it being red hot and he LOVES IT!!! It’s amazing, love the design and love that it has imbuilt shade too.'

5/5  Samp1979 'Brought for my little nephew to play in while the weather has been so hot, not very deep so perfect for under 2 years and the canopy is great for keeping him shaded while he splashed and played.'

5/5  Dani 'Brilliant little pool my 10 month old loves it wouldnt say its suitable for more than 1 child. Keeps the sun off with its sides and turtle on top. East to put up with a manual pump. Great buy'

5/5  Kmc127 'Great product keeps my little girl shaded from the sun as well as keeping cool'

5/5  Kev 'Definitely worth buying. The pool is big enough for 2 babies and holds about 20 litres of water. The turtle acts as a fantastic sunshade and the whole thing retains the air well.'

5/5  Nanna 'My 2 year old granddaughter loves this. Easy to fill not a lot of water needed and turtle on top makes an excellent sun screen and shade .'

4/5  Dalja 'Overall good product, just bottom part release air and needs to be blown time to time.'

5/5  Malc 'I have only marked the quality low as the pool had a small air leak. I rang Argos and a new one was sent out the same day - excellent service and we are pleased with the purchase'

4/5  Ange 'Our two year old son loves this paddling pool'

5/5  Mezzie 'I brought this for my little girl. She absolutely loves it. She loves the turtle design and it's perfect to keep her out of the sun!'

5/5  Wilma 'Pool is ideal for younger children as it has the shade on top but not big enough for 3-4 years old'

5/5  Nick 'Bought it because of the roof and it keeps the sun off my youngest grandchild it does that perfectly would recommend it to anyone'

5/5  Stephalump 'Brought this to cool down my 5 month old baby Perfect for under ones great colours great shade and the floor is inflatable too which gives great comfort'

5/5  Natalie 'Fantastic paddling pool. Our little girl loves it and is a perfect size for her! The canopy is fab knowing she’s out the way of the sun! Super quick to fill however I would recommend an electric pump as there are a few bits to be inflated!'

4/5  Apd23 'Looks great, our boy loves it but there seems to be excessive parts to be blown up. Would recommend just having one or two places to blow in air'

5/5  Happychappie 'Bought for my granddaughter it is just perfect and having that wee bit of protection from the sun is ideal'

5/5  Jm94 'Perfect for my two year old, he loved it.'

5/5  Noycica 'Haven’t tried it as the weather gotten worse'

5/5  Deb 'I love that its covered so i can angle it so my LB is in the shade. Is not massive so is great for my little one to play on his own. Didn't take too long to blow up and doesn't take too much water to fill it which is great'

5/5  Kimc6341 'Brilliant paddling pool for the price, my little girl loves it and knowing she is sheltered from the sun gives me peace of mind too.'

5/5  Julia '21 month old grandson loves it. We even used it as a ball pit (our own balls) easy to inflate, would recommend battery operated pump easier than blowing it up yourself. Great value would recommend'

4/5  Sarah 'Good quality & roof works well to create shade. The only issue is that it takes a while to blow up as it had about 8 different sections!'

5/5  Xerox 'Good product granddaughter loves it ! Needs a pump to inflate ! Value for money !'

5/5  Kerl 'Great pool would only fit one toddler in comfortably though'

5/5  Jessica 'Ideal for our little boys first paddling pool. He really enjoyed it. It did take a while to blow up but other than that it's perfect.'

5/5  Pippa 'My 1year old daughter loved the paddling pool as it was her first. I liked the padded bottom so i know she won't hurt herself on the hard ground. The side panels and top shades are pefect when really sunny an protects her that little bit more from the sun. The only down side would be blowing it up with 6 sections but otherwise definitely recommened.'

5/5  Bluemacc 'A lovely little pool for your tots. It has sides & a top to give your little one shade. It does take a little blowing up but it’s well worth it especially for this price too. Our granddaughter loves it. We would definitely recommend this pool.'

5/5  Lovelylaura 'Fantastic product, good quality cannot fault it!'

4/5  MiaJ 'Excellent value product. Lovely design, good quality. Larger capacity than you think, plenty of space for my daughter to play. The inbuilt 'roof’ is fantastic protection from the sun. Only flaw for me is how many different sections you have to inflate individually, takes a while but worth it for the solid structure and design. Would recommend.'

5/5  Spirac 'Really good quality and ideal size for a 1 year old!! Haven't had water in it yet as my granddaughter has it as a ball pit - its fab!!'

5/5  Tash 'Great baby pool,has shade to keep sun off baby. Easy to put up and down. My baby loves it'

5/5  Laurz 'I used a balloon hand pump and although a bit fiddly (due to said toddler jumping on it as i was trying to pump it up!) Its great though. Easy to fill, shallow pool but perfect for a toddler. Great shade too.'

5/5  Soph1234 'It was a perfect little pool for my little girl who’s nearly 2 for the blast of hot weather we had, it’s not massive but big enough for them to sit it and slash about, she loved it so a great buy!'

4/5  Zuby 'The pool was great, it was sturdy & colourful. I was really happy with my purchase, until I pumped it up & reallsed it had a slow puncture. My son got a good 5 minute splash about & then disaster struck...the base was flat like a pancake. Nevertheless I would purchase this item again...but double check it beforehand.'

