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Chad Valley Sprinkle Mat

About the Chad Valley Sprinkle Mat

Keep your kids cool with their own special Chad Valley Sprinkle Mat. Simple to set up and store, just append the garden hose to the connector and watch the jets splish splash against the mat, which is embellished with brilliant animals from under the ocean. The sides blow up to keep the fun, and the water, well contained! Incredible fun for youngsters.

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Chad Valley Sprinkle Mat Reviews

1/5   'We are now on our third hose fitting! With no success so I will be returning it'

5/5  Senga 'This was bought for our border terrier. She loves it as does our youngest grand daughter. You can adjust the height of the spray by the pressure of the water hose. Wish they made a big one for adults!!'

3/5  Lisaf11987 'We baught this for the kids to play with in the garden. The box says hosepipe attachment but it wasnt. It uses a lot pf water for what it is and if little ones stand up on it its quiet slippy.'

5/5  JW17 'The mat was a present for my Grandsons' Birthday. My Son was very impressed with it and as soon as the Summer weather returns it will be used and the fun element will return without a doubt , I think it will make Mummy and Daddy's day as much as my Grandson!! I love it when smiles rule the day,'

1/5  Gaz 'Descriptions says just connect to hose! Well that’s straight forward NOPE it is not! The connection is not standard and can be brought from no where! Say clear of this load of rubbish'

5/5  Jellytots94 'Really good fun for the 9 month old baby.'

5/5  Collette 'Fantastic for the garden, kids loved it'

5/5  Shell040882 'Brought as little un is to small for the big pool with older children and completely loves it. Has so much fun running over it trying to avoid jets. As we used easter money and got it in the sale had extra money for more toys.'

5/5  Mommahusky 'Wow the grandkids love this. Had to remind them not to run as it gets very slippy but for a baby it’s ideal.'

5/5  Kiera 'Great for younger children to splash in without getting too cold with our 'warm weather’ lovely toy for a great price'

5/5  Kirstie116 'My westie loves it and keeps on putting her ball in it and loves to splash around in it.'

5/5  Dizyloppy 'The grandchildren loved it, and played for hours when they came to visit.'

5/5  John43 'Bought this for my pet dog to keep it cool during hot spell of weather, he absolutely loves it, in fact full family had fun splashing in it. Very strong and durable as well, my wee dog has tried to chew it on numerous occasions without any success, had hours of fun using It and looking forward to plenty more if we get weather to do so'

1/5  Lou149 'The connector provided does NOT fit a garden hose! You need a apecial adaptor! We had 15 different apaptors at home to choose from, but none of them fitted. i returned the sprinkle mat and got my money back!!'

1/5  Mum 'On getting it home and unpacking it for what should have been a two minute job connecting it to the hosepipe I found that you had the I then putchase another connected which i found impossible to find! Later reading reviews I saw that it was a common complaint and so am not sure why they are still selling it or if so why they don't include the connector you need!'

5/5  Essie 'Ideal for a child to cool down on a hot day. good fun for the price. only criticism is the hose connection.'

5/5  Toni 'Got this for my son as he doesn't like being in the paddling pool but does enjoy water. Perfect for toddlers. It does need a connection part to the hose pipe which we didn't have but we got it to work.'

5/5  Sarahjarvis 'Excellent value for money. My daughter had hours of fun playing with this. With the hot weather, I just wanted something to cool her down, this did that and provides hours of fun, easy to assemble and simple to use.'

3/5  Schnurzeloid 'Great for keeping the kids cool and entertained in the recent very hot weather and good value for the price. However, two negatives... (1) it doesn't seem too robust.This is the second one we've had as the first one split on the bottom and (2) VERY annoyingly it can't be used straight out of the box as you'll need to source an adapter to fit the standard UK hosepipe connector. Two very disappointed kids first time around when I discovered this after B&Q closing time on Sunday afternoon!'

5/5  Jo 'Bought this to stabalise my huge garden gnomes , and its worked a treat , very fine , damp and easy to fill the bottom of your gnomes , recommended highly for this use .'

5/5  Zin 'Although I had read previous reviews stating that you need a certain hose adapter I thought ah not a problem I have loads at home. Well not one of them fitted. My son was so disappointed as was I. we couldn't use it and can't return as we ripped the box open so he's using it as a normal mat to play on. Hopefully I can find the particular adapter needed. I'm sure it's a lot of fun as I have seen a friend use hers and her kids love it hence why the star rating I gave was good.'

1/5  Cola 'My son was very disappointed because we sent this back after looking everywhere for the right hose fitting and had no luck'

1/5  Mike 'Need to supply hose connection'

5/5  Craig 'Fab item for the price. Was a bit of a challenge to get the hose to attach but once we sorted the correct attachments. My little one had hours of fun splashing and playing with the sprinkles and it also held just enough water when the hose was switched off to make a little pool to play in with his boats.'

1/5  Lj84 'Absolutely rubbish! Took ages to find the right connector to attach it to the hose. Once it's turned on and the mat fills with water, the sides go inwards and the sprinklers no longer work, the water just trickles straight into the middle of the mat. Complete waste of money'

4/5  Madhatter 'This is great fun on the hot sunny days. Very easy to connect to the hose pipe and the quality is good. The children had hours of fun in the garden. Easy to pack away and store recommend age is 18 months with adult supervision.'

