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Chad Valley Tropical Multi Sand and Water Table

About the Chad Valley Tropical Multi Sand and Water Table

Whether it's a sunny day or a rainy day, the Chad Valley Tropical Multi Sand and Water Table is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use allowing little ones to explore their fun-filled sand based creativity even if the weathers against them!

Brand: Chad Valley
SKU: 2978288
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Chad Valley Tropical Multi Sand and Water Table Reviews

4/5   'I'm very happy with this item i bought for my 18month old he's had so much fun in the sun playing with it his favourite aspect is the water weal.'

5/5  Trees 'I was most impressed how well this toy had been designed.. It does so much and provides so much learning potential using sand and water.One can even add lock gates and change the direction of the water flow!'

4/5  Rebex 'Lots of bits for imaginary play but not very sturdy. Great for the garden for the summer.'

5/5  Happy 'Purchased this toy for my grandson's 1st birthday. It is brightly coloured and lots of extras with it. It is also strong enough for him to pull himself up on and stand and play happily. Really recommend it'

5/5  Rileyyyyy 'Definitely recommend'

5/5  Alli 'Brilluant toy for my grandson who is only 20 months old.He does not stop playing wuth it when he is at my house.It is an ideal tou for learning and teaching with to..'

5/5  Chloe41 'My 2 year old loves it and i find some parts very flimsy as when assembling one piece broke but was still usable not worth the price tag in my option but overall great product'

5/5  Ioana 'My boy play everyday with his new toy'

4/5  Rica 'It is a water table, not really suitable for sand'

5/5  Kate 'My little brother love this toy, can't get him away from it now. Definitely a great buy!'

5/5  JTSUPERLEEDS 'My daughter loves it'

5/5  Happy 'Easy to put together and lots of accessories with it'

3/5  Minnie 'Bought this for my grandson in May. With £10 off, seemed like a bargain. It comes with several accessories but we found them difficult to use. The sections make it difficult to dunk the bucket/watering can in the water and fill from the table. Handle on the side kept coming off and the whole thing seems a bit lightweight. My grandson found it easy to tip over but insists it's refilled again! He seems to like it but if you want something a bit more robust, pay extra and get something more solid'

4/5  Donna 'It's not the best quality and a little flimsy but my 1 and 3 year old love it and spend ages playing with it. The pieces don't fit tight on the base so they move about a lot but this doesn't seem to spoil play'

5/5  Jewels 'My kids all love playing with the water table. Hours of fun'

3/5  Mouse 'Reserved this item fast track to collect at leicester fosse park store. My 3 year old niece loves it but the packaging was extremely poor. Box looked battered & had obviously been opened.......think it must have been a return. Asked to change it as it was a gift but was told no.....would not use this store again. Only kept it as it was what my niece wanted for her birthday.'

5/5  Flossie 'I nearly bought a water table that was a lot more expensive and then I saw this one. It’s wonderful, plenty of accessories, colourful and sturdy. All of my grandchildren ( even the 9 year old! ) enjoy playing with this. Can’t recommend it enough.'

4/5  Ellie 'My grandson is spending hours in the garden playing with the sand pit.could be a bit better quality.Lots of extras on product which is good.could make the sand area a little bigger?'

5/5  Kirsty 'My little boy loves it and spends hours playing with it! Comes with extras. I think it’s good value for money'

4/5  Aimz 'Does what it says on the box'

5/5  Patt 'Have purchased several fir grandson who loves this. He has one at his home and one at mine.'

2/5  Trulyblessed 'This item is small and leaks'

5/5  Cherbunks 'Great for the sunny weather. Lots of fun with sand and water. Ideal.'

2/5  NADS 'Bought for my 2 year old son, was much smaller than expected , returned'

4/5  Nhawk 'Well worth the money, comes with lots of extras and a nice size for toddlers'

5/5  Becky 'Got this for my son's 2nd Birthday he loves water play! Comes with lots of accessories especially love the small watering can. Only down fall is the width of the canals, you can't dip the watering can into the water to fill it up you'll need to use another smaller accessory to fill and pour but that is only a minor thing, hours of fun had and very sturdy.'

4/5  Sana 'Gave this to my nephew as a present for his birthday . My son has a water table which he loves but my nephew loves sand. He seems to enjoy it :)'

5/5  Cassi09 'Very enjoyable to watch children ha bing fun'

5/5  Krissy 'My nearly two year old loves it. Had hours of fun playing with it. It's just the right size. Fairly sturdy and has lots of bits. It doesn't have a cover but that's the only negative point.'

5/5  Shani 'Ideal for my 3 year old grandson'

5/5  Littlegem 'My 3 year old granddaughter loves playing with it... lots of fun hours in the garden!!'

5/5  Reviewer 'Delivery was really quick and efficient. My nephew lovedo his birthday present.'

