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Chad Valley Seal Animal Sprayer

About the Chad Valley Seal Animal Sprayer

A fantastic way to stay refreshed, the Chad Valley Seal Animal Sprayer will keep little ones cool in a playful way. Simple to operate, just plug in your garden hose and sit back as water sprays from ball jets providing those in close to durable Seal an amazingly fun soaking! Size H121.6, W7.6, D9cm.

Brand: Chad Valley
SKU: 7600726
EAN/SKU: 7600726
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Chad Valley Seal Animal Sprayer Reviews

5/5   'I purchased this for a young relative -ready for when we get a visit from the family in the warmer months.I have opened it and had a look at it-but have yet to use it! -and it seems of a good,strong quality and is a decent size.I have bought Chad Valley items before and have never had a problem so far-so would assume this will be fine.'

2/5  Masterman 'Too much to blow Bit complicated'

5/5  Mumto4 'Bought this for my toddlers birthday so not actually used yet but I know she will love it and have hours of fun with it been water fun.'

5/5  Skippy39 'Got this for summer in sale as already had one its fine for a summer a little fun and a hit with little ones its great for the price'

3/5  Vixs19 'It's a fun toy that my daughter liked. My only issue is that if the hose tap was turned on too much and the pressure higher, the ball stopped rotating, so it was a bit of a battle to find the pressure that worked. Too low and the water wouldn't come out, too high and the ball would stop. When it works properly it's a good toy to have on a hot day and it helps to water the grass!'

5/5  GMFH 'Bought this for grandchildren who were visiting during the recent heatwave, and it was a big hit. Easy to inflate and connect to the hosepipe, gave hours of fun and watered the lawn at the same time. Just be warned that vigorous play might cause the ball to detach, but easily put back on with the water switched off.'

2/5  Cailin 'The ball never sat properly and didn't spin so the spray feature wasnt great, only seemed to spray from one end also. Design ways it looked cool but never worked as it should.'

1/5  Babs 'Only the ball inflated properly, the seal slowly went down over the course of an hour or so &the ball didn't turn due to one of the holes being blocked. We took the ball off & just squirted water out the top. Disappointing as bought for a kids party on a roasting hot day.'

1/5  Terri 'Ball dose not spin and pops of deflates really fast with no hole in it kids where moor scared than anything'

5/5  Shelly 'It was only a fiver and does the job. My kids love it'

1/5  Redditchbuyer 'Purchased this for our children to use to cool down, we carefully inflated it and hooked it up to the hose and it worked for about the first few seconds after that it stopped spinning and made a terrible noise as if it was catching itself as it tried to spin. It totally stopped and sounded as if it was going to burst so we quickly unhooked it. anyway fair play to argos we took it back and got a full refund no hassle.'

5/5  Jes198 'Great price was on sale when I brought it but I would pay full price my son loves it. Great quality and lots of fun'

2/5  Caz10 'Looked great and kids loved it! However ball fell off after an hour!!'

5/5  Charlie 'Great little product kids and adults loved it'

4/5  Lianne 'Great toy kids have lots of fun with it and the pet dog aswel.'

5/5  Dk 'Great little buy, lowds of fun for the little one for a fab price + waters your garden in no time :) My little one as well as my other half love it :) dog seems to be having some fun 3. Easy to asemble.'

3/5  Sueb 'The seal is great when you get the water pressure right but the ball did stop spinning after a couple of minutes. Not that it bothered the kids. Great for garden fun especially for little people.'

5/5  Chloe 'Entitled my little girl to hours of fun in this lovely weather ! Nice affordable option !'

2/5  Heza 'It worked for the 1st day then after that the ball pops off when water is on save your money don't buy'

4/5  Simone 'Not great quality but the kids loved it'

3/5  Bonfire 'Not very strong. Ok for awhile but wouldn’t purchase again.'

1/5  Debbie 'The ball on the top would not spin and then the ball fell off and would not go back on save your money and don’t buy this'

4/5  Corbz 'Fab design shame the ball didn’t spin around'

1/5  Lou 'Does not do what it says on the description The ball should of spun round but it didn't Absolutely don't recommend'

1/5  Cookie 'I got this for my dogs to help them keep cool inflated it all and put the hose on it and the ball were the water comes out keeps deflating and so it doesn’t spin very poor quality such a shame'

4/5  LisaW 'Easy to set up but the ball doesn’t spin like it’s supposed to. Water still sprays out of it. Kids enjoyed it.'

