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Chad Valley Ride-On

About the Chad Valley Ride-On

Your most cherished can go on expedient expeditions round greenery on this Chad Valley Ride-On. Whether plonked in the driving seat or pushing by the handle at located at the back, this toy is intended for plenty of dynamic play. An additional highlight is the funky clock on the front. It includes a high back support, beautiful illustrations and a fun directing wheel.

Brand: Chad Valley
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Chad Valley Ride-On Reviews

5/5   'Much better than I thought it would be for the price. My little one loves riding along both inside and outside. Encourages good balance.'

1/5  Gaz 'Waste of money. It was broken before it even came out the box but even if it wasn’t broken it’s flimsy and poorly built.'

1/5  Marcel 'Ride on is easy to assemble. My 16 month old son already seemed to big for it. He kept taking off the steering wheel, the back wheels kept coming off. Threw the thing away after a week. Rubbish. Very poor quality.'

5/5  Mustard 'Sturdy little ride on for a one to 2 year old, indoor or outdoor use, good value.'

4/5  Jag 'Too small for my one and half old daughter'

2/5  Karenc 'Disappointingly after putting together so too late to return it, I realised it’s too low down for my granddaughter to sit & use her legs to scoot. Also the horn is too tough for her to squeak & no room to put any bricks etc in the compartment so although cheap it’s disappointing.'

1/5  Woodentop 'Returned the item as was so small even for a just 12month old, stated height was 48, was nowhere near this and my 12mnth old grandson would be bent over trying to walk with the handle, looked good and was built ok, but just way to tiny!'

4/5  Dede 'It is a nice little ride on for my little girl.she enjoys it.'

5/5  Sumz 'Makes a really cute gift'

5/5  Toni 'I got this for my granddaughter who is just starting to learn to walk. Perfect for this, she loves it. The colors are lovely and bright. Would not suit older children as I do not think it would be sturdy enough but great for a first push along/ride on toy'

2/5  Monika 'Very cheap but my kid doesn't play with it at all'

5/5  Pushpa 'My son enjoy riding it.'

2/5  Maisie 'Too small for a one year old, handle on back far to short to walk with, very disappointing'

4/5  Louise 'For what I paid for it it’s brill.. A little small for my 20month old but it’s helping with balance and learning to get on and off.'

5/5  Bubbles 'Got this for my son for Christmas and get loves whizzing from one side of the room to the other.'

4/5  Angela 'Not to bad for a price although not enough space for toys under seat,apart if that my son has lot of fun'

5/5  Juels 'Very light in weight but as our grand daughter is small it suits her perfectly. She was able to manoeuvre the toy within minutes with a big smile on her face.'

5/5  Ann 'A bit tricky to assemble but my 20 month old grandaughter loved it especially talking on the phone while driving. .I must enlighten her when she is a bit older!'

4/5  Kraz 'Amazing kinda small but kids love it'

3/5  Supermum 'It is good for a first ride on for a 10 month old as most other ride ons are big for the kid at that age. Quality is ok. Rear wheel needs to b kept in place with a tape. All in all if you looking to introduce ride on before 1 yr of age, this will do its job. Not for tall babies.'

5/5  Kim 'Made my granddaughter very happy'

3/5  PinkLady 'Very cheap and cheerful - does what it needs to do.'

5/5  Baba 'Excellent product,,,, and a more excellent price'

5/5  Libby 'This is a great little present for my toddler. Great quality for the price. Worth every penny. Would definately recommend to others for their children.'

5/5  Mum 'Great for the money. Wish it was a little taller'

5/5  Irsh 'Only buy this if your ready to have a walking child. Product is amazing! This is so fun! Assembly was not too complicated. At first, she didn’t get it, but once she began to move the wheel slowly, the valley ride was easy to drive with foot and so much fun! my niece drove it through the house and around corners in the hallway Really a fun little drive.'

5/5  Mamof5 'Excellent value for money, excellent quality, definitely recommend'

5/5  Stella 'Brought for my grandson for Christmas'

4/5  Adriana 'Good one but a bit light. Wont work for an older baby. My 18 months old is happily playing with it'

5/5  Hazzy123 'Bought 2 of these their good'

3/5  Nicka 'This ride on is good for small children my son enjoy playing with it..'

5/5  Laulou 'Really good quality for the price.'

4/5  Amol 'Good quality product in less price. Amazing service.'

