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Chad Valley Tension Tower Game

About the Chad Valley Tension Tower Game

Can you stand the tension? With Tension Tower you build a tower of blocks and each player takes turns pushing one block out at a time and then placing it on the top of the tower. But be careful! The first one to make the tower tumble will lose the game! 2 or more players. For ages 5 years and over. EAN 3904172. WARNING(S): Not suitable for children under 3 years old. Only for domestic use. To be used under the direct supervision of an adult.

Brand: Chad Valley
SKU: 3904172
EAN/SKU: 3904172
Availability: Unknown
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Current Price:£4.99

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Chad Valley Tension Tower Game Reviews

5/5   'Kids loved this cos they also use them as building houses ect hours off fun'

4/5  Gemz 'Ideal fun what ever the weather'

5/5  Sharon 'Great outdoor toy'

5/5  Tlj79 'Does exactly what it should. Keeps the kids amused.'

5/5  Steph 'My son hasn't opened it yet but looks the same as jenga'

5/5  Sarah81 'Fantastic item for a great price. Hours of fun.'

5/5  Rach65 'Bought this as just a wee added extra for my daughters birthday. She loves playing with it and it was a bargain as it was on a sale and was under £2. Hours of fun so far.'

5/5  Louise 'All my family love the game and at such a bargain price less than £2!!! Great build quality, good instructions such a bargain find. Well done Argos!'

5/5  Prash 'The only different between this and Jenga which is over £10 is that you don't get the plastic sleeve with this. No problem take a pair of scissors and cut the original box to size to form the plastic sleeve. Worth every penny!!'

5/5  Breez 'Grest bargain that only cost a couple of pounds.'

5/5  Ang24 'Another great item from the chad valley range,this game is just the same as other brands,but less expensive and being chad valley good quality...lots of family fun to be had!'

5/5  Muppetman 'Bargin at this price a must for all familys.'

5/5  Kirst-0 'Good game good entertainment for the kids and a really good price'

5/5  Watkins 'Great toy ,my 5 year old grandson loves it!'

5/5  Price78 'Very happy with purchase , just as good as the one the costs 4x the price'

5/5  Mandy 'Excellent entertainment well worth the money'

5/5  Elaine 'Product is a lot cheaper than Jenga which is great, however the wood is a bit rougher than Jenga meaning it has a tendency to be harder to pull out than Jenga which has very smooth edges'

5/5  Sarah130489 'Great fun for all the family and have had barrels of fun with this! I was set on buying the original but this is just as good quality'

5/5  Kate.ed 'I brought this to use as message blocks for my wedding. They were just what I was looking for and great value for money.'

5/5  Kate 'Would defo recommend this! It's more than half the price of the original Jenga but is in actaul fact exactly the same expect it's a different name'

5/5  Lynnie 'Fun to play, well made and well worth the money.'

5/5  Linz1066 'Bought it as a treat for my little boy for doing well in his yr 2 sats. He loved it and was a fraction of the price of the well known brand! Definatly recomend'

5/5  Dave 'No need to pay for the expensive branded jenga version. This is EXACTLY the same thing for a fraction of the cost!'

5/5  Tracy T 'Fab little gift - i'm giving mine to my sister for her wedding guests to write their names or a message on!'

5/5  Foxy 'Great product and great price'

5/5  Jamielee 'Baught this for my son Such a great game loads of fun for all the family and At a fantastic price it's a must buy great quality product'

5/5  Immo 'This is one of those games which can be played at any time with any crowd. A must have for those hosting fanatics.'

5/5  Fatana572 'I have been wanting to play this game for so long but have been unable to find the right quality and actually play it with my siblings! I have finally be able to find it in the right play, Argos! So cheap as well!'

4/5  Brindle2 'Does what it says on the tin – it's a tower, and makes you tense.'

5/5  Nazzyb87 'Bought this for my 10year old nephew, and the whole family got involved in playing with it. Love this game, Good Quality and very worth it, I recommend to everyone..'

5/5  Loz95 'A great game that can be played by adults or children.'

5/5  Rob 'Was a bit wary of buying the cheaper version but glad i did as just as good as double the price 1'

4/5  Yunie60 'I bought this for my grandson he loves playing this game , the other good thing he gets to build the tower as well , double the fun .'

