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Chad Valley Pink Toddler Trampoline

About the Chad Valley Pink Toddler Trampoline

The Chad Valley Pink Toddler Trampoline is a fantastic strikingly coloured first trampoline for little ones (12 + months), encouraging fun active dynamic play. The padded mat surround to offers a safe, secure and comfortable space for any wayward bounces from over enthused little ones! The trampoline is a fantastic initial trampoline for kids to get active and play as they build strength and coordination. This brightly hued trampoline has been specially designed to encourage children twelve (12) months+ in age to get fit and healthy through active play whether indoors or out. Peace of mind can be had thanks to the padded mat surround for additional protection for youngsters. Great for building strength and co-ordination.

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4/5   'He bounces and laughes. His legs are stronger due to it and its inexpensive. Very good buy.'

5/5   'Got it for my sons 1st birthday and he loves it, has a bounce on it loads throughout the day. Only trouble was when putting it together it didnt sit flat to the floor and wobbled but just needed some pressure on the bars to make it safe before my son got on.'

5/5   'Bought for my 1 year old son. It took him some time to get comfortable with standing on it but now he is always jumping on it'

5/5   'Good trampoline for toddler who love to bounce'

5/5   'Very good for age group although assembly was a little issue some of the metal holes didnt match with a little help it got done though'

5/5   'Bought for my granddaughters 2nd birthday, very sturdy love the skirt around it, she loves it'

5/5   'Really easy and quick assembling. My daughter absolutely loves it it's easy for her to use and has great safety features too like the handle bar and the padding.'

4/5   'Although it is very small (just on the edge of being too small for my two year old) it is a well made indoor toy.'

5/5   'Great product at a decent price, that my niece loved and will provide endless fun! Would definitely recommend and will look to get my daughter one soon too!'

4/5   'Bought for granddaughters 2nd birthday, she loves it'

5/5   'This item is such good value I found it very sturdy Covered all metal parts well , good grip bar at the front Simple to put together Lovely bright colours'

5/5   'Its a christmas present for my great grandson'

5/5   'Lovely gift for my grand daughter's birhtday'

5/5   'Fabulous trampoline. My daughter had it for her 1st birthday and has loads of fun on it'

5/5   'My son loves this trampoline and seems to enjoy testing his balance on it.'

5/5   'Fabulous toy for toddlers. Great price and quick to assemble. Hours of fun to be had and easy storage. Thank you'

3/5   'Hard to put together but once assembled its great'

5/5   'Perfect for young children Easy to assemble Perfect value for money'

5/5   'My daughter loves this trampoline, great buy'

5/5   'Just the right size for my dainty 2 yr old, very sturdy and he loves it'

5/5   'My 1 year old son absolutely loves this trampoline. Good size for a first trampoline and it was easy to assemble. Pleased with this purchase'

5/5   'Excellent for jumping child Not support for too much'

4/5   'Bought this for my granddaughter's first birthday, she's at that age where shes finding her feet. She loves it! And will keep her in bouncy fun for another year and a bit I'm sure.'

2/5   'Absolutely no spring in it, doesnt do what it is supposed to and as such my daughters went on it once for 3 seconds and hasnt bothered with it since'

4/5   'My grandson has not played on this yet as I had so much trouble trying to assemble it, had to get help from my neighbour but looks very sturdy now assembled.'

5/5   'I bought this for my niece, she's 2 years old and she loves to bounce on it.'

5/5   'Got this for our 2 year old niece for her birthday, she absolutely loved it and perfect size for her! So easy to assesmble and great quality. Perfect for a 2 year old.'

5/5   'Lovely item does exactly what it was purchased for :)'

4/5   'Good value for money, highly recommend and my sone loves it'

5/5   'Took a little while to construct but very appreciated by my 1yr old grandson. Straight on it & bouncing around like Tigger!'

5/5   'Brought for my one year old its ideal for his age. Lovely design very study and great value for money'

5/5   'Bought it for my 19month old, hes big for his age and he loves it. Only thing is its a pain to build as instructions not very clear'

5/5   'Really good value for money and kids love bouncing'

5/5   'Unfortunately I purchased for my niece and someone else had already purchased one for her so I had to return it. But the one purchased for her was the same and it was very good quality and perfect for little ones.'

4/5   'My almost 2 year old absolutely loves bouncing on this all day- it's nice and lightweight too so shes able to cart it about from room to room. Perfect fun, keeps her occupied'

5/5   'Lovely wee trampoline for my granddaughter who is one.'

5/5   'Grandkids love this cant stop playing with it'

1/5   'I definitely don't think this is value for money! I'd pay the same for a much bigger trampoline, unfortunately got mislead by the picture. I wish I could return it.'

5/5   'Bought for my niece on her first bday, she loves bouncing and fits nice inside and out even if you have limited space, would recommend to anyone with a active toddler.'

5/5   'The instructions were clear and easy to follow. Good quality toddler trampoline which she loves to bounce on.'

5/5   'Do not leave child unattended'

2/5   'I purchased this trampoline for my grandson afraid it was a waist of money. Returned it too store he gets more bounce and fun on our sofa.'

5/5   'Wasnt easy for me to assemble however onde it was up my daughter loves it'

4/5   'Bought this trampoline for my daughter 1st Christmas she love it always bouncing on it, keeps her entertained. Winner'

5/5   'Great price for a birthday present for my granddaughter who loves it age one years old.'

5/5   'Brought for my daughter 1st birthday she loves it carnt get her off it colours are lovely to'

5/5   'Has so much fun even if children come over to play they always jump on this first.'

