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Chad Valley Princess Carriage Ball Pit and Pool

About the Chad Valley Princess Carriage Ball Pit and Pool

Young royalty will love the Chad Valley Princess Carriage Ball Pit and Pool. Fill it with water, playballs or perhaps both. Intended for heaps of dynamic fun, the detailed design stimulates the imagination of little ones. Can be utilized as a pool or a ball pit, splendid colours and pictures. Gives hours of otherworldly fun and is perfect for long time play.

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Chad Valley Princess Carriage Ball Pit and Pool Reviews

5/5   'Brought for our daughters first birthday She absolutely loves it, she's had hours of fun playing in it,'

4/5  Sallyb 'Great little ball pit.'

5/5  Busymum 'We bought it last minute as an extra at my daughters party, it's a really nice size (shes 2) You will need about 500/600 balls to make it look like it's full but theres still lots of room to play'

5/5  Stace 'My neice absolutely loves it didn't realise how big it was and can be used as a swimming pool in the summer xx'

5/5  Jeanette 'Awesome and really big plenty fun to be had and I would say would fit few kids in this'

5/5  Charlotte 'I bought this for my niece for Christmas. It is lovely she loved it. Now on here from the Argos staff themselves have said you only need 100 balls. This is a massive no no my sister put it 600 and there was still room for more if you put 100 in then you may as well not bother. The minimum I would personally say is 500 balls. So if you buy this please make sure you get at least 500/600 balls. So you are not disappointed. Other than that it’s beautiful and big and spacious and brilliant.'

5/5  Briony 'My daughter and her friends loved this at her first bday party'

1/5  Emilly 'I brought this for my daughters birthday and when she opened it I thought it would be quick and easy to blow it took ages to blow and it still hadnt blown because it has loads of different section to blow I definitely wouldn’t recommend this but I thing it looks good to play but It won’t blow'

4/5  Rhiannon 'I bought this for my niece who has just started walking. She absolutely loves it! Its a big size so make sure you have room but its definitely the first place she toddles in to every morning! Its like her own little safe haven of fun. The big sides means she can lean back with the reassurance of not falling out and its spacious. The only downside is due to its size you need a lot of balls to fill it. Worth the price and even her brother likes to join in! Winner all round'

1/5  Connor 'The ball pit looked well the kids loved it after a day or 2 jumping in and out of it the sides ripped and it deflated I brought it back got a replacement and the replacement ripped to so I threw it in the bin.'

5/5  Lou 'This is one of the amazing things that I have also got my little girl and she loves it and the good thing about it all is that u could use it as a swimming pool or a ball pit or Evan a toy playpen or u could most probably put a few soft blanket in there for a newborn baby with a few little soft toys'

4/5  Kiki 'Kids loved playing around in this. Definitely worth the price'

5/5  Kc 'This is bigger than I thought and its lovely and sturdy easy to blow up . Well worth the money'

5/5  Sim 'I got it for my 11month old she loves it and even her brothers like to play in it even tho I brought them a pool of their own ahah.” Lovely'

5/5  Sarahuk 'My little girl loves it great item'

5/5  Customer 'Love this pool/ball pit. My little girl and neices absolutely love it! Great for lots of entertainment and imagination'

5/5  Chloe 'Plenty of fun for hours'

4/5  Diana 'Good value for money kids love it'

3/5  Jade 'The first one I got was popped so had to return I got a new one it was ok for 2 days and now it keeps going down On one side I think A pop up one would be more Suited to my children. The look and style of it is very cute though so my daughter loves that just disappointed it’s not very durable'

5/5  Kaiz 'Really good design, keeps balls in when thrown about. Can also be used as a paddling pool in summer. Great item!'

5/5  Soph 'Ball pit is great and easy to put up, Only thing is need more than 4 bags off play balls, but it is great, plenty off room as I play in it with my niece! Such good food for her and to spend time bonding with the baby!.'

5/5  Heather 'Make sure you have a pump to blow this up! So much fun as ball pit needs 3 bags of balls at least to fill'

5/5  Jas 'Very big and the children love it!'

5/5  Carlyn 'Bought this for my grand daughter who is just 1 and she loves us very safe for her to use and hours of fun'

5/5  Jay 'Fantastic family fun for indoor and outdoor activities with the children'

5/5  Emma 'Fabulous size for my daughter to play in, when used as a pool it only recommends filling it up to a line which is suitable for sitting in so it’s very good, easy to use and a great product'

5/5  Tanya 'Haven't opened it yet as it's a Christmas present for my granddaughter but I know she'll love it and in the summer she has swimming pool.'