5/5  LisaO 'Bought this for Xmas for family to play as Jennga was sold out this was half the price and still had the same amount of fun of all ages adult and children'

5/5  Becci 'Good quality for the price.'

5/5  Debhon 'My daughter received this and sat for over 3 hours playing this game, it is well packaged and very sturdy'

5/5  Jaffa 'Very good I love it.great fun'

5/5  Xmasfairy! 'Perfect!!!'

5/5  Jimmy 'Worth the money..no instructions but cheaper than jenga and loads of fun'

5/5  Naty22 'Fab game my 6 year old loves it would definitely recommend'

5/5  Danielle 'Picked this game up as a little present, kids absolutely loved it and it was a great price! Would buy it again!'

5/5  Kay 'I love this game I liked it when I was a kid'

5/5  Tee22 'Bought this as an alternative as the jenga brand was quite pricey but the quality and fun level are the same!'

5/5  Charlie B 'Fun game to play together & easy to explain to younger children too. My daughter giggles so much if it falls on my turn (so I may loose a few times more than usual) although she finds it good when she looses because she wants to rebuild it & start it again.'

4/5  Chris 'Great game for all the family. Such a simple game but great fun to be had when the tension builds especially if there are a few playing.'

5/5  Bargain Lover 'Bought these for my friends son to play with. So don't know much about the outcome. Although it does look like fun.'

4/5  Man 'Exactly the same as a better know brand, but a third of the price!'

4/5  Jodie32 'Our family love playing this game. Easy to set up & it's good quality'

5/5  Lladrogirl 'Great fun game for family. My grandsons used them to build things also. Excellent value for money'

5/5  D. Almeida 'Is a great game, excellent quality/value. I would definitely buy it again.'

5/5  KarenP 'Great family game, very good price, ever popular. My only criticism is the box - so hard for the children to put the blocks back in so I've given them another box to store the game in.'

5/5  Ello 'Bought this for my 5 year old and he's had hours of fun out of it. Excellent price.'

5/5  Cece 'Excellent fun game for all the family. This game could keep anyone occupied for hours.'

4/5  Roni 'This product is what you would expect for the price and at half price I'm quite happy. Only downside is getting back in box as in the other brand you can stack it in a sleeve before placing in box.'

2/5  Chaz 'Item ok but blocks rough so can not be easerly pushed out as they grip each other, ok for small children to play with but quality poor'

5/5  London Lessons Ltd 'I bought this toy using a £5 voucher I had. I chose this instead of the original one as this one was 3x cheaper and does exactly the same as the other one. I have nieces and nephews of all ages (1 -35yo) and despite i gave them (the small ones) expensive toys from Disney all of them disputed to have this one. It is a great toy for children from 6/7yo onwards and it is so simple and well made that it can last a life time. I truly recommend this to anyone to have loads of fun.'

5/5  Chris 'This cheap little game was a stocking filler for my grandson who is five. The tension tower has been played by old and young alike.'

5/5  Suebo 'Got this for my son for in his Christmas stocking, great game to play had loads of fun playing it would recommend to anyone.'

5/5  LeeLee82 'The product I bought was for a birthday present for a 3yr old. She absolutely loves it, the instructions were clear to understand and hours of fun have been had already. Fantastic buy, great value and well loved item'

4/5  Thrifty Mummy 'Bought for my 6yr daughter for Xmas. She gets bored quite easily but this has been a god send. Once she has finished with jenga, she spends hrs building things with the blocks. Great value for money.'

4/5  Looby Lou 'Rest game for the family to play'

5/5  Purrdie 'Played this when away on holiday and really good bargain at half price'

4/5  R 'Bought as a present and would defo recommend.. Also the price was amazing as I got in sale'

2/5  Cat60 'Unfortunately the pieces of wood were rough around the edges which made it very difficult for s child to remove pieces from the tower. Would be good with smoother pieces of wood.'

5/5  Lynz24 'Got this in the sale, good value.'

4/5  Becky 'Looking at the difference in price between this and the original jenga I went for this one and definitely not disappointed. It's just as good and does exactly what it needs to. The children love it.'

5/5  Loll56 'Perfect in every way Quality and priced perfect for a birthday gift'

4/5  Michelle 'Bought for my daughter, who is 5. She loves it. Good quality and great fun, we also use the blocks to play dominoes.'

5/5  Top Bird 'Excellent reproduction of a classic game. Exceptional good value.'

