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Chad Valley Pop Up Fire Engine Play Tent With Hat

About the Chad Valley Pop Up Fire Engine Play Tent With Hat

The Chad Valley Pop Up Fire Engine Play Tent With Hat will keep your most cherished engaged for hours of long time fun play, either in the home or garden. It's fast and simple to get up and ready and super easy to tidy away. It even incorporates a Fireman's cap so your little one will look the part!

Brand: Chad Valley
SKU: 4144209
EAN/SKU: 4144209
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Chad Valley Pop Up Fire Engine Play Tent With Hat Reviews

1/5   'This product is a waste of money and not very strong at all. You put it up play with it and it's all out of shape it's now in the bin after 4 attempts of putting it back in shape!'

5/5  Emily 'Bought this for my little boy to use indoors and he loves it. Bonus for me, end of day I scoop up all his toys and put them in tent.'

1/5  Sars 'I was very disappointed on opening this product, the material was thin, like a woven papery fibre, and the roof supports were bendy so didn't hold the shape of the fire engine very well, I returned it as soon as I managed to fold it back down, which there was no instructions for and extremely tricky!'

5/5  Emma 'Perfect for my 3 year old boy. Easy to assemble and enjoyable to play in.'

2/5  Argosshopper2 'My children loved this tent when it was put up and I thought it was good value for money, however, the poles which prop it all up are fairly flimsy and one snapped when my children were playing inside for the first time meaning it can no longer be fully built or stand up, making it useless.'

4/5  Liz 'Popular with my 4 year old, it gives his own space away from his siblings... it sags in the middle a bit which annoys me, could have done with extra support via the poles really. A decent (not large) size, doesn't take up half the living room (defo bonus).'

3/5  Kateb 'Easy to put up and spacious inside which is great as both our boys can easily get in. Overall a good product with the exception of the design. The front corners of the fire engine seem to be misaligned which makes the den lopsided. Would have tried to exchange it had they not dived inside and filled it with presents on Christmas morning. Doesn't seem to have affected the purpose of the product, just a little odd to look at.'

4/5  SP 'My 30 month old boy loved it.'

4/5  Kay 'Purchasd this for my two boys aged 2 and 3 they had lots of fun with it alongside their 7 year old cousin good buy for little ones with Imagination. One bad point I found it hard to put down flat again but I did misplace the instructions'

5/5  Zzz Mum 'The fire engine is a good size for the money. Really easy to put up and down. I like the fact you can pack it away when finished with. You can easily get two children inside comfortably. Only negative is picture of fire engine is only on front and one side.'

5/5  OzShelby 'I bought this for my 4yr old son for Christmas as he was always building dens (unsuccessfully) with sofa cushions, blankets etc turning the house upside down ... He Absolutely LOVES it. It is quite large although flimsy and does have poles in it although I can still flatten enough to slide under sofa when not in use and want the floor space back. Don't expect it to last but for the price we are Happy with our purchase :)'

5/5  Working Mama 'For a daughter who is crazy for anything Fire engine related, this was an ideal alternative to the traditional Wendy House. Not just for boys my little girl has it in her bedroom it's large but acts as a great hideaway for stray toys. Great ease to assemble took us exactly 5 mins. Argos did it again fab.'

5/5  Lee 'We wanted to get a pop up tent for my son to keep all his toys in and this was the cheapest one we seen! He loves it, glad we never got one which costs more and is boring. This one is fun and amazing for him.'

5/5  Nick 'My grandson is firemann sam mad and loves it'

3/5  Luna 'Easy but not long life toy'

5/5  Jess 'Fab product. Bought for my 5 year old brother at Christmas and he loves it, he plays with all of his fire engines and other cars etc in it. Also hides away toys so a bonus'

5/5  TA 'Superb item. Excellent value. Couple of plastic rods through ends & it was set up.'

5/5  Mothering 'I bought this for my grandson who loves playing rescue, he love's it and his mum and dad fit in it too.'

5/5  Valeria 321 'My grandson simply loves fire engines so had to buy this for him for Christmas. My daughter says it is easy to pop up and very sturdy too. The hat makes it a little more special that the average play tent.'

4/5  Twinks 'This is great value for money. It's a good size so grown ups can play too. The only issue is trying to fold it to put it away, there was a diagram that was really unclear and no verbal instruction.'