3/5  Kimboslice 'Looks good however the parts keep falling off an quite flimsy but my 2year old boy loves it anyway'

4/5  Sal77 'Slightly dissatisfied as said 3+ on the website yet on the box says 12 months. My son is nearly five and it is too small. Good product for under 4 I would say. Also I wouldn't use sand and water together far too small.'

5/5  Hoody106 'Hi, our 2 year old Grandson loves it, super quality and great fun. He likes nothing better than having his hands in the water and filling his watering can and pouring it on the wheel.'

5/5  Lulu 'Great product at reasonable cost - granddaughter loves it'

5/5  Nessa 'Bit small but kids love it'

5/5  Kreynolds 'My daughter has had hours of fun playing, really easy to put up.'

5/5  Colin 'Just the right height for a 16 month old and good bright colours. Plenty of accessories with it.'

5/5  Joey 'We bought this for my 18 month old and she absolutley loves it. Lovely bright colours with lots of different things to do and play with. Can put sand or water in and the stoppers are air tight. Bargain aswell. Highly recommend'

4/5  Grandma 'Nice fun, colourful toy - prefer water play to sand - less tears and tidying up. Good value'

5/5  Lula 'My little one who is nearly 2 absolutely loves this. All the little instruments you get are brilliant and sets it apart from the standard empty square water tables. Easy to empty the water via 2 plugs in the bottom. Would definitely recommend'

5/5  Willow75 'My partner bought this for our little one. He loves it and so do the bigger siblings playing with him. Great height for an 18mth and so many bits and pieces to keep him involved. Love the wave creator for the boats. Easy to drain of water as well. Not easy to store though as it is bulky so have a big shed to hand!'

4/5  Tigger 'Great product with lots of accessories, only downside is no lid so each time its played with has to be emptied and refilled disposing of bugs but otherwise hours of fun had'

5/5  Shin 'Easy to assemble. Kids getting loads of use from in. Good entertainment for them'

5/5  Karamazov 'Very easy to assembly- A lot of fun and activities when filled with water'

4/5  JodieJ 'My 2 year old loves it, fab for the money. The only downside is the accessories don’t click on to the table so one knock and they all fall off.'

5/5  Barbara 'Great hard wearing gift for 2 year old who is looking to enjoy some splashing summer fun. good height, and sturdy enough. Won't last forever, but more than good enough'

5/5  Sophie 'I purchased this for my 10 month old son and he loves it, plays for ages even if it’s got no water. Nice height for him and lots of things to do.'

5/5  Boltonbaby 'This product is well worth every penny and my toddler grandson plays with it constantly. I would definately recommend this item.'

5/5  Pinky 'Having the choice of playing with sand or water is a great option they love itpinkie'

5/5  Permatans 'Bought this for our 2 year old grandson. He loved it even without sand.'

5/5  Swoosh2 'This is an excellent table with all the toys needed for fun,too small for an older child.'

4/5  Nursejohanna 'It’s very easy to put together and lots of fun!'

5/5  Diane 'Fantastic outdoor toy for little people, my 2 year old granddaughter had enormous fun with this and invented little games with all the accessories, great for developing imagination. A well designed, safe toy for children to play with water. Absolutely excellent value.'

5/5  Mummyoftwo 'Really good value for money. Especially good with all the parts that come with it. Hours of fun for the kids. I struggle to get my daughter out of the garden now!'

4/5  Zette 'Would call this more of a water table with a small area for sand tho my granddaughter soon turned it into wet sand everywhere and thoroughly enjoys playing with it . She’s 2 1/2'

5/5  Lisa 'My 15 month old son absolutely loves this and will regularly try and escape outside to play with it. My only negative, which is minor, is that the toys that go with it don’t attach so they get flung all over the garden. As others have mentioned there are no set-up instructions but you really don’t need any as it’s pretty obvious what to do.'

4/5  Petch 'My 2 year old likes this but doesn't seem to hold his attention for long, this may well not be the products fault though - summer with lots of things distracting him. A good height, lots of accessories, sturdy. So far so good !'

5/5  Jess 'My son loves this with water and sand it’s the right height and easy to store away'

5/5  Ann 'My 2yr old grandson LOVES it.'

4/5  Trouble 'Having already bought a sand pit, this water play table was hoses for a 1 and 3 year old and it suits both very well with many different options of how to use it.'

3/5  Lisa 'I brought this for my sons 2nd birthday and set it all up was surprised that it doesn’t all clip in to place. My son trued to play with it but got frustrated because it all kept falling off it should be all clipped in place. My son lost interest after 1 day'

5/5  Scouser 'Bought this for my grandson and he loves it. Lots of extras to keep him occupied. My only criticism is the water area is small and you can't fill the watering can or bucket up with water very easy.'

5/5  Minnie 'Great toy sturdy lots of fun and easy to clean plus value for money'

5/5  Lala 'I brought this you for my son’s third birthday and I’m happy to say that he loves it. Really good toy for the price aswell.'