5/5  Jesszoe12 'My daughter loves her new ball pit excellent'

4/5  SophieJ 'Bought it for use as a ball pit but doubles as a paddling pool in this hot weather. My 3 and 1 year olds both fit comfortably in it and they love the princess carriage design. So far it’s brought them endless fun. One slight criticism is that there isn’t a repair kit.'

5/5  JacieJ 'Very pleased well worth the money 5*'

5/5  Alex 'It’s so much bigger then I thought and we use it as a pool it’s great fun!'

5/5  Cookie 'I am very happy with my purchase'

5/5  Leanne 'Little girl loves playing in this!!!'

4/5  Tiredmum 'Lovely ball pit for my princess hours of endless fun would recommend'

5/5  Ewal 'Bought as a gift and my niece was very pleased with it! Using as a ball pit'

5/5  Steph 'Lovely colours little flimsy'

2/5  FreyaAndMummy 'We bought this a few weeks ago because of the nice weather. Unfortunately the item was damaged. One of the seams wasn’t attached and therefore could not be inflated properly. Obviously we were very disappointed as we wanted to use it straight away and had a number of children getting excited. I returned to store to be told there was nothing I could do as we had already tried to inflate the item so had probably popped it ourselves.'

4/5  Paul '5 bags of balls just fills it'

3/5  Lauram 'Looks just like picture, good size and didn't take too long to blow up. Unfortunately one of the corners split after having it up for the day. It's still useable for a ball pound but not a paddling pool.'

3/5  Maverick 'My wee girls got to play in this for all of about 2 weeks before it went flat.'

3/5  Stacey88 'Looks good but came with a slow puncture'

5/5  Becmi 'Ideal for inside or outside'

5/5  Kay123 'Love this combined ball pit and paddling pool. the pool looks great and is a good size. perfect for your little princess.'

5/5  AmyC 'Very good quality. Only downside is its not very durable with water'

5/5  Lou 'My little girl loves playing in it keeps her entertained for a while'

5/5  Tottie 'Please buy the pump to blow it up. They don’t tell you that! It is absolutely vital in order to inflate! Also you will need at LEAST 5 /6 bags of the balls to make it in anyway like a ball pool!'

5/5  Shazza 'Happy with the delivery of the parcel also happy with the quality'

3/5  Sim 'Good price lots of fun but kept going down on one side so had to return.'

1/5  Jada 'Slow puncher on one side, takes 3 hrs to go back down so got to blow back up each day Split on the seam'

5/5  Keeley 'Great product. Not sure why im bothered writing this as i have done before and never win a voucher..'

5/5  Shevvy 'Would definitely recommend it, inflated easy, looks lovely and my little girl loves hers x'

5/5  Claire87 'Great product easy to put up'

5/5  Sue 'My granddaughter loves it at the moment she is using it for a ball pit but for the summer she have it as a pool'

5/5  Chell 'The carriage ball pool looks really good & is a good size.. Easy to assemble & My Grandaughter loves it..'

5/5  Waf 'Excellent present to buy my daughter uses it as a ball pool but it's also great as a paddling pool.'

5/5  Terry 'Very pleased how quick and simple this service was.'

5/5  Claire 'Very happy with the item'

5/5  Angie 'Grand Daughter Loves it'

1/5  Natalie 'Balls not included or a pump.'

5/5  Sharon 'My grandchildren jus love this can be used with balls or used with water for more fun in those summer days'

5/5  Nsullivan 'Very reasonable price and a great garden toy for your little one. Can be a ball pit or paddling pool with enough space to play and move about a bit. You will need a foot pump though to save time!'

4/5  Lorraine 'Brilliant for little ones , looks amazing inflated'

5/5  Lana 'Would defo recommend'

5/5  Shelbie 'Brought this for my 7 month old daughter her and two friends loved it when sunny with the balls and some water sitting and splashing and my oldest daughter 5 also loved playing in it too'

5/5  FavAunt 'Lots of fun and a great way to cool down in the sun. The children just love it so much'

1/5  Twinsmum 'I regret to get this as my twin girls really love it ; but gets flat in last then half hr . Exchange "3 times" and finish for giving up as all of they are defective ; you cannot really spot were the air is coming out :('

4/5  Janie 'After a coup.of days all seams came away and got a puncture but didn't get supplied with anything to repair'

4/5  Nick 'Larger than I expected.my grand daughter is over the moon'

5/5  Kat 'First birthday gift for my little girl and she loves it played all day and every day since in this! Due to it being plastic and her being so young I do not leave her playing alone in it but then I don't leave her playing alone with anything'

5/5  Princess123 'My daughter loves this easy to put up and perfect size for the garden x'

5/5  B123 'Love this item'

4/5  Mrs P 'Do not buy , easily splits'

5/5  Rose 'The ball pit really looks the part in my daughters bedroom. I have had a few friends compliment it and they couldn't believe how much I paid for it.'

