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Chad Valley Splash Slide Rider

About the Chad Valley Splash Slide Rider

Make a plunge directly into the quick paced and fun stuffed sliding activity with this Chad Valley Splash Slide Rider inflatable waterslide. Take it in turns on the inflatable buoy and see who can make the water splash up the highest!

Brand: Chad Valley
SKU: 1678235
EAN/SKU: 1678235
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Chad Valley Splash Slide Rider Reviews

1/5   'The ram section split on the seem within a hour of use and because it was on the seem it was impossible to repair with the supplied patch or any other means.'

4/5  MrsB 'Was a bit hesistant in purchasing, given quite a few reviews mentioning failing seams/deflating after short use. Am happy to report that it was great purchase and as withstood hours of hammering from our two boys (6 & 3). Would have been great if came with 2 body boards, but boys had great fun with and without it. Slide sprayer a bit temperamental - need to keep an eye on it whilst adjusting hose/tap pressure, else it sprays over the slide onto the grass. Easy to empty and quick to inflate'

1/5  Lisa 'Good idea...but not built to last'

5/5  Nm 'Loved by my 3 year old. Excellent value for money. Great product!!! Very fun!'

2/5  Stephanie 'Kids loved it but it broke within two days'

5/5  Hope93 'Haven't had no problems with this keeps the kids busy! Love it !'

5/5  D33 'Brought for my 3 and 7 year olds...they have had hours of fun on it! I would say my 7 year old is just about right for it size wise but may be too small for slightly older children.'

1/5  Unhappy 'Broke within an hour Argos replaced it and it broke again returned for refund not worth the bother.'

1/5  Anne 'This product looks great and i thought my grandsons would love it. I read some of the reviews before i bought it but didnt really believe them when people said it was rubbish quality and didnt last long(big mistake) This pool started going down within 10mins of bring inflated, we didn't even get a chance to add the water let alone let the grandsons play with it Very disappointed please dont buy this product.'

1/5  Shatteredmum 'We've had two of these slides now, with both of them having the same fault. The pool itself is fine, but the slide develops a puncture in the seam in the main body. This one last 24 hours, the first one lasted 3 days. It is basically not up to the job, so we will be taking this second one back for a refund as a result.'

1/5  Sheila 'Brilliant idea but poor quality product Seams split on the slide after a short period of play for one four year old little boy. Returned for a refund Shame as he did love it.'

2/5  Donna 'My daughter loved this for the short time it was up, sadly the seams came apart of the slide so it obv wouldn't stay inflated - returned and got refund with no issues tho. Maybe ok for smaller petite children ?'

5/5  Coops 'It was rubbish,popped in ten minutes by a 2 year old child'

4/5  Cat Lady 'Arrived very quickly, well packed. Great fun for children but could be a bit stronger. Overall though good.'

5/5  Louisa84 'I brought this for my 6 and four year old daughters. It was easy to set up and assemble and kept them very entertained throughout the summer holidays. Would definitely recommend this to families with young children under 8.'

4/5  Sarah37 'Good fun but quality let it down'

1/5  NANNIE45 'My granddaughter has been desperate for this. After getting her one she couldn't wait to try it out. It went up easily enough with an electric pump but the attached step and slide kept going down. It was very difficult to find how to inflate the sides. She had fun with it but we had to keep inflating the step and slide part as it rapidly lost air. Putting it away there was a split in the seams of the slide. So can be used but not properly as she played on it and we can't now take it back!!!!'

4/5  Nic 'My 3 & 5 year old had fun playing on this with no punctures- yet! Quick to inflate with an electric pump. Water jets worked well with our hose pipe connector and water pressure.'

1/5  Shane 'Lasted 2 hours and then 2 holes in the slide appeared along the seams and a hole in the accessory .'

4/5  Emma 'This product was great. I wouldn't recommend it for children older then 4 -5.'

3/5  Sam 'It was excellent fun and the children really enjoyed it. The design was excellent, but unfortunately the quality of the product was poor. We had to return it twice due to the steps splitting on the seam. Argos were brilliant at giving a refund, so Chad Valley please improve the quality of your product for next year as the idea is excellent.'

5/5  Rachael 'It looks fun and it is fun does what it say I would recommend this worth the money too'

4/5  Michelle 'My kids have hours of fun on this and it's extremely popular with friends and family too! The only downside is that I found it quite hard to attach the hose to it but once done, it works very well. Worth the money.'

2/5  Lane Lass 'After first use the slide bit burst, had misplaced receipt so couldnt return it.'

