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Chad Valley Pink Toddler Trampoline

About the Chad Valley Pink Toddler Trampoline

The Chad Valley Pink Toddler Trampoline is a fantastic strikingly coloured first trampoline for little ones (12 + months), encouraging fun active dynamic play. The padded mat surround to offers a safe, secure and comfortable space for any wayward bounces from over enthused little ones! The trampoline is a fantastic initial trampoline for kids to get active and play as they build strength and coordination. This brightly hued trampoline has been specially designed to encourage children twelve (12) months+ in age to get fit and healthy through active play whether indoors or out. Peace of mind can be had thanks to the padded mat surround for additional protection for youngsters. Great for building strength and co-ordination.

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Chad Valley Pink Toddler Trampoline Reviews

5/5   'Lovely little trampoline for my 2 year old granddaughter. Stable and shes confident using it. Doesnt take up too muchroom.'

5/5  Taylo 'My daughter's love playing with this trampoline. Ideal to use inside during the winter months to give them plenty of exercise, it's not too big. Well made and sturdy.'

5/5  Jubobs 'Just perfect for a present for a toddler'

4/5  Weeann 'This trampoline was great for my wee boy thanks'

5/5  Bex 'This is a sweet little trampoline ideal for quite young toddlers. We have bought this for our baby’s first birthday, It will last him for this summer but that’s all. The trampoline isn’t made of the stretchy material I expect which at first I was disappointed with but actually it seems better that way as very young toddlers are able to keep controller more easily. It’s low to the ground which is great - easy for bub to climb on and off and the handle is padded and at a perfect height.'

5/5  Linzibuck 'Great, fun trampoline for my 2 year old granddaughter. Now she jumps on this instead of her bed. Easy to put together and great colours.'

4/5  David 'Hasn't stopped playing with it since he opened it, best thing I can say about it.'

5/5  ABC 'My great grandson loves it. Small and compact enough for living room. Lots of fun.'

5/5  KB 'Bought this as a birthday present for my one year old godson and he loves it! Looks of good quality and very colourful and my two year old stepson loved it too!'

5/5  Munch 'I have got one for my little girl and a bad to just get my boy one to'

3/5  Papa 'Made the cardinal sin I never check the size that is totally my fault but it is easy to build sturdy enough, for 1yr old perfect, not much older though if buying please check the sizes'

5/5  K1 'Easy to assemble and doesn't take up too much space! Toddler loved it!'

5/5  Liyah 'Great Christmas present, the instructions isn’t direct but easy to assemble once understood. Safe and reliable. Amazing entertainment'

5/5  Kayc 'Simoly great for children aged 1 to 3, lots of fun and laughter, easy and quick to put together'

5/5  Lornlou 'Very nice little trampoline, only downfall is the rubber feet keep falling off but no issue with it being on a thick carpet'

3/5  HIB 'Not so usfull, and my daughter dont prefer it to jump. Elastic band is used for jumping instead of springs,and it doesnt provide a smoot jump.'

5/5  Kirstin 'My little girl is 10 months and absolutely loves this trampoline. wasn't the easiest to assemble though took me and my partner a wee while to figure it out on xmas eve as the instructions weren't that clear! great value for money though'

5/5  Shel 'Was very happy with the pink trampoline especially as got it on offer. My soon to be 2 year old loves it just not that bouncy at the moment because of being new, but in time will b perfect'

5/5  Zee 'I purchased this for my 1 year old nephew for Christmas & he loves it, it’s good for his legs & to keep him occupied I would recommend this to anyone who has a small child as its good for their legs'

5/5  Chris 'Bought two for 12 month old twins. Love them'

5/5  Happycustomer 'I bought this as a Christmas present and it was the best present my niece received! It’s so easy and quick to setup, sturdy and great fun. It helps with balancing too. It’ll keep her busy for a long time!'

5/5  Laura 'Bought this trampoline for my 14 month old daughter and she absolutely loves it. As soon as she gets up she's straight on it doing her morning excercise with a big smile on her face'

2/5  Jane 'I bought this item for my granddaughter who is 2yrs old. The trampoline looks bigger than what it actually is, which is tiny. She’s only tiny but looks to big to be on it.'

5/5  Mimi 'Got this for my daughter for Christmas and she loves it. Very hard to assemble but once is done it is great fun for kids. Will recommend it to all.'