5/5  Prabhat 'I presented it to one my close friend daughter's birthday. When they opened all the other gifts. She liked it in first glance and started using from the same day. She spends most of her playing time riding on it.'

4/5  LJAG 'For the price it is well worth it. Didnt come with instructions so fell apart a couple if times until we realised it wasnt together properly but as my 18mth olds first ride on its great.'

4/5  Trixie 'Well it's a bit cheap and flimsy, but then again it was cheap! You get what you pay for, actually I'm sure my grandson will love it, a lift up lid for loading up, a pretend telephone, a horn to press, what more could one ask for , got 25% off so I'm not complaining!'

5/5  Rizwan 'Great colours, easy fix. Great price.'

5/5  Donna 'Great for the price. Lucky and got it when it had 25% off'

5/5  Hiyya 'It was worth of money easy to use for toddlers .'

4/5  BrazilianChick 'Good value for money but way too small for my 20 months toddler. The seat could be higher up. Other than that it's ok.'

5/5  Catapp 'Does exactly what it says on the tin and it’s a really good price , my son loves pushing it along and also the phone that comes off the top . It is quite small and he’s never ridden on it .'

4/5  Gem 'Great value, brilliant for a first ride on.'

5/5  MrsW 'My son absolutely loves whizzing about on this. Unfortunately he has almost outgrown it and he is only two. Would be great if it was a little larger as I'm pretty sure it states up to three years. Although there is a compartment under the seat you can't really fit anything in it which does often frustrate my son. All in all for the price it is it's great but won't last a slightly taller than average child long.'

5/5  Sam 'My son loved it light weight easy to carry strong design'

4/5  Emz 'This is a perfect toy for the price for a baby to start to learn how to sit and ride along with'

5/5  Lisa 'My Grandson loves it worth ten pounds.'

5/5  Andysteam 'Good value present for great granddaughter loves it'

2/5  Debbie 'Poor quality,returned the car,axles underneath wouldn’t stay on'

4/5  Emre 'It small and fun to play with but has some design flaws. Kids can fall off easily when they laying back'

5/5  Kaycee1 'So I bought this along with the scuttlebug bike... the baby loves this and with the high back and it low to the floor it’s really safe and it means she won’t fall back.'

4/5  Faa 'My baby enjoy on it.. good quality'

5/5  Yasmin 'He absolutely won’t stop playing with the car and he doesn’t pay attention to his other toys. I love the quality of the car and it’s very lightweight. It was a great purchase. Would recommend it to anyone with a toddler.'

2/5  Dale 'Bought this for an 18month old but she seems too big for it even though it’s supposed to be up to 3yrs. Looks great but is quite flimsy and when she leans back it easily tips over backwards because it’s very light. It might suit a younger baby.'

1/5  Raj1988 'My son is just 1 yrs he like this toy but problem is tyres dont stay longer on there place when they play or sit on it they just come out i need to put extra tape to keep tyres on place.'

1/5  Anna 'It was to little not suitable for baby 1 years'

1/5  Raabi 'It is too small and has no balance itself. when my baby wants to sit on it he fall straight Away.'

5/5  Tommo 'Excellent item,son loved it,had me pushing him on it all day.'

4/5  Kadaikkara 'Very happy to used for my child'

4/5  Kayleigh 'My 10 month old is able to lift this up it's so light. Good as a ride on and good quality for the money however I will be getting my son a more extensive heavy duty one for his birthday as i cant see this one lasting but hey you get what you pay for'

4/5  LB 'First ride on toy and she’s never off it, she loves it, sits on it for ages beeping the horn and putting stuff in the underneath seat. Good buy..worth the money!'

3/5  Farid 'Great buy. Kids loved it.'

5/5  Emmalouise 'Brought for my little boy who is 19 months, He loves his new little car especially lifting the seat and hiding toys inside it. Very colourful, easy to assemble. Good product for the price!'

5/5  Kirst 'My little girl is 2 and absolutely loves her new car, just proves it’s not always about how much you spend on an item. Out of all her birthday presents this was by far her favourite! Most other places wanted a lot more money for the same thing so 10/10 Argos thanks'

5/5  Thunderchild 'Waste of money. Broke within 2 days. Now up the dump. Embarrassed to have bought it in the 1st place'

1/5  Tish 'Bought this for my 14 month old grandson. His little legs get stuck on the back wheels so a little difficult for him to manoeuvre. But quite nice for the price'

3/5  Happyshopper 'I bought this for my grandson and it was flimsy and had too many parts to assemble. I returned it and bought the paw patrol ride on toy which was perfect.'

