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chad valley pogo ball

About the Chad Valley Pogo Ball

Once they see it they'll be hooked! Before you know your little one will be springing up on the sturdy Chad Valley Pogo Ball, gripping with their feet, and jumping up and down, bouncing and spinning without a care in the world. As well as great fun this is an effortless way to exercise too, with strength, endurance coordination and balance all improved through regular usage - what a bonus!

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3/5   'If you follow the rather vague instructions on the box it will not look like the picture on the box as there is far more of the ball under the platform than above. The only sensible option is for the valve to be on the top side. Can't comment on its use as it is a birthday present not given yet'

4/5   'I bought this for my 10 year old daughter. Shes loves it.'

5/5   'My child loves this and so do I'

5/5   'It's great my sister loves it'

5/5   'Great classic garden toy kids loving it , great price to.'

3/5   'These pogo balls are not very sturdy. The ball keeps coming out of the ring, so kids have got fed up with them.'

4/5   'The Kids love it and have had loads of fun using it in the garden'

5/5   'Easy to blow up. Great it comes with a pump. My six year old loves it'

5/5   'Bought this for my daughters birthday, it took a bit of practice but she loves it. Keeps her active and outdoors.'

3/5   'Downside was that my daughter moaned it hurt her feet as there are little tiny bumps on the platform you jump on and we had too keep pumping it up'

4/5   'This was bought as a birthday present for a 7 year old. It was a bit tricky to blow the ball up as the pump broke when first inserted. However after finding an alternative pump it was successfully inflated. It is tricky to get on the pogo ball but with a bit of practice and holding onto something first for balance the toy was a hit with the recipient. I think it will be lots of fun and endless hours of enjoyment outdoors in the summer. Definitely a good purchase.'

1/5   'The circle edge doesnt stay on no matter how much we pumped up the middle ball! This was with my 5 year old son on (and hes very slight). Very disappointing!'

5/5   'Brilliant easy to set up wouldn't advice for older/bigger children though has the ball does pop out of place.'

5/5   'Perfect product just don't over inflate or it will burst as mine did'

5/5   'Great fun for kids of all ages. Easy to put together.'

1/5   'The plastic is flimsy, doesn't bounce that well'

5/5   'Bought this for my daughter's. They loved it once they got the hang of it. Great buy.'

5/5   'Bought for my nephew's 8th birthday and he apparently loves it. Highly recommend.'

5/5   'My kids were a bit young to use this so had to return but it is a strong material and comes with pump.'

5/5   'Great as a birthday present. Hope they liked it!'

4/5   'Great item kids love it'

5/5   'Bought two of these for my twin grandsons (no arguments) and they are providing loads of fun not on,ly for the boys but their mother and aunt too.'

5/5   'I got this space hopper for my 6yr old girl, it was really easy to put together and came with a pump and needle. She loves it.'

5/5   'My 7 year old loves it and its also a really good form of exercise too.'

3/5   'Looks great fun can't wait to give to my daughter.'

4/5   'Did what it was meant to do lots of fun had by my grandaughter'

5/5   'Not opened yet but sure my daughter will have lots of fun on this. My friends use to have one when I was little but I never had one so much admit Im excited to try it out! Great price, excellent service. Thanks argos!'

5/5   'Kids, teenagers and young adults all of them live this toy'

5/5   'Fantastic for kids to play and have lots of fun'

4/5   'Good value for money'

3/5   'Retro excellent has a pump too and definitely good fun'

3/5   'Its ok but depends on ur childs weight. Ball keeps coming out after short span of time . Annoying'

5/5   'Quality product, hours of fun for the kids! Fast service with Argos'

5/5   'Not just for the kids I loved this brought us adults bk to our childhood Also loads of fun'

5/5   'This is a great toy and fab for getting the kids moving and to work on their balance. Great value for money and fantastic quality :)'

5/5   'What a great toy! Just as good as in the eighties! Bought one for our grandson should have bought another for granddaughter'

5/5   'My daughter loves her pogo ball'

1/5   'Bought as stocking filler for my 8 year old and he was only on it for a minute and it burst and deflated. Might I add hes only slim too'

5/5   'I bought 2 and they were exactly what I wanted.... my 13 year old even loves it'

4/5   'Good value. Children love playing with them as much as I did when I was their age (5 &7) Fun and exercise rolled into one. Not sure how robust they are yet but surprisingly withstood the weight of adults (though only intended for use by children).'

5/5   'Great exercise for kids'

5/5   'Bought it for 5 years old. It is perfect toy to keep him active. It is good quality as well.'

4/5   'Hours of fun using this'

5/5   'I had a similar one when i was a child and loved it :) I bought this for my 7 year old for Christmas, he and my other children ages 11,13 and 15 all love it! Great way for them to exercise while having fun!'

4/5   'I can't comment on how it performs as it is a christmas present so hasn't been opened yet but it looks fun'

5/5   'Bought as a present, provided hours of fun!'