4/5  Donny 'Brill lots of fun for my son and outstanding price.'

5/5  Sharon 'My Granddaughter loves it'

5/5  Betty 'Chad valley indoor trampoline bright colourful little people love this as it teaches balance bouncing about . Makes them smile plenty of fun . Would recommend trying it easy to assemble.'

3/5  Sam 'Perfect for my 2 year old , slightly smaller than expected but he loves it none the less'

5/5  Lukas 'Was exactly as advertised'

3/5  Jules 'Bought for Xmas present, disappointed when it was opened and assembled, I don’t think it will last very long but bought in the sale so will keep it.'

5/5  Josyjump40 'Thank u all love it,he loves it jumping on it all the time cheers'

5/5  Ladylynda 'I bought this for my granddaughter and she loves it an adult must stay with her but it's just as much fun watching them, so much so I bought another one for my own house.'

4/5  Welshnigel 'Easy to assemble but i had to twist the legs to make the 4 touch the floor.'

5/5  Con26 'Perfect size for a little one'

5/5  Spanna 'Once this is built it's brilliant.'

3/5  Janie 'I bought this for my 2 year old grand daughter. Initially I thought it was smaller than I expected. The trampoline was pretty easy to set up, but I thought it was a little uneven on the floor. I think it could have been of a better quality. However, my grand daughter loves it'

5/5  Cbc 'Daughter loved jumping on this on Christmas morning took 10 min to make so not long with rubber feet it doesn’t sleep on hard floor'

5/5  Eka 'Easy set up quality product'

3/5  Suz 'Nice and bright. Not too bouncy so safe for my 16 month years old, my head was bit boggled with trying to put it together, needed some strength for the handle bit to be screwed in but overall was fine'

4/5  Suez 'My Grandson loves his trampoline, not the easiest to put together took a few attempts but got there in the end, good quality for the price'

5/5  MrsMac 'This was a great present for my 2 year old. He has lots of fun jumping on it, burning excess energy and it saves my sofa from being bounced on! Great quality and doesn't take up too much room.'

4/5  Chrissy 'My toddler loves her trampoline, but it's a little wobbly (maybe BC it's on carpet) and I think she might outgrow it fairly quickly. All in all a cute little trampoline for little ones who love to jump.'

5/5  EmmaLou 'It’s easy to assemble & doesn’t take up much room. Can go in doors or out! Easy to clean & my nephew is 2 & a half years old & loves it! bouncing about all day, so much fun.'

5/5  Li 'My little girl loves her trampoline that we bought her for Christmas... Easy to put together. She has not stopped bouncing since she opened it!'

5/5  Madge 'Kids love the trampoline with plenty of hours of fun'

4/5  Gill 'This is fun for the age range indicated. Don’t be tempted to get an older age group version to save money later. Be safe'

5/5  Amy 'Wouldn't be suitable for a child over than around 4 as very short'

5/5  Philthunder 'Its good sturdy and does the job well'

4/5  Tasha 'My 11 month old daughter loved this trampoline, she had hours of fun bouncing.'

5/5  Trina 'Easy to put up nephew enjoys it its amazing'

5/5  Pepsi 'Great value for money . Easy set up .'

5/5  Mrssimmons 'My little girl loves it, can be use inside and out. Prefect for loads of fun'

5/5  Blondesmk 'It's an ideal size for some Indore fun. However I was expecting it to be a little bigger. My little one loves jumping on it. Only concern I have is the little rubber feet come off very easily'

5/5  Cprice 'Easily to assemble, highly recommend to anyone looking for gifts etc.'

5/5  Jessy 'My 2 year old loves this and has hours of fun bouncing'

5/5  Ellie 'Dont change it in anyway its perfect'

5/5  Livvylottie 'Great trampoline for our daughter, hours of fun created for her. Great value for money, happy purchase!'

5/5  Ironmonger 'There nothing wrong with it load of fun for my little girl well worth it'

4/5  MrsSmith 'I bought this for my little one to stop him bouncing on the sofa, it looks good but is quite hard to bounce on he mainly uses it to sit on and play with toys on'

5/5  Em81 'Brilliant for my climbing, bouncing daughter.'

