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Chad Valley Princess Ball Pit and Pool

About the Chad Valley Princess Ball Pit and Pool

This Chad Valley Princess Ball Pit and Pool is ideal for young royalty. It includes a cute castle with just the right look and feel for some illustrious pretend fun. It additionally doubles as an awesome paddling pool for exuberant splish-splash water play when the sun is beaming.

Brand: Chad Valley
SKU: 3677375
EAN/SKU: 3677375
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Chad Valley Princess Ball Pit and Pool Reviews

3/5   'Nice ball pit bigger than I expected my little girl loved it although the air has gone out of it I haven't yet tried blowing it back up to see if it has a puncture or not but was worth the money for the fun my little girl had in it.'

5/5  Sharon 'It was on sale. The kids loved it'

5/5  Gi 'Got for my Niece this Christmas along with some balls! She’s loves it and had so much fun on Christmas Day. Can’t wait for summer for her to try it with water too!'

4/5  Jojo4 'Easy enough to blow up. It looks like it leans slightly to the side but that’s our castle doesn’t mean yours will. The baby loves it. We got 100 balls with it and the nearly covered the floor so if you wanted to fill it definitely get more balls. But for our 11 month olds first Christmas this was absolutely perfect. And in summer we can use is as a paddling pool.'

4/5  Holly 'Excellent value for money'

5/5  Kerrold 'Bought as a gift for birthday, loved it ever since... Will get hours of fun for a long while, roll on summer, can use outdoor then too. X'

5/5  Curly 'I brought this for my great neice as it was a bargain when I brought the car inflatable , great price and they both loved them , looks fab too in her room and great to put toys in'

5/5  Suzy 'Daughter loves her ball pit.'

5/5  Sammy 'I got this for my daughters 1st birthday with ball pit balls and she absolutely loves it I would defo recommend it 100% to anybody'

5/5  Paige 'My little girl loves it with all play balls in it'

5/5  Deepthi 'Took like a gift for my friend's daughter, she was sooo happy.'

5/5  Nikki 'I bought this for my daughter haven’t used it yet as she’s to young but bought in advance but for the price it’s fab as 2 in 1 pool and ball pit.'

5/5  Jampot 'Lovely ballpit for my niece she loves it definitely worth buying it's also good as a pool on hot days'

5/5  JacJac 'My grandkids 1 & 2 have enjoyed this immensely, well constructed great quality I'm super impressed for the money excellent value'

2/5  Joshua 'It's not as big as I thought it would be an it's a nightmare to blow the thing up, when you do finally get it up the air seems to leave the pool just as fast. There also isn't much space for anything to put inside with an little one in there too.'

5/5  Saz 'Hours of fun using as a ball pit at home. Deflate and take the the beach so the younger children can have water play. Love it'

5/5  Sue 'Fab granddaughter loves it but two bags of balls only half filled'

5/5  Kaykay 'My daughter loves it so much it takes us ages to get her out, Was easy to set up as well I’m just soo happy with it'

4/5  Bell 'My niece loved it !!!'

5/5  TAsha 'Great for young children my baby loves it as a ball pit quick to blow up with pump'

4/5  Lindsey 'My daughter loves this play pit you can use it as a paddling pool or ball pit'

5/5  Nat79 'Nice ball pit/ paddling pool. Inflate with an electric pump or foot pump.'

5/5  Spider 'Easy to order and collect. Easy to put up.'

5/5  Amy 'Such good value for money! Easy to set up and my little one loves playing with it. Cant wait to use as a paddling pool'

5/5  Heather 'Bought as a gift. Easy to inflate. Comes in small box so easily carried. Great product.'

5/5  Tina 'Great toy, loads of fun, either with balls or water'

4/5  Candice 'Great quality for the price and great size perfect for indoors or outdoors!'

5/5  Siobhan 'Great value for money'

3/5  Londonmum 'Bought this for my 2yr olds birthday & used it indoors as a ball pit but within a week it had 2 punctures & you only get 1 repair patch so i had to take it down. Was very easy to put up but just very flimsy for a toddler who likes rolling around in it.'

