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chad valley raised wooden sand and water table

About the Chad Valley Raised Wooden Sand and Water Table

The Chad Valley Raised Wooden Sand and Water Table has been created with outdoor ingenuity in mind. Fill up to waist height of little ones for comfortable fun play and choose between either water or sand. Then, when playtimes over, pop on the included cover for production of the table from the elements.

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Chad Valley Raised Wooden Sand and Water Table Reviews

5/5   'A sturdy table, ideal size for a 2 year old. Am pleased with the protective coverings'

5/5  Scattyclaire 'Took a time to put together, but is perfect for little ones and very stirdy.'

4/5  Doris 'Bought for a 4 year old who loved it. Made up without difficulty. A little confused about the fitting of the water/ sand inners. Shame the cover is so loose, could be improved with ties or elastic. Overall great value.'

5/5  Juwele 'A very well made and was easy to put together.'

5/5  Vikki 'Really pleased with it, you def need a screwdriver and lots of strength, ideally an electric screwdriver! Took me a while to do by hand but managed and with two “helpers” too! They love it, 5&3 year old! I wouldn’t say it easily goes from sand to water. We’ve chosen sand and will keep it that way!'

4/5  CharliesNonna 'A well made sensible sized sandpit, it would benefit from being a little deeper but overall I'm happy with it. As other people have stated the lack of a proper lid is an issue but we knew that when we bought it. So my Husband made a basic one that sits on top to keep out the neighborhood cats. We we're lucky enough to get it for a very good price during a sale, the original price was pretty steep. It is well designed and was easy to put together.'

3/5  Madeline 'This table was incredibly hard to put up. Other people have also commented similar. The holes for the screws are missing. Cut was bad. Having said that it does the job when it is up. But it took a good hour nearly 2 of struggling to get it up. I wondered if this problem was why it had been reduced in price.'

5/5  Adam 'Wooden Sand and Water Table was a great gift for my daughter. She loves it'

2/5  Calum 'I had to order and return this product 3 times (involving 5 trips to Argos) before finally getting one with all the right parts. When finally assembled, I found the wood was very low quality and splits easily. There are no pilot holes for the screws making assembly difficult. The 'cover' is just a sheet which does not fit & you're meant to constantly swap the water for the sand liner which involves removing and refittin over 20 screws and would destroy the soft frame in no time. Do not buy'

4/5  Tracy 'Very time consuming to build with a lot of screwing (a lot). Looks great and works well for both sand and water using the same liner, other wise more screwing. Seriously, buy a electric screw driver with this!'

4/5  MumOfOne 'An excellent wooden sand table that’s a good height for my tall 2 year old. Not too difficult to put together but there are a lot of parts. And the liner is a bit of a potch. I’ve only fitted the water liner for the sand as I don’t intend to use it as a water table. The cover is useless - it’s too big and you can’t attach it - would be great if it had a wooden lid so could easily be an outdoor table too. On the whole brilliant buy - and much cheaper than some wooden alternatives.'

5/5  Ann 'Excellent value for money as in sale'

1/5  Divad 'Does look good on picture only'

5/5  Lauren 'I bought the sand table when it was on offer but would have happily paid full price. Easy to build, instructions easy to follow. Lovely quality. Great size and height and loves the different liners. Also, so handy having a fitted rain cover. Great item for my 3 year old and even my 7 year old loves it.'

5/5  BoMcM 'It’s small so perfect if you don’t have much space. I got it on sale but probably wouldn’t have paid full price for it as not worth the money. My child is happy so that’s what matters.'

1/5  Sezza 'Would not recommend this product, got it home to find scum on half of it and had to sand it down as there was little bits of wood sticking out to which my child got splinters.'

4/5  MS23 'Nice to have a sand/water table made of wood. Blue liner for water really works but the other liner supplied was just a piece of fabric with no holes! you can just tip the water out and use for sand though. Shame there’s nol id as the cover is flimsy and needs a rock on top to stop it flying away. The legs stick out a bit as part of the design and you can trip over them if you forget, but in general I’m really happy with it for the price because it’s nice wooden furniture. good toddler height'

5/5  Brisvegas 'Wanted a low cost, non-plastic water play table for my toddler. This fits the bill perfectly and was fairly easy to assemble. Not sure how long the liner will last so shame you can’t get replacements. Lots of fun to play with.'