1/5  Pep 'Bought as a gift so it has not been opend yet. Will leave a revew after Christmas. l am hopeing my grandson gets a lot of enjoyment from it.'

5/5  KH96 'Brill for my 18month old he loves it'

5/5  Becky 'Brilliant my son loves it'

5/5  EAB 'Great fun for kids not so much fun to put together but didn’t take to long'

4/5  SJJ 'Really disappointed, not sturdy on floor (uneven) and no bounce at all. In addition the bolts worked loose and I discovered one in my toddlers mouth! Retuned the product immediately and was refunded.'

1/5  Shell 'Our one year old loves it nice an small for in house'

5/5  Amanda 'Daughter loves it, hopefully will have hours of fun'

5/5  Gizmo 'Good Value for money'

5/5  Dumitru 'Perfect trampoline for my baby , good present for anniversary , he definitely enjoying to jump on it easy assembly and good looking trampoline'

5/5  BM 'Great gift for toddlers between 2-3 year old'

4/5  Seeingaliens 'Great wee trampoline, kid loved it unfortunately it wasnt level and moved from side to side. Got two of these and same thing with both. Pretty disappointed but got a refund.'

1/5  Bekiiw92 'Amazing product would recommend'

5/5  Vinisha25 'Really easy to assemble even for me who cant assemble a plastic bag haha. Great quality. Daughter loves it.'

5/5  MrsT 'Lovely thing just make sure you follow instructions correctly as I put the cover on backwards to start with other than that baby loves it, cute and colourful and most of all safe.'

5/5  Clm 'Was the best price I had come across with a good quality design. I wanted something my daughter could use both outside and in all year round. Perfect and very lightweight.'

5/5  Banana 'Just the right height for a 2year old plenty or energy burned on it amazing purchase'

5/5  Kellen 'Perfect for the price Brought for my son and my brother and both of them loved it so much that they stopped bouncing on the sofa aha. Would definitely recommend!'

5/5  Cm 'I got this for my 2 year old Grandson, he loves it, it is not to big so doesn't take up a lot of room, great for indoor play, enjoyed by all. Highly recommended'

5/5  Emma 'Bought it for my son as a 2nd birthday present as he loves to bounce, mainly on the sofa! He absolutely loves the trampoline, well worth it'

5/5  Andy 'Perfect for the house and for a two year old'

5/5  Soph 'Brilliant 1st trampoline for the little one. He loves it .. can't get enough bouncing!'

5/5  Nannysboy38 'My grandson loves it'

5/5  Bell 'Great for little ones who want to jump, Good quality and right size For indoors. My little one loves this.'

5/5  Dan 'Our toddler has just started walking and is still finding his feet, this has given him another level of adventure to his walking experience and he absolutely loves it! Well worth investing!!'

5/5  Kelly 'My little girl loves it. It’s a lot smaller than I expected but my daughters very short anyway so it’s not too big for her to struggle getting on she loves it which is a bonus'

5/5  Dadomatic 'He bounces and laughes. His legs are stronger due to it and its inexpensive. Very good buy.'

5/5  MamaJ 'Got it for my sons 1st birthday and he loves it, has a bounce on it loads throughout the day. Only trouble was when putting it together it didn’t sit flat to the floor and wobbled but just needed some pressure on the bars to make it safe before my son got on.'

4/5  Jade 'Bought for my 1 year old son. It took him some time to get comfortable with standing on it but now he is always jumping on it'

5/5  Rochelle 'Good trampoline for toddler who love to bounce'

5/5  Goldie 'Very good for age group although assembly was a little issue some of the metal holes didn’t match with a little help it got done though'

5/5  Mummy 'Bought for my granddaughters 2nd birthday, very sturdy love the skirt around it, she loves it'

5/5  Frugaloo 'Although it is very small (just on the edge of being too small for my two year old) it is a well made indoor toy.'

5/5  Mjmatt86 'Great product at a decent price, that my niece loved and will provide endless fun! Would definitely recommend and will look to get my daughter one soon too!'

5/5  Denver17 'Bought for granddaughters 2nd birthday, she loves it'

4/5  Kat 'This item is such good value I found it very sturdy Covered all metal parts well , good grip bar at the front Simple to put together Lovely bright colours'

5/5  Caz 'Its a christmas present for my great grandson'

4/5  Nita 'Lovely gift for my grand daughter's birhtday'

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