5/5  Zoe 'Great pool with handy sun shade. Colourful and fun!'

5/5  Minnie 'My kids love this pool, great for outdoor and indoor play. Not too big and not too small. Even better as it has a canopy of you like on top so it helps protect your kids while out in the sun'

5/5  Mls 'Great design and so far standing up to being bashed about a bit by baby! Also doubles up as a ball pool. The inbuilt shelter has been great for protecting her from the sun too.'

5/5  Emma 'Perfect for my 1 year old girl. Big enough for her to sit in and splash about with a few toys.'

5/5  Beanie 'Lovely cushioned bottom for babies and toddlers which inflates which I thought was a good idea. Also different parts blow up separately so if there is a puncture this should be easy to fix. Good buy for the price'

5/5  Andy 'Great first paddling pool, was purchased for our 1yr old, he loves the design and loves having a splash around. The cover on top of pool is great to keep the sun off of the children so they can play safely for longer with a lower risk of getting sunburn. Only downside to this pool is it will only last 1 summer due to the size of it, not suitable for use with any more than 1 child at a time due to size.'

5/5  Vciky 'You need a foot pump to inflate several points but once done it looks great. non return valve would be preferable!'

5/5  AlexC 'Absolutely fantastic item. Looks great, love the design and brilliant for my little one as keeps her fully covered from the sun. Really easy to blow up and didn't take very long. We have used our product loads in this nice weather and would definitely recommend.'

4/5  Sam 'Great product. Mine didn't come with repair kit unfortunately as per advertisement on the box'

5/5  Davep 'Great for grandsons first pool visit'

4/5  Honest 'Ticks all the boxes.'

5/5  Amy 'My toddler children love this brightly-coloured paddling pool. It's not too big but it's a fun, shaded little den for them to enjoy when the weather is hot. My 7 month old son also enjoyed some tummy time in it! I'm particularly impressed that this has been sat outside for a number of weeks, in all sorts of weather, and is still fully inflated!'

5/5  Anna 'Such a great item and such good value for money. This can be used outside in the sun as a small paddling pool or when the sun isn't out it can be used inside as a ball pool. Cannot fault this item at all.'

5/5  Kelz 'Purchased this for my 18month old it's brilliant just right for him and has the added sunshade Recommended purchase and my friend went straight out and got one too!'

5/5  Eva 'Great little paddling pool for a small baby for splashing about. Does take little water, which is great so you don't waste too much'

5/5  Megs 'My little boy loves it'

5/5  Berg44 'I bought this a couple of weeks ago during the hot weather for my 16 month old. She absolutely loved it. Great quality and design, she loved the characters on the side of the pool. Just enough water for her to have a good splash about and the sun shade was a great feature. The only negative would be that it has 6 compartments to inflate and deflate which was a bit of a faf. Would definitely recommend it.'

5/5  Gracie 'Excellent purchase, provides a great fun area to splash about whilst giving shade in the sun. Definitely recommend for a toddler / small child. My 1 year old loves climbing in and out it.'

5/5  JJsmummy 'Lovely for little ones with the inflateable floor.'

5/5  Kath 'Bought this for my grandson, and he loves it, its easy to put up and gives great protection from the sunshine, it has a comfortable surface to sit on and is not slippy, he has had hours of fun in it, I highly recommend this to anyone with little ones great buy.'

5/5  Rach88 'Brought this for my nearly 2 year old daughter. Really good value for money . Love the shaded top to keep sun off her. Good buy'

4/5  Nelly 'Attractive design, good value.'

5/5  Tina 'My babies love playing in this fun and bright pool and with the built in shade I don't need to worry as much'

5/5  Ace1971 'Lots of fun and shade for little ones'

1/5  Inkedmummy 'Rubbish...might have been just a faulty pool but popped within an hour of setting up. Didn't over fill. Going to take back to store.'

5/5  Charlotte 'Great pool for my baby. Padded sides and shaded roof. Easy to blow up and great value.'

4/5  Bigsue 'Good value. The only drawback is that it took about 30 minutes to blow the whole thing up, as each section is blown up separately. Can be used as a small ball pool or paddling pool, but wouldn't recommend leaving a toddler unattended in it.'

5/5  Missjoanneh 'Great product baby loved it'

5/5  Gem 'Great price and quality, my son loves it, I fill it with either water or balls, provides shade from the sun, so hours of fun'

5/5  PixieEars999 'Bought this for my 7 month old nephew. We found it easy to put up and it's really strong and steady, ideal for a little one to splash around in.'

5/5  Bee 'Very good condition,I am really happy'

5/5  D 'Easy to pump up! Great for the baby on a sunny day'

5/5  NatFlo 'Bought this for my 10 month old and it's perfect for her. It's not huge but plenty big enough for her to splash about with room for a few toys too. I really like the turtle design and the fact that it has a sun shade for protection.'

5/5  Sin 'I bought this as a swimming pool and loved the idea of having a "roof" as it keeps him out of the sun. However I have also put soft balls in this and he loves both uses. I love the fact he is out of the sun'

5/5  Jules75 'Lovely pool for a toddler to splash around in and especially good with the sun shade. It's not very big so wouldn't be suitable for a child over 3 years old as they would be too big to stand up in it.'

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