5/5  Solarlady 'Great value and size I’ve put 2 bags of balls in which is just right but there’s room fore more of you want . I’ll use it as a pool once it’s warm. Stays up well pimped it up 2 weeks ago and it’s still fully blown great design my grand-daughter loves it great buy'

1/5  Dawnydawn 'Had a tiny hole in ! Went down straight away !'

5/5  Katie 'Prefect for little one, hours of fun & giggling'

5/5  Rudd 'My lil girl loves this just what I was looking for'

5/5  Shannon 'For the price this ball pit is fab for little family home occasions. I even used this and added water for my baby to play in the garden had a fab time !!! Very recommend'

5/5  Michi 'I bought this item few days ago from the Argos it is a great purchase .Because the quality of the product is very good and price is very fair my children they are enjoying it. I would recommend it.'

5/5  Candy 'My granddaughter loves her princess castle especially when we put a little water in it'

4/5  Timmy98 'Great little gift...'

1/5  Swannie 'Got it home ,didn't have time to chk straight away. But have just done so and it must have a leak because it gas gin down twice. Sending it back.'

5/5  Xxnbnxx 'Not used as a pool yet but looks good up and my daughter loves it'

5/5  Queenie 'Looks cute. nice item'

5/5  Leandra 'My daughter loves it ... it is good quality and it is a good looking item ... also great that it can be used as a splashpool'

5/5  Rigby19 'I got this for my 1 year old girl last week and she loves it . Great for indoor & outdoor use. Decent size . Defo recommend'

5/5  Richard 'Bought for granddaughters 1st Birthday and she ❤️ It. the joy it bought her bought joy to me. Highly recommend'

5/5  Kitkaf 'My daughter has had many hours fun with this! Love it'

4/5  Eliza 'Need 2-3 bag balls to fill in. Bigger than think what is good because my baby crawling in and out and It doesn’t fall.'

5/5  Izzy 'Bought for ma grandaughters birthday and she loves it that much she gets in and falls asleep'

1/5  Beatles 'Does not stay up being pumped up every day'

5/5  Jess 'Bought for my niece, she absolutely loved feeling like a princess in the castle.'

5/5  Bobbie123 'I got this for my little girls 1st Birthday what a bargain! She absolutely loves it'

5/5  Judith 'Bought this for my god daughter at christmas abd she practucally lives in it. Amazing'

5/5  Gemma 'One of the best things i have ever bought! My children love it keeps them entertained for hours !'

5/5  Kirstan 'Good price and quality'

5/5  Madalina 'Perfect! Amazing present'

5/5  Nick '2-year old loves it! But 100 balls is less than it sounds, needs 200 to fill it up nicely.'

5/5  Lells 'Bought this for my baby girl for Christmas. It's bigger than I thought it would be but lovely regardless. I would recommend buying two bags of the balls as one bag doesn't fill it. Bargain purchase'

5/5  Sharna 'We absolutely love this as a ball pit my daughter is always wanting to play in there, it’s so cute'

5/5  Stacey 'Great easy to blow up and perfect for my baby'

5/5  Loulyndsayh 'Perfect for my little niece'

4/5  Seanc38 'Easy to inflate, doesn't take up too much room and the kid loves it! Need about 40-60 balls though'

5/5  Z89 'Absolutely great value and looks amazing. plenty of room for little 1s to play.'

5/5  Nicky 'My 3 little girls love this fantastic buy'

5/5  Sd 'This was excellent for my little girl she loves to either splash about in it use balls in it or both love it'

4/5  Libby 'Definitely worth the price ,Item is perfect for kids'

5/5  Rosey 'My daughter loves it. Worth the price.'

5/5  SA 'This was for my niece birthday and she loved it!'

5/5  Gemzy 'Really good my daughter loves it'

5/5  Karen 'My daughter loves her ball pool n in the heat keeps her cool taking balls out n filling with water'

5/5  Shy 'Can be filled with balls water or sand. It’s a nice size as well not too big'

3/5  Jennylee 'My little one loved playing in it but deflated quickly Cute design'

5/5  Lizzie 'Amazing it was allowing my daughter and her friends have fun on her birthday party.'

