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Chad Valley Sprinkler Snake

About the Chad Valley Sprinkler Snake

The Chad Valley Sprinkler Snake is a great way to entertain kids on hot summer days. This simple toy with funky snake design is great for children to play together, dancing and skipping through the water. This sprinkler has 12 holes on the head and 57 holes on the body. For outdoor use only. Folds for storage. W34, D330cm. Weight 0.3kg. For ages 3 years and over. WARNING(S): Not suitable for children under 3 years old. Only for domestic use. To be used under the direct supervision of an adult. Only to be used in water where the child is within its depth and under adult supervision.

Brand: Chad Valley
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Chad Valley Sprinkler Snake Reviews

5/5   '3 Grandchildren, lots of water fun had by all, bought extra 1 for other grandparents, good value for money'

1/5  TJ21 'Great price and great fun, unfortunately after only playing with this item for about five minutes the snack split at the neck and had to go in the bin!!!'

4/5  Vic 'Very long and easy to set up, ends that fix onto hose needed tightening as leaked, kids loved it'

1/5  Stacey 'This item punctured within minutes of filling up leaving the kids very disappointed'

3/5  Little Bear 'My boys aged 6 and 17 months loved this but it already had a hole in it when I used it for the first time then the hole got worse and it spilt along the seem - poor quality.'

2/5  Debs 'Grandchildren had great fun for 20mins until seam split in 2 places - glad it was cheap to buy'

4/5  Lizzle 'Lovely water toy, especially for under 3s. The spray fountains are gentle, low pressure, but go quite high and 'tickle' little people running around it. Great fun and well worth buying - it's a bargain!'

1/5  Glyndwr Ap Ifor 'Disintegrated (3 split seams) at first use. Didn't expect much given the price but got even less. Looks good but is actually a design trainwreck.'

1/5  Joanne 'Poor quality item , seem split with 10 mins of use , a patch was included . has now split 3 times on seal within 1st day of use ....'

1/5  Rudders 'First time used and water was coming out the seams it had split so was disappointing . no repair patch in the box'

5/5  Sussexmumof2 'I wasn't sure about buying this product after some of the reviews said the quality wasn't great but I'm so pleased I did. Don't put the hose on full or I reckon it would split the seams. It takes a while to fill but then you get really nice gentle sprinkle fountains. I think this is definitely one for preschoolers- older kids might be frustrated at how gentle it is but my 3 year old & 10 month old loved it and were playing in it for hours!'

5/5  Nats 'Bigger than I thought. Loved by the kids'

1/5  Ceri123 'Product spilt in two places when filling up before my children got chance to even use it.'

5/5  Pars 'The product is great value for money and has provided many hours of entertainment for all the family.'

1/5  Tommyp '1st time we used the product it split down the side and all the water came out. Had to use the repair kit provided and still leaked. Takes forever to get the water out of the product as well. Very disappointing, very poor design and would not recommend it to anyone.'

2/5  David 'My granddaughter really enjoyed the sprinkler snake however after about 30 minutes the joint between the body and the head started to leak and eventually leaked so badly that little water came from the body of the snake. No longer a sprinkler snake!'

5/5  Welshgirl29 'Excellent, just what was needed on a hot sunny day.'

3/5  Shell 'My 3 year old has had many hours of fun with this product, although a small hole appeared after 20 mins of use we had to repair it.'

1/5  Sarahlizy 'Repaired after 1st use, followed instructions. Used the following day, burst in 3 differents spots. My sons were so disappointed. Didn't bother returning, as it the journey and parking would cost more than I paid. My fault, spy peanuts, get monkeys.'

1/5  Emma 29 'I got this home set it up and with in minutes the seem had split so had to take it back and got the whale which is good!'

5/5  Gel 'Bought three of these. One for my garden and one for each of my grand children's gardens. They absolutely love it. Great fun.'

1/5  Lou62 'Grandchildren loved this gave them 10 mins of fun'

1/5  Gem 'First one got a hole aftef 2 minutes of being on, argos replaced it no trouble only for the second one to get a hole after 5 minutes, leaving me with 2 sad children.'

5/5  Nannie 'The grandchildren loved it , one is only just 2 and he is very happy every time he over with us.'

