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Chad Valley Spray N Splash Turtle

About the Chad Valley Spray N Splash Turtle

The Chad Valley Spray 'N' Splash Turtle is a friendly sprinkler that adds lots of fun to outdoor play. Attach him to the garden hose then watch as little ones splash around to cool off on sunny days. Folds away for storage. Size H57, W56, D34cm. Weight 0.23kg. Self-assembly. For ages 3 years and over. WARNING(S): Not suitable for children under 3 years old. To be used under the direct supervision of an adult. Only to be used in water where the child is within its depth and under adult supervision.

Brand: Chad Valley
SKU: 3146284
EAN/SKU: 3146284
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Chad Valley Spray N Splash Turtle Reviews

5/5   'This is fab for my toddler he loves splashing around in the water that shoots out'

5/5  Foggy 'Great fun product to entertain kids in the summer'

4/5  Victoria 'Turtle ballast bottom great idea. Our little one has had hours of fun already. Only gripe is due to packaging water squirter at top only points one way due to how plastic has been folded. This stops water from going straight up and it squires at an angle. Still lots of fun though'

5/5  Max Jaffa 'Fantactic and great price the little ones loved it, want it out every day .'

5/5  RuttiTutti 'I bought this whilst it was on sale, so not only was it a bargain, it's also loads of fun. It was bought for a 5 year old and two 3 year olds and they all loved it. It was very easy to set up and feels relatively robust. Would definitely recommend it for some summer garden fun.'

5/5  Sarah 'Was easy and quick to set up.excellent price kids enjoyed it.would recommend.'

5/5  Mum25 'The kids decided to turn the hose pipe tap on whilst I was putting it in place in the garden. Think it's safe to say it works as expected and I was drenched! The kids found it hilarious. They had lots of fun with this product.'

2/5  Rebecca 'This item requires additional hose attachment which isn't clearly stated on the box. Therefore kids had to wait to use this. The bottom which is to be filled with water is not big enough as the main body requires plenty of air so makes it difficult to add the water to the base to allow it to stay upright and firm. Good value as I got it on offer however it's just another product that needs something else in order to make it work adding to the overall expense.'

4/5  Yummymummy 'Kids loved this'

5/5  Yazmin 'This is brilliant for hot days in the garden. My son had so much fun this summer with this, I got it while it was on offer but I wouldn't think twice about paying full price it's definatly worth the money.'

4/5  Jo 'A fun water toy that squirts water very high. The only downside is after playing with, the water you have to put in the turtle's tummy is really hard to get all out so I'm hoping it will make it through the winter and still be ok to use next summer and not go all mouldy.'

5/5  Julie 'Bought in the sale for my 8yr old. He loves it. Easily attaches to a hose pipe & water shoots high up in the air.'

4/5  Lmy 'My children ages 3 and 5 love this product. The only thing is it seems to spray to one side more than the other despite being moved several times. Even so great fun, amazing price and would definately recommend!'

5/5  Nanny 'Really good fun, grandchildren loved it. Waters the grass at the same time.'

4/5  LeeG 'Bought this product in the sale so it was a bargain buy to cool the kids down on a hot day. Very easy to set up and surprisingly very powerful and very high spray can be achieved or low spray for smaller kids. Great fun.'

4/5  Natalie 'Haven't used this yet as weather not been good but for £1.50 I can't complain'

4/5  Sarah 'My kids loved it, loads of fun had by us all.'

4/5  Sd5687 'Really easy to set up and works well - although when hose pipe is on full it does spray quite high. Would definitely recommend!'

5/5  T 'Great fun and a good size'

5/5  Shazbam 'Very good gorgeous the price . Strong jet for the size of product . Could do with some weights in at Base to stop wind taking it'

5/5  Angelcakezz 'Bought this for £1.49 in the sale and its the best £1.49 ive ever spent! My little lad loves this and my daughter loves running under the spraying water!'

4/5  Jade 'My kids love this, you can choose how much water gets sprayed out of the turtle, it loads of fun and great on a hot day'

5/5  Emma 'This is such a cool garden toy & amazing value for money, very colourful and the little one Loves it. You can control the amount of water that comes out yourself ( with hose pipe) It's such good quality for the money. We bought one from another store that was much dearer and nowhere near as good quality as this.'

5/5  Bj 'The children had a great time with this, kept them cool in the hot weather'

5/5  Soohie85 'My kids have had a great time in the garden getting splashed by this and splashing I liked it so much I had to buy one ready for next year and what s bargain price very happy'

5/5  Essexdiva 'Our grandson loved it. Good clean fun lots of laughter. Amazing value for money. Highly recommended.'

