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Chad Valley Red Pop Up Play Tent

About the Chad Valley Red Pop Up Play Tent

Easy to set up, the Chad Valley Red Pop Up Play Tent is ideal for a fun filled play zone for little ones. Vibrantly coloured, it includes a front entryway and side passageway. It's awesome for stimulating inventive make believe as it makes the perfect secret lair for your most cherished.

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Chad Valley Red Pop Up Play Tent Reviews

4/5   'Light enough to move around, and seems fairly durable, not sure how long it will last ( but it was not expensive ), and don't try to pop it back, doesn't seem to want to, but having said that my granddaughter seems to like crawling through it and playing inside, so that's the main thing.'

2/5  Emu 'Then the instructions werent very clear'

5/5  Dinoted 'Got this for my 5 year old nephew, he's always making camps out of boxes and blankets, he loves it, no fiddly string etc, rigid construction and fits nicely in bedroom corner.'

4/5  Ann 'I have mixed reviews on this, easy to put up BUT it doesn’t sit on the ground very well, it sticks up not what the picture shows at all. It is only cheap but expected better. I should take it back but I can’t get it back in the card board sleeve properly. So I am not recommending this to you all.'

5/5  Jennyx87 'My 2 and 1 year old love this'

5/5  SMITHYSJ 'Bought for my toddlers party. Both good for indoors and outdoors in good weather.'

5/5  Jade 'Perfect little indoor tent for my son. He loves to build indoor 'dens’ but now uses this little tent'

2/5  Loz 'My year old nephew loved this tent , but its very flimsy cheaply made and kept flipping over when he got in it, and i found it hard to put down. I only gave it 2 stars because my nephew enjoyed getting in and out of it.'

5/5  Jo 'My son loves his new tunnel he's always in it playing one of the best things that we got him'

3/5  Michelle 'I’m not impressed with this tent when up it flops all over the place. When up it’s totally misshapen. The hardest thing about it is putting away. There is a knack to it but I have still yet to master it. I think my grandsons have more fun watching me fail trying to fold it away, they think it’s a game when I think I have just managed to get it down it pops back up. They think it’s so funny when I start to get angry with it.'

5/5  Teo 'Excellent and great for a playground narratives'

4/5  Jan 'This tent is perfect for my 2 year old, its just the right size for him and he has hours of fun.'

4/5  Jules 'Great little tent for toddlers but don't try and fold it flat as it will knock it out of shape'

1/5  Sandymo 'Not robust at all, bent on first putting it up, and was torn as material is very flimsy. instructions also are not clear for folding. This wouldn't last five minutes in a toddlers hands'

5/5  GMac 'Child loves it. Easily stored and works great with matching large funnel.'

1/5  JoCA 'The tent is great as long as once you unpack it you don’t want to fold it away again as once you try to fold it it bends the frame and is impossible to re-bend. I had to buy a second one and now leave it up which isn’t ideal as I bought it planning to use it to take around to different places with ease.'

4/5  Andy 'A simple toy that does exactly what you expect it to. Fair price paid.'

5/5  Alicia 'Great and easy pop up my son loves it with the tunnel'

5/5  Eric 'Bought as a present for distribution to poor children needing stocking fillers. Excellent value. Easy to set up.'

5/5  Nixpenketh 'It really helped me give my child with additional needs their own time out/escape space. Good value and got one for school and one for home at a bargain price. Would definitely recommend for those with a budget.'

2/5  Gordon 'Cheap tent that pops up easily........... But folding down?....... Well that is seemingly impossible! Returned to shop (unfolded) for refund.'

5/5  Catama 'Perfect for a little person'

5/5  Ash 'Very good quality Tunnel, sorter material so easier for children to crawl through. Very colourful and bright.'

5/5  Liz 'The kids have so mutch fun in there play tent from dusk till dawn'

5/5  Charley16 'My little boy spends hours playing with this tent it’s also a great spot for the pets to hide away for a little while if they need to'

5/5  Sj 'Easy to put up and great fun for the kids'

2/5  Rose 'It is a very cheap tent and it shows. After my 2 year old and 5 year old played with it for a short while, it lost its shape. Maybe if my 2 year old solely played with it, it would have lasted longer. I think for its price you can't expect much, and for a very small child it would be perfect.'