1/5  Customer 'Sorry this product, I had to change twice and still never got to use it, as it was split on the seems twice both in different places, so glued last one but haven't tried it since. bad craftsmanship'

4/5  Parker87 'My children love this item! Easy attatchment to hose. Doesn't take too long to fill up. Sprinkles fairly high. My Daughter is 2half she loves to run over it legs side by side. My son 8months sits beside it trying to catch the sprays. He also loves the eyes. We brought 2 of these half price. I didn't give it excellent on quality as the seam have split slightly, not a big issue as it sprinkles anyway. Glad we brought 2 as we love the snake!!'

1/5  Niki 'As soon as it filled up had a hole in seam. Disappointed kid as couldn't use. Taken back for refund. Good idea just needs to be stronger'

5/5  Lovelylisa748 'Easy to set up, takes minutes for it to fill and the sprinkles to get high. MY 3 yr old had lots of fun with this.'

3/5  Soph_Em_Adam 'Had read previous reviews but for the price thought I would take a punt on it. Great design and it is massive which is great for the price, my 3 year old loved it dancing over the water and especially the water coming out of it's nose which she thought was very funny. However did split after about 10 minutes of using it. Got to work with tape and that held it for a while. Husband taped up the whole thing and her and her friend had lots of fun with it the following day. OK for the price.'

5/5  Barrys Mum 'I got this for my 7 year old son. This snake is really long and is so easy to set up. Just plug in the hose and your ready to go!! Great fun'

1/5  Caroline 'Lovely idea. But it's snake head burst within 2 days....re patched it and it burst again.....my grandson was very sad (aged 1 year) ..oh dear'

2/5  Jane 'I bought this as a replacement of a previously, much enjoyed snakey to entertain small children on a hot day. A side seam burst immediately so no height of spray was possible from the other holes. It was ok as a spray (from the burst seam) to fill buckets but fell far short of the advertised experience. If it hadn't been so cheap I'd have returned it.'

1/5  Rachael1 'This product is a great idea and the children absolutely loved it for the 8 minutes that it lasted until the water pressure split the side open...... leaving very disappointed children!!! I would happily pay more for a water toy that lasted for the summer season or even the whole afternoon!!'

1/5  5star 'Returned the first one as it had burst. The second one burst also the first time it was filled. The kids loved it though even though it was burst!!'

1/5  Wayne Pancake 'Followed the manufacturer's instructions and the kids had a ball until it burst 5 minutes later. Shame that the quality was so poor.'

1/5  Jay56 'Bought this sprinkler snake ,and when i tried to use it the seams had not been sealed properly and this caused the sprinkler not to work properly,,i would have returned the product but had misplaced the reciept.my grandaughter was very dissapointed not being able to play with this toy..'

3/5  SJ55 'Seam instantly split. I had reinforced the head with waterproof duck tape after reading reviews and wish I had done the rest. I will try to repair with it. It was very long snake and would otherwise be perfect. 3 yr old loved it. Would pay more more for better quality.'

1/5  Marie 'Was great fun kids loved it but burst after second time using it'

1/5  A 'This was fun for the first 5 minutes then got a 3 inch hole in the seam, will be returning. It is a shame as it was really good fun before it happened.'

1/5  Dorset Girl 'I know you get what you pay for ,but this only lasted half hour .Looked like it was going to be fun , grandchildren were disappointed'

2/5  Vix 'The sprinkler snake gave much fun and enjoyment for a few hours before bursting. We have had one of these before that lasted a couple of years so was extremely disappointed that this one has not even lasted a day. However, for the small cost of the snake, we will be buying more, and if lasts longer than a day it will be a bonus!'

4/5  Heather 'My Two toddlers love this, no need to worry about the depth of a pool whilst playing with water'

4/5  KB 'It was longer than I expected it to be, but it satisfied my watering-can obsessed cat and I think it will be brought out on the odd day of sunshine for a giggle, some wet toes and some happy grass, as I reckon you could move it gently across a small lawn without too much trouble. It does take a while to get going though.'

1/5  Geordie10 'I wouldn't recommend this to anyone it was on for 10 minutes then the seams split and water started pouring out the sides of the head !! Returned and got a refund !!'

1/5  Pippalina 'Went to use this for the 1st time and it split at the seams ! irrepairable I'm afraid - Very disappointed.'

1/5  Elaine 'The snake was a good size, with bright colours. We were all a bit excited. We plugged in the hose pipe, put it on with fairly slow pressure and within 5 minutes it had popped. Such a shame it was so delicate.'

4/5  SD 'My daughters have had great fun with this already. Admittedly we've only used it once so far so not sure how long it will last, but ok so far. Does take a bit of filling up before it actually starts sprinkling, so remember it will also have to empty out somewhere when they finished! Great fun thing for the money!'

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