1/5  Katie 'Bought this for my daughter's birthday along with 300 balls (which by the way are smaller than the average ball pit balls). Took us a long time to blow up even with every type of pump and when we finally finished it was a lot smaller than expected and really poxy. Daughter loved it anyway, we put it away when her family arrived for her party so it didn't get ruined. When we bought it back in she played with it for half an hour before it went down due to a rip.'

5/5  Jayneann999 'Ideal ball pit / pool. Can be used indoor for ball pit. Excellent value for money'

5/5  Pat 'I brought this for my granddaughters 1st birthday and she loves it'

4/5  MumOf2 'Lovely paddling pool but it is very large, was hoping to use it as indoor ball pit but far too big.'

5/5  Vicki 'My little girl loves it. Bigger than we expected. Need at least 500 balls to fill it to be decent.'

5/5  Hannah 'Made up my little girl loves playing on her princess carriage with all her balls and toys thank you xxx'

1/5  Wraggy09 'We bought this for our daughter and one side deflated after a couple of days, Argos replaced this straight away but the second one also deflated on one side. The service of Argos was brilliant with replacing the item but I wouldn't recommend the product itself.'

5/5  Sw1982 'Much bigger than I expected and both of my children played in it for ages.'

5/5  Slal 'Little loves this! Highly recommend'

5/5  Shaza 'Lovely product granddaughter loves it'

4/5  Nath 'Kept the little one entertained for a few hours and does what it should. Not for the older kids that want to jump on the sides as the sides can become damaged. It easily managed to hold 150 of the balls and still had capacity for another 50. Can also be used as a mini pool.'

5/5  Erin 'This is such a good item to buy my girl loves it and I recommend it to other mothers also'

5/5  Shan 'Lovely for my 2 year old, she loves it would definitely recommend it, only thing id advise is to buy a pump for it as its a pain to blow up'

5/5  Marilyn 'My ball pit and pool is amazing my daughter loves it and spends most of her day in there and she is only 7 months old I would recommend anyone too get this product it's worth every bit of money'

4/5  Ratty 'Plenty big enough for two young children need's about 200 balls'

5/5  ClaireL 'Perfect size for my toddler'

5/5  JMB 'My Sister Loves This And Good Price Aswell :)'

4/5  Suzi 'The first Pit and Pool I purchased had to be brought straight back as it would not fill with air, there were a few holes. I purchased another and it went up easily with electric pump. This was bought for my 4 year old Granddaughter and she just loves it, both with balls and as a pool with water. Plenty of hours fun to be had!!!'

1/5  Grandma 'Poor quality material/manufacture would have expected better from Chad Valley. Two sides deflated after being sat in twice by our seven month old granddaughter.'

5/5  Mrs B 'My daughter loves this and felt like a little princess. We have used it as a ball pit and also filled with some water with the balls in to make it extra fun. Only thing is its not deep enough to put much water in, but still lots of fun to my daughter.'

5/5  Nagina 'Bought this for my daughters who are 2 and 3! They absolutely love it. Very well made and bigger than I thought. used it as a pool and it was great. Love it'

5/5  Shan15 'This princess ball pit carriage is absolutely amazing my daughter loves it and so do all her friends and cousins so happy I purchased this thanks'

5/5  Ajay92 'Bought this for my neice's 2nd birthday and she loved it, spend hours playing in it. Good value for money, if its raining it can be used in doors as a ball pit & when the weather is nice it can be used as a paddling pool, would recommend!'

5/5  Gee25 'My daughter loves this. We use it for some toys aswell as a ball pit. Great size, i even got in it. Amazing price'

5/5  Spider 'Ideal for young children who have just started walking, and older. Can be used indoors and outdoors on grass.'

5/5  Dems95 'Beautiful for a girl! Takes alot to fill with balls but totally worth the money. Looks great & fun for kids:)'

5/5  Deedee83 'Brought for our nieces 1st birthday with the pino ball pit balls and she loves it. Absolutely great gift and great value.'

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