5/5  Jeff 'We got this for our two year old and it is the perfect height and is very sturdy. We only use it for sand as he has a water table. The only downside is that the cover that is included is very loose and could do with some way of securing it over night. I am going to sew on some tape to be able to tie around the legs. Very pleased with this.'

5/5  Cjw 'Great little play table. A bit of a faff to assemble but well worth it. I use the wanter liner for water and sand as changing it is tricky but we love it overall x'

5/5  Ahendo 'Very easy to assemble took less than 30 mins, very sturdy and excellent condition quality. My son absolutely loves this and has had many hours of fun with it.'

5/5  Nicola 'The only downside to this was putting it together- it took over an hour, and was very fiddly. Having said that, it is perfect height, and my 2 year old son has played with it constantly since we bought him it. Well worth the money'

5/5  Jen 'My One and a half year old loves playing with his water table perfect height'

4/5  DD 'Two year old loves the sand tray, good height and sturdy, and plenty of room for him to play in. The legs were uneven, so we had to cut them slightly to even them out. The tray comes with two liners, (one for Sand and one for water) but we only use ours for sand play as the liners are screwed into place so you have to unscrew one liner to replace it with the other each time.'

5/5  Peakie 'Not too big or too small. Perfect height for my 3/4 year old. Seems sturdy enough at the moment. Im sure it won't last years but then it doesn't have to really. Very pleased'

5/5  Ninafitz 'Bought this for my little girl who’s 4 with Autism for her birthday and she absoulety loves it best present without a doubt :)'

4/5  Hammer 'Pretty fiddly to put together but then makes great sand tray for young child'

5/5  Rox 'My daughter loves it..'

2/5  Argosbuyer 'A lot of screwing so time consuming to put together and needed to redrill one hole. Sturdy when finished but cheap wood so probably wont look good for long The water liner was too small, leaving gaps at the corners!! Main issue is the suposed cover - a very loose piece of tarpaulin. Too big and loose and just blows away or blows about even with a heavy object on it allowing insects inside Good for indoors in a shed or garage though (smells too much of varnish for the house).'

5/5  Tinkerbel23 'Not overly tall or big. My 6 year old is too tall so had to make a stand with bricks to higher it to her level, would be great for 4years and under'

5/5  JJ89 'Brilliant sand/water tray. It comes with the cover aswell which is an added bonus! Its nice and sturdy and looks lovely. The only thing is that the water lining didnt exactly fit so doesnt go into the fourth corner properly but doesnt affect use at all.'

5/5  Mo 'Does the job. Nicely holds sand 20kg sand. I didn't expect it to have a cover which was a nice surprise. A bit fiddly to construct.'

2/5  Christina 'Don't bother to buy this as it is very difficult to put together very fiddly to be fair my grandson enjoys playing with it but I would choose a different design another time'

4/5  Linda 'Very good value for money.'

5/5  Nettlerash 'Was a little confusing to put the legs on but once on very sturdy'

5/5  Mummyov5 'Great table, very sturdy and great for sand/water/messy play. Its a good size for what i need'

5/5  Mo 'Bought for 2 yr old birthday, nice size and sturdy. Bought on sale price was fantastic and little girl loves it.'

5/5  Amanda 'Got in the sale but would still pay full price for this its great and hours of fun both my 3 year old and 9 year old love it'

4/5  AmP 'A lightweight and easily assembled activity table for kids. Wooden parts has an over powering odour and needs to be assembled outdoors. Thankfully the table is for outdoor usage.'