5/5  Tinker 'My son has had hours of fun with this and it's great value for money!'

5/5  Angelface 'My 2 boys have so much fun with it'

5/5  NICKI S 'Love this product! So much fun for the kids and dogs! Such a good price - I bought 4 of them!'

5/5  Terry 'Really impressed . Squirts high jets of water and lots of them ! Grand daughter loved it !'

5/5  Mummy2010 'Got this for my 5year old and he loves it. Was really cheap when i brought it too which was a bonus too. Only little thing that bugs me is the holes where the water squirts from are a bit wonky so sprays more to one side but doesnt bother my little boy.'

5/5  Mum Of 2 B And 1g 'Great fun for all ages'

5/5  Mimi 'Kids love it'

4/5  Kiran 'Kids loved it and luckily we had few very hot days and they enjoyed it thoroughly, the only thing is as it needs hose pipe connected, so you have to stand by the tap to turn on and off to make it bit more fun.'

5/5  ZN 'The kids love and have great fun with it.'

5/5  Williams Mummy 'Lots of fun for my 5 yo'

5/5  Jas 'Great value for money The kids think it is fantastic fun and a great way to cool down on hot and sunny days.'

5/5  Jeff 'Absolutely brilliant for kids when playing on a hot day, water goes much higher than I thought it would! Very good value for money'

4/5  Werty 'Great for the price'

5/5  Zahed 'Superb. Hours & hours of fun. Turtle is so cute with a great smile. Spurts out water quite high bit you can adjust it with your water flow. Recommended.'

5/5  Russell 'This is a great toy and does exactly what it's supposed to. Just make sure you fill the bottom with water as instructed and you can't go wrong. Absolutely great for a bright summer day. My boy loves dancing around it.'


5/5  Plentykiddies 'Kiddies love this great product and hours of fun x'

3/5  Dot 'Fun for the garden for little ones.. Would not want to pay full price'

5/5  Summer Fun 'Great value for money'

5/5  Waffle 'I bought the chad valley spray/splash turtle for my 2 year old. He absolutely adores it! Its colourful and he giggles at the face so its definitely a win. I would recommend putting water in the bottom first however, we neglected to that the first time and he just picked it up and ran around the garden soaking everyone with it. When it is anchored, it is much more parent friendly as well as fun for little ones. For the price, you cant really beat it in the sunshine. I would recommend.'

4/5  Olbi 'Absolutley fantastic product great price'

5/5  ------- 'Hours of fun and imaginative play for the kids!'

5/5  Nanna Dottie 'A must for hot days so much fun love to hear the kiddies squeel and laugh'

5/5  Tori1983 'Our son aged 8 has absolutely loved this. Kept him entertained for ages. Bigger than we expected which was a bonus. Squirts water really high with quite a powerful force. Absolute bargain for the price. Everyone should have one for fun in the garden!!'

5/5  Icemaidan 'What can I say... My kids absolutely love this . It cost me next to nothing and they have had so much fun with it . You blow up the turtle and the attach your hose and then it acts as a sprinkler and the kids go mad for it . So happy I purchased this !'

3/5  Apple 'Good value for money but had to patch it up before even first use.'

5/5  Jacgood 'My Grandson had a great time with this . Half price in the sale but would buy again at full price !'

5/5  Jode 'Excellent product, bought in the sale so even better.'

5/5  Kerry263 'Purchased this for my 3 year old although my 12 year old had just has much fun too. Easy to set up doing exactly what it says on the box. Amazing price, entertained them for ages.'

5/5  Jodie 'The turtle was very easy to blow up and attach to the the hose, the water sprayed out quite hight which I was pleased about and my 4 year old son absolutely love it he would play with it all day. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone with a young child. If ur child enjoys water play they will love it! It was quick and easy to put away too.'

5/5  Mdoll 'Great little toy for garden....easy to use & had hours of fun in garden for all ages!'

5/5  Nats 'My kids love these as they love water and turtules'

4/5  Mummy Of Three 'Good for the money, as got it cheap. My little ones loves this and it keeps her happy for hours.'

5/5  BadGirl 'Got this in the sale but would have paid full price happily! My 4 & 5 year old love this turtle and the water sprays so far! Great summer laughs great summer holiday memories made.'

5/5  Blue.lauren 'Great summer toy, the water sprays really high. I got it in the sale and it's the best £1.50 iv spent in a long time but even at full price this is worth a buy. And it also doubles as a sprinkler for the grass #winning'

5/5  Bgweb 'Brought two as they were on offer. Great price and service.'