5/5  Shell 'Brought for my grandson for Christmas,I know hes going to love it'

1/5  Mel 'Bought for my grandson's birthday. He had great fun with it until we had to try to fold it away. Very flimsy frame and it twisted out of shape so wont be able to use it again.'

4/5  JJ 'My nephew loves it, best brought with the tunnel'

3/5  Raehickman94 'This product is great for my little girl but it is smaller then expected'

1/5  Kelly 'Popped up first time but was hard to fold and damaged straight away'

5/5  Gillrob 'Kids will love this either in the garden or in the house when the weather is bad. Let imagination take over, and watch them play'

2/5  Jel 'This is okay and my son loves it but I think I would pay more and get a better made one it's to flimsy and just doesn't stay the same shape and ends up wonky'

4/5  Maya 'No so good quality ,but for this money is okay'

3/5  Ambie 'It’s a great little tent but very cheap fabric and does fold back down once opened without bending.'

5/5  Maz18 'My grandson has hours of fun with this. Going in one side and out of the other. Plays with toys inside it. Good for clearing up if you want to tidy toys into it. Can be taken into the garden or on a day out. Maybe needs a heavier toy inside to weight it down on windy days though. Material is thinner than it looks on the photo but this is not really a problem to little ones. Folds up easily for packing away if you feel it takes up too much space or if you want to go on picnic/beach trips.'

5/5  Shann 'Lots of fun with little one with the tent to go with it aswell makes it even more fun my son loves this has for ages'

4/5  Nalie 'Great fun for kids thanks'

5/5  Zac 'Thank you my daughter loved it, took it camping and all the kids sat in the shade having their food'

5/5  Anmeg 'Great value was in the 2 for 15 range Hours of fun'

5/5  Lyne 'My grandchildren love a great little den. Bit flimsy but great for the price'

1/5  Sam 'It broke straight away as soon as I put it up the poles where so bent that it wouldnt stay up never got another one as thought that one would of been then same'

5/5  Bones 'Good value. Easy pop up, lightweight - does the job! Grandchildren love it'

5/5  Shannie 'Easy to pop up when grandchildren over and pop back for storage they have loads of fun Best Buy bought 2 so 1 each'

5/5  Beck 'Easy to assemble and also works well with the tunnel hours of fun crawling and hiding in there for my little ones'

5/5  Chax 'My boys love the tent we use it with the tunnel as it’s just great so much fun is had and it’s easy to pop up and then fold away, it’s a great buy'

5/5  Lin 'Extremely easy to set up. It just popped out. I never try to fold it back though. My son loves playing/sleeping inside tent.'

5/5  GD 'The ease of use is simply fantastic. Not a sturdy tent but perfect for a toddler indoors. Very low cost and we have had some great fun with our grandson.'

5/5  Tanya 'Cheap and cheerful. The piles inside don't hold for long as with the in out in out from children they bend. But for the price you don't expect it to last for ever'

3/5  Tracey 'Terrible tent would not stay up with child in it and was all twisted took back same day'

1/5  Carolan 'Absolute rubbish. Bought for a 3 year old. Lasted a day then wouldn't pop up again. Admittedly only cheap but expensive for a few hours use'

1/5  Any07 'My son is 20months but is too tall for him.So we only used a few days and take out from his room.'

3/5  Kay 'Total waste of time. I had to return this product as it was unstable (even for a 2 year old) it was unfoldable and a waste of money!'

1/5  Nancy 'Easy to pop up but difficult to fold down and did not come with bag to contain it and fold away.'

2/5  Rosa 'Bit small but my daughter loves it'

3/5  Marie 'Bought tent for my dog in garden keeps sun off him'

5/5  Auntie 'I bought this for when my friend's bring their little darling children over to my house for play time. It's great as it stores away neatly and will keep them entertained for hours. Best purchase!'

5/5  Patsyh13 '3 year old loves it and plays in there with toyd'

5/5  Grannisaurus 'Safe. No worries about the structure of the tent'

5/5  Nick 'Pops up a treat, however, getting it to pop down is like the Krypton Factor!'