4/5  Csilla 'Should get some painted buttons or a wheel inside.'

1/5  GREGIN2005 'Missing one pole and connector'

5/5  Nikki 'Great design and enjoyed by toddler.'

4/5  Nanny 'As yet this has got to be assembled - a present for New Year.'

5/5  Boxchief 'Good for young and not so young kids. Fires up the imagination. Easy to put up, strong enough for the hardest play.'

4/5  Jacks 'Great fun loved the design great size'

5/5  Gator Man 'Bought this for my sons birthday great price he'll love it'

5/5  Katie 'My children aged 4 & 5 love playing firemen/women. They've had hours of imaginative play, very pleased.'

5/5  Paul 'Easy to assemble nice item keeps kids happy ideal christmas gift'

3/5  Amy4 'I bought this tent for my two year old. It was between the paw patrol tent and this one. This one was an extra £5 but came with a hat. The hat is cheap and hideous but the tent is sturdy and easy to assemble. Mostly happy with my purchase.'

4/5  Macsm 'Quick set up just wish it was as easy to fold up again!'

5/5  Hughes 'My son loves his tent best thing ever'

5/5  Chelly 'Pop up fireman tent great for little ones easily assembles and big inside when up bought 1 for my nephew and he loves it'

5/5  ZF 'My little big loves it'

4/5  Lynn 'Bought this for my friends little boy. He's four years old and loves it!'

5/5  Simon 'My boy has had hours of fun already with this tent and has set his own little den up inside Good quality and looks good'

3/5  CoCo 'Easy put together, very flimsy, poles bend easily, not worth price paid, wouldn't recommend to anyone I'm afraid'

5/5  Nadia 'Bought this for my 1 year old son, he loves it. Hours of fun. Good quality and very sturdy'

5/5  Jd 'Excellent - daughter loves it'

4/5  Sara 'Very good good and cheap:)'

4/5  Cazzer Norfolk 'Have as yet not unpacked the item ,this is for a gift in August ,but it looks fine .'

5/5  Mum If Three 'Bought this hot my nephews 1st birthday and he lived it aswell as the hoard of other children that were there. So quick to set up and take down and perfect for keeping them a little shaded on hot days.'

4/5  CG 'My grandson loved this play tent and had fun using it for all different games. However, when I came to put it away there is no way I can get it to go back into the packaging. It is supposed to bend round and form a circle with the sprung metal inside but it just bends the whole thing out of shape. I've had to leave it unpacked so if you definitely need this to be packed away then I wouldn't recommend it. Other than that its great for the price.'

4/5  Maya 'Got this for my 3 year old, who absolutely loves it. Great size and easy peasy to set up.'

3/5  San 'A bit flimsy and it falls over a lot,but my 2 year old grandson loves it.not expecting it to last long'

5/5  Custard 'Bought his for my sons 3rd birthday he loves it.my older son plays in it with him who is 6.it is bigger than expected and easy to set up.would defo reccomend'

5/5  SarahP 'Perfect pop up tent for my little boy... great size, easy to build and value for money. He loves it and has given me hours of peace whilst he plays in it!'

4/5  DSJ 'Easy to set up meant son could have fun with it within minutes. This product is powered by imagination so there is natural limit to how long it is played with.'

3/5  Kathy 'Overall its good. Fabric excellent shame that the metal exterior was so thin easily bends and twists when children are playing inside easily tips over. The one I had was lob sided. Grandson likes it. hat very small he's a big 3 but still very small hat only just fits a 1 year old.'

5/5  Lisa74 'Loved it hours of fun'

5/5  Petertheyak 'Enjoyed playing with the tent'

5/5  CarolD 'Great product for my nephew.'

3/5  Siobhan 'My grandson loves this endless fun'

5/5  Bradderz 'Great product for kids.... bought as a present for my 2 year old nephew. He loves it'

5/5  Shell 'My 3 year old nephew loves this play tent, he has played with it for hours. My partner had to cut down the poles for it to fit the tent, but it is still perfect nevertheless.'

5/5  JCC 'We bought this as our son loved messing about in a box we'd made in a car until it ripped. When we got it home & opened it the joy and excitement on his face was brilliant. It's so easy to set up, is lightweight so easy to move, so durable as our son likes to try and climb in through the roof and Windows as well. We never take it down as it gives him his space from his 3 big sisters and baby brother as well - perfect'

3/5  Cazza 'Bought this for my grandson who loves it. However, it is very flimsy and the wires soon bend and hard to get back. Would not recommend.'