5/5  Rae 'For such a simple game that anyone can play it is surprising how competitive it can get. Basically it is the same as Jenga. Only comment would be that the blocks can be a bit rough due to residual sawdust so you may want to clean them off with a cloth prior to first play ... if not it does add to the challenge as the blocks don't slide as easily!'

4/5  K 'Bought as a stocking filler, great game played by my son age 4 but then it doubled up as building blocks and became a different game. quality not as good as named brand but does the job just as well as. Would recommend if you are buying for younger children and don't mind then blocks going missing or being used for other things etc'

5/5  Ruddie 'Excellent value for money. My 5 year old son loves playing Tension Tower and also using the blocks to build.'

2/5  OJ 'Nice game but the pieces are sticky and defeat the purpose. Would recommend a giant Jenga anytime over this.'

5/5  Jayne X 'My daughter, all family and friends love this game. so many laughs playing it. my daughter is 4 and loves it very good for her wee ticking brain that never stops. i would say to anyone to but this game. very good for rainny days.'

5/5  Micky 'This is so great lots of fun and laughter too best price too. had lots of fun with grandson so funny.'

5/5  Peter 'Ignore the Chad Valley name relating to child games, this one is brilliant for Adults especially with alcohol'

5/5  Natasha 'Great fun for all the family, cheap but affective! Shame it doesn't come with something to put the bricks in thou can be a pain putting them away..'

5/5  Rebekah 'Wonderful present for my 4 year old but enjoyed by the whole family. Great to take away on hols.'

5/5  Cola 'Nice little toy to have for many ages'

5/5  Chocolove-cake 'My friend and I really enjoy playing this!'

5/5  Emmaloudepeche 'Bought this for natural building blocks,with it being wood and not for game,however my young daughter can use them to build and bang together and my older dauhgter uses it as game so great!'

4/5  Judi 'I have had one of these (jenga) for approx 25 years & my grandaughter aged 6 loves to play it with me so I was so pleased to find Argos was selling them at such a low price, now my grandaughter has her own set. Would recommend this for children from age 4.'

5/5  Jo 'Excellant fun, children of all age will enjoy this game.'

4/5  Grah 'Good reservation service,product is good value and great fun for all our family. Grandparents,children & grandchildren.!'

5/5  Madhu 'A very useful product..got it for my 3yr old son and plays with it without boredom...build towers ,building,bridges what not...he is very happy with the tension tower....and it is a safe product...'

4/5  Local52 'Really enjoyable if you have the patience to keep building the tower before the granddaughter knocks it over,the only down side is why don't the manufacterers ever include a little tie bag to keep all the pieces together'

5/5  Samba 'Bought item during half price toy sale. Good quality product, great value.'

5/5  This game was worth every penny, especially as it was in the sale. 'Bought these for christmas present. would recomend them, great gift'

5/5  Will reccomend to a friend 'Karen'

5/5  My friends little boy was delighted with it. He absolutely loved it. 'Diane'

4/5  Bought 2 of these for birthday presents for friends of our 2 girls. We had jenga but couldn't get it at the time but to be honest this is just the same. Girls love building up castles, towers, etc with these as well as playing the game. Good all round fun and at that price great for pressies :-) 'Craig'

5/5  Easily as good as the more expensive makes. Slightly poorer quality, but this doesn't affect the gameplay. After every game we always end up making towers out of the bricks, so double the fun! 'Moira'

4/5  My 5 year old loves the challenge of trying to win against the adults. No special skills required so suitable for young and old to play together. 'JJ'

4/5  We have had many hours and competitions over Christmas with this item. It is well made and excellent for the price. 'Angela'

5/5  Fantastic game for all ages... 'Jen02'

5/5  Bought for my 4yr old,who loved just building them up as much as playing the game! 'Kitten 2'

5/5  Brought it as a xmas present for my grand children but they have played it before so we wanted to get it for them. 'Nicki'

5/5  Great little product. Lot Lot cheaper than the Jenga but does the same job. Cant go wrong-Buy one! 'Toby'

4/5  This is a great value toy which I brought for my nieces 6th birthday. She loved it and hasn't stopped playing with it since she opened it. It is a cheaper version than the actual Jenga game, but well worth it as it is just the same only made by Chad Valley. This game will be played for a long time to come so am very pleased with my purchase. 'Casablanca'

4/5  0 'Allie'

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