5/5  Gem 'Kids love running around hoping to get sprayed perfect for nice summer days'

5/5  Sian 'Brilliant value for money my kids have had hours of fun with it'

5/5  Bunny 'My daughter loves this, the sprinkler in it is great and a lot quicker to set up than a pool! Have already recommended this item to family and friends.'

5/5  Janethix 'Great, cheap garden fun. Doesn't spray straight but no major problem. Children had great fun, well worth the sale price!'

4/5  Rike 'Great fun in garden'

5/5  Sam 'Love this! Kid loves it too :)'

5/5  Softy 'Great fun for grandkids'

5/5  Kazybun 'Great item for hot days my kids loved it'

4/5  Rach54 'Although we havent used this fully yet, when we tested its been brilliant. The jets of water were really high and gave a good coverage to ensure maximum splash area.'

5/5  Thrifty Mum 'For the sale price of less than £2 you really can't fault it, and my daughter loves it and a couple of weeks later the novelty doesn't seem to have worn off which is great. The only downside is I didn't have the right hose connections so ended up having to go out and buy them, so it would have been nice if it came with a couple of different options in the box, but given the low price that wouldn't stop me recommending it.'

4/5  SueD 'A fab garden toy that has provided lots of fun for my younger children. You do need to be careful adjusting the water flow going into the turtle otherwise everything in the garden, and your neighbours, will get a soaking but never the less I would recommend it and at the offer price you can't go wrong'

5/5  Georgie 'Really good price provides lots of fun when it's hot would defiantly recommend'

5/5  Char 'My son loves it, great price and great fun'

4/5  Polly 'Fab product for £2 bargain loads of fun had'

5/5  Kaykay 'Great little item'

3/5  Lisa 'It was a good cheap bit of fun for the garden. It only squirts the water in one way but my 5 year old did prefer this. However if you only have a small garden prepare for everything to get soaked as it does squirt water a long way'

5/5  Kita 'Absolutely brilliant product - definetly recommend, he has so much fun in the sunshine with it!!!'

5/5  Lisa83 'Kids love it keeps them entertained on a hot day in the garden'

4/5  Gary 'Well what can i say? Kid loved it, amused them for hours while in the pool at home. They all thought it was highly funny to keep tipping my way while i was trying to relax, but all good fun. One thing i would say is, the jets are quite high so really, a biggish garden is required unless you want to spray everything in sight including the neighbours! However, you can just turn the tap down slightly to suit! Mind you it is ideal to water the garden! But overall, glad we purchased it!'

5/5  Gillian 'This was an absolute bargain. My grandchildren loved it running in and out of the water having fun splashing around. Good value excellent water toy.'

4/5  Hel 'Great product, bought it whilst on sale. Kids loved it during the really hot days.'

4/5  Wolfy 'Good for kids 2 ply on a hot day two run throw'

4/5  Lesleyo 'Good for the money I paid £1.99'

5/5  Shopper 'Don't underestimate the look of this little sprinkler! I put the tap on at my sons 3rd birthday party and the water shot 8ft in the air to a round of screams! Was throughly enjoyed by all ages, best £1.99 I've ever spent!!'

5/5  Steviejayde 'Kids love it and was super cheap'

5/5  Sarah 'My 1.5yr old and my 9 year old both had fun with this, I think it is an excellent addition to the garden games for the warm weather! The range of the spray is quite high and goes quite far excellent value especially as bought in the sale'

5/5  Ange 'This product far exceeding what i expected. It was the best £3 i have ever . The water jets out at least 15ft, we weren't expecting that, don't think the neighbours were either Opps!'

4/5  Dcb305 'Cheap and fun water toy, bought as a present. Might not last forever but for price you can't complain!'

4/5  Annebo 'This is a good value outdoor toy ,quite simple but good fun in the sun'

5/5  Bubbly Bev 'I have a couple of these items in different designs my grandchildren all different ages love these water sprinkle animals great fun for all!'

5/5  Anjjon 'Great product lots of fun'

2/5  Oliver's Mommy 'Wouldn't reccomend, went out and bought a different one from asda'

5/5  Sue 'My children really enjoyed it..'

5/5  Sharon 'Brought gor my dsughters birthday, great fun. Even for older kids!'

4/5  Lisa 'Bought this in the sale and my 3 boys aged 4, 6 & 8 love it :)'

5/5  Kay 'Omg wanted something for my little boy to enjoy the water and this was just the thing. It was lovely and he loved it. Xx'

5/5  Whitney 'I actually bought this toy for my dogs to play with and keep cool in the garden whilst it's hot, they enjoy it and have great fun'

5/5  Stacey 'We bought this for my 5 and 1 year old, it was in the sale and was a bargain. The kids love it and if the sun comes back over the summer holidays this will be a favourite they keep asking to play with.'

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