4/5  Mint 'Although took a big of time to put together, it is very sturdy and a great size'

4/5  Poco 'We bought this for our little boy as the one he has at the moment is a smaller plastic one that is divided in two (one side for sand/one side for water) My hubby put it together and found the instructions quite easy to follow. You get 2 liners for the table (not shown in my pics) - 1 black sand liner and 1 blue water liner .. You also get a green plastic material fitted cover for the top. We bought it in the sale - wouldn't pay full price for it, although it is nice and a decent height :)'

4/5  Natalie 'Once put together this product is fantastic my 4 & 7 yr old boys absolutely love it. Only need one 1 bag of sand to fill it which is an added bonus.'

4/5  Chocolate Box 'Great value for money. My little girl loves it. Great waist height for little ones.'

5/5  Happy Mummy:) 'Really good. Great price. Thank you.'

5/5  Keith53 'This water table keeps my two and a half year old son so happy. Would advise it to anyone'

5/5  Claire 'A fantastic item got it on offer so that was a bonus. Easy to set up. Kids love it and its the perfect size. I would definitely recommend to anyone.'

5/5  Em27 'Looks good, easy to assemble and a fantastic extra for the garden'

5/5  Jenny78 'Perfect for the price'

5/5  Susie 'Really Pleased and what better than 2 Grand Children Happy having fun playing Plenty of room and good quality .'

5/5  Missbell2u 'Perfect size for a 3 year old & 5 year olld, for example. Previous reviewer stated you need more than one bag of sand but you only actually need 1 15kg bag, which you buy from Argos as well. Perfect accompaniment is the Chad Valley sand pit toys.'

4/5  Manpa 'Good little sand box our son likes it. Cover does not tie on, so could blow away.'

4/5  Brownieowl 'The first one was damaged .it was not easy to put together .the screw holes should be pre drilled .'

5/5  Rachel 'I bought this sand and water tray for my little girl and she loves it! She is 17 months and it is the perfect height for her, as well as a few more years! It was a little tricky to put together, but once in place it is a solid toy and does the job. I bought this for a great price and I would definitely buy it again!'

4/5  Karo 'Bought it for my 2 year old, she loves it! It keeps her very busy every day.nice design, simple,doesnt take up much space. Good price too.'

4/5  Gooner 'I brought this sand table as I was fed up with filling the big floor one and the children sitting in it. It's the perfect height for the little ones I look after and they have played with everyday since I brought it.'

5/5  Wendy Kernow TWB 'The sand table is proving a great hit with my grandson - who shouts "come on Granny" every day so we can both make castles. The cover is very useful as well as we have a cat! The table is sturdy and a good height for little ones as well as us oldies.'

2/5  Teatree1 'So the proce of this item seemed pretty good however upon getting it home it took 3hours to assemble the quality of the wood is not great and often splitters when putting it up, the holes for screw do not line up well which makes its difficult to build. However omce upon it is a lovely product after s truggle to piece together it does what it is built for we use it for sand and its a good height for the children.'

5/5  KW25 'Easy to assemble, looks good and good value for money'

4/5  Mejulie 'Table is a good height for my 3 year old grand-daughter, but could do with being a little deeper. bought 3 bags of argos play sand to fill it but only needed 1. all in all a good buy as she loves it!'

3/5  Anonymous 'The table once made is good but the holes are not aligned with the pieces of wood. Takes too long to fit and the base was a waste of time. They could have supplied us with one big piece of wood rather the a few pieces that you have to screw on. The legs are ok, could have been better and straight.'

4/5  Stephen 'My two grandchildren love it. Its a good height for the 4 year old as looked at a lot put were all to small so very pleased with it.'

5/5  Tony 'Just what we had been looking for. Our. Grandchildren love it, ideal size and height for 18 months to 48 month old boys and girls. Easy to put up in about 20 minutes.'

5/5  Mummy2 'It is the perfect height for a nearly 2 year old and my 5 year old can also use it comfortable. Straightforward and fairly quick to put together. The only bit that isn't great is the lining. There is one for water and one for sand. I wanted the tray for sand but used the water lining as it fits much better. I wouldn't think anybody would swap the linings between water and sand, as it suggests. But we only wanted sand so it is fine! Also no ties for the tarpaulin lid so I made some!'

5/5  Mz 'Good quality, super fun for my 3-years old daughter'

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