5/5  Aminah000 'My 10 month daughter loves this product. On the hot days I fill with a little water for her to splash, on the not so hot days it’s great to use as a ball pit. The size is perfect for her and the design is great. Overall I’m really happy with this product.'

5/5  Mariusz31 'Do's very nice toy for my little girl.'

5/5  Taylorw731 'Fab for my daughter. Can be used as a ballpit or pool which is great'

5/5  Alex 'To be honest I thought for the price it wasn’t going to last! Baby loves it and apparently so do her older brothers ha! Even with them jumping in it and the rough and tumble I haven’t had to blow it back up, it’s with stood the test!'

5/5  Deedee 'Grandaughter loves it. Good quality bargain price'

4/5  Sue 'It’s perfect for indoor or playing on grass Takes 3 bags of plastic balls- not supplied'

5/5  Carly 'I would recommend the item 100 percent both kids loved it! you can use as a pool too!!'

3/5  Mango66 'A cheap looking plastic toy. Doesn’t seem to go very stiff when inflated. First one I’ve ever bought so not sure if this is normal. Should be more separate sections to help with inflation. Bought 2 packs of balls and it’s still not enough. On a positive note, you do get a small puncture repair patch with it.'

5/5  Laura 'Got this with the balls you can buy desperately was worth it kids love it especially ages from newborns or 2 years'

5/5  Daytanisha 'My little girl use it as a ball pit and also a padding pool at the same time she loves it quick and easy'

5/5  Kitty 'Perfect first pool for my 6 month old princess. She enjoyed splashing and cooling off in the hot weather'

4/5  Iggy 'Great value for price.. my little girl loves it. Either as a ball pool or mini paddling pool. Easy to put up and away.'

5/5  Sam 'Looks cute and baby loves it! Also bought it as a gift for a friend's baby and she loved it too! It's brilliant as it's 2 in 1 - A Pool and a Ball Pit.'

5/5  Beyonka 'Took a while to blow up, but once up looks very cute. My daughter absolutely loves it to the point she had a nap in it because she refused to get out lol. Price is reasonable for what it is definitely not expensive.'

5/5  Mofflin 'I bought this item for my 1year old, she love's playing in it. Didn't take long to put it up, I use it inside with balls.'

5/5  Macas 'Great value for my granddaughter to play in either as ball pool or just to play in'

5/5  Shane 'Really good quality and my daughter loves it'

5/5  Ana 'Purchased for my one year old daughter, it’s a nice size not on the big side but enough for my girl to play. I purchased this to be used with play balls but can also be a little pool if needed which is a bonus. Didn’t take too long to inflate, I ended up blowing it up as pump wasn’t much use with this. I would recommend purchasing two bags of play balls as I have only purchased one but my dog has taken a liking to the balls so will be purchasing more!'

5/5  Laura 'Lovely blow up castle, used as ball pit and padding pool on sunny days, easy to blow up and easy to store once taken down'

4/5  Green 'This item would benefit from having more punture kits including'

5/5  Smith 'So made up with this definitely worth every penny my little girl loves playing in her princess pool with her teddy’s'

5/5  Charlotteallie 'My daughter loves this as a ball pit and paddling pool'

5/5  Vickki 'Perfect for my 1 year old. Not overly big. Right size for her. Looks lovely up. She loved it.'

5/5  Emzybet 'Absolutely brilliant best thing ever at the mo for my lil girl'

5/5  Diana 'Brilliant pool, my baby daughter loves it!!!'

5/5  Davis 'Quick easy service from argos'

5/5  Helga 'Brilliant ball pit suitable for any little princess, it’s larger than the photo shows and takes a few minutes to blow up. The age guidelines is age 2 but Iv bought it for my granddaughter of 7 months and she loves it'

5/5  Abs 'Really good value for money, little girl plays with this for ages. Would suggest to packs of balls to fill'

5/5  Clobobb 'Brilliant ball out for my daughter!'

5/5  Divasmummy 'This item is fantasticnfor the price its bigger than you think and needs 2 bags of balls but my daughter loves it! Easy to climb in and out! The quality is great and it isnt hard to blow up!'

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