5/5  Cozmo 'Would recommend to anyone. I think the adults had more fun the the Kids'

4/5  Ali 'My 1,7 and 8 year old love this. Great fun had by all. Only drawback is it attracted the whole neighbourhood to my garden :)'

5/5  Westie 'Took quite a bit of pumping !! but me 4yr old nieces loved it .. once they had got the knack of jumping and diving into the pool (as the steps don't support the kids ) .. good fun'

2/5  Dave 'The kids had great fun on this the first time they used it, unfortunately when they went to use it the second time I found it was full of holes specifically around the seams.'

5/5  BD 'Bought this for my 3 year old grand daughter. She had hours of fun!'

1/5  Unsatisfactory 'It popped within 2 hours of my 3 year old using it!!!'

1/5  Emma B 'Bought for my son's birthday garden party. As soon as it was blown up it was obvious there was a problem as the side where the water is supposed to come out of kept going flat. The kids tried to use it but it was no good. As soon as my son got on it it tipped sideways, he's a skinny little thing so no weight to him, because it was unbalanced from continuously going flat in one side, awful design and very poor quality.'

5/5  Sandra 'Kids love it great fun loving the target kids trying to score bullseye if they bring an adult one out ill be first in line lol thankyou great product x'

1/5  Mammaroo 'Fab sized pool and slide for younger children, easy to set up. Unfortunately the quality of the slide is not sufficient to survive a days play with the children let alone the summer, such a shame as everything else about it is perfect!'

5/5  Tam 'My children love this hours of fun and excitement and great for when the friends come round highly recommend'

4/5  Mag 'Quickly inflated and assembled using electric pump. Hose connector for spray not very good - took some fiddling to get it working properly. Kids (aged 4, 5 and 8) loved it.'

1/5  CW 'Both the slide and the float popped within an hour. It was only being used by a 3 year old and 5 year old.'

4/5  Sam2 'We are very happy with this product and our 4 year old loves it. The only reason for not giving it 5 stars is because the orange sides up the ladder are not as strong or as stable as the other materials. Therefore, my daughter can use them to help her climb the steps as they give way when she puts her weight on to them. This is only minor and I'm sure if they fixed this issue then we would have to pay more money for the product.'

5/5  Stevep 'I'm am extremely happy with this purchase my kids love it. They had non stop fun for hours I have no negativity towards this product, and a very good price'

2/5  Jude '2 x punchers in slide after 5th go on it. Kids 7 & 8 - prob too heavy for it. Poss last longer for toddlers.'

2/5  Louise 'We had this and my 3 year old and 6 year old loved the idea of the slide. Had great fun on it for 2 hours before slide and the float punctured and it deflated. My children are not big and did not play inappropriately on it. I took back to Argos and was given a replacement. We have yet to try the new one but if it goes again we will exchange for something different.'

4/5  Sweet Damson 'Read the poor reviews re product spliting but decided to chance it. So far so good had it up 4 times and 5 year 3 year old love it. Much more fun than a nor mal pool and dosnt take forever to fill up or un fill at the end of the day so result so long as dont get hose pipe ban as you do need hose running continually to make slide slippy. Hoping it will last the summer ! Would advise to use an electric blower upper thou ! Theres alot of air in that slide !'

3/5  Happy Paige 'Only just used it .was not sure if to buy it after reading reviews .it does its job and my 3 year old grand daughter thinks it great .'

5/5  June 'I bought this for my granddaughter and she loves it'

4/5  Coletrickle 'Decent item'

4/5  Gemma0502 'Good quality and price! The kids have had hours of fun on it... well worth buying!'

3/5  Sair 'Kids (10,7 and 2) absolutely loved it! Much more fun than a normal paddling pool, but like most of the other reviews it didn't last long before getting a puncture :-( Argos were brilliant and changed it straight away. Hope we have more luck with number 2!'

1/5  Emma30 'My kids couldn't wait to use this slide, unfortunately it didn't last long enough!! Firstly it took about 30 mins to blow up (not the stated 10 mins). Then when we turned the water on the sprinkle bit did't wet the slide it just shot right over to the other side! After about half an hour the slide started going down & we realised there was a split in the seam! So we exchanged the whole thing for a new one, that one only lasted 10 minutes before it split in the same place again!'

4/5  Jessie 'This product was great fun for my 6 and 4 year olds. They love the slide and had a great time splashing in the pool. However the slide attaches with string and this means it's not very sturdy and needs to be retied quite a lot. Also if you don't have a pump it might be worth buying one as I nearly passed out trying to blow it up!!'