5/5  Rab 'My 10 month old loved this! Such a bargain for the price. Endless fun and safe! She was sitting in and out of it and trying to catch the water as it sprinkles up. Theres different flows in the centre and side of mat!!!'

5/5  Psw 'Best thing I've bought this summer. Both my 3yr old and 6yr old had hours of fun with this.'

1/5  Mashylondon 'Sadly the connector doesn't fit with any of the attachments we have so we have not been able to use. We had a similar one last year and it worked a dream but this one looks like need to buy a connector before we can use - kids distraught!'

4/5  Lea 'Great fun for a sunny day in the garden. Sprinkles water both into the middle of the pad & onto your grass the other side. A slight down side is it causes puddles on your grass & also it is (obviously) slippy should your child run across it. Saying this though i would definitely recommend it, great value, good fun & my toddler loves it!'

5/5  Ashma91 'This is excellent works better than an expensive sprinkler'

5/5  Amie 'It was a brilliant price and was delivered quickly. We haven't used it yet due to it being for my daughters birthday but have looked at the product and it is very good quality. And no doubt my daughter will love it'

4/5  NoOne 'Lovely little splash mat for the little ones good for the small price. No good for the water bill though would be great if it was a little deeper so could double up as a pool.'

5/5  EllyH 'Really good buy, children loved it, sprays water really well! Kids loved standing on the sides to make it squirt water faster and higher! Brill, so glad I purchased!'

3/5  Rebecca 'This is a fab idea and well priced but i was surprised to find it was quite small as the photo makes it look bigger. Also, the hose connector is very flimsy and the hose kept falling out so I ended up having a buy an additional connector from another website to make it work properly.'

1/5  Alex17284 'This looks fab for my 20 month old. But i have been unable to find a hose connector to fit so we can actually use it. Any suggestions please advise.'

5/5  Helen B 'Very pleased with price bought for my little boy to use this summer'

5/5  Ria 'Brought this for my toddler, can not wait for the warmer weather to try it out - looks like a good product but yet to use!'

5/5  Mrsmema 'My son adores water and usually like the hose to himself to make puddles and spray things so I bought this to encourage him to play. It's got little holes for a sprinkler effect and some big ones that have a reservoir that fills so the water bubbles out. He spends ages putting little figures in the water as it collects a little or he puts his foot on to spray himself. He loves it. He is three but has special needs meaning mentally he is younger and his play is more near the 12 months age.'

5/5  Maria 'A great little mat to go out if you haven't got space for a pool or just don't want one. Endless fun my girls love it'

1/5  Nana 'Very sad the connection for the hose very poor'

5/5  Lydbrook 'We bought this for our puppy to keep him cool on hot days and he has had endless fun trying to catch the jets of water. It was a really fun way of keeping him cool and watching him kept us amused too.'

4/5  Kirsty 'Bought as a present , works well but a bit smaller than I expected ?! still a great garden toy'

4/5  Sezzaloug 'Purchased to keep at the Grandparents for when it's hot. It's not huge but perfect for storage and getting in and out when it's hot and we pay a visit.'

5/5  Dodgerairdrie 'My grandson loves playing with this. Much easier than setting up a paddling pool.'

5/5  Jess 'Ideal for sunny days when very ivercast no need to get pool out'

5/5  Mumof2 'Size is great. Much prefer this to a paddling pool with my three year old and 7 month old. Can be set up in a matter of minutes, really easy to put away and store. Definitely recommend.'

5/5  Becky 'My daughter loves this product, we do too ! Whilst she loves playing with it we love cooling down with it.We sit it in her paddling pool which gets filled up at the same time. Great product.'

1/5  H 'I was not happy with this item, as one side of the sprinkler didn't function the same as the other. Also , the water just lies on the mat ,and it can be very slidy. And just creates a puddle in the garden.'

5/5  Rainie 'Buy one great for little ones'

5/5  Suzee 'Inexpensive easily stored away lots of fun'

3/5  Simon 'I had to find the correct connector for the hose, it doesn't come with the mat. Takes a while to fill up and get going. It doesn't spray water very high either. My daughter loved to though, just standing on the water filled compartments made the water spray up higher so it was a great game for her.'

1/5  Jane 'Haven't been able to use this as there is no hose attachment for it'

5/5  Frankiefrou 'Bigger than expected and an absolute bargain.. much fun had and easier than a pool'

1/5  Kirsty88 'Very excited toddler when purchased it got it out of the box and it doesn't come with any hose pipe attachments so it meant we couldn't use it !!! We had to go back out and try find one not knowing what size we needed and As there was nothing to say it doesn't come with one and what size we would need!!! The sprinkles are not that good. We've had one before and this is no way as good as our old one. Very disappointed and not worth the money.'

4/5  Shanshan12 'It looked bigger in picture but for 1 child is just about fine but I used it for 3 children and they loved it. You have to empty water out every 10 mins because the sprinkles doesn't go up but when it does it's brilliant. Kids loved it. Wish it was bigger though.'

3/5  Kiwi20 'Doesn't work how I wanted it to, design where you fit the pipe in isn't that good either. I would of returned it if I didn't throw the box.'

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