1/5  Jen 'My little boy loves it, easy for him to sit on and push himself, loves opening up the seat part and storing toys in there. Very colourful and sturdy. Such a bargain, can't fault it.'

5/5  PIEDPIPER 'Great first ride on but not sturdy enough for safe play baby is tall for his age so unsuitable for him but for price great toy'

3/5  Muez 'No I dnt like it it’s just wastage of money ☹️'

1/5  Anish 'Money worthy toy . Easy installation. Good quality plastics, so child can’t break it easily. Child is enjoying its ride very much.'

5/5  Coral 'My 1 year old twins love this ride on , bright and sturdy. Easy to put together'

4/5  Ramzy 'Brilliant for the little one especially as a first car. My little one love is so much and keeps him entertained for hours'

5/5  Mel 'Unfortunately the quality of this car isn’t great and I had to return it. As soon as my 1 year old sat on it and tried to move it started to fall apart. Not the best product I’ve purchased from Argos'

2/5  Pandrop 'I bought this for my wee grandson and he loves it he loves the phone !!!!'

5/5  Pav 'My baby enjoys it a lot. Though I bought it for my 6 month old,he loves the ride'

5/5  LLWYNDDERW 'Bought this for my Grandaughter she has only started walking and this walker is ideal for her as she is a small frame she is using her imagination and being very creative in her play she loves to use it as a walker to get where she wants to go excellent value. If your Child is larger build don't buy this its only suitable for a small build child it's not sturdy enough and way too small invest in a more expensive one'

5/5  Minu 'It's very good and comfortable rideon'

5/5  Preet 'It's very good quality little ride for babies and it's cheap as well .I love it'

5/5  Ali 'Very cheap. Kids love it Easy to assemble.'

5/5  Ls97 'Very light and easy for the little one to use, no small bits to choke on and not expensive at all, will probably last quite a while too'

4/5  AgonyNana1 'A little light made up but good fun for grand kids'

5/5  RubyT 'Good value for the play it gives my grandson'

5/5  Alan12 'My grandson loves this but never leave alone as it can tip over backwards'

5/5  JadeElizabeth99 'This is a great product because it was really easy to set up first of all and is great quality for the price I paid and my son really enjoys his first ride on and the product is still going strong after a year. Happy and satisfied customer !!'

5/5  Sue 'Shared by one year old twins one to push and one to ride, sturdy but too heavy for babies. Suitable for indoors and garden.much used.'

5/5  Dags 'Filter falls out every time when I clean the kettle.The kettle kettle boils fast.'

2/5  Doremouse 'My one year old loves this. She seems to like the telephone best and can only go backwards so far, but is having great fun with it and I expect it to last her another year or so before she outgrows it'

4/5  Annie 'Granddaughhter cant keep off it'

5/5  Maz 'I returned this once I got it home and out of the box what a disappointment.... it's so small and poorly made.'

1/5  Rimz 'Bought this as a birthday gift for a 1 year old nephew. Good for price as it’s a basic little car he can ride around the house. Nice a colourfull well worth the price.'

5/5  Fanacapan 'Good little car for infants first ride. Fairly easy to assemble but beware wheels are securely fixed .'

4/5  Jy 'My baby having fun playing with this toy'

5/5  Biscuitmic 'Smaller in size than I thought, my girls are quite tall so never really been able to play with it properly, ended up putting it away to avoid accidents. Not great quality really, it feels quite cheap'

2/5  Suki 'The push n ride is value for money 5* would recommend very sturdy and don't topple over when baby puts weight on it to get up'

5/5  IzabelaPl 'I can strongly recommend this lovely and absolutely worth if price the first ride-on. I love it :)'

5/5  Paula 'Loved the price,size,colour.amazing value for money'

5/5  SB 'Quite light & abit unstable. Was cheap so you get what you pay for!'

2/5  Dani 'My daughter is 20 months and very small for her age and she was much too big for it. She has it less than a week and hasn't even looked at it. It was easy to assemble and seems durable but money gone to waste'

2/5  Tantine01 'Very easy to put the pieces together. not expensive. easy to use by my niece'

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