4/5   'This was a great gift, its a suitable size for both indoor and outdoors. It was easy to assemble and it is a great quality material. My newphew is constantly bouncing away and he loves it!'

1/5   'Picture very misleading as shows a boy bouncing who looks age between 2-3years. I bought this for my sons 1st birthday and he is far too big for it. One bounce and would fall off. Very unstable and flimsy. Not worth the price at all.'

5/5   'My little one loves it. Easy to put together good value for the price. Would recommend to anyone who wants a trampoline that doesn't take up loads of space'

5/5   'It was very cheap for what it is. Defiantly had my moneys worth after a few days.'

5/5   'Just what my bouncy Greatgranddaughter needed. She has hours of fun with it (under supervision) and gives her Mum chance to sit for a while without having to have eyes in the back of her head to see what Madam is up to next. Her giggle alone would encourage anyone to buy one'

5/5   'Fantastic buy my granddaughter who is only 1 years old absolutely loves it & its good & sturdy'

5/5   'Bought for my grandsons first birthday. Good size and very sturdy. He loves it. At the price the quality is fab.'

5/5   'Good safe fun for little ones'

5/5   'Good quality for good price.'

5/5   'Excellent trampoline for my 2 year old he loves it.'

4/5   'Got this for my grandsons first birthday Thought it a bit small at first , but once grandson on it was just right for his age loves it'

5/5   'Little girl loves it!! Would recommend'

4/5   'Good quality, easily assembled and my grandson really loves jumping or just sitting bouncing on it.'

5/5   'Was so easy to put up and was a lot more stable than i thought for the price. Great product'

4/5   'Its great for my grandchildren, aged between 18 months and 2 and half years old. The bar makes it feel safer to use. One star was deducted because it was very fiddly to put together.'

3/5   'Its nice and compact, nice bright colours, and does the job. It isnt overly stable, it starts to tip slightly when toddler bounces higher.'

5/5   'Lovely bright keeps my grandagther loves it'

5/5   'Bought for my grandson who loves it.'

5/5   'My kid love to play trampoline. he enjoyed.'

5/5   'Great nice and handy for my 1 year old niece'

5/5   'Our grandson really enjoys bouncing, cant get him off it.'

4/5   'My son loves this trampoline very well used in our house an brill condition'

4/5   'Bought for granddaughters birthday she loves it'

1/5   'I Brought this for my 2 year old grandson it was very small and he could have more fun jumping on our settee I returned it sorry but it is a waste of money'

5/5   'Our 2 year old loves this. Its just bouncy enough for her, we had a larger one for our son when he was small but she is more hesitant and its just right. All weve heard is boing, boing, boing since she had it last week!'

5/5   'My granddaughter got the trampoline for her birthday and she loved it .'

4/5   'Got this for my 22 month old girl, she loves it.'

5/5   'Product is of good quality and as described would highly recommend'

5/5   'I assembled the trampoline in 45 minutes and my 2yo loves bouncing on it, ihe only issue is that after first use one of the elastic straps holding side fabric in place broke, its not essential so i dont mind. Would still recommend it to anyone with active toddlers'

5/5   'Small but worth the money'

5/5   'Just perfect for my grandson'

3/5   'Lovely and colourful bit of pain to put it together but little 1 seems to enjoy it.'

5/5   'My daughter absolutely lovers her trampoline definitely her favourite present and it's helping her get her balance. Nothing negative to say about this.'

5/5   'My grandson spends plenty of time on the trampoline and enjoys every minuete'

5/5   'Brought for my grandson who has just started to walk. He loves this and helps to burn off some of his never ending energy.'

4/5   'Not as bouncy as id thought for a toddler of 2 but she still loves it'

5/5   'The price I paid was resoable and my little boy loves it'

5/5   'I bought this for my son for his first birthday and he loves it! He just loves to bounce. I set it up myself the night before his party and it was relatively simple. It was definitely a positive purchase.'

5/5   'I bought this trampoline for my nephew for his 1st birthday and he loves it! It is the perfect size for him and he can easily climb on and off it. He can stand on his own but isn't able to walk confidently on his own yet. I think the trampoline will strengthen his legs and give him the confidence to walk!'

5/5   'Very sturdy and great fun for my little boy would deffo tell a friend about this trampoline for little ones'

5/5   'Easy to put together and nice little trampoline for my daughter.'

5/5   'Bought for my 2 year old grandson. Apart from its obvious use, it's been a tent, a chair, a picnic area..just anice size for indoors as well'

5/5   'Suitable for ages 1-3 as not huge but ideal in house or play room'

5/5   'Perfect. Brought for 3 year old and loves it. Only con is that it's a bit tricky to put together.'

4/5   'A lovely small trampoline but it is a bit on the small side but thats my fault for not looking at the measurements! It will do my son for the year. Great buy for a great price.'

5/5   'Excellent for my daughter to play on and the price was great to'

4/5   'It's ok but not very bouncy and when grand daughter bounced on it it moves a lot as legs are wonky on it'

4/5   'Don't leave kids unsupervised on it'

5/5   'This was a bit tricky putting together on my own. Very sturdy toy and even bigger children can go on it'

5/5   'It has given him confidence to climb on and off by himself and he loves bouncing on it.'

5/5   'MY one year old loves to jump so what can i say im so happy with this'

5/5   'Lovely for toddlers , my girl loves it , very safe and durable, happy lil lady'

5/5   'Feet come of lso now it has no rubber feet'

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