5/5  Bex 'Such good fun for my 1 year old and her friends. As snowing on Birthday I put towels down in kitchen and let then go nuts they adored it'

5/5  Paddy 'My grandaughter has soent many hours of enjoyment with this toy'

4/5  Heb 'Quite a good product for the price. A few pieces could be better designed to aid play as they kept moving or coming off to easily. But ages of entertainment for a two, five and eight year old.'

5/5  Bamm1986 'Very good fun :) little boy plays with it for hours.'

4/5  Tony 'Very much enjoyed by my granddaughter !!!'

5/5  Barbara 'Bought for a 2 year olds' birthday and she loved it immediately. It's described online as being for 3 and over but on the packaging it says 12 months. I would say 2 was about right as needs some coordination and by 3 I think that it might be a little small/low. Lots of different ways to have water and sand in the same play station as some moveable dams are included and plenty of accessories.'

5/5  Kath 'Bought this for my 2 year old daughter, and she has had lots of fun with it. Can be used with water and sand. Mainly use with water and is ideal for playing outdoors.'

4/5  Pandpw 'A great fun toy. Lots of water activities. Perfect size for a 2 year old. The only drawback is that some of the plastic attachments don't fasten on securely so lots of time is spent picking them up!'

4/5  Ka 'Great product lots to play with to keep entertainment going. Could do with a lid though to keep sand/water clean and toys safe.'

2/5  Lisa 'Got it as thought it would be fun to play with. It's not very strong and not worth what I paid for it. During putting it together one of the toys broke that fixed to the table. Once assembled with all in place. Little area to actually play with water or sand.'

5/5  Jackers 'Cannot fault the product, very easy to assemble and is giving hours of fun, more so because it's both a sand and water table and you can interchange areas easily. Excellent product for imaginative play.'

5/5  Leah 'Excellent purchase easy to assemble hours of fun bought for my 2 year old and filled with water not sand'

4/5  Marge 'I would say its more of a water table than for sand as there isnt alot of room around the table to play with the items. For example theres no room to build sand castles and when my little boy went round it with his spade the sand just ended up on the floor as the space it has is too narrow. Overall he enjoys it better with water in it and plays with the little boats which comes with it ☺'

5/5  Carla 'This is a great toy which my 16month old son loves playing with. The only downside is that is doesn't come with a lid which would be really handy to keep it clean!'

5/5  Jazzy 'This was for my 14 month old grandson who has had great fun playing!'

5/5  Joggy 'Excellent value product and has fulfilled all our expectations.'

3/5  Pepper2912 'Nice but too many bits on it and a bit flimsy. The bits on it like the tree don't really fit properly or stay on. It does do it's job though.'

5/5  Lindy 'Just what I wanted perfect buy.'

5/5  Twincesses 'I've 2 2 yr olds and they love it great value for money'

5/5  JuLia 'Lovely outside toy will bring hours of fun'

4/5  Cc 'Keeps the kids entertained ..my wee boy loves it'

5/5  Dino 'Bought this last week for 2 year old he loves it easy to clean off and put away that's when you can drag him away from it great value for money well done argos'

5/5  Happy Granny 'I bought this for my grandson's first birthday. He absolutely loves it.It has lots of play elements and is a perfect height for a toddler. At a very good price point I was really surprised at the value of this set.Its not for older children but will be good gor a couple of years. It can also be used indoors with cars and figures.'

3/5  Popicle 'Table good and nice size and lots of accessories but says it's sand and water table but not much room for sand but good as a water table'

3/5  Craig 'Does exactly what it says son likes it thats what matters'

2/5  Frankie Boy 66 'Glad it was reduced as would have returned it had i paid any more, the funnel and wheel section is so badly produce the wheel wont turn even if you try manually it very stiff, the spinning fan broke as soon as we attached it to the tray, my 18month old grandaughter likes it and its a good height. Could be excellent but foe the quality'

3/5  Crocodile 'Good value for money'

5/5  Spen 'My loves playing with this and also provided some time for his parents to have a relax'

5/5  Fiona 'My son abolutely loves this product. Its bright and colourful and comes with loads of accessories. The only down side is there is no lid or cover so when it rains the sand gets wet but thats just a minor inconvienience compared to th hours of fun he gets from it.'

4/5  Nana 'Great fun for me and my nearly 2years old granddaughter Great buy.'

5/5  Sam 'My daughter enjoys playing with this item very much she wont leave it alone. its a good hight aswel.'

2/5  Welshtaf 'I collected and give to my grand daughter a week later, when putting it together found bridge missing, i let that go, but had phone call off daughter say water leeking out of bottom, when i went over there was a crack along the table, not happy with quality of item'

4/5  Dawney7 'It has lots of accessories which keeps my son entertained, however the legs are quite thin and could easily break. My son loves it though.'

4/5  Abbie4 'Good product, I would recommend buying different sand and water toys though as the ones provided look abit cheap and nasty. My little boy loves it and it seems sturdy enough for him to climb up and hold on as he isn't quite walking yet.'

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