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Chad Valley Spray N Splash Whale

About the Chad Valley Spray N Splash Whale

Have a whale of a time with this cheeky little Spray 'n' Splash whale from Chad Valley. His spout sprays and sprinkles water to keep little ones cool in the sunshine. Kids will love splashing and playing with this adorable inflatable. Enjoy the summer weather! Water sprayer. Approximate time to inflate: 2 minutes. Repair kit. Size L59, W58, D43cm. Weight 300g. Self-assembly. For ages 3 years and over.

Brand: Chad Valley
SKU: 3653344
EAN/SKU: 3653344
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Chad Valley Spray N Splash Whale Reviews

5/5   'Bought on promotion, this is the best thing I've ever bought for the garden, I would of paid full price happily and it would still be cheaper than similar products on the market. 2 children age 7 and 1 played with this ALL day long during the holidays, friends came round, everyone thoroughly enjoyed it. It's still going strong, the tap can be turned high or low to create the level of spray that you want, on full the whale was throwing water over the neighbours garden aswel'

5/5  Nats 'My kids love this as spay water and look like a whale great for small grarden or big grarden great fun'

5/5  Mumof3 'Water sprays out v fast and high even tho we have low water pressure here so it's brill for the kids.many hours of watery fun in the sun'

5/5  Shauna 'Very fun and my child loved it'

4/5  Lady Ga Ga 'This product has some good features but was smaller than I thought it would be'

5/5  Chrissie 'Fabulous water fun for the littlest ones in the heat, with no risk of drowning!'

4/5  Tra 'This is the second one of these my children have had as they enjoy jumping over it while on.'

5/5  Mumof2 'This product is easy to set up and use. It is so much fun but is smaller than it looks on the picture, however also waters your garden while the children play win win!!'

4/5  Nickynax2 'Cheap and cheerful ! does the job but i do not reckon it will last years. kids love it though. worth the price'

5/5  Jayne 'This is a great product. my 5 year old had great fun with this but be warned it can spray about 6 foot so plenty of family members got wet too.'

5/5  Helsbels1985 'Bought for kids to play in garden was great fun, easy to assemble and kept kids entertained.5'

5/5  Missymatrix 'Decent sized and a lot of fun. Can adjust the height of the water jets by your tap :)'

5/5  Kaz 'Ideal for those sunny days -- children loved it'

5/5  Kirstie 'Brilliant bit off fun. Brought for half price'

5/5  Amanda1612 'Kids have had hours of fun with this already!'

5/5  Kerrie 'Fantastic!! Exceeded my expectations. Children love it and have hours of fun. Don't miss out and buy this product for summer!!'

5/5  Juicyj 'Fantastic fun way to cool down the little ones'

5/5  Kel 'Kids really enjoyed this.'

5/5  L1nedancer 'Bought for my 3 year old Grandson who has lots if fun with the whale'

4/5  Aggie 'Brought the whale for my grandchildren & had to go and buy two more for friends as when they saw the children having so much fun they all wanted one Best part was argos has got it on a special buy'

5/5  Sid 'My son absolutely loves it'

5/5  Lozi P 'Brilliant and cheap too... The children love it and it will provide hours of entertainment. Told lots of people about this product... I am very happy with it. Thank you.'

5/5  Jackie 27 'My grandchildren loved this'

5/5  She's Pip 'Great product, great price. Can't recommend enough'

5/5  Mrsr 'Great price and keeps the toddler and dog both happy'

5/5  Kjt 'Fab product! Wish it was a bit bigger but spray is awesome, my 2 girls absolutely love it!'

5/5  BECCA I 'Wonderful product, very cheap only complaint is that it should include a hose clip because the pressure forces the hose to disconnect.'

5/5  Claire 'This item as brought hours of fun to my girls who are 4 and 8 I got it at half price so even better Such a simple idea brings joys of fun'

5/5  Feefo 'The picture advertising the product is very misleading as it showing the size of the product to be quite large in comparison to the children when in fact it is probably a third of the size to what the picture shows........ ut other than that its a fun item and my daughter loves it'

5/5  James 'Great for kids when it turns hot - cant believe the price of it; bargain!'

4/5  Cherryhead 'A lovely item, as previous reviews say it reaches quite high and my girls loved jumping over and through this. Certainly worth it for the odd afternoon in the garden.'

5/5  Alan 'Brought for my grandaughter, she loved it and so did her friends, dont be fooled by the picture on the box the water goes as high as a two story house, brilliant fun. We intend to buy another just in case this one breaks.'