1/5  Vas18 'Bought two of these when folding them diagrams were not clear so they never folded correctly and one of them is now out of shape and won’t stand. My two grandsons still play in them other wise I would feel it was money wasted'

2/5  Jess 'Bought 4 of these for my son and his friends. They love this and the tunnel together'

3/5  Mia333 'Small and flimsy as expected, its okay for my almost 2 year old to sit and play in. He likes it and really enjoys the tunnel you can buy to go with it too. Only down sides are its way too cramped for 2 kids and seems impossible to fold away, which makes the whole thing go out of shape when stored as it is.'

5/5  Jojo 'The metal that makes up the structure of the tent is very easily bent, making it a weird shape. Plus, it is almost impossible to fold it back to a small size. I like the material - it’s breathable and it doesn’t get too hot in there. I also like the fact it comes with small ribbons that allow the tunnel to be attached to it.'

3/5  Shaz 'My 2yr grandson eats ,plays and even fell sleep in it'

2/5  Gill3629 'Quite small, so only for use by small children, but a perfect little hideaway.'

5/5  Camping 'All bent and buckled. Don’t waste your money'

5/5  Ah 'Broke after first use didn’t stay up'

1/5  Jmp 'Good value for two play tents but almost impossible to fold down and once unfolded again were out of shape and not much use. Would not recommend. Only suitable for leaving up permanently and not to take in the car to the Park as I had intended to do.'

1/5  Frako 'My grandson loves this takes it everywhere gives him hours of fun and delivery was excellent'

2/5  Sarah 'Brilliant for price but not very sturdy'

5/5  Bac 'Best value for money keeps kids quiet for hours and they love it'

3/5  BRIAN 'Great little fun tent for the grand children quick to pop up and take down'

5/5  Ouisyp 'Super value toy - excellent when used with matching tunnel'

5/5  KirstyX 'My 18 month old loves her tent. And kept her sheltered from the sun'

5/5  Janie 'Good value grandson loved playing in the garden in it also in the house'

4/5  Machiavelli 'My greatgrandson was so pleased with his tent ,and the tube bought at the same time. His mother reports that he has hardly come out of it for the past week. I cannot recomend these two items highly enough.'

4/5  Karen 'Really fly away light tent, impossible to fold away.'

5/5  Angie 'Grandson happy with his play tent easy to put up'

2/5  Amzy 'Would give it 5 stars if it was easier to fold than it is, even reading the instructions on how to fold it doesn’t really help lol however that being said, it is big enough for my toddler and he loves it. Looks great with the tunnel attached.'

5/5  Drmum 'My 2yr old enjoys it, and the cats. Decent quality.'

4/5  Annie 'Looks good, yet to be used by my Nieces, need to watch a video to understand how to fold away.'

4/5  Lioness 'Impossible to collapse back down - instructions hard to understand. I asked four adults to try - none could do it. Haven’t the room for it erected so after a week I took it to the council dump. Waste of money.'

4/5  Sarahvicky 'This could be such a great toy, it was easy to pop-up but an absolute nightmare to put down. So much so that we ended up returning it because we don't want it 'up' all the time.'

2/5  SteG 'With a small garden good with the tunnel to amuse our 3 yearold grandson'

2/5  Lsmith 'Great gift for a 2 year old'

4/5  Char 'The product structure broke with in a week of having it.'

4/5  Rakesh 'Tent is cool and enjoyable. Good'

1/5  Ruth 'Love the tent just pops into shape my 15 month old granddaughter loves it , bought it on a 3 for 2 offer .'

4/5  Uk999 'I have brought this for my baby and in 3 days it looks like I am using this for ages'

4/5  Pauline 'I brought this for my Grandson who is two and he loves it and I also brought the tunnel which attaches A happy little boy'

5/5  Martha 'Really nice lite tent for the kids. Love it!'

5/5  Sandie65 'My grandson got this tent as his sister got a princess one for her birthday. He was really excited and happy to have his own tent, just right for his age,although he still gets In his sisters tent, just to annoy her,'

5/5  Charlie 'Goes with the tunnel.Bright colours,can be used indoors and outdoors. Great grandson loves it.'

5/5  Mumof3kate 'Good value for money wish was easier to fold down though son loves it'

5/5  Lucky 'Kids love it, really nice'

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