4/5  Micky 'I have a 4 year old and an 18 month old. Great fun but the slide popped by the end of the day. Tried to repair with the patch included but didnt work. The patch was really just a piece of selotape. Took back to Argos and they changed for another. This one has held up for 5 days now and kids are enjoying it.'

5/5  Debby 'Brought for my grandchildren! Had hours of fun! Everything else was ignored in favour of this! They loved it! I was dubious after reading the other reviews, but I had 6 grandchildren aged 7 to 2 playing on this all day! It got some real rough treatment & was still up 4 days later! They can't water for another Splash Party in Nanny's garden!'

4/5  Sandra 'My son is 10 and I thought it might be too small for him but he has had lots of fun in it.'

4/5  Carrie 'Kids loved it, on the down side the little blow up lilo for sliding on was rough on skin and scratched.'

3/5  Anon34765 'First one had to be returned after blowing up slowly by hand! the hosepipe tube through the slide was twisted and didn't spray the slide so kids got stuck second one works much better'

5/5  Paclady49 'Great product. Time consuming to set up but well worth it! Grandson delighted with it. You need the hose attached to make the sprays. Great fun!'

4/5  Ginric 'My 6 and 3 year old loved playing on this for hours, you have to make sure the slide is well pumped up or you find they fall off the edge, which they found great fun! A must for summer fun'

5/5  Barbypig 'Excellent value for money'

5/5  MrsCullen 'Was a bit concerned when buying this as Chad Valley stuff can come up small, however....this pool is amazing and kept my 2, 3 and 9 year old busy! I thought at first perhaps it wouldn't be suitable for the 9 year old but i was wrong!! He had just as much fun as the others. Money well spent!!! Do not hesitate to buy this!! So much better than a small paddling pool'

1/5  Tricia 'The idea of this product is great but the slide is faulty and does not stay inflated. I will be returning it. Tricia'

3/5  Mary Jane 'This is great fun. Sprays water high up above the slide. Unfortunately after just two days of my 2 children playing on it there were 2 small slits in the seams and it wouldn't stay inflated for more than a few minutes. Argos exchanged it with no fuss so I hope the new one is better.'

1/5  Deb 'Put the pool and steps up , kids had a great time then the steps went down ! The seam has split so useless! Couldn't be bothered to delflate everything as wet and wouldn't have fitted in the box so it was a waste of money !'

1/5  C 'My daughter loved it. But a tear appeared the second time we tried to inflate it. Such a shame. Argos refunded no problem.'

5/5  Paget1986 'My daughter had this in the summer heat and had great fun, we couldn't get her out of the garden. Great buy.'

1/5  Longkis 'The kids adored this, a brilliant design - the kids have never had so much fun with a pool. However it hardly lasted a few hours. The slide split and the pool punctured (on soft lawn). They were so upset. If the quality was better this would be the best thing ever! Unfortunately I can only say do not waste your money.'

5/5  Sarah 'Brilliant product! Loads of fun!'

5/5  Caracarton 'Kids love very much , they have a god fun,an enjoy the product!'

1/5  Sian 'The kids loved this aged 7 & 5 and I thought it looked great. Sadly after only a few hours playing the slide went down as one of the seams had split. Argos gave me a full refund but I & the kids would have preferred another just more hard wearing. The kids were really sad that it had to go back.'

3/5  Malcliz 'The children loved it but it didn't last the weekend as the slide part punctured. We mended it several times but the repair wasn't strong enough for them to slide on it again. They had great fun until it punctured though!'

4/5  Mac 'Bought this for my 3 year old son. He loves it but it only lasted one go before getting 3 punctures. It is much better than your average pool and for a flat garden gives the added bonus of having a slide. My son played with it for ages on his own and with a friend. Disappointingly on the second use it got 3 punctures. We used puncture repair kit but once you have one puncture it's all down hill! We has on flat grass, not near any bumps. I still think it's a great idea but be warned!'

5/5  Sue 'Superb value for money'

5/5  Gramps 'Granddaughters 6&3 loved this paddling pool and slide.3 year old birthday had fun all day totally enjoyable product the slide had a leak by end of day Argos exchanged no probs new warranty for 12 months so no probs if it punctures again.no idea why or how slide got punctured but seems a design fault as all negative reviews are for the same,always the slide that does not stay inflated.good price if it was more durable.would recommend'

5/5  Mrs A 'Was pleasantly surprised by the size of this product which offers great value for money and hours of fun. Takes quite a whole yo inflate at first but we'll worth the wait.'