5/5  CW 'This has been a great purchase my son loves it - running in and under. Easy to blow up and seems quiet sturdy - connects to a standard hose pipe with adapter. Can be used a sprinkler also as it gives good coverage when it sprays.'

5/5  Sarahjayne 'Bought this on a whim for kids,they loved it. They had hours of fun running in and out of the spray. They are aged 2 and 3 but would be just as much fun for older kids too. Definitely recommend.'

5/5  Cheeky's Mummy 'This product is fantastic! Genuinely couldn't' believe the pressure of the water and the height in which it came out of the whale. (normally have low pressure in our area so weren't sure if this would be any use)! Kids (age 6 & 9) have had hours of fun running through the spray. Would highly recommend and when buying in the sale it really is a fantastic buy. We have also used when the the kids are in bed to water the lawn in hot temperatures as it's spray covers such a large area.'

4/5  MM 'I bought this for my grand daughter and grand son for the good weather and they had great fun with it.'

5/5  Fiona1982 '3 year old daughter loves it great value hours of fun.Easy to use.'

5/5  Mum Of Twins 'Gives the kids hours of fun aswell as water the garden'

5/5  Emily 'Great fun and way to cool down on the hot day. My children love it'

3/5  David 'The picture of the whale exaggerates the size of the whale and as a result the actual whale size is disappointing.'

1/5  Shell 'Couldn't get it to spray water like in the description it was a slight trickle'

5/5  PBhoy86 'Excellent fun times had with this. very durable and holds a good water pressure'

5/5  Mrs S 'Bought this for my four year old son he loves it was bigger than I thought and very powerful wasn't expecting water to come out as high having lots of fun with this item we also put it in the paddling pool ! Even bought another as got in the sale great price as well'

5/5  Jojo 'If you don't want the hassle of a paddling pool but want something that the kids can enjoy get one of these. An excellent product my nine year old three year old and one year old all love the whale. I would recommend this to anyone even the dog likes it to keep cool with this. Easy to set up just like a sprinkler but a bit more fun.'

5/5  LouC 'The pool was really easy to inflate and didnt take to long to fill up with water which saved alot of time. The charger was easy to use and set up'

5/5  Mum Of Max And Jake 'Can't go wrong for the money, kept my 2 boys entertained on a hot day! No risk of bursting with water pressure like with some as the water doesn't fill the toy.'

5/5  Jac 'Smaller than expected, but Fun Fun Fun the kids love it and it doubles up as a lawn waterer, I have been back and got two more'

5/5  Elderly Woman 'All children and adults thought that this was great fun'

5/5  JoElizabeth 'I was expecting the product to be bigger than it actually is but the kids love it and so do I. Didn't realise how much it actually sprayed which was quite funny when we turned it on. Definitely great for a hot day.'

1/5  Js492 'My children were really excited when we bought this whale. They had lots of fun for two days before it burst. Disappointing purchase'

5/5  Linds 'This is a great fun garden item, my 20 month old adores it and it is much more safe than a paddling pool needing less constant supervision!! I have terrible water pressure and it still worked great with my supply :-)'

4/5  Ang1978 'The kids loved this. I couldn't believe something so cheap (I got it on offer) was enough to keep them occupied for so long. My only issue would be that the hose attachment bends very easy disrupting the water flow...no big deal though.'

5/5  Soph_Em_Adam 'I wasn't expecting much to be honest, purely because of the price really, but bought it anyway thinking it would spurt water out a bit and look fun, knowing my 3 year old would like it anyway. How wrong I was, it is so powerful the whole garden is covered in water, followed by screams and laughter by the children. Hours of fun, worth every penny.'

5/5  Mummykelz 'I bought this in recommendation from a friend! I opens it up and first thought it was a lot smaller than I expected! But we put it on and it's fantastic fun! Well recommended!'

5/5  Mich2014 'Great fun in the garden for price, slightly unstable to stand up but spray really good and hours of fun, would definitely recommend'

5/5  Barrys Mum 'I got this product for my 7 year old son. It is brilliant fun and the water shoots really high - remember to close the windows though as it really does go as high as the house!! Brilliant fun and easy to store for next year'

5/5  Linda 'We absolutely love this and our 3 year old grandsons adore it.With the hot spell we are having at the moment it, s ideal and the price is amazing!'

5/5  JM 'I bought this when it was half price. Lots of fun. Our water pressure isn't great but it still sprayed water from the spout. Water sprays out almost like a mist. So it's nice and cooling. Not only do I have it out for the grand kids but also for the dog on hot days. He loves walking under it to cool down.'