4/5  Grandma64 'We bought this as a present for our grandson's third birthday. He loves it!'

4/5  Minnie M 'I bought this for a two year old and he loved it. So did the other children of all ages up to six who were at his birthday party. It certainly doesn't stand up to three boisterous children who all want to play inside because it tips. But for one or two little ones it's fine. Three weeks on and he's still loving it'

4/5  Rachy26 'We bought this for our 5 year old son who absolutely loves it,he' sleeps in it everynight with blankets of course. The material is not too thin either so that's a plus It was easy to assemble,and is quite sturdy The firemans helmet that came with it was a nice added extra.'

5/5  Marie 'This was bought for my 2 year old grandson who insisted on it being put together immediately. It went together very easily which was just as well as he got straight in to play and has also been using it to sleep in ever since!'

4/5  Diamondace 'I got in too plenty of room, easy assembly. Not really suitable for bigger kids as not very sturdy but totally harm free!'

4/5  Jenna 'Great imaginative play'

5/5  Farey7 'This is a fabulous roomy tent and my son loves it so easy to put up and stress free which I wanted as my son has disabilities so for me and him this is a good way of him having his own space ASWELL as letting me get on with things whilst he can watch programs or play.'

5/5  Angi 'Kids really loved playing with this pretending to be firemen'

1/5  Abbie01 'I thought my son would love this by looking at the picture. However, when we set it up it didn't offer quite as much fun as it had made out. It's a simple flimsy tent and that's basically it. I returned the product as we were so disappointed with it.'

5/5  Angie 'My grandson loved this product and there was plenty of room for the the adults to join in the fun.'

5/5  Ricki27 'When I first looked at the product I thought it was going to be much smaller than expected. However, it turned out to be a great design and concise packaging that led me to think this. Never been more glad to be wrong.'

4/5  Ejbskill 'My 2 year old son absolutely loved this play tent. Easy to put up and pack away. Not great material and the wire is a bit flimsy but all in all a fun buy.'

5/5  Trudi 'Brilliant pop up fire engine play tent ,super quality strong enough to withstand two boisterous 4and 5 year olds that have tested it to its limits. I was shocked at how big it is inside two children can play together in there along with all the essentials cushions ,blankets and lots of dolls that where rescued from the fire obviously ! .i highly recommend this tent to all who love imaginary play .'

5/5  Mum Of 2 Boys 'I bought this thinking it would be a waste of money as does not look so good in pictures, but as my children only wanted this one we got it. But once I built it I was surprised at its size and quality You don't get helmets in it but does state it in the ad, but its difficult to tell your children this when they see it on a picture and when they open it and there's none to be found but they soon got over it after a trip to pound land for some helmets to complete the purchase... All happy now. :)'

5/5  Goldogobi 'This product has great features'

5/5  Jonesy 'Easy to set up and pack away, excellent design and quality for such a low price too.'

5/5  Patc 'Bought this for my two year old granddaughter for her fireman sam themed party and she loves it , she has played with it every day since her birthday two weeks ago, The design of this is great just like a fire engine , its a bit flimsy material wise but its fine for sitting in , even my 9 year old grandson goes into it , definatly glad i bought it .'

5/5  Jaynie 'Well worth the money, would definitely recommend it to a friend. Safe and easy to assemble and dismantle. Overall a great buy.'

4/5  Slinda 'The open section in the top means your toddler can enrol an adult for their fire team'

4/5  Buddy 'I got in bit of trouble getting out otherwise excellent'

4/5  Lizzy 'Buyed this for my son birthday he's gonna love it'

2/5  Nannynick 'I received this product without the poles when I exchanged it all the frame wire was bent in all different directions that couldn't be bent out very unsatisfied but my child loved it'

5/5  Chelsea 'It's quite big, I actually thought it would of been smaller from looking at the picture, took it away in store and it's flat packed in a small bag, was super easy to set up took around 30 seconds and my little brother loves it so super happy'

5/5  DawnieJo 'This was a good purchase for the garden. My children have had great fun this summer playing fire and rescue games. It is easily put together and can also be taken down quickly for storage.'

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