1/5  DirectEm 'I purchased this in the clearance sale thinking "how bad can it be" and i couldn't be happier that I didn't pay any more as we only got one afternoon out of it before the ball stopped spinning and kept coming off. While it worked it was great fun but it was short lived and went in the bin after a few more attempts at making it work again.'

5/5  Sup 'Its a nice little toy with lots of fun'

1/5  Liz 'Did not work as a sprinkler more a fountain'

4/5  Blackmagickxx 'As stated on other reviews, the ball does get stuck a lot of the time (when the water builds up in a little pool underneath) which is rather annoying and disappointing for the kids, but when it works and spins like it's supposed to it's a fab toy! I got it for half price which was a great deal but I don't think I'd recommend paying the full price for it just because of it not spinning all the time.'

1/5  Unknown 'It doesn’t spray out all the holes and doesn’t spin round. Likely my little boy was happy with it half working and I’m glad I didn’t pay full price for it.'

5/5  Mumsy 'Good fun for the kids. Would recommend. Good price too'

4/5  Chris 'Bought this after reading the reviews and thought it's only a fiver. The kids loved it! 6 of them were playing with it. Make sure it is fully pumped and the top is lifted and then release if done correctly it spins really quickly. Stand back though or u will get wet!!'

1/5  Watersports 'One of the two purchased didn't spray from all the openings in the ball, so it didn't spin. The second ball did spin but got stuck after a few spins. Very disappointing.'

1/5  Jay 'The ball did not spin and the pipes in sidewas bent from the way it was packed witch stopped the water coming out 2 holes out of 3 worked my kids was disappointed'

4/5  JacieJ 'Really great item nieces had fun with the sprinkler'

5/5  Emma 'Value for money only downfall is the ball stops spinning as it drops on the nose and needs repositioning'

1/5  MummyW 'I bought this for my daughter as I thought it would be good to have fun but also keep cool, I took it back! The ball flew off the end when the water went through and when it stayed on it didn't turn, the water just dribbled out. I would not recommend this to anyone'

1/5  Laura 'Do not buy this sprinkler, unless you want upset children!! Brought this for my little girls to enjoy whilst we have this hot weather but they were left disappointed as it did not work properly, the ball does not spin round so you are left with 3 squirts of water. Not the best product!!'

5/5  Sophie 'Kids love it well worth the money and great quality'

5/5  Sue 'My grandchildren love it in their swimming pool'

2/5  Kevin 'The idea is great but unfortunately for me the top didn't spin like it's ment to a few rotations and it was done'

5/5  Mijulie 'Both my grandchildren and neice and nephews loved playing tlwith it'

3/5  Shopper 'I bought this for the children due to the hot spell, once inflated it looks good the ball on the top was leaning to the side, once connected to the hose only 2 of the 3 holes sprinkled water out, slightly disappointed but for the Reduced price I got it for it wasn't worth worrying about, kids had enough fun with it anyway'

5/5  Linty 'Got as a present the children loved it'

5/5  Roxy 'It’s a great product hours of fun in the garden'

5/5  Tiamaria 'Excellent value. My grand daughter has loads of fun'

5/5  Jules 'Brilliant buy my grandchildren loved it. Would say super value.'

5/5  Me 'Great water sprinkler for the kids, could prob do with a better nose as if it’s not pumped up the maximum the ball wont spin but either way the kids love it'

5/5  Shocking 'Ideal for a garden with grassed area not very good on hard surfaced floor'

5/5  Pj 'Absloutely well worth the money my kids have had hours off fun with this sprinkler has been great on these hot days'

5/5  Caz 'This is brilliant for the warm weather, got one for my kids and also for my nephew who is 2 and he absolutely loved being sprayed with the water as he didn't really like the big pool because the big kids where splashing around so this was his very own water fun, highly recommend to anyone x'

1/5  Kirstie 'The ball didn’t spin, it kept popping off as soon as I turned the hose on.'

5/5  Jodie 'Kids had hours of fun playing with it even helped water the grass'

5/5  Laura11 'Well worth the money and hours of fun for the kids'

1/5  Tori 'Could be a really fun water toy but unfortunately the water doesn't spray out properly and the ball doesn't spin like it should. Lookslike the tubes inside are twisted. Returned to store and tried a replacement with the exact same problem. I don't have time to keep returning product so my son is using it as a bouncy toy instead.'

1/5  Coops 'The valve didn't sit upright, ball didn't spin around so didn't spray water as it should have done, thought the first one I bought was faulty but second one was just the same - disappointed as the concept looked good'

1/5  Kazza 'Ball flies off if you put too much water pressure on but doesn't sprinkle much if you don't have the water pressure high'

5/5  Jas92 'Make sure it’s fully blown up'

5/5  Lou 'Brought for a bargain price kids loved it & cooked them down perfectly on a hot day wish I’d brought two once each for them only because they love it so much'

5/5  Mandy 'It's a good product for the price. The ball twirls around and it gives enough enjoyment for kids and adults. Good quality.'