4/5  Jayneybabe 'Great fun for kids....water shoots really high, though it does require hose pipe'

4/5  T 'Smaller than pictured, good size for toddlers but a bit small for my 4 year old'

5/5  Suzanne 'Lots of fun for a lovely price :-)'

5/5  Natalie 'Excellent product! Easy to set up and great spray range on it. Kids loved it, hours of fun!'

5/5  Sheila 'Delighted with this purchase, the water sprays so high you'll definately get a soaking setting it up so be prepared! I bought this for my daughters 'beach party' themed 8th birthday party & it was a hit with everyone. Great price, robust enough to set on the tarmac & fabulous fun! I've since bought 2 more for presents & have no hesitation recommending this product.'

5/5  Pam 'This whale sprinkler is amazingly good value. keeps kids entertained. has withstood some pulling. great for a garden sprinkler on 3for2 bargain'

5/5  Secretmom 'Kept my 5 year old Son and a group of his friends happy all morning. Quite an impressive water spray and they had so much fun with it. A bargain for the price- I paid for home delivery which made it twice the price ( as there were none in any stores nearby due to the hot weather) and still felt it was worth it.'

5/5  Trendybabe 'My 8 year old son and his friends has lots of fun with this water spraying whale. it is easy to use and great value for the price I paid. You can adjust height water sprays just by turning the tap making it suitable for younger children.'

5/5  Ben 'Ok so its bit of cheap tat - and probably little more than a freebie - but look at the price! We bought it a month ago and have used it lots of times. Would have been worth it for just one afternoon but I expect it will last at least the rest of the summer. Only use it on grass - will get damaged on concrete. You do need a hosepipe - the whale comes with an adapter to connect it. Our boys are 1 and 3 and they love it. Bigger kids might not be so impressed but its still good fun.'

4/5  Phall1 'The kids love this, great when the weather is hot, not bad as a sprinkler for the lawn either haha'

5/5  Jozza909 'This product is cheap and is great fun in the garden. Good water pressure is needed to get the most out of it though.'

5/5  Nikkinoo 'Been brilliant in this hot weather. Little one loves it'

5/5  Dizzy 'This product is great value for money and is fun for all the family and a must for the summer, I couldn't believe how high the water went and is fun for all ages.'

5/5  Anubis 'I actually bought this to cool down my dogs but the grandchildren have really enjoyed it'

5/5  Morag 'Wasn't expecting great things from this for the money spent, but was plesently surprised. It didn't take long to blow up, and it is a good size. Easy to attach to the hose. When first connected to hose, a little water came out of the holes on the whale, and I thought is that it? However once hose was straightened out I couldn't believe how high the water went, as high as our house, wow! Great toy for the hot days and so much fun!'

4/5  Tootzie 'Great garden toy squirts water and cools you down. Good value for money.'

5/5  Andrea 'This is great fun and ideal to cool the children down on those hot day!!! Would definitely recommend this!!'

4/5  Kate 'Bought this for my 2 1/2 year old. He absolutely loves it and it has entertained and kept him cool during the heat wave!'

5/5  Tracyo66 'Kids loved it ! Simple design but had hours of fun !'

5/5  New Delly 'Easy set up Excellent spray and spray range Spray can be easily adjusted Bought for my grandson. Didn't think that he would like it once we had set it up, but he loved it. This product is great fun not just for the children, but us adults have had laughs with it too!'

5/5  Lmartin30 'Bought this for my toddler and he loves it. You can control the spray height with the tap/hose. Lots of fun and fantastic value for money.'

4/5  JanDee 'Bought this for my grandsons and they loved it and it watered the garden. Not as big as the photo makes out but still great fun.'

2/5  Leanne 'It would have been useful if it had said it in the description, but this whale is not suitable for use on concrete according to the instructions. I only found this out after buying it, getting it home and blowing it up. I can't comment on how well it works as I haven't been able to use it, but it didn't take too long to blow up.'

1/5  Sandra 'EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED with this item, so much so that I would still have been disgusted if it had been a freebie, not worth a penny'

4/5  Steph 'Not been used yet as bought for daughters birthday. But looks good :)'

5/5  Gina G 'This whale was purchased as an accompaniement to my wee boy dressing up as Rory from Rory and his Rock Pool Adventure for World Book Day at school. The whale inflated easily and was a lovely blue colour and just the right size for a 6 year old to hold. Can't comment on the water spout feature as its still winter weather but will give it a try in the summer.'

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