5/5   'Wanting to relive my own childhood I bought my kids this they have had hours of fun bouncing on it. Unfortunately Im too big to save a go.'

5/5   'Good idea great excercise'

5/5   'Great toy for some good fun. Great for getting them off game consoles'

4/5   'Purchased as gift... Encourages exercise without the kids knowing!'

4/5   'Cheap and cheerful toy. Kids love it and a good way to get them moving and playing outside'

4/5   'The kids enjoy it although they did have to practise on it first. They spent ages playing and in one day practically mastered it!'

4/5   'Bought this for my daughters birthday. She spends hours playing. A great buy.'

5/5   'Good old fashioned fun'

5/5   'Easy to set up and use. Children love it. Great for exercise.'

4/5   'Bought for a 6 year olds birthday. Provided hours of fun, but he did need some adult support to stay on it! Cannot take adult weight but great retro gift for children.'

5/5   'Hi bought this as a 6th birthday present for my niece, she loves it! I would certainly recommend this product!'

4/5   'Brilliant old school fun for the kids'

5/5   'My lad loves playing on this, hours of fun, lol trying to balance and bounce from one end of the garden to the other'

5/5   'Good fun item. Kids enjoyed it.'

5/5   'Great classic toy, kids love it.'

4/5   'Great toy, lots of fun would highly recommend'

5/5   'My 6 year old loves it as do his twin 3 year old cousins.'

5/5   'A birthday present but think I'll have to get one for myself as a blast from the past!'

5/5   'I had one of these as a kid and loved it. My 5-year old does too (now he's got the hang of it!) Even my toddler likes to have a go. I can see this lasting a while, so great value for money.'

5/5   'Lots of old school fun in the garden! Brings hours of fun.'

5/5   'Fab for the price keeps the kids busy for a while'

5/5   'Hes got it everywhere with him goes all about the house and garden with it super pressy'

5/5   'Great fun and exercise for stronger, well balanced children or light adults reliving their youth! Pump included, well worth the money.'

5/5   'This is a great product complete with foot pump, easy to assemble. My daughter loves it'

5/5   'Got this for my daughters friends birthday and she loves it.'

5/5   'Lots of fun in garden'

5/5   'Bought two for my grandchildren aged 5 & 7. They loved them. Would recommend'

5/5   'Present for a child - Easy to get hang off - perfect for burning some energy off on'

4/5   'This is for a present so its not been used yet, but I have blown it up and it looks great. Sure my daughter will love it'

4/5   'Bought this for my kids and a little nostalgia! Works well and comes with a decent quality pump. Easy to assemble and inflate.'

5/5   'Good product. Bought as a present.'

5/5   'Great product fun for all the family'

5/5   'Returned product could not get the ball to blow up very hard my tiny granddaughter would bounce on it and the plastic rim would touch the floor'

5/5   'Not as good as they was years ago the kids jumped on and the ball comes out I not happy with this one'

4/5   'All my kids love this excellent price good quality for all ages'

1/5   'Kept popping out of frame, very disappointing as it was a Christmas present.'

2/5   'Bought for granddaughter who is really happy with the product - her sister has one and they used to fight over it:-)'

5/5   'Lots of fun for adults and children weve got a compertition going and 1 of the kids is winning :)'

1/5   'Really pleased comes with the pump which is brilliant, lots of fun for kids'

5/5   'Took me nearlly a year of looking for two the of the same product. Have had hours of fun'

4/5   'Great little gift, lots of fun and took the weight of an adult easily (had to show the kids how it was done!)'

4/5   'My son loves jumping on this!'

5/5   'I purchased 3 for gifts for the grandkids they loved it age 5-11 then the adults decided to play think we had more fun'

5/5   'Was easy to assemble and easy to use'

4/5   'What it says on the box... loads of simple fun. Niece absolutely loves it .'

5/5   'Good price and fun'

4/5   'The pogo ball came flat packed and the ball had to be pumped up but it was really easy with the free pump that was included. The plastic that is stood on is very sturdy and seems well made. Very glad we bought it for our 6 year old who loves it.'

5/5   'Bought as a Christmas gift for my 6 yr old. We pumped it up for him, he bounced on it, on and off for half an hour, then when he went to use it again the ball had gone down. We tried pumping it up again but every time we removed the pump from the ball, the air kept coming out. Absolutely rubbish product. I would not waste my money on this again. We bought a far better one from Amazon instead which was also a lot bigger too'

5/5   'Me and my brother had these as kids and i was thrilled to see them available at argos. My 2 daughters have had so much fun bouncing around this christmas'

5/5   'Got 2 of these as stocking fillers on the 2 for 15. They were easy to put together but the kids are struggling to get balanced on them - but they will last and hopefully become garden toys when weather improves.'

1/5   'Brought for a present'

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