5/5  David 'The grandchildren loved this water slider. It is big so I used my compressor to blow it up. It was great! The water from the hose pipe make the inside really wet and slippery, and the kids had a brilliant time. I'm not sure how long it will last as it gets a lot of fairly rough treatment, from the jumping and sliding, which inevitably gets more energetic as the kids test their limits. However, 3 days of play and it is still pumped up, so fingers crossed for many more days of sun and fun.'

4/5  Xxxx 'This product was bought for our 3 young grandchildren, brought hours of fun for them, good quality,'

1/5  Kathrox85 'A brilliant thing for the garden that lasted all of about 10 minutes! My 4 yr old daughter and her 5 yr old friend were playing happily on it until it started to deflate, when we found the hole, well 2 holes, they were 2 huge splits on the seams of the slide so I took it back and exchanged it only for the exact same thing to happen with a split in the exact same place after just 5 minutes! As soon as I am over this sickness Bug I will be taking it back for a full refund. Waste of money.'

4/5  123 'My 20 month old daughter loved this item. I would recommend'

4/5  Jo 'Bought this for my five year old. Absolutely loved it. Spent all day in and out of it with his friend. A lot more fun than a normal paddling pool. Well worth the money. Only problem I had was the stiching came away quickly on the slide but they exchanged it with no problem. Have not tried out new one yet.'

4/5  Deb51 'Fabulous , my grandchildren had hours of fun with this !'

5/5  Michelle 'My 8yr old and 5yr old loved this. Perfect size for both of them - would recommend an electric pump to inflate as it takes some time to inflate all the parts.Very pleased with my purchase.'

5/5  MOD 'We are very pleased with this slide and the children love it. Would recommend.'

1/5  Scooby 10 'This product lasted two days before the seam popped on the slide ! The kids were devastated ! .oldest child being seven and of small build . Waste of money .'

3/5  Strawbhill 'Need a decent sized garden and the hose attachment helps to make the slide slippy. It comess with one float, not two as in the Argos blurb, and no ground stakes, not 6as advertised. Kids enjoy it cant comment on how long it will last.'

1/5  Sammy 'I would not recommend this product my children age 6 and 4 have used this once and the blow up board punctured immediately and now the blow up slide has holes in and keep collapsing within 5 mins of being blown up, its quite big so hard to see the hole. What a waste of money.'

3/5  Julie 'Kids loved this but unfortunately it split within a couple of hours'

1/5  Mrs E 'This was brilliant- for 24 hours. My sons absolutely loved it, however the day after it was originally inflated we noticed the slide part was sagging so attempted to reinflate only to find it had split along seams on the step parts. Returned to argos and had no issues getting a refund. Was offered a replacement but seeing as the split was on the seam figured it was a quality issue. Argos great as usual.'

1/5  Wheeze 'Had to return the first one due to a hole along the seam on the slide so couldn't even inflate it. I got a replacement as I didn't expect the same issue again but yes it had a hole along the same seam. Useless product and very disappointed children! Returned for a refund the second time!'

4/5  AngBrig 'This is great fun, my children love playing with it on a hot day, their only complaint is that it should be bigger! I have to say that for the price I think it should be bigger too! On the plus side it didn't take long to inflate & seems pretty sturdy so hopefully will last a while!'

4/5  Matt 'Good product, kids have had loads of fun although it now has a puncture which we've yet to locate but would definitely recommend'

1/5  Sarah 'Loved it but it punctured the first time they played with it'

4/5  Hannah 'Bought this for my 2 and 3 year olds. They love it! Would definitley recommend'

1/5  Andy 'The slide hose attachment did fit on to the hose attachment, so water spurted out on the garden and into the pool filling it up (I tried multiple hose attachments all to no avail). In addition the water did not spray onto the slide and so was not slippery enough to descend. The children just sat there and had to shift themselves down the slide. Basically an over priced and very shallow paddling pool the slide was a waste of time.'

5/5  Viv Burns 'This is an excellent product at a really good price. The children really love this, as do the adults. Brilliant!'

4/5  Stumblin' Steve 'Bought for our 3yr old grandson's birthday. It was cold - but it didn't stop him......he loved it!'

4/5  Woo 'Not the right month to test out the paddling pool but we had this one last year and loved it so waited for the sales and have bought another one for the long hot summer we will have again!'

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