3/5  Laura 'Great for kids but poor quality but wasn’t too fussed as got it for five pounds Like other reviews the ball did not spin as it should but kids still enjoyed the spray of water'

5/5  Mandy 'My kids loved this seal deffinatley worth the money'

5/5  Parko 'Brought for young grandchildren who love ii. Ball doesn't always spin around but that doesn't effect the fun. Would recommendation.'

1/5  Coyney 'Not worth the money as it did not work properly'

5/5  Yummybaggiesmummy 'This is amazing, an our girls love it. Only thing is to make it work properly is you have to blpw it up as hard as possible, but apart from that its amazing x'

4/5  Sarah12345 'Great fun for playing in the garden. Bought for my 2 1/2 year old to enjoy. The ball stops spinning on occasions which is a shame. Seems to need exactly the right amount of pressure to spin. Still great fun though and doubles up as a sprinkler for the garden!!'

5/5  Laura 'I have to get an adaptor for hose pipe but my 3 year old still loves playing with it in the pool and on the trampoline it's a great little garden toy'

5/5  Kully 'My 6 and 7 year old love this. Great product. Needs to be connected to a hose pipe.'

5/5  Meeee 'Good quality for the price my 7 year old had hours of fun'

1/5  Jgrif 'Looks very nice an colourful, as soon as out the water on the pressure just pops the ball off so didn’t work at all! Tried all ways not putting too much water pressure on an still popped the ball off. So now just have a seal sat in the garden!'

5/5  Luvabargin 'Excellent to use just need to make sure you have the adapter for the house pipe'

5/5  Audrey1985 'We got this on sale, and it was easy to set up and use! The children loved it! Was great in this heat! Would recommend'

1/5  Lou 'One of the water jets on the ball is blocked so only 2 work. Therefore the ball doesn't spin. The fittings are really poor so even when I fix the ball on the pressure of the water releases it after a few seconds. This means the water comes out of the top of the nose as a big thick jet - not the fun promised with a sprinkler. Wish I'd read the reviews before I bought this product as it seems to be a common fault.'

4/5  Mummy34 'Quick and easy to use when the kids get home from school my daughter loves itmummy34'

3/5  Lisa 'You get what you paid for. I got this when it was on sale at a fiver so the fact it doesn’t work how it should isn’t a big deal. It’s still fun'

1/5  Kay 'Purchased this item and it was broken took it back to exchange for another and the 2nd one was just as bad....the ball doesn't stay connected to the seal was looking forward to letting my kids play with it but ended up throwing away'

1/5  Jade 'Don't buy, complete waste of money. The ball doesn't spin properly, water doesn't spray properly (came out of all three holes, then two, down to one then not at all) and the ball flies off. The idea is great but the product is appalling. Returned it the following day and put money towards something else.'

2/5  Jojo88 'This item is ok but dose not work properly the ball dose not spin properly but the kids still had fun runing around it all day'

1/5  Abi 'I brought this for the children to enjoy in the garden, unfortunately the 1st one didn’t work at all the ball wouldn’t spin or spray water exchanged it and then the other one spins and sprays apart from one side doesn’t work at all'

1/5  Steph 'Doesn’t work doesn’t Spain is the second time I’ve taken it back to the shop very disappoint'

5/5  Victoria35 'This was a bargain in this heatwave A great way to keep to kids cool nd water the garden too'

1/5  Tammy 'Doesn’t do anything it says in the description so disappointed I will be returning this item I wouldn’t have given it any stars Don’t bother wasting your time or money'

1/5  Jason 'Got this piece of plastic rubbish out of the box . Pumped it up and connected the hose to it . Only to find the the nose was bent so the ball doesn’t sit up properly . And then me of the hoses inside the ball was blocked so the ball didn’t spin round . This is now in the recycling bin where it belongs.'

1/5  Sushma 'I brought this item for my kids for long weekend. It doesn’t spin like it is mentioned on the product. I can’t return it as I don’t have the box with me as my kids were so excited seeing the picture on the box they tore the box. I will not recommend this product to anyone'

1/5  Whatt 'Rubbish did not wake'

2/5  Maxine 'It sprays water from the ball but doesn’t really spin like it’s supposed to. It was the second water toy we’d purchased and couldn’t be bothered to take it back again!'

4/5  Simon 'Works well for